How to Make a Boyfriend Rocker Tee

Boyfriend Rocker Tee Shirt Savannah Starr

Boyfriend Rocker Tee Shirt Savannah Starr

Grab an oversize t-shirt and roll on some paint. Add a few stenciled designs and you have one rockin’ tee! Savannah Starr layers her rocker tee over black leggings, added her red lip earrings and finished the look with her red fuzzy shoes. When rocking the boyfriend tee look, you can belt or tie your shirt to size. Watch Savannah’s super cool YouTube video on this project!


Tulip Soft Fabric Paint – Matte white
Tulip Multi-Surface Skull Stencil #24308
Black t-shirt (or color of your choice)
Mini paint roller and paint tray
Paper towels
Wet wipes
Optional: freezer paper or wax paper

1. Lay t-shirt onto smooth work surface. If you do not want the paint to bleed through, insert freezer paper inside shirt and sleeves.

2. Apply stencil(s) onto sleeve (or wherever desired on shirt)

3. Pour paint into tray and run roller through paint several times. With the graffiti effect you do not need the paint to be evenly distributed. Roll paint roller over paper towel to remove excess paint.

4. To decorate front of shirt, roll paint roller over fabric several times without reloading paint. This will create varying paint patterns on shirt. (See video for example.) NOTE: you do not need a lot of paint to create a really awesome design. Don’t oversaturate the shirt with paint.

5. Carefully roll paint over stencil leaving some t-shirt fabric showing through. This gives more of a graffiti effect.

6. When you have finished applying paint, remove stencil (be sure to wipe it clean with wet wipe so that you can re-use.)

7. Let paint dry completely and repeat design on back if desired.

Click here for tutorial on how to make Savannah’s Red Lips Water Bottle Earrings!

Click here for video tutorial on how to make Savannah’s Fuzzy Red Heels!

Boyfriend Rocker Tee Sav


Silver Leaf Fall Earrings and Ring by Savannah Starr

Silver Fall Leaf Earrings by Savannah Starr

Silver Fall Leaf Earrings by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr is falling for fall! Fall leaves covered with Cool2Cast are a beautiful fashion statement for your fall wardrobe. Paint the Cool2Cast the color of your choice and finish with silver (or gold) leafing and you have a fabulous ring and earrings. Watch Savannah’s super cool Silver Leaf Earring YouTube video tutorial.


Fall silk leaves
Wax paper
Plastic zip top bag and water
Measuring cup(s)
Small palette knife
Gift card or cardboard squeegee
Craft knife
Acrylic paint and brush
Jewelry findings – ring, fish hook earrings
Jewelry wire
Silver leaf and adhesive
Soft brush (to burnish silver leaf)
Adhesive brush


1. Remove plastic from back of leaf.

2. Lay leaf on wax paper, right side up.

3. Mix small batch of Cool2Cast according to package directions.

4. Let set for about 5 minutes until the mixture starts to thicken slightly.

5. Snip one small corner from bottom of bag.

6. Pour Cool2Cast over leaf until entire leaf is covered. (If you are creating more than one leaf, be sure to pour Cool2Cast over all leaves at this time because you cannot save a mixed batch.)

7. Use palette knife to lift leaf to move it to a clean spot on wax paper.

8. Slightly shake wax paper to help Cool2Cast to flatten on leaf.

9. Let set for about 5 minutes.

10. Use card to mark veins in Cool2Cast.

11. Let dry completely. (Note: To create earrings, cut wire approximately 3″ longer that size of leaf from top to bottom. Shape one end of wire into eye hook. Bend other end at bottom of leaf, bend up excess and twist to create a pretty wire leaf stem. After you have poured your Cool2Cast over the silk leaf, place the wire into the Cool2Cast and leave undisturbed until dry.)

12. Lift dried leaf from wax paper. Following pattern from back side of leaf (the silk flower leaf), use craft knife to carefully scrape away excess Cool2Cast to create crisp pattern line of leaf.

13. Paint Cool2Cast leaf with acrylic paint. Let dry.

14. Brush adhesive onto front of leaf leaving small areas with no adhesive. Let adhesive dry until clear (it will still be very sticky.)

15. Lay silver leaf into adhesive and use soft brush to burnish away any excess leaf. (Save excess silver leaf by placing back into original package.)

16. Glue ring finding onto back of finished leaf or add jump ring and fish hook earring hooks to create earrings.


Zippered File Pouch Clutch by Savannah Starr

Zippered File Pouch Clutch Savannah Starr 300x150

Zippered File Pouch Clutch Savannah Starr

Clear clutches are all the rage right now and designer versions can be quite costly. Make your own clear clutch from a zippered file pouch and step out in style tonight. Designed by Savannah Starr, this clutch is decorated with Washi tape. Add your own decorative touches to match your own style!

