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Indygo Junction's Stitched Style Blog TourI’m delighted to be participating in Indygo Junction’s Stitched Style Blog Tour! Embellish your world with embroidery designs from Indygo Junction’s Stitched Style. You’ll find 20 fashion oriented projects, featuring 65 unique hand-embroidery designs, with over 100 styles and sizes to trace or transfer. The projects feature Crossroads Denim by Amy Barickman, as well as repurposed denim. Bring new life to ready-made jeans, jackets, purses and totes with a needle and thread. Or create your own one-of-a-kind items from scratch! Never Indygo Junction's Stitched Style book by Amy Barickmanembroidered before? No worries, the materials guide, detailed trace and transfer instructions and stitch dictionary will tell you all you need to know to add some Stitched Style to your life!

The designs featured in Stitched Style were inspired by Amy Barickman’s SoHo Bandana fabric collection with Red Rooster. A longtime collector of vintage bandanas, Amy took those classic designs and updated them for today. Using contemporary colors and stylized designs, bandana has never looked so fresh and fun!

For those folks who aren’t interested in embroidering by hand, check out the Stitched Style embroidery designs in a machine collection through OESD. The SoHo Bandana collection offers 33 embroidery, applique and reverse applique designs to easily embellish garments, accessories or home decor projects.

AB12303-IndygoJunctionsStitchedStyle-HandEmbroidery-3Amy is the founder and owner of Indygo Junction and Amy Barickman LLC. She is a leader in the sewing and needle arts industry, having released nearly 1000 sewing pattern titles, sold more than two-million patterns and published 80 books. Named one of Country Living Magazine’s prestigious Creative Women Entrepreneurs, her recent book releases include Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion and Fun, and Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers. In 2013 Amy released her 15th fabric collection Denim Fabricswith Red Rooster Fabrics as well as her debut fashion denim line with James Thompson Inc., Crossroads Denim. Through her blogs, websites and e­-newsletters, Amy inspires crafters to explore their own creative spirit and experiment with the newest sewing, fabric and crafting techniques. Want to learn more and keep up to date with Amy, visit and  Also, Amy is offering a special discount during the blog tour — if you order Stitched Style directly from Indygo Junction, you can save 20% by using the code SSBT14 at checkout.


Embroidered Denim Bracelet Tiffany Windsor

As a young teen, I enjoyed taking embroidery lessons with my mother and when Indygo Junction invited me to participate in this Blog Tour, nostalgic memories of embellishing my wearables rushed back to mind. Once I had my copy of Amy’s new book and my Crossroads Denim in French Vanilla and Periwinkle in hand, I grabbed by embroidery floss and needles and headed to my studio. I love, love love the paisley designs featured in Stitched Style but after looking through the cool collection of patterns, I decided I had better start by first brushing up on my stitching skills. The “Stitches” pages are filled with 16 illustrated patterns so I selected the chain, lazy daisy, french knots and satin stitches. (Now that I have those stitched, I’m feeling a lot more confident to take on the paisley designs!)

Here’s the link to my YouTube video where I share how I created my bracelet collection and check this out!! NOTE: Giveaway winner announced! Congratulations Carmen!  Indygo Junction is offering a special giveaway to Cool2Craft readers & viewers. This giveaway collection includes the Stitched Style book, four 1/2 yard cuts of Crossroads Denim, Sullivan’s embroidery floss, Clover embroidery hoop and Clover embroidery needles. To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post and let me know your favorite embroidery memory or project! (Please note that giveaway ends January 23, 2014 and is open to US residents only.) P.S. On the last day of the tour, January 24th, hop over to Indygo’s blog to enter for a grand prize giveaway.


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Embroidered Denim Bracelet Tiffany Windsor P


About Tiffany Windsor

Born into an artistic, entrepreneurial family, it is no surprise that Tiffany has found success expressing her talents in many different arenas. As the daughter of Aleene Jackson, America’s beloved “Mother of Crafting” and inventor of Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Tiffany’s first love is expressing herself creatively. Tiffany is well known in the creative community as the producer and host of Aleene’s Creative Living Television show and editor of the companion newsstand magazine. She has made regular appearances on QVC and HSN and has authored numerous hard-cover and soft-cover books. She is an active member of the Craft and Hobby industry and co-director of the CHA SoCal Chapter. Tiffany is the founder of Cool2Craft, featuring an on-line creative community and popular YouTube channel. -


  1. My favorite project was a baby quilt. I made in high school. Each square was embroidered with an animal. I used it for my first child who is now 42. She still has it. Also loved embroidering girly designs on my granddaughters overalls.

  2. Christine Grider says:

    Found you on the blog tour and love the site! I’ve been looking for the instructions for these bracelets, so thanks so much for posting.

  3. I’ve got the crewel work butterfly pillow I made when I was a girl. Great memories.

  4. One of my favorite embroidery memories…is from high school….during those years nothing was safe from my favorite needle and threads! My favorite project was a pair of Levi’s stitched with sewing doodles…oh to have those jeans today!

  5. I have done lots of projects with embroidery. One favorite was a BOM called Birdie Stitches a couple of years ago. My grandson was about 5 at the time and he helped me along the way, choosing colors for the birds. So of course, the quilt is on his bed now, even though that was not my original intention. lol

  6. Stephanie says:

    Sadly I am just getting started so I don’t have any. I have been watching another mother at our kids karate making beautiful projects and I really want to get started. I quilt and well they are not very mobile projects. I would love to incoporate embroidery into my quilting also.

