Cool2Craft Creative Play Contribtor Gloribell Lebron – Vintage-fying

Gloribell Lebron was looking for an inexpensive way to age a mirror and found a super cool and easy method that’s used on vases for a “mercury” effect.  Gloribell shared it all with Candace the Muse and this is a technique you’ll want to try!

Gloribell told me:

“I was looking to make a mirror look old but all the tutorials were to difficult or done with expensive materials (or toxic fumes). In those tutorials they remove the backing of the mirror and from there, applied some acids etc.”

“But then I remember that I read a tutorial on how to do a mercury vase (so popular right now) and decided to try the technique on the mirror’s surface instead of a clear vase… And it ended looking pretty good I might say!”

Thank you for sharing, Gloribell!

Candace the Muse

Click here to see Gloribell’s tutorial

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