Watch Savannah’s Zippered File Pouch Clutch YouTube video tutorial!



Clear zippered file pouch
Washi tape (NOTE: Washi tape is not permanent on this surface. For a more permanent bond, use Duck Tape.)

1. Cut two pieces of Velcro to 1/2″.

2. Remove release paper from one side and stick to upper corners of pouch.

3. Fold the pouch in half (or to desired size). Remove paper backing from Velcro, re-fold and press adhesive firmly to pouch. Re-press several times to assure stronger hold.

4. Add tape to outside of pouch in desired patterns.

5. Fill your clutch with important stuff :)

P Zippered File Pouch Clutch Savannah Starr


Bubble Wrap Clutch by Savannah Starr

Bubble Wrap Clutch Savannah Starr 300x150

Bubble Wrap Clutch Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr headed to her local office supply store to dream up this super cool clutch made from bubble wrap and vinyl and embellished with silver binder clips. See through clutches are all the rage right now and this clever take on this fashion fad will have everyone talking!

Watch Savannah’s Bubble Wrap Clutch YouTube video tutorial!


Bubble wrap
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape
Clear vinyl (available at fabric store and hardware store)
Measuring tape or ruler
Marking pen
Silver binder clips (optional)

1. Cut piece of bubble wrap 12-5/8″ wide x 24″ long.

2. Fold bubble wrap in half lengthwise and cut one end to a point.

3. Cut a piece of clear vinyl slightly larger than the bubble wrap. Apply Peel & Stick Tape along all edges of the bubble wrap.

4. Remove paper backing from tape and place bubble wrap onto vinyl. Press firmly to adhere the bubble wrap to the vinyl.

5. Measure up 8″ along both bottom side edges (the straight edge) and make small mark with pen. Apply Peel & Stick Tape from bottom edge to mark line.

6. Remove paper backing from tape, fold up bottom edge 8″ and press to secure the edges. This will make the pocket of the clutch. Fold over the pointed end to create the flap.

7. If desired, clip on silver binder clips along the top (pointed) edge of the clutch for a fun embellishment.

P Bubble Wrap Clutch Savannah Starr


Hashtag Heels by Savannah Starr

Hashtag Heels Savannah Starr 300x150

 Hashtag Heels Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr transforms plain heels into #hashtagheels with craft foam letters and spray paint. A great way to express your personal style! These heels started out tan and with a quick coat of paint and foam letter stencils, you can strut in style! OMG!

Watch Savannah’s Hashtag Heels YouTube video tutorial!



High heels (color of your choice – this will be the color of the letters)
Black gloss spray paint
Craft foam letters (sticky) – various sizes and lettering
Blue painters tape

1. Remove the paper backing from each letter and press onto shoe. Be sure that all edges of the letters are pressed down firmly so that you get a crisp image.

2. Use tape to protect the inside surfaces of the shoe from overspray. Cover the entire inside with overlapping strips of tape.

3. In a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors), spray the entire outside of shoes with spray paint. Spray on one light coat. Let dry and spray on another light coat. Let dry completely.

4. Remove craft foam letters to reveal #hashtag words.

5. Remove tape from inside.

P  Hashtag Heels Savannah Starr



CraftHaul: Fuzzy Red Heels by Savannah Starr

Fuzzy Red Heels Savannah Starr 300x150

Fuzzy Red Shoes Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr found a pair of $5,000 fuzzy shoes in her favorite fashion magazine. After a fashion haul at Forever 21 to find the perfect red heels and a stop at her favorite fabric store, Savannah created her own fuzzy heels!

Watch Savannah’s How to Make Your Own Red Fuzzy Heels video tutorial!


High heels (color of your choice but nice to select a pair that matches with your fabric)
Fuzzy fabric (The fuzzy fabric used has a slight stretch to it — this is important to get a good fit on the shoe.)
Sandpaper – fine grade
Measuring tape
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Non-stick scissors

1. If your high heels have a slick surface, use sandpaper to lightly sand to roughen up the surface. (Note: on my heels, I did not sand the heels because I did not cover them with fabric.)

2. Measure along bottom outside edge. Add 3″ to measurement.

3. Measure from front toe to inside edge. Add 2″ to measurement. Cut two piece of fuzzy fabric to measurements.

4. To help fabric from fraying, apply line of Aleene’s Tacky Glue along outside edges. Let dry.

5. Cut Peel & Stick Tape into approximate 2″ lengths. Apply along top and bottom outside edges of shoe and along inside edge.

6. Peel off bottom release paper on outside edge of shoe. Lay edge of fabric along seam line in shoe pressing into sticky adhesive. Continue on other side of shoe until you have glued the fabric in place along the bottom edge.

7. Peel off top release paper on outside edge of shoe, gently pull fabric so that it is snug against the shoe and press into sticky adhesive along the top edge.

