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Born into an artistic, entrepreneurial family, it is no surprise that Tiffany has found success expressing her talents in many different arenas. As the daughter of Aleene Jackson, America’s beloved “Mother of Crafting” and inventor of Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Tiffany’s first love is expressing herself creatively. Tiffany is well known in the creative community as the producer and host of Aleene’s Creative Living Television show and editor of the companion newsstand magazine. She has made regular appearances on QVC and HSN and has authored numerous hard-cover and soft-cover books. She is an active member of the Craft and Hobby industry and co-director of the CHA SoCal Chapter. Tiffany is the founder of Cool2Craft, featuring an on-line creative community and popular YouTube channel. -

Crafting Contest at

Instructables screen shot

Instructables screen shot

Have you checked out Experienced crafters know that finishing touches make all the difference. It’s that same experience that taught you how to score a piece of cardboard to yield a crisp, clean edge, and that pressing as you sew can strengthen a seam to runway perfection. Now’s the time to document what you’ve learned over the years for those who are just starting out! The Crafting 101 Contest is all about those small yet important tips that take your crafts from homemade to handmade. All breeds of crafters are encouraged to share their know-how. Weave to your hearts content, ready your X-acto knife, embellish, embroider, or whip out the sewing machine. Show us everything you make and all the love you put into it.

Prizes are provided by Silhouette and Lumi, and there will be a special judges’ prize for papercraft projects. Winners will take home a Silhouette Cameo machine, 12×24 cutting mat, Silhouette vinyl starter kit, Lumi photo printing kit, and more!

While you’re there, be sure to check out all their other upcoming contests!

Kuttlefish Announces the Official Launch of Online Community



Have you heard about Kuttlefish? It’s an exciting, new community and marketplace where buyers meet sellers to exchange goods made with reused, recycled, and upcycled content. After soft-launching in 2014, Kuttlefish has announced the official launch of their marketplace.

Some interesting facts about Kuttlefish:

● The marketplace has goods made with reused, recycled, and upcycled content.

● Sellers only pay 1% commission in their first year, lowest the industry.

● People visit Kuttlefish to give and get inspiration related to upcycling/recycling.

The marketplace offers consumers an online shopping option that guarantees social good. Each product listed on Kuttlefish must contribute to waste reduction, most commonly with recycled, upcycled, or reused content. Of doing social good, CEO and Founder Ian Moise said, “Increasingly, consumers are seeking purchasing options that contribute to the social good. There is no single, more recognized symbol of doing good in the marketplace today than buying products with recycled, reused, or upcycled content.”

Kuttlefish’s introductory offer for sellers is unmatched online – 1% commission for the first year of operation and 3% thereafter. The Kuttlefish community has already grown to over 141,000 fans on Facebook, over 3,700 followers on Twitter, and over 1,300 followers on Instagram. For community members, the Kuttlefish platform also offers social networking capabilities such as mail, discussion forums, and idea sharing.


Crafting a Fabric Arts Business – Live Web Seminar by Amy Barickman


Amy Barickman SeminarLaunching a creative arts business in today’s market can be a profitable yet challenging endeavor. As a creative entrepreneur there are many decisions to be made about your brand and the products you offer. Amy Barickman is the founder of the pattern company Indygo Junction and in this live web seminar, she will share her nearly 25 years of experience in the sewing & fabric arts with an eye toward inspiring and educating those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Her seminar discussion will focus on product development, manufacturing, and licensing, sales channels including catalogs, home shopping networks, bricks and mortar independent retailers and chain stores, wholesale and retail trade shows, collaborating with industry influencers, working with technology including online classes/webinars/videos, and social media marketing. Learn about many opportunities that exist for building and growing your business including publishing, licensing, and partnering with manufacturers and influencers.

