December Creative Play Day 26: Meander Barrette by Candace Jedrowicz

The Cool2Craft Creative Play theme for December is “Give Yourself a Gift.” You give to everyone else during the holidays and all year long. Time to give yourself a treat! Make something, go somewhere, do something that’s just for you and photograph it! Then share it with us – post it on the Cool2Craft Creative Play blog on the Hive. Anything goes! I’m going to run with this theme and craft every day in December. I’ll be posting tutorials and videos as well as making some kits available at the Marketplace. Join me on Cool2Craft for 31 days of blissful, healing, creative play and give yourself the gift of play, too! [Candace J.]

This is the easiest project so far!

To make a barrette like this you’ll need:

A barrette blank – this one is 3″

Any color polymer clay

Pasta machine or rolling pin

Glossy or satin sealer

Gold leaf pen

Condition the clay and roll out enough of it to cover the front of the barrette.

Roll several long thin pieces.  Start at one end coiling the rolls and winding them around, up and down, back and forth.  You get the idea.  Fill in as much of the surface as you can and use tiny balls of clay to plug the holes.

Bake according the directions on the clay package.

Add highlights with the gold leaf pen and seal.

It’s really just that easy!  You could add gems, glitter, feathers, anything you like!

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