Eco Tic Tac Toe by EcoHeidi Borchers

EHB TicTacToe by EcoHeidi brochers - Hero

EcoHeidi Borchers brings you another fabulous recycle craft that you can make with your kids!  This Earth friendly tic tac toe set is easy to make for all ages and will provide hours of fun for your little ones.  So save your cereal boxes, water bottle caps and washers – it’s GAME ON! Featured on EcoHeidi TV!

Watch EcoHeidi’s Eco Tic Tac Toe YouTube video tutorial!


Cardboard cereal boxes – 1 piece 6-¾” x 6-¾” for the board  and nine (9) pieces 2” x 2” for the squares

Glue (I’ve used Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue)

Magnets (I’ve used the self adhesive magnet tape ½” wide and cut ½” pieces) you will need nine (9) cut pieces ½” x ½”

Metal washers approximately 5/8” diameter- you need 10

Plastic water bottle caps – 10 for the playing pieces

Items to go into bottle caps/playing pieces – You will need 10 items (two sets – 5 each item or color -example 5 green buttons, 5 red buttons)

You will be using the back side or non color side of the 6-¾” x 6-¾” board
Glue the 9 – 2” x 2” pieces onto the board, evenly spacing each onto thisbackground.

Place a piece of the self adhesive magnet into the center of each 2” square

on the board.

The top part of the plastic water bottle cap will be the bottom of eachplaying piece. Using a small amount of glue, glue a metal washer to the flat

part of each plastic water bottle lid. Let glue dry.

Choose which item you will use in the center of each cap to create the ‘o’or the ‘x’. You will need 5 of each.  It can be from suggestions above.

Glue into place inside each cap. Let glue dry.

EHB TicTacToe by EcoHeidi brochers - Hero When glue is dried, the metal washer sitting on the magnet will hold eachplaying piece on game board.

Tic… Tac… Toe…. You are being Eco right in a row…. Enjoy!


  1. Wendy Jarvis says:

    I love this craft. first saw it in your show. I’ve used it with my Beaver Scouts(Canada) this summer I will use it with my church kids camp. Collecting enough caps is a village effort. I just asked my weight loss group and a yoga group to save the caps and I quickly had more than enough.

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