For more information or to sign-up for the web seminar click here

Hand-Stamped Zippered Denim Pouch

Hand-Stamped Denim Zippered Pouch by Tiffany Windsor

Hand-Stamped Denim Fabric Zippered Pouch by Tiffany Windsor

AB_crossroads colors

Welcome to stop #3 on the Indygo Junction blog tour! As many of you know, I LOVE creating with Crossroads Denim so I was delighted when my friends at Indygo Junction invited me to join in today! Crossroads Denim is available in lots of beautiful colors… and… take a look at these 5 new colors. Awesome! When I saw the Cactus Flower pink it just screamed SPRINGTIME to me and, well… it just makes me happy!

Hand Stamped Denim Fabric by Tiffany Windsor
My inspiration for this project comes from hand-carved wood stamps from my friend Mahe (who lives in Pakistan) and I thought it would be fun to hand-stamp my denim pieces. I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in white and stamped alternating lines of the two stamp designs. Even though the denim has a slight texture on the right side, it takes the stamped design beautifully!  Once that paint was dry, I headed to my sewing machine to stitch up a quick and easy zippered pouch. As you can see, it’s fun to play with bright color combos. I used Pistachio for the lining. I love the texture and feel of this denim and although it is soft, it has a great weight to make this sturdy pouch.

CrossroadsfabriclogoAmy Barickman is the inspiration behind Crossroads Denim and she was inspired to take classic denim and update it for an urban lifestyle. The first step in this process was finding a fabric with the right feel. She didn’t want the denim to be stiff and fussy, so she had it pre-washed and softened. This made it useful not only for garments but also for home dec and quilting. Then she worked on color; inspired by an urban arts district in Amy’s hometown of Kansas City, she came up with 18 gorgeous colors including Downtown Teal, Weathered Indygo, Coffee House Brown and Midtown Moss. Doesn’t that sound yummy! And, did I mention, they’re made in the USA :)

Before you go, be sure you check this out! In celebration of this super cool blog tour, Indygo Junction is offering 20% off of all purchases from their website using the code xroads20, so head on over and pick your favorite colors (and patterns).

And, here’s a complete line-up of links for this Crossroads Denim blog tour which is culminating in a fabric and pattern giveaway. Please stop by and leave your comments!

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Disclosure: Fabric provided by Indygo Junction. Design and enthusiasm are my own!

Sculpey Souffle Dragonfly Pendants


I was delighted when my friends at Sculpey asked me to give their Sculpey Souffle Oven-Bake Clay a try. I have always considered polymer clay my first obsession in the craft world. Back in the 1980’s, my sister Heidi Borchers and my Sculpey 1Momma Aleene and I took a polymer clay cruise where we learned how to make millefiore clay canes. It was 3 days of pure creative bliss. We always chuckle when we think back on Momma’s job during that cruise which was to sit on the clay. I don’t remember why we didn’t have a pasta machine but at that time we were taught to pre-warm the clay by sitting on it.

Fast forward to the 1990’s and I went on a creative binge making polymer clay aromatherapy jewelry that I sold at retail. So, since I’ve tried just about all the clays on the market, I was excited to give Souffle a try!

This clay is lightweight making it perfect for creating those medium to larger jewelry projects. It’s exceptionally strong and will not crack when baked in large pieces. I read that its Sculpey 2strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello and caning. It’s also designed to have a beautiful suede-like finish when baked.

This Souffle set includes 12 fun colors including: Igloo, Canary, Pistachio, Jade, Pumpkin, Cherry Pie, So 80’s, Turnip, Sea Glass, Lagoon, Cowboy, and Poppy Seed. The colors are bright and fashionable. You’ll need to be sure to go on-line and Google Sculpey Souffle and see all the amazing projects that you can create but for me, I wanted something simple and fast and Igloo and Poppy Sculpey 5Seed were my colors of choice.

The first question that comes to mind for me when working with polymer clay is always “Is it easy to condition?”, so to give it a test, I broke off a piece of the black (Poppy Seed) and I’m pleased to say that Souffle is very easy to condition by rolling it in your hands.

I did the same with the white (Igloo) and found it was very soft and easy to roll.

