Indygo Junction Dimensional Denim Pillows+Giveaway

Indygo Junction Dimensional Denim Pillows 300

Indygo Junction Dimensional Denim Pillows 300

DImesional-Denim-CVR-Final-3One of the items on my to do list this year is to get back into sewing. I was an avid sewer in my teenage years but as time went by, my sewing machine seemed to find its way to the back of my studio. So with my new sewing focus in mind, whenever  Indygo Junction contacts me, it’s always a resounding YES!

I’m really excited about this blog tour and their new book, Dimensional Denim by Amy Barickman. This book was inspired by the desire to add depth and texture to their Crossroads Denim Fabric line (or recycled denim, which is featured in three projects). The book includes 10 fabric manipulation techniques and accompanying projects, as well as detailed illustrations, extra inspiration ideas and 5 pages of color photography.

I LOVE Indygo Junction’s Crossroads Denim Fabric and I was excited to see that they have 5 new color selections. For my projects, I teamed up the Wisteria, Ice Blue and Mushroom.

You can find Crossroads Denim at all of these online stores:

Fabric Depot
Nancy’s Notions
Beverly’s Fabrics
Pacific Fabrics


The colors are beautiful on their own, but I decided to use my Ann Butler polka dot stamp and her Color Box Crafter’s Ink to add some patterning to my fabric pillows. I wanted to try out some of the easier fabric manipulation techniques for my first projects so I selected the ruffles and the weaving. My first project was the tiny heart pillow. Then I decided to try a larger version and I finished up with the weaving technique. Since I only used two colors for my weaving, my pattern turned into a stripe effect and I love the tattered edges on these techniques! Watch my YouTube video!

Hero Color Adjust PM

Check out more of the awesome ways you can use these techniques for home decor, accessories and more!

DD 5 DD 4 DD 3 DD 2 DD 1

Want to win your own copy of Dimensional Denim? Click over to the Indygo Junction blog to see how, or get your own copy now for 30% off using code DDBT14 at checkout! And make sure to follow along with the rest of the blog tour schedule below!

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8/7 Cool2Craft – you are here!
8/8 The Sewing Loft
8/11 Nancy Zieman
8/12 Skip to My Lou
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Disclosure: Fabric and book provided by Indygo Junction. Designs and opinions are my own.

Momma Aleene’s Upholstered Chair featuring Tulip Soft Paint

Momma's Tulip Soft Paint Chair 300

Momma's Tulip Soft Paint Chair 300

When Momma Aleene asked for her own special chair in the studio, I knew exactly what I wanted! My grand-niece Savannah Starr had painted this upholstered chair last year for her studio space but decided not to use it. I’ve seen it sitting in my sister’s garage for quite some time now so when she was recently cleaning the garage, it was an easy decision when she said “do you want THE chair?” It is a huge wing-back and I tried to fit it in my car without success so I thought I had to pass on it until Heidi offered to drive it down. It wouldn’t even fit in her SUV so she brought it in her pick-up truck. I tossed on some sweater pillows that Heidi made and now THIS is a chair fit for a queen!

I tried to find my before pictures of this chair, but without success, I can only tell you that from memory, it had a busy floral pattern.  It took two coats of Turquoise Tulip Soft Paint to transform this chair. What I love about the Tulip Soft Paint is that it dries soft and flexible. Everyone is amazed that it is painted! Now Momma has her own special place in the studio to catch all the action.

When I was looking through some vintage photos, I found this photo and love Momma’s pose. This was a promotional photo that was taken as she was just launching her empire :)

Vintage Aleene 1945


Cool2Cast Mini Charmed Frame



I love to create and hang little reminders around the studio that feature positive statements. This Cool2Cast mini charmed frame took an interesting journey through my design process. I first thought that I wanted to place it on a big chunk of wood but as I started working with it, I really loved the charm (pun intended) of its mini size. Blog Hop Banner Cool2Cast Ann Butler Designs 2014 -

This week I’m participating in Ann Butler’s Blog Hop so my color inspiration came from the awesome colors of Ann’s ColorBox Crafter’s Ink and the tiny print charm of her rubber stamps. When you look very closely at the stamped image I used for the background, you will find dozens of tiny hearts – an icon that I use quite often in my crafting. To find out how I created this mini treasure, check out my YouTube video.Giveaway AnnButler Cool2Cast

I also invite you to check out Ann’s Blog Hop which features her Faux Quilting stamps and Cool2Cast. I’m so excited and honored to be participating in this Hop and truly inspired by everyone’s creations!

Please check out all the links below and remember that we all love to hear your comments, so take a few moments and check in with these amazing designers.

As an added bonus, when you leave a comment on this post or any of the participating designer blogs, you’ll be automatically entered to win a great Cool2Cast giveaway including a 1# jar of Cool2Cast, jewelry molds and pre-poured pieces! Giveaway comment deadline is August 8, 2014. Leave a comment at every blog for more chances to win!


