Fall Pumpkins by Candace Jedrowicz

10-15-13 Wood Fall Pumpkins YT v2

10-15-13 Wood Fall Pumpkins YT v2

The colors, smells and cool days of fall invigorates and inspires our creativity!  These diy wooden pumpkins created by Candace Jedrowicz are quick, easy and fun to make!  Watch Candace’s Fall Pumpkin YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Decoupage – matte
Wooden pumpkin shapes in various sizes, sanded smooth – (these can be purchased from the craft store or cut from 3/4″ planks)
Decorative papers
Acrylic paint (mountain green, lime green, bronze or colors of your choice)e
Paint brush
Fall Pumpkin Template – click here to open PDF

1. Place pumpkin shapes on decorative papers and trace around the shapes. Cut 1/4″ inside pattern line, cutting off stem.

2. Add small curved cuts as pictured to imply the sections of the pumpkins.

3. To create a color wash, mix acrylic paint with a little bit of water. Vary the layers of color to create color variation. Dry brush along edges with bronze. Let dry. (You can speed up the drying process by  using a hair dryer.)

4. Brush the front of each pumpkin and the back of the papers with Aleene’s Decoupage, position the papers on the pumpkins and immediately brush the front of the papers so that the paper adhere smoothly to the wood. Let dry. Display in groupings.

Moving Along

Candace Jedrowicz goodbye

Candace Jedrowicz 7-2013

This week will be my last regular project post for Cool2Craft.  I have been so blessed to work for and with the Cool girls!  This creative journey has been more amazing than words could begin to describe!  I love all the friends I’ve met here and hope to pop up now and again to say hi!

My creative  roots are in clay and its sultry satin muddiness is calling me back.   I miss the challenge of forming a lump of clay into a something fun and whimsical that takes days or even months to complete!  Carving into leather hard clay is my favorite thing to do!  It feels like sculpting chocolate, and carving layers of rich texture into it.  That’s what it’s all about for me.

I’m also going to be continuing my work with crowns!  I’m learning to solder so I’m ready to go to the next level with bigger, better and busier crowns!

So look for me here and there, clay up to my elbows, splattered on my face and in my hair. wearing a fabulous crown and a big teethy grin!

Love and blessings



Faux Chocolate Thumb Tacks by Candace Jedrowicz

Faux Chocolate Thumb Tacks Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Faux Chocolate Thumb Tacks Candace Jedrowicz

Bring a little chocolate love into your office and home space with chocolate thumb tacks!  Candace Jedrowicz shares a super easy way to make polymer clay chocolates to transform your tacks into tiny, delicious looking chocolates!

Watch Candace’s Faux Chocolate Thumb Tacks YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Super Gel Adhesive
Polymer clay – chocolate color – I mix my own with dark brown, gold and a little bit of orange
Small round, square and heart shaped molds – read how to make some here
Water spritzer
Thumb tacks – the flat kind
Polymer clay sealer – satin
Paint brush

1. Condition the polymer clay. Roll a small ball

2. Spritz a mold with a little water and press the ball of clay into it. Smooth the back as flat as possible.

3. While the clay is still in the mold, press the the flat side of the tack into the clay to make an impression.

4. Carefully push the clay out of the mold and make sure the tack will still fit before baking the clay according to the directions on the package.

5. Glue a tack into the back of each chocolate. Allow to dry.

6. Coat each chocolate with 2 coats of satin sealer.  Allow to dry well between coats.

P Faux Chocolate Thumb Tacks Candace Jedrowicz


From Bagel Box to Gift Box by Candace Jedrowicz

Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz

Admit it, you sometimes buy product because you want to use the box for a project!  Candace Jedrowicz loves great big bagel boxes and shares how to make one into a lovely gift box!  Grab your spray paint, felt and glitter and get ready to make some giftable magic!