  7. i don’t have one yet. I plan to learn embroidery.

  8. Thanks Tiffany for the memories from childhood. Love your bracelets.

  9. Kristi Edington says:

    My favorite embroidery project was a set of pillowcases that I still use over 20 years later!

  10. Jackie lynn says:

    I embroidered a twister quilt for a friend while he was in Iraq =D he was so happy to receive it and to know someone had actually spent so much time on a gift for him :,) such good memories.

  11. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    Does cross stitch count…after my mother died I found a half finished piece she had started and finished it. It is framed on my shelf with both our names on it. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  12. Judith Martinez says:

    My favorite embroidery projects have been the dedication outfits I made for my youngest two children.

  13. My favorite memory was embroidering when my kids were little. They love to see what design emerged and loved the different colors of floss.

  14. Letha Domina says:

    My best memory of hand embroidery was when I was, I think, a young teen and embroidered a set of pillow cases for my “hope chest”. In stead of the “Mr & Mrs”, I did Mr & “Ms” – being a feminist even way back then.

  15. My favorite hand embroidery item was a sunrise that I created on the back of a shirt as a teenager. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway.

  16. I love to embroider to this day, but I vividly remember mastering French knots–it took oh-so-many tries, but woo hoo!

  17. Rebecca T says:

    My first real embroidery project was my daughter’s tooth fairy pillow. It turned out so much better than I expected! And she loves it!

  18. I have done some squares of ladies in hats. I hope t make a Red work quilt out of it someday. I really hope to win the book and learn some lessons from someone who knows what they are doing . From what I have seen Amy sure knows her stuff.

  19. i haven’t been embroidering too long, and i’m entirely self-taught, but my favorite embroidery moment by far was when the 8 year old boy i nanny saw me stitching and begged me to teach him how too. he never got very far on anything, and could never for the life of him make the stitches quite right, but everything he made was ever so lovely to me.

  20. Linda Burrell says:

    What excites me the most about this as well as Amy’s other books is that they are translating and updating traditional crafts so that they fit in with modern sensibilities. I’m over 70 and I love her designs. So does my daughter, 15 and grandchildren aged 7to 17.

  21. Thanks for the great video on the bracelets!
    perfect gifts for my nieces!
    :) lyn

  22. I love your YouTube video, a great tutorial! I also find embroidery very relaxing and meditative. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m just hanging out at a campsite. I still have the very first piece of embroidery that I made when I was a very little girl, it’s of a little brown dog. My grandmother taught me how to embroider and when I look at that little brown dog it brings back so many wonderful memories.

  23. My favorites are the throw pillows I made for my brother. One of them has musical instruments because he’s really into music and the other is medical themed because he’s a nurse.

  24. I have yet to embroider anything, but I cross-stitched items when I was younger. I would love to add an embellishment to an upcoming sewing project!

  25. My favorite embroidery project is the first one I completed (just last year). It was a holiday pillow that combined basic quilting, embroidery, and some hand quilting. I really enjoyed doing the embroidery, but I definitely need more practice! Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Melissa Gerber says:

    One summer we went to Illinois to visit my mother’s family. I remember visiting Lincoln’s house in Springfield and my mother bought embroidery kits for my sister and myself. It kept us busy in the car as we drove home to California. I still have both those pieces and am planning to get them framed. I still enjoy hand embroidery today.

  27. My grandmother gave me a kit to stitch a panel of a cat in a basket of flowers.

  28. My Grandma Mable taught me to embroider she gave me a big cotton sheet full of designs to do and she had me do the easy ones first and showed me how to do the stitches, then the next Summer I visited she taught me more stitches! I still have that big cotton sheet with all the designs on it that we worked together those Summers long ago!! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I love to hand and machine embroider!


  29. Liz Irvine says:

    It seems as if I have always embroidered. I learned at a very young age because my mother loved to spend evenings embroidering. She made cross-stitch quilts in the 50’s and let me help. It was something very special and I still have the quilts.

  30. I think one of my first embroidery projects had a little squirrel and said “I plan to be more assertive … tomorrow” or something like that. It completely fit my personality at the time.

  31. One of my earliest embroidery projects as a kid I remember, was a beautiful embroidered front bib pocket on a denim jumper skirt I had sewn as well. I embroidered my initials and a simple flower pattern but it just made the outfit. Simple but I was thrilled it came out so well.

  32. Barbara G. says:

    My favorite embroidered project was an antique reproduction sampler done with silk thread. It’s beautiful! Now that I frequently sew for my granddaughters, I love to add little embroidered elements. This book looks great fot ideas.

  33. I just recently learned to embroider and my favorite project so far is a pillow I’m making for my daughters that has shoes on them. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love Amy’s SoHo Bandana fabric collection.

  34. My favorite embroidery project ever was a tunic I sewed and then embellished with embroidery around the neckline, cuffs, and hem. Though it no longer fits, I couldn’t bear the thought of giving it away. I hope to refashion it one of these days.

  35. Joan Mitchell says:

    I’m itching to get my hands on Stitched Style so I can liberate my denim shirts from obscurity. My shirts are very plain, and just begging for something to make them stand out more. I think Stitched Style can fill that need very nicely.

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