8. Cut away excess fabric to make a clean seam at the back of shoe.

9. Cut away excess fabric along the top edge leaving enough fabric (approximately 1/2″)  to pull inside the shoe and press into sticky adhesive.

10. Check all edges to be sure they are securely glued in place.  Repeat for second shoe.

5-20-13 Savannah Fuzzy Red Shoes FB Cover


Nail Polish Graffiti Frames by Savannah Starr

Nail Polish Graffiti Frame Savannah Starr 300x150

Nail Polish Graffiti Frame Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr has some fun flinging her nail polish to dress up plain silver-finish dollar store frames! It’s quick, it’s easy — create your own graffiti style!

Watch Savannah’s Nail Polish Graffiti Frame YouTube video tutorial!


Dollar store frame
Nail polish (colors of your choice)
Cotton swabs
Paper towel
Nail polish remover
Optional: blue masking tape or paper to protect glass

1. Wipe frame clean of any fingerprints.

2. If you can’t remove the frame glass, be sure cover it with tape or paper (or you can clean up the glass with nail polish remover while polish is still wet.)

3. Protect work surface and your clothing.

4. Splatter and fling nail polish over frame.

5. Let polish dry completely. Insert your favorite photo!


Tree Branch Earrings by Savannah Starr

Tree Branch Earrings Savannah Starr 300x150

Tree Branch Earrings Savannah Starr  v2

Head on out to the garden and grab some branches to create these cool oversized look-of-metal earrings. With a quick coat of spray paint and bead caps, these branches go from garden to gorgeous in no time at all!

Watch Savannah’s Tree Branch Earrings YouTube video tutorial!



Small dried tree or bush branches (be sure that cut end of branch will fit into bead cap)
Wire cutters (to cut branches)
Spray paint (gold or color of your choice)
Needlenose pliers
Bead wire cutters
e6000 Glue
Bead caps (metal finish of your choice)
Eye (or flat head) pins (metal finish to match bead caps)
Fishhook earrings (metal finish to match bead caps)

1. Cut branches from tree and use wire cutters to cut to desired size and shape.

2. In a well ventilated area, spray with gold paint on all sides. Let dry.

3. Insert eye pin into bead cap from large open end. Apply glue to eye and press into bead cap. Let glue dry.

4. Bend wire at 90 degree angle right above bead cap top. Snip to approximately 3/8″. Use needlenose pliers to bend wire into loop.

5. Attach fishhook earrings to loop.

6. Use toothpick to apply glue to end of branch. Insert into bead cap. Press firmly to be sure that glue makes good contact with bead cap. Set aside until glue is completely dry.

P Tree Branch Earrings Savannah Starr



Mother’s Day Skewered Pancake Tacos by Savannah Starr

Mother's Day Skewered Pancake Tacos Savannah Starr 300x150

Mother's Day Skewered Pancake Tacos Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr shares a fun way to serve Mom a special breakfast on Mother’s Day or any special celebration! Decorate wooden skewers with magazine images depicting a few of Mom’s favorite things!

Watch Savannah’s Mother’s Day Skewered Pancake Tacos YouTube video tutorial!


Wood skewers
Food coloring
Cotton swabs
Paper plate (coated)
Paper towel
Magazine pages with favorite images
Paper punch (heart shaped or other shape of your choice)
Aleene’s Tacky Dots

Pancake Tacos: Make favorite pancake recipe. Coat top of pancake with peanut butter. Sprinkle with sliced bananas and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

1. Squeeze a small amount of food coloring onto paper plate.

2. Dip cotton swab into food coloring and rub on wood skewer to apply coloring. Paint entire skewer. Use paper towel to remove any excess coloring. Set aside to dry.

3. Rip pages from magazines. Punch two images per skewer.

4. Use Tacky Dots to glue images back to back to blunt end of skewer.

5. Fold prepared pancakes in half (into taco) and place three in row onto serving plate. Press decorated skewer through middle of all pancake tacos.

P Mother's Day Skewered Pancake Tacos Savannah Starr



How to Restyle a T-shirt into a No-Sew Infinity Scarf by Savannah Starr

Basic No Sew Infinity Scarf Savannah Starr 300x150

Basic Infinity Scarf by Savannah Starry Scarf CH

Savannah Starr loves her fashion hauls! For this project, Savannah is transforming a t-shirt haul into a basic no-sew infinity scarf. Very quick, very stylish and lots of fun!

Watch Savannah’s No-Sew T-Shirt Infinity Scarf YouTube video tutorial!


T-shirt (new or old – a nice wide t-shirt works best for this project)
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape

1. Cut across t-shirt right below arm holes. (Save top piece for another project!)

2. Apply the Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape along the cut edge. Remove paper backing and fold over to create a clean edge.

3. Grab your scarf and slip over your head. Arrange printed side out.