Watch Candace’s From Bagel Box to Gift Box YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Aleene’s No Sew Fabric Glue
Bagel box
Spray paint – I used silver
Felt – I used white
Old credit or gift card to use to spread glue
Decorative plastic or fabric – my decorative plastic had been wrapped around a bouquet of flowers
Glitter glue – I used silver and gold
Wired ribbon – I used 2″ wide gold ribbon

1. Spray the box with paint, inside and out.  Allow to dry and spray on a second coat.  Allow to dry.

2. Trace the sides of the box to make pattern for the felt that will be glued to the inside of the box up to the fold.  Spread Tacky Glue on one inside side at a time and lay the felt into the glue. Press and smooth for firm attachment.  Repeat for all sides.  Optional: Cut decorative felt pieces that will be glued above the fold on the flaps.  Use No Sew Glue around the edges

3. Cut plastic or fabric hearts to cover the perforated parts on the outside of the flaps.  Glue in place.  Allow to dry.

4. Add decorative details with glitter glue.  Allow to dry.

5. Cut a 3′ piece of wired ribbon to tie the handles together and make a pretty bow.

P Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz


Memory Box by Candace Jedrowicz

Memory Box Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

6-25-13 Candace Memory Box C2C

Candace found a discounted box in the wood aisle at Michaels craft store and rescued it.  Candace shares how to turn a box with a hinged lid into a fabulous, colorful memory box!

Julie Western is an amazing woman who lives her life to the fullest, sharing her creative brilliance in everything she does! I am privileged to be her friend.  She taught me tons of techniques as I began my adventures in crafting. Inking, embellishing, embossing, bead accents, fibers, charms, German gold paper trims. and mixed media were suddenly in my vocabulary and changed my clay-based creative world. Julie loves all things vintage, mermaid, Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo, tea and fancy ladies. She throws wonderful themed parties with delicious foods and fabulous crafts and handmade party favors! Each invitation design is handmade with layered papers, fibers and charms. Julie’s thank-you cards are each a work of art. I’ve saved every one! She made my very first crown and gave a crown making book that rocked my world!  With 2000 miles between us now, and I miss her so. This is my Julie Shrine.

Watch Candace’s Memory Box YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner
Wood box with hinged lid
Sand paper
Ephemera – cards, tags, Artist Trading Cards, etc.
Embellishments – vintage buttons, fibers, beads, charms, etc.
Acrylic paint
Foam core board
Craft knife
Hot glue
Flat glass marbles

1. Sand the box.  Make a stain of 1 part paint to 3 parts water and stain the whole box.  Allow to dry.

2. Stand the box up so that it opens like a book.  Use Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner to attach paper that will lay flat on the wood.

3. I used a purple velvet ribbon to cover the raised front edge of the box, but you can use beads or buttons or anything you like.

4. You can use small pieces of foam core board to angle any of the paper pieces on the inside.

5. Hot glue glass marble feet on the bottom.

6. To stand paper accents on the top of the box – trace the shapes on foam core board and leave an inch of board beyond the bottom of the piece.  Cut the foam core board out, score, but don’t separate the bottom inch of board.  Cut one additional 1/8″ of board the width of the backing.

7. Bend the board on the scored line to stand the main part upright.  Glue the 1/8″ strip with the foam side showing in the front in the void left by bending the board.  Now it will stand up on it’s own.

8. Glue the paper on the front – the extra piece in the fold adds 1/4″ of height, so you can cut more off the top or add embellishment to the bottom.  I did one of each technique on my top pieces.

9. Add your buttons, fibers and such and any other finishing details.  At the last minute I added a velvet flower on a bejeweled pin to the top.  It was an embellishment on one of her tags.  I put the pin through a crystal button, then tapped it into the wood.

Patriotic Centerpiece by Candace Jedrowicz

Patriotic Centerpiece Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Patriotic Centerpiece Candace Jedrowicz

America celebrates its rich heritage with holidays that venerate those who gave their lives to protect her, those who work to keep her running and the brave souls who gave everything to make her a free country!  In our solemn ceremonies, observations and celebrations, we proudly display our flags.  Red White and Blue are everywhere, from garlands to banners, from hats to party decorations, and we do it BIG!  Candace shares a super easy centerpiece to bring color and sparkle to all your patriotic get togethers!

