Blue Bird Beads by Candace Jedrowicz

Bluebirds of Happiness by Candace Jedrowicz
Candace Jedrowicz is making a new crown and needs some bird shaped beads for it.  Candace shares a technique called gestural sculpting to make easy and adorable blue bird beads.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s super easy Blue Bird Bead YouTube video tutorial!


Polymer clay – blue and yellow
Black beads for eyes
Crochet needle or other tool for smoothing
Needle tool or tooth pick
Craft knife

Roll one ball of clay 1/2″  and one ball 1/8″.Holding the larger ball in your finger tips, pinch a bit of both sides in opposite directions.One side will be the head, the other the tail.
Round out the head and flatten the tail.
Narrow and blunt the tail.
Continue manipulating the clay until you get a shape you like.
Add a tiny cone of yellow clay close to the top of the birdd’s head.
Cut the cone with a craft knife just below the point to open the mouth.
Push the black beads in the clay just above the beak.
Flatten the small ball and cut in half.
Attach each half of the circle on either side with the rounded side down.
Make a bead hole, taking care to make the position of the hole at the angle you want the bird to sit.


  1. These are beautiful! I love birds! Thanks for sharing!

  2. cjedrowicz says:

    I was just thinking about you, Bev! That’s so funny! Thank you!

  3. Bev Mossman says:

    Hi My Dear Friend Candace I love this bird you are so talented and give so much of yourself and your heart He /she blue bird is so beautiful just as you are

    sending you hugs love and prayers Love You Bev

    I am adding this to my list thanks again sweetie

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