December Creative Play Day 13: Electric Coffee Pot by Candace Jedrowicz

The Cool2Craft Creative Play theme for December is “Give Yourself a Gift.” You give to everyone else during the holidays and all year long. Time to give yourself a treat! Make something, go somewhere, do something that’s just for you and photograph it! Then share it with us – post it on the Cool2Craft Creative Play blog on the Hive. Anything goes! I’m going to run with this theme and craft every day in December. I’ll be posting tutorials and videos as well as making some kits available at the Marketplace. Join me on Cool2Craft for 31 days of blissful, healing, creative play and give yourself the gift of play, too! [Candace J.]

I’m doing a wall show at the premier coffee shop in Ogden’s art district next month. The show will be mostly gel pen on black paper.  The very lovely and talented Beth Latture introduced me to the medium and I adore it!  The vibrant colors pop off the page!  I used the same method for this that I use to create my teapot and cup ornaments, connecting the pot to the cup with a strand of coffee colored  yarn.
For this project you’ll need:

A design – it could be a drawing, photo copy, magazine image, etc.

Black paper

Opaque gel pens and felt pen


Pop Dots adhesive dimensional dots

Brown yarn

A pencil and ball point pen

Masking tape

Print or draw your design on regular white paper.  Flip the paper over and rub a pencil over the whole back of the design.
Tape the design, face up on the black paper and go firmly over the the lines with a pen.  Remove the white paper and go over the design with pencil, then cut it out.
Trace around the design elements with any color opaque pen.  Place whatever size frame you’ll be using (if you’re going to frame the picture) and trace the border.  Look at your design and decide how you want to divide the image background.  Sometimes I keep adding more borders until they get close enough to the design elements to make natural sections.  Here I wanted the stream of pouring coffee to appear to radiate, so I defined the background with ray segments.

Fill each segment with different colors and patterns.  Every once in a while, put your design elements in place to be sure the background doesn’t overtake or detract from the main design.

If you are doing this design, measure for your yarn “coffee”, and glue in place.  You’ll want to snip the spout so the yarn looks like it’s pouring out of it and punch a small hole in the cup to push the yarn through.
Look over your background and use a black gel pen to cover any bits you don’t like.  Place your Pop Dots far enough inside the border of the design so they won’t be seen.  Use smaller dot or snip pieces of dots for narrow places.  Set your design in place to check  position before you peel the paper off the adhesive dots.
Put your design in place.  Now post your picture in the comments section here so I can see it!  =0)


  1. bravo Candace c’est magnifique!!!!

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