Cardboard Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

2 20 12 Candace Tissue Box Pendant e1328981762968 Cardboard Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz is fascinated by shiny, colorful things and shares how to use cuttings from a tissue box that matches that description to make a fabulous pendant!  This may change the way you buy tissues!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Cardboard Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Colorful foiled cardboard
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
1/8″ hole punch
Black felt pen or acrylic paint
Medium and/or fine grit sandpaper
Glossy dimensional sealer

Cardboard Pendant 1 300x195 Cardboard Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz Cut your pendant shape from two fabulous pieces of cardboard. These were cut from a really fun Halloween tissue box. Cut at least 3 other pieces to go between. Punch holes as desired. I punched two holes so I can hang a bangle from the bottom.
Cardboard Pendant 2 300x243 Cardboard Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz Glue all the pieces together. Use a clip or heavy object to compress while drying. This is important for the sanding of the edges. Be extra careful not to get glue on any foiled surface. Sand the edges smooth. Blacken the edges with felt pen or paint.
Cardboard Pendant 4 300x203 Cardboard Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz Apply glossy dimensional sealer to all surfaces including edges, allowing to dry in between. Tip: You can use a clothes pin to hold a piece on its side while drying.
Cardboard Pendants by Candace Jedrowicz 300x215 Cardboard Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz Make a simple bail or string onto a cord.


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