December Creative Play Day 25: Edible Bracelets by Candace Jedrowicz

The Cool2Craft Creative Play theme for December is “Give Yourself a Gift.” You give to everyone else during the holidays and all year long. Time to give yourself a treat! Make something, go somewhere, do something that’s just for you and photograph it! Then share it with us – post it on the Cool2Craft Creative Play blog on the Hive. Anything goes! I’m going to run with this theme and craft every day in December. I’ll be posting tutorials and videos as well as making some kits available at the Marketplace. Join me on Cool2Craft for 31 days of blissful, healing, creative play and give yourself the gift of play, too! [Candace J.]

This is such a fun project!  My little ones love to sculpt with Tootsie Rolls.  With a little bit of kneading, it can be molded into anything.

These are edible bracelets.  Challenge your little ones to come up with their own ideas for beads.  I chose a sports theme and a princess theme, but there are so many possibilities.

Here’s a tip to help with the kneading – Carry the candy in your pockets to warm them.  They can be tough to knead if they’re cold or old.

For this project you will need:

Tootsie Rolls – Flavor Twists and Frooties are the ones we use.

Red licorice – either the twists or peel apart ones – the fresher, the better


Kneading is the place to begin.  The candies will be easy to mold fairly quickly.  Once it’s soft, it stays soft for a good while.  This is good for small compact sculptures such as geometric shapes and small animals.  Long thin pieces will sag unless supported.

At first the candy will seem like it doesn’t want to stick to any thing but with a bit of pressure it will stick.  If you’re not sure how you want to attach pieces together, try it gently,but don’t leave it for any length of time or it will be permanent.

In general, you’ll make your bead shapes in halves and a little wider than the licorice, so it can be attached together with the licorice between.

I’ve got an orange basketball, a chocolate football, a vanilla baseball, a blueberry/cranberry clasp and some bits for details.

With a little pressure the beads are stuck on the licorice.

I rolled out a bit of red to make stitches on the baseball.

The toothpick is a perfect mark maker.  Lots of details can be “suggested” with a few well placed marks.
The basketball was a little tougher, because the marks are so small.  I rolled the blueberry/cranberry very thin and placed the pieces carefully before attaching.

For intricate tiny marks, you can use the toothpick with any addition of candy.

I rolled and flattened a blue piece for the clasp.  It should be long enough to wrap around the licorice twice.  Hold the ends together as you wrap the candy around and then push it all together.
I decorated the clasp with an initial, but you could make it a watch face, or anything you want.
The purse bead is made the same as the balls, but the ring and crown are wrapped around the licorice.  The green piece is the clasp.
Wear it.  Eat it.  Enjoy it!  Link several together for a necklace!  Then take photos and post them so we can all see!
I did a robot project with my little guys.  We used the peel apart licorice.
We love making tiny food things!  This cheeseburger is an inch tall.  You can blend colors to get any color you want.

Have fun and don’t forget to share it with us!

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