Sculpey 6After conditioning the clay, I used my roller and stacked craft sticks to roll out the ball into a pendant shape. (You’ll notice that I used blue tape to hold the 3 stacked sticks together.)

This is a fast and easy way to roll out a consistent thickness if you don’t have a pasta machine. Of course, if you want a thicker piece, just tape more craft sticks together (or less if desired).

There are all sorts of wonderful tools designed specifically for polymer clay crafting but in a pinch, I just use my craft sticks and pvc pipe to roll out pieces.

Sculpey 7

I wanted to create a quick and easy project, so I grabbed a wood stamp with a dragonfly design. I know that many tutorials suggest that you spray water on Sculpey 8the stamp before stamping onto the polymer clay but since this Souffle clay was not sticky, I decided to go ahead and stamp without water. It worked perfectly, but be sure to test for yourself.

You will also want to test out how firmly that you want to stamp your design. For this design, I wanted a deep impression so I gave the stamp a firm press into the clay. Be sure you don’t press too hard because you can distort the design.  For this pendant shape, I wanted to keep it as round as possible.

You can also stamp the design into the clay and then use your Sculpey Knife Sculpey 10Tool to cut away the excess clay from the outside of the design. Using the design as the guide, just cut away the excess clay along the design line.

When cutting away the excess, leave a small allowance along the edge of your design. Notice how the Knife Tool leaves a rough edge but it’s easy to smooth edges with your fingers and the Sculpey Blunt Point Tool just by rolling it along the edges on the front and back of your design.

Sculpey 11

Depending on how you plan to hang your pendant, at this step, you can use the Sculpey Needle End Pointer Tool to pierce a hole. Be sure to match the hole size to the jewelry wire or cording that you plan to use. The Pointer Tool is a great way to start the hole and then you can use a toothpick to enlarge it if needed.

Now it’s time to bake.

Sculpey 12Following the package instructions, you will need to bake your pieces on oven-proof glass or a metal surface at 275 degrees F)  for 30 minutes per 1/4″ of thickness. Also, per the package instructions, do not use a microwave oven and do not exceed the package directions temperatures or recommended baking time. Also, I was taught from the very beginning to always dedicate my polymer clay tools (pasta machine, baking tray and toaster oven) to my polymer clay crafts only.

Sculpey 13Once you have baked and cooled your pieces, it’s time to start thinking about how you would like to color and finish them. I selected black and white for the base of my pieces because I love to use alcohol inks and shimmer finishes but keep in mind that this Souffle set features an awesome set of colors that will look beautiful when mixed and matched into mokume gane, bargello and caning.

Sculpey 14

Lumiere paints apply beautifully over the black suede finish of Souffle clay. Just squeeze out a small puddle of paint and dab a cosmetic sponge into the paint. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Dab it onto the surface of the clay and keep layering until you have the color you want. Be sure to leave some of the black peeking through.

Sculpey 15


You can layer the shimmer colors to create a variety of effects on your clay pendants. The shimmer paints look beautiful over any of the clay colors.

On my white Souffle clay dragonfly pendants, I like to color with alcohol inks. You can dab with a cosmetic sponge or squeeze liberally over the surface. As you layer the colors, dab back any excess with a paper towel to reveal beautiful color effects. You can seal these pieces with a matte or glossy sealer. If you did not pierce your piece for jewelry wire, you can glue a jewelry bail onto the back and hang on your favorite chain.

Look at the beautiful detail that you can achieve with this Sculpey Souffle clay. It’s a winner in my book!


Disclaimer: Product provided by manufacturer. Testing, creativity, opinions and designs are my own!


Deco Den Bling

DecoDen Bling

DecoDen Bling

Signature Marketing & Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to introduce its non-toxic, waterproof flexible, fast dry fun paste: DecoDen Bling.

