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01 2011 Try It Youll Like It 300x124 Creative Play Muse

Did you know that the Cool2Craft Creative Play theme for January 2011 is…drum roll please…  Try it!  You’ll like it!

That’s right, it’s time to try something new!  What media have you been thinking of trying, but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Well, my creative friends, now is the time! Time to try something new! What is it that you’ve been wanting to try?  It’s time! Try something new and then share it with me! I want to see what you are working on!

Here are some of the first shares we received…

Lynda Heines tried gelatin printing.

“The gelatin printing process was so much fun! I liked that the process works on both paper and fabric and most, if not all, of the supplies everyone has around the house. (I had to buy the gelatin.) It’s very simple, very creative, and every piece is different. If you don’t like what you made, just go ahead and overprint it.  So easy.”

Amanda Marks is going all “mixed media” on us.  Love the egg shell mosaic on the top!

“My creative process was based on my “Word for 2011″ BELIEVE.  I wanted to challenge myself in using different mediums.  In this case I combined several mediums (alcohol inks, collage, embossing, beading, egg shell mosaic, wood, glitter glue and metal), I had never done a Mixed Media piece before and this piece opened a door I had not expected with my creativity.”

Karen Barnett tells me that she has never made any projects from light bulbs so these snowmen are a first for her!  These are so cute!

“My craft was two fold as far as being new to me.  I had not used polymer clay or worked with using recycled light bulbs.  It took a little time playing around with the acrylic paint to get it to stick to the bulb, but it was so worth the trial and error process.  I started out making 3 difference size snowmen bulbs and everything snowballed from there (a little pun).  I started getting request from family and friends asking for different styles.  The most popular request I have had has been for the football team hats on top of the different characters.  I make snowmen, santas, reindeer, penguins, and the Grinch  that are standing or hanging for ornaments.  I am going to work on Easter characters next and an angel.”

Cori Cambanes Tried crocheting with wire.  Ooh!  I want to try this!

“I have Bipolar disorder, so my crafts are very therapeutic for me. I have trouble focusing, and completing tasks. When I start crafting, especially crochet, I am completely focused on that project. It’s great.”

I hope you are all trying something new and having a ball!  These three artists have earned two CoolCash Smackeroos each for sharing their daring new exploits with us.  Well done, Ladies.

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