Cool2Craft Mini Charmed Frame by Tiffany Windsor P




Vintage Door Shelves featuring DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint

Vintage Door Shelves Tiffany Windsor 300

Vintage Door Shelves Tiffany Windsor


This week’s #friDIY video vlog studio tour is packed with studio news including these vintage door shelves that I made for the Cool2Craft studio. Inspired by Mark Montano’s YouTube video tutorial, I used Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish paint to transform a vintage door from dingy white to Rouge Red.

The coolest feature of the DecoArt Chalky Finish paint is that no priming or pre-sanding is needed. You simply wipe the surface clean and brush on the Chalky paint. Many of the 29 vintage, intermixable colors are one-coat and this Rouge Red is definitely one of them!  The paint dries to a matte, chalky finish and when completely dry, it is easy to sand back to give a more worn, vintage effect.

To finish off, I sealed the door with a coat of DecoArt Clear Crème Wax.These water-based waxes are available in three shades, and have a creamy consistency. Due to the porous nature of the Chalky Finish paints, the Crème Waxes literally fuse with the paint to provide a super strong layer of protection against daily use. When the wax is dry, you just rub it out for a satin finish.  For outdoor use, you would want to coat with Americana® Decor™ varnish.

The shelves were attached with wall brackets and were also painted and sealed with the same technique. What I love about this look is the more distressed the better!

A stop by three local thrift stores scored these under $10 farm inspired accessories including a bucket horse, red and white canisters and a wall plaque with a friendly welcome.

Vintage Door Shelves Tiffany Windsor P

Disclosure: DecoArt provided all painting and finishing materials. Design and opinions are my own.

Terri Sproul’s Jewel Effects Mica Powders on Cool2Cast

Terri Sproul's Jewel Effects Mica Powder

Terri Sproul's Jewel Effects Mica Powder

As many of you know, I am very active in the Craft and Hobby Association and I enjoy keeping in touch with my fellow creative designers and I love being able to share their ideas and products with you. Did you know that my creative friend Terri Sproul has these awesome Jewel Effects Mica Powder sets?Jewel-Mixers-Package

In this set, there are 11 colors and a container of bonding agent. With names like Tanzanite, Red, Citrine, Purple, Green, Garnet – you’ll find beautiful colors that will be just perfect for your creative projects. These mica powders are non-toxic and acid free so they’re great for card making, rubber stamping, scrapbooks, polymer clay and more!

One way to achieve beautiful, deep and vibrant pearlescent effects is when you mix Terri’s Jewel Effects with 3D Crystal Lacquer. I have been a HUGE fan of this lacquer for many years and I sell it on my site but I have never tried it with mica powder.

I invite you to view my YouTube video tutorial where I show you several mixing techniques. I LOVE how the pearlescent paint brushes onto this Cool2Cast heart with dragonfly stamp. To finish off my piece, I drilled a small hole into the heart and added a custom wire hanger. Now I can hang this piece of artwork wherever I want.

Terri Sproul's Jewel Effects Mica Powder on Cool2Cast

Disclosure: Jewel Effects Mica Powders provided to me by Terri Sproul. Design and opinions are my own.


Jam Paper Gelli Print Card

Jam Paper Gelli Print Card 300

Jam Paper Gelli Print Card by Tiffany Windsor

My friends at recently sent me a cool collection of metallic foldover cards and envelopes and when I received them I knew exactly what I wanted to create! I had been wanting to try my new Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates and this metallic paper looked like the perfect cardstock to use for this monoprinting technique.

Besides the fact that the metallic shimmer on this cardstock is beautiful, what I love about this cardstock is the weight. When working with paint, some cardstocks can wilt from the moisture of the paint but there was no problem with the JAM Paper metallic card stock.

You will want to check out my YouTube video to see the how-to steps on this project and head on over to to order your own collection of metallic card stock.

Once you learn this technique I can promise you that you won’t stop with just one card! But what’s so cool about the Gel Printing Plate is that you don’t need to clean it between each print. Just add more paint and re-print — time and time again.

Gelli Print Card by Tiffany Windsor P

I love the idea of keeping the art of hand-written letters alive and these hand-made cards will inspire you to create by the dozen. Tie up a stack of cards with a pretty ribbon, add a sweet sentiment charm and you have the perfect hostess gift!

Gelli Print Card Stack by Tiffany Windsor P

Disclosure: provided cardstock and envelopes for this project. Design and comments are my own.  Links to Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates are my Amazon Affiliate links.



Interchangeable Beaded Bracelet featuring Clip On Earrings

Emitations Jewel Loom Beaded Bracelet 300

Emitations Jewel Loom Beaded Bracelet

I have been wanting to create a bracelet on the Jewel Loom for months, so when reached out to me to design a project for their Clip On Creativity campaign, I was really excited! My dear friend Julianna Hudgins designed and patented the Jewel Loom which brings me back 20+ years when we first met and immediately bonded over our love of beading. We even wrote a beading book together back in the day!