DecoDen Bling is designed for all ages and is the new frosting art form. Decoden is a trend influenced by our friends in Japan, decoden or dekoden is a blend of two words: “Deco” is short for decorated and “den” is short for “denwa” or “phone” in Japanese. But this trend isn’t just for phones! The decoden craze has swept portable gaming systems, e-readers, fingernails, clothing and accessories.

The best thing about DecoDen Bling is that it’s 100% customizable. Everything you choose is completely up to you. The only limitation is your imagination.

  • Non-toxic, safe for kids
  • Comes in nine colors or create your own color on white
  • Bonds well to most surfaces including plastics
  • Dries fast and flexible
  • 4 oz pouch

More information for DecoDen Bling can be viewed at

Craft Fail – When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong – Book Review

Craft Fail Book by Heather Mann

Craft Fail Book by Heather Mann

Now here’s a book I can relate to! Have you seen Heather Mann’s new book Craft Fail – When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong. Filled with over 100 full-color photographs of hoped-for outcomes, this book provides a lot of laughs and sympathy for those “A for Effort” projects.

As a craft designer, I’ve had hundreds of craft fails, which thankfully have not made the pages of any published book, but it’s through those fails that I can completely relate to the home decor fails, fashion fails, holiday fails, kids crafting fails but mainly the food fails that are featured in this book. Maybe someday I’ll be able to make that perfect rainbow layered cake! In the meantime, I’ll know that there is a whole tribe of us out there that can laugh at our results!

Craft Fail Book by Heather Mann

What we hope to achieve – a tempting rainbow cake! © Workman Publishing

Craft Fail Book by Heather Mann

The reality for most of us! © Workman Publishing

Craft Fail Book by Heather Mann

Heather Mann and son © Workman Publishing

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win this cool book! Comment deadline November 30, 2014. Random winner will be selected December 1, 2014.

Disclosure: Publisher provided me with a free review copy of this book. Opinions and confession of craft and cooking failures are my own. Link provided goes to my Amazon Affiliate account :)


Upcycled Jewelry – 35 Beautiful Ways to Reuse Everyday Objects

Upcycled Jewelry Bags, Belts and More - Linda Peterson

Upcycled Jewelry Bags, Belts and More - Linda Peterson
When I heard my friend Linda Peterson had a new book coming out I knew it would be awesome! Everything she dreams up in her creative studio is awesome and her new book Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts and More lives up to my grandest expectations. This book is packed with 35 beautiful ways to reuse everyday objects and with the turn of each page, I kept saying to myself “wow!” “awesome” “cool”. The chapters are divided into Simple and Chic, Big and Bold and Handbags and Accessories.

Linda definitely has me looking at discards completely differently. Did you know that you can transform a plastic CD spacer into sea glass earrings? How about a bicycle inner tube loop de loop ring? Or a soda-tab crochet purse? I want to try them all!

How can I possibly pick my favorites from this book! I’m in love with them all! But these plastic CD spacer faux sea glass earrings are the BEST!

Linda Peterson Upcycled Jewelry Book

(c) 2014 Cico Books

I’m really into crochet right now so this purse caught my eye. My first concern was who would ever drink all those sodas (they are SO bad for you) but when I learned you can actually buy soda tabs, I gave this project a thumbs up!

Linda Peterson Upcycled Jewelry Book

(c) 2014 Cico Books

I’m really into crochet right now so this purse caught my eye. (My first concern is who would ever drink all those sodas (they are SO bad for you) but when I learned you can actually buy soda tabs, I gave this project a thumbs up!

Disclosure: The publisher provided me with a preview copy of this book and the Amazon link is my affiliate link. The opinions and post are my own and Linda is a dear friend and an amazing designer :)

Visit Linda on her blog for more DIY inspiration and to enter her giveaway! Watch the book promo video on YouTube! And, visit our other creative crafty friends on the Upcycled Jewelry Blog Hop for more upcycled creative fun!