Watch Candace’s Patriotic Centerpiece YouTubevideo tutorial!


Plastic patriotic hat
2 small flags
Block of Styrofoam cut to fit in the hat
12″ tall red white and blue spray of shiny stars with weighted bottom wrapped in Mylar
Silk roses in red and white
12″ tall spray of white – I took mine from another weighted spray
Wooden skewers
Hot glue
Glittered balls in red (optional)

1. Pour the marbles into the bottom of the upside down hat.

2. Put the Styrofoam block on the marbles.

3. Unwrap the Mylar from the bottom of the weighted red white and blue spray, and set in the center and fan it out.

*At this point I’d like to point out that I didn’t glue mine together so it will come apart easily for storage, but you could certainly glue yours.

4. I bought my roses in bouquets, so I cut them off to place individually.  Begin adding roses, pushing the stems through the foam.  Angle the roses so that they fill in below the spray.

5. Cut the Mylar in 4 squares.  Hot glue one corner of each piece to a wooden skewer and twist to secure.  Push the Mylar pieces into the foam above the roses and around the spray.

6. Push the white spray onto one of the wires of the red white and blue spray so it stands highest in the center.

7. Push the 2 flags into the foam on opposite sides

8. Optional – glue red glitter balls around the brim of the hat.

Silly Super Hero Mask by Candace Jedrowicz

Silly Super Hero Mask Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Silly Super Hero Mask Candace Jedrowicz

Do you remember wearing a towel like a cape and pretending to fly like Superman when you were a kid?  Candace Jedrowicz never stopped doing that.  She can be seen flying around town all the time.  Not really, but she’d love to!  Candace shares a fun and easy super hero costume that can be made with things you have around the house!

Watch Candace’s Silly Super Hero Mask YouTube video tutorial!



Felt in a light and dark color or paper plate and markers/crayons
Aleene’s No Sew Glue or Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Black eyelash yarn or colored paper
Glittery foam or paper plate for the crown and chest emblem
Gems or whatever your super hero wants to decorate with
Long sleeve shirt
Letters for the chest emblem – foam, paper. felt. wrapping paper, etc.
Headband or ribbon
Gator clip
Super Hero Printout 1
Super Hero Printout 2

1. Print out the patterns and cut them out.

2. Use regular paper to measure the mask for the eye holes before cutting on your material.

3. Glue the mask to the bottom of your crown and decorate with gems or glitter.  Cut pieces of eyelash yarn or paper to fit under the upper eye hole.  Glue in place.  If you use paper, it’s a good idea to cut the lash slits before gluing on.

4.Whether you are using material or paper, glue a piece of material to the inside of the headband. Cover the outside of the  headband and material with glue and wrap the mask and crown around it.  Make sure it’s not too close to the eye holes.  Use clothespins to hold it together as it dries.  If you don’t want to use a headband – make holes on the outer points of the mask and use ribbons for ties.

5. Make your chest emblem any shape you want and glue on letters, or a logo or anything at all  Glue the gator pin on the back, reenforce with material.  I used felt on the back with a slit so that I could slip the clip through.

6. Use your imagination do the magic and have FUN!



Owl Mail by Candace Jedrowicz

Owl Mail Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Owl Mail Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz is having so much fun coming up with ways to make art mail!  Cake mail made from a sponge was too much fun NOT to explore further.  What else can be made from a sponge?  An owl postcard!  Hoo wants to try it? Featured on

Watch Candace’s Owl Mail YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue
Grout Sponge, or smaller sponge
Tissue blade – it’s a super thin razor blade used for polymer clay
Eileen Hull’s Sizzix die Flowers with Heart Petals (optional – to use for the felt eyes)
Needle – a narrow 2″ long one is best
Strong thread
Paint brush
Tooth brush (optional) I sued to pounce on the felt pieces to push glue deeper into the sponge
Owl Pattern
Owl Pattern for Felt Cutouts

1. Print and trace the owl pattern onto the sponge.

2. Use the tissue blade to saw the sponge carefully

3. Paint the whole sponge and allow to dry.

4. Cut eye, beak and wing patterns from felt.  My wings were ovals with flat bottoms and that worked for me.  Play with the pattern to get the look you like.

