Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr - Cool2CraftSavannah Starr hails from the first family of crafting. As great-granddaughter of craft industry pioneer, Aleene Jackson, Savannah is a 6th generation crafter and grew up in a super-charged creative environment. An entrepreneur from an early age, Savannah’s first business at age 7 was catering to local businesses. Lunch, cookies and cupcakes were her specialties. Joining her mother Starr Hall and grandmother EcoHeidi Borchers in their retail businesses gave Savannah the opportunity to learn the business world hands-on at a young age. Customer service became her passion.

As a young teen, life presented challenges and Savannah made the choice to overcome them, taking her away from bad influences and back to the roots of her family.

Savannah Starr Logo Red CoralWith the launch of Savannah and its trademark lightning bolt, Savannah is continuing in her family’s tradition by striking up the fire for today’s creative generation. The star represents teaching others that the light is within them. Savannah’s motto is “I am creative. You are creative. Let’s shine and be creative together.” shares lifestyle ideas and experiences including crafts, food, travel, fitness, fashion, hair, makeup, home décor, family traditions and more. Join Savannah as she travels the world to share her adventures, creative finds, and laughable antics with her bubbly, goofy and quick-witted love of life.

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