Check out my YouTube video to see all the steps in making this stylish bracelet and find out how you can enter to win a Jewel Loom Kit and two pair of clip-on earrings! Also, you will LOVE all the awesome design ideas on the Jewel Loom page on Facebook! Clip On Earrings I am delighted to have been invited to participate in the Clip On Creativity challenge and their aqua and blue clip-on earrings and petitie faux pearl button clip-on earrings immediately caught my eye. The Jewel Loom is very easy to use to create an interchangeable looped bracelet! So, these clip-ons double as the focal point for this beaded bracelet and can be easily removed to wear as earrings!
MATERIALS Clip On Earrings
Jewel Loom Kit by Julianna Hudgins
Beads (6/0 for bracelet base, seed and focal beads for loops)
Wildfire Thread
e6000 Glue
Ribbon clasp
Flat nose jewelry pliers
Wooden skewer (or toothpick)
 Jewel Loom The Jewel Loom kit includes the loom, tension rod, beading needle, needle threader and instruction booklet.
 Emitations-2 The first step is to insert the tension rod into the loom.
Emitations-3 Following the package instructions, set up loom with 7 strands of warp threads. This set-up will allow for 6 rows of beads which I decided on based on the width of the clip-on earrings.
Emitations-4 Following the package instructions, stitch rows of beads onto warp threads.
Emitations-6 Continue adding bead rows until you have reached the desired length. Keep in mind that you also need to include the length of the ribbon clasp in your measurement. Watch Julianna’s YouTube video to learn her technique to create the thread selvedges at each end of the bracelet. This selvedge will help to anchor the ribbon clasp.
Emitations-7 Clip on the earrings to the bracelet to determine placement.
Emitations-9 On this bracelet, I used 3 seed beads, one focal bead and 3 seed beads to create each loop. Watch Julianna’s YouTube video to learn how to create the loops.
Emitations-11 Once you have created loops for one side of the bracelet, repeat for other end.
Emitations-13 Once you have completed the loops, you can carefully cut the bracelet from the loom.
Emitations-14 Here’s what it looks like from the back.
Emitations-15 (Note that in her how-to video, Julianna recommends this gluing step before you cut the bracelet from the loom :)  I used a wooden skewer to apply glue over the selvedge threads and to secure the warp threads. I let it dry approximately 1 hour before cutting off the excess warp threads and attaching the ribbon clasp. Enjoy wearing your interchangeable beaded bracelet!

Emitations Jewel Loom Beaded Bracelet P

Disclosure: Clip-On Earrings provided by and Jewel Loom provided by Julianna Hudgins. Design concept, other supplies and opinions are my own. I do receive compensation for Jewel Loom sales procured through post link via Amazon Associates.


Vlog: Store and Studio Update

Vlog: Store and Studio Update 5-24-14 Cool2Craft 300

Vlog: Store and Studio Update 5-24-14 Cool2Craft

In this YouTube video tour, Tiffany Windsor shares the progress of setting up her retail store and shares a great line-up of upcoming craft projects. She’s been busy sorting through her supplies, craft hauls and new products and dreaming up new ideas to share with you! Find out what’s in the pipeline at the Cool2Craft design studio!


Reverse Painted Glass Seashell

Listia Reverse Painted Frame 300

Listia Reverse Painted Frame

I am in full studio re-organization and spring cleaning mode and when I was recently contacted by Listia, the timing could not have been more perfect! Did you know that Listia is a great way to give away the things you no longer use and get the things you want for free? This is perfect for finding new items without breaking the bank or when you want to de-clutter. And, the more items you list, the more credits you earn. There’s some cool craft supplies listings at Listia or you can use your credits for Amazon Gift Cards, TVs, cameras and more in the Listia Rewards Store. Listia Logo

I headed on over to Listia and signed up and found out that you get 1,000 credits just for signing up and in addition to listing your own items, there’s even more ways to increase your points. You never need money or a credit card and many items on Listia also include free shipping. I had been wanting to paint a new beach-themed reverse painting on glass project, so I’m in frame gathering mode right now!

What I love about this technique is that it is as easy as paint-by-number. You simply trace the design with Tulip Scribbles 3D and then paint inside the lines. To upcycle the frame, I used DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint so it was a snap to transform it into a beachy color.

Watch my video tutorial on this seashell painting to learn all my hints and tips on how to create this design.

Seashell Reverse Painting on  Glass Tiffany Windsor P

Random winner will be chosen by from comments made on my Cool2Craft YouTube video. Winner(s) will be announced on May 29, 2014.

Disclosure: is sponsoring this giveaway and has provided monetary compensation for this post but opinions and design are my own.

Vlog: Studio and Retail Store Update

Vlog: Studio Painting & Storage 300

Vlog: Studio Painting and Storage

In this video tour, Tiffany Windsor shares what’s been happening over the last weeks behind-the-scenes in the new space which will soon house the SoulCreative retail store and the Cool2Craft design studio! The painting is underway and the supplies are moving in!