5. Using lots of glue, glue the felt eyes in place.  Pounce on the felt with the tooth brush to help the glue get into the sponge, if desired.

6. WHILE THE GLUE IS WET, sew the buttons in the center of the eyes, pulling slightly to make sink in to the sponge a bit.

7. Glue beak and wings in place.  Pounce with tooth brush, if desired.

8. Trace the sponge on cardstock and cut out.

9. Before gluing to the back of the sponge trim the cardstock to make sure no edge will stick out from the sponge.  Glue on and allow to dry.

10. When you address the postcard, remember that the post office will only deliver to the address that is lowest on the postcard and that they need room to put 2 stickers on it.

P Owl Mail Candace Jedrowicz


Dad’s Framed Tie Display by Candace Jedrowicz

Dad's Framed Tie Display Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Dad's Framed Tie Display Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz saved her dad’s ties and tie tack collection when he passed. It took a while to think of how to display them, but Candace hatched a plan to make a fun framed homage to Dad! Featured on

Watch Candace’s Dad’s Framed Tie Display YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape
12″ x 12″ x 2″ dimensional frame
1/4″ dowel
1/4″ drill bit
Clear packing tape
Tie tacks, pin and bars

1. Lay out your ties in layers that look good to you and are 12″ wide.  Lay packing tape over them to keep them from moving.  Cut excess fabric about 2″ beyond the tape.

2. Remove the frame insert and lay over your ties.  Make all the adjustments so the ties fit into the insert.  Use the packing tape to hold the position of the bottom end below where the the frame stops.

3. Measure 3/8″ down from the top edge of the insert and mark the center.  Use a small block of wood inside the insert as you drill a hole on the mark.  Repeat at opposite ends on two of the outside edges.   The idea is to slide the dowels in place at the top and bottom to wrap the ends of the layered ties around.

4. Measure and cut the dowels to fit in the holes and cut them so they don’t extend outside of the insert.

5. Stand the insert upside down and lay the top of the layered ties, back side facing up, inside with the excess toward you.  Slide the dowel in over the ties.

6. Lay 2 strips of Fabric Fusion tape on the ties (on either side of the dowel.  Remove the tape backing and fold the excess over the dowel and press securely in place.

7. Repeat for the bottom, making sure to pull the ties tight when securing.

8. Add the tie tacks , pins and bars to the front.  Slide the insert into the frame and place the back of the frame on to secure it.

P Candace Dads Framed Tie Display


Kitschy Shoe, Bless Ya, Hon! by Candace Jedrowicz

Kitschy High Heel Shoes in Frame Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Kitschy High Heel Shoes in Frame Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz’s latest kitschy art piece is an homage to “The Avenue” in Hampden, Maryland. An avenue immersed in the kitschy culture of Baltimore in the 1960’s that was the frame for John Waters’ movie Hairspray. A real high heel shoe, cut in half, serves as the foundation for this framed art. Featured on

Watch Candace’s Kitschy High Heel in Frame YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue
Buttons – I used tons of gorgeous Blumenthal Lansing buttons
12″ x 12″ dimensional frame
One high heel shoe – cut in half length wise with a band saw using a carbide tip multi-purpose blade
Decorative paper
Gems, letters, tiny nick knacks, doo dads and memorabilia
Hot glue

1. Cover the inner sole of the shoe half with decorative paper.

2. Add layers of foam or whatever you have to be sure the shoe will have complete contact with the frame back. Use Super Thick Tacky Glue to attach the shoe to the background. Allow to dry overnight.

3. Place your message first – I used a postcard above the shoe, so the letters were arranged around it.

4. Add your embellishments – I glued a base layer of buttons on the shoe, then glued everything I could fit over that, keeping my favorite buttons visible.

5. Add any embellishments to the background. My only regret that I didn’t have a tiny pink flamingo and horn-rimmed glasses to add!

P Candace Kitschy High Heel