Julianna Hudgins

Julianna Hudgins - 7-2012Julianna Hudgins is a well-known mover, shaker and influencer in the creative crafting community. As an innovative creative lifestyle expert, TV personality, author, and designer, Julianna has turned millions on to the joys of crafting through her first-hand experiences and applications of the hobby.

Julianna is recognized and adored by fans worldwide and has built a loyal following through her television appearances. With regular guest appearances on the QVC craft and toy hours, Julianna’s sincerity and compassion and her genuine enthusiasm and passion for the creative arts has built a loyal viewing and shopping audience for many years. Julianna became a household name in the creative industry with her thousands of appearances on shows such as TNN’s Aleene’s Creative Living, HGTV’s Carol Duvall Show, PBS Scrapbook Memories, DIY Scrapbooking, Discovery Channel’s Home Matter’s, Shop at Home TV, and the Home Shopping Network.

Julianna was selected by the Craft & Hobby Association to present the latest trends and techniques at the Japan Hobby show in Tokyo, has earned recognition as one of the “Top Eight Scrapbooking Authorities” by the DIY Network and has penned four insightful books on various aspects of crafting.

Tapping into her 18+ years experience as a business owner, manufacturer and importer, coupled with her production, design, communication and media expertise, Julianna has a keen ability to understand the needs of manufacturers and retailers in building consumer brand recognition and customer loyalty. As an International Product Spokesperson for many of the creative industry’s companies, Julianna travels the world teaching unique die techniques using alternative materials for paper crafting, home decor, fashion and jewelry ideas.

Known by friends and industry professionals as “Jewels”, Julianna is mother to Josh and Billybob her boxer dog. She enjoys traveling, making jewelry, shopping and spending quality time with friends and family.

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Cool2Craft TV appearances:

Twisted Wire Medallion by Julianna Hudgins - Cool2Craft TV 2-20-12 Cool2Craft “Jewelry” episode –How to Create Custom 3-Strand Twisted Wire – {video tutorial} or {step-by-step tutorial}How to Create a Wire Medallion {video tutorial} or {step-by-step tutorial}