My 6 Essential Tips for Productivity

6 Essentials Tips for Productivity

6 Essentials Tips for Productivity

When asked to talk about this topic I had to chuckle because it took me weeks to fit it into my schedule. Honestly, there are days when I feel super productive and other days where I wonder where I squandered away my time. I used to be super proficient with multi-tasking. I’m not really sure when and where I lost that skill, but hey, things change.  An educated guess is that it’s because there is so much available at our fingertips at any given moment so let’s start with #1.

#1. Turn off the chatter. Both in your mind and on your computer. I found it very effective to schedule my social media time. It used to be that I would check in 10, 15, 20…. let’s just say… multiple times throughout the day. That was a time sucker! Now I limit my time to 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at the end of the day with maybe sneaking in a few quick check-ins throughout the day. Since some of my creative design campaigns tie directly into my social media (ie. Blog Hops), I am “required” to check in on my social media. That’s fine, but I found that I really had to restrict my personal social time.

#2. Take baby steps from procrastination to productivity. I used to be very effective at pre-scheduling all my work. Then the pendulum swung the other direction and I would be burning the midnight oil trying to make a deadline. I tried all sorts of ways to prompt myself to just “get it done”. I’m an old fashioned girl and I found that even though I tried all sorts of electronic checklists and apps, honestly, a good old-fashioned checklist on a yellow pad is what works for me.  I write in pencil and put today’s date at the top and each day, I leave the things I did not finish and erase those that I did and change the date. One place, one list. Done.

#3. I work from my home office and design studio so there is even more discipline in trying to keep on track and not get distracted. Ooh! Look at the pretty flowers in the garden. Let me give my kitty some lovin’. Just like working in a “real” office, I set times for when I show up at work, eat my lunch and end my day (although that’s a tough one because I really think I am more productive at night). So make yourself up a do-able schedule and try to stick to it.  If you need to, schedule yourself some garden and kitty time.

#4. I love to organize. Anyone who has seen my design studio storage room knows this fact. The same applies for me with my office organization. I buy file folder trays 6 at a time and mark each one with the project I am working on. I find that I have to switch gears to different projects for different clients many times each day so it’s really helpful for me to be able to just grab the info I need right from the tray. I’m also addicted to notebooks. Whenever I start a new project, it gets a notebook with lots of pretty tabs. I find that I may need to change the tab topics as I get deeper into the job but I like to be able to grab my info quick. I also like yellow or white lined pre-punched paper for note-taking so that I can immediately pop those into my 3-ring binder notebooks.

#5. Reorganize. Take a look at where stuff is piling up around you. Even though I set up my systems of folders and trays and notebooks, I always seem to have a couple of go-to places where I just toss papers. I reserve some evenings when I sit down and go through those stacks and I assess and assign categories. But do it quickly. Don’t get caught up in thoroughly reading every single paper from beginning to end at this step or the next thing you know, it’s two hours later and, well, you’ve probably missed some other deadline.

#6. Share. Network. Repeat. Don’t be afraid to ask others how they have mastered their productivity. Share your ideas and keep your eyes open for others who might share their tips for how they are managing their work and businesses day-to-day. I have found that most people love to share their insights, advice and tips.

Growing your business? Have you heard about Kabbage provides small business loans in seven minutes or less, and is the leading online provider of working capital for go-getters. With so many tools and tricks out there to keep others productive, its great to see companies like Kabbage pride themselves on helping small businesses remain productive.

Holidays Made at

Holidays Made at

Holidays Made at

Calling all my creative friends! With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about those hand-made gifts. If you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t have time to make completely hand-made items for everyone on your shopping list.

My solution? I create my own original artwork and upload it to a variety of blank surfaces. In this YouTube video, I share with you how to personalize an iPhone case and more to create perfect holiday gifts. It’s cool to transform your custom artwork into greeting cards, magnets, mugs, and much more. Use the code REELIOZAZZLE to get 15% off at Zazzle and even higher discounts on the products mentioned in this video.

Disclosure: Promotional consideration provided by Opinions and design selections are my own. I’m a Zazzle fan :)