Aleene’s Paper Clip Flowers by EcoHeidi Borchers

Paper Clip Flowers Heidi Borchers

A quick trip the office supply store gave EcoHeidi Borchers the inspiration for this project. By gluing paper clips together into flower patterns you can create hanging ornaments and flower stems.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Paper Clip Flowers YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Paper clips
Cardboard (cereal box)
Non-stick surface
Flat back marbles
Optional – ribbon or clear fishing line for hanging or magnets

1. Cut cardboard into circle approximately the size of a quarter.

2. Place circle onto non-stick surface. Squeeze out puddle of Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Dip end of paper clip into glue and glue end of clip onto circle. Repeat to glue paper clips all around circle.

3. Glue second layer of clips offset from first layer.

4. Glue marble in center. Let dry completely.

5. If hanging, attach ribbon for hanger. If creating a flower stem, glue skewer to back of flower. If creating a magnet, glue to back of flower. Let glue dry completely.

P Paper Clip Flowers Heidi Borchers



  1. I like these paper clip flowers; very creative! :)

    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog

    YouTube Channel


  2. These would make great thumb tacks too!

  3. How about as a pendant on a fun summery necklace?

  4. I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your paperclip flower! You can see it here:

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  5. Charlotte from AZ says:

    These are sooooooo cute! Gotta make some soon!!!
    Thanks for the great tutorial and also for sharing!

  6. I like to make those flowers

  7. made with smaller paperclips, these would make cool earrings. i’d use a jump ring and hang on fish hook wires. thanks!

  8. Lynn G. says:

    Cool flowers!!!!


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