Candace Jedrowicz – Polymer Clay Doughnut Beads

Polymer Clay Donuts by Candace JedrowiczThese realistic doughnut beads make people smile.  They are easy to make and can be made into fun and fabulous jewelry and accents!

To make white, chocolate and pink frosted doughnut beads, you will need:

One package each of yellow, white, chocolate, orange and pale pink polymer clay

Wooden skewer

Needle tool or toothpick

Tissue blade to slice the clay

Several colors of micro beads

Glossy sealer

Small paint brush

Optional:  flat head pins and jewelry tools

Doughnut Beads by Candace J. Step 1 1.      Begin making the dough color by mixing 3 parts yellow clay to 1 part white, 1 part chocolate and 1 part orange.  Blend thoroughly with a pasta machine or knead the clay with your hands.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz - Step 2 2.      Roll the dough color into a ½” log and cut ¼” slices with the tissues blade and roll the slices into balls.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 3 3.      Flatten the balls slightly.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 4 4.      Make a hole in the middle with the wooden skewer.  Wiggle the skewer around to smooth and open the hole perimeter.  Repeat coming from the other side.  It should look like a plain doughnut at this point.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 5 5.      Using a pea size ball of pink clay (or any color you want) make the icing for the doughnut by flattening the ball as much as you can.  Lay the icing on the doughnut.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 6 6.      Using the skewer as you did in step 4, make a hole in the icing that conforms to the doughnut shape.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 7 7.      Make a hole through the doughnut with the needle tool or tooth pick to make the doughnut into a bead.  You may choose to make a hole in only one side to use as a charm.  Going all the way through with holes on both sides will allow you to dangle something below the bead or connect it to another bead as in a bracelet.  BAKE ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS ON THE CLAY WRAPPER.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 8 8.      Prepare your sprinkle mix by combining all the colors of micro beads in small amounts.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 9 9.      Paint the icing part of the doughnut with the glossy sealer.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 10 10.  While the sealer is still wet, sprinkle the micro beads on the icing.  If the sealer dries too quickly, you can add more and sprinkle more micro beads.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 11 To make your doughnut bead into an earring or charm:

11.     Make a small hook in the end of a head pin. (This will help to insert in through the center of the bead.)  Insert the hook end into the bead from the INSIDE to the outside.

Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 12 12.  Pull the head pin through until the head stops it.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 13 13.  Repeat with the second hole if you have one. (Remember, if you are making a charm, you will not have a second hole pierced through your doughnut.)
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 14 14.      Make a small loop in one head pin close to the bead.  Wrap the wire tail around a couple of times and cut off the excess.
Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz Step 15 15.     Repeat with the second head pin if you have a second hole.
Now you’re ready to make your delicious doughnut beads into fabulous jewelry!
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  1. Cute. They look yummy enough to eat. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  2. Kelly Croasmun says:

    I love this tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing it. My donuts were so wonky looking before, now I see what I was doing wrong!

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