Giveaway Alert! Flip Pal Mobile Scanner Giveaway on Cool2Craft LIVE TV

Flip Pal Giveaway on Cool2Craft LIVE TVCONGRATULATIONS! WE HAVE A WINNER IN THIS GIVEAWAY!  Donna Parish is the winner of the Flip Giveaway!

Hey cool crafters! We’re excited to announce that Cool2Craft LIVE TV is giving away this cool Flip Pal mobile scanner! Now you can scan images anywhere, anytime! This Best of Innovation CHA award winner is mobile, versatile and it’s easy and quick to use! Enter for this giveaway by leaving a comment to this post and let us know how you would use the Flip Pal! The random winner will be announced on Cool2Craft LIVE TV on Monday November 8, 2010. So leave your comment today to enter and win! *     CLICK HERE TO WATCH TIFFANY WINDSOR’S FLIP PAL DEMO ON COOL2CRAFT LIVE!

This super cool mobile scanner is…

  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Cordless. Not attached to a computer.
  • Battery powered
  • Stores scans on a memory card (like the one in your
    digital camera)

Versatile – Scan small to large  originals

  • Photos, drawings, quilts, even small objects like coins or jewelry
  • Newspapers, bound books, albums and magazines
  • Stitching software for larger originals
  • High resolution retains the detail
  • Color true to original 600 and 300 dpi resolution settings

Includes: Scanner 10.25″ x 6.5″ x 1.25″, four AA batteries (installed), 2gb SD memory card (installed), USB to SD adaptor, stitching and color restoration software, window protector sheet, Quick Start User Guide, One-Year limited warranty.

Learn about all the amazing features of the Flip Pal at and leave a comment right here right now about how you would use the Flip Pal!

Watch Cool2Craft LIVE TV hosted by Tiffany Windsor on Monday November 1st for a LIVE demonstration of the Flip Pal scanner! It’s COOL! Noon Eastern (11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, 9 am Pacific). Watch right from your computer! LIVE craft demos, LIVE craft chat. The coolest giveaways! Log in 15-minutes before showtime to join in the pre-show chat:

*Entries eligible from US and Canada only (except where prohibited by law). Winner selected from comments posted to this blog post only. One entry/comment per person.

About Tiffany Windsor

Born into an artistic, entrepreneurial family, it is no surprise that Tiffany has found success expressing her talents in many different arenas. As the daughter of Aleene Jackson, America’s beloved “Mother of Crafting” and inventor of Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Tiffany’s first love is expressing herself creatively. Tiffany is well known in the creative community as the producer and host of Aleene’s Creative Living Television show and editor of the companion newsstand magazine. She has made regular appearances on QVC and HSN and has authored numerous hard-cover and soft-cover books. She is an active member of the Craft and Hobby industry and co-director of the CHA SoCal Chapter. Tiffany is the founder of Cool2Craft, featuring an on-line creative community and popular YouTube channel. -


  1. Dorothy Peterson says:

    Too cool of a tool! I actually won a flip pal on a crating cruise. Can’t wait to use same. Your demo is very encouraging. You make it seem effortless.

  2. I am the trustee of all of the generations of family photos, and everyone wants a copy of the pictures. I have been trying to figure out how I can share them with all my cousins, brothers and sisters and this scanner would be PERFECT!

  3. I would love to win the Flip scanner..

  4. Bobbi Norris says:

    I have just inherited my grandmother’s photos and I would love to be able to have a Flip Pal to scan and organize all these photos so I can send copies to the rest of the family.

  5. The FlipPal would enable me to easily copy old pictures when I visit the elderly in our village to collect stories and information about our village’s history. Right now most of them are hesitant to remove pictures from their album to let me have them, even if it’s only for a few hours. Copying the pictures on the spot also allows me to immediately take notes of the persons and places shown without accidentally mixing pictures and notes up when I’m at home. All in all, a wonderful tool for people who love to explore the past.

  6. I totally need this, I would use it for so many things but especially for sharing the photos from an old album that was my grandparents.
    Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  7. Melisa Mayer says:

    This scanner looks fun. I would love to win it!

  8. Scarlettdjd says:

    I finally watched the demo video and I could TOTALLY use this!!!! I have siblings, and it would be great to scan and send them scrapbook pages that I’ve done of family pics!!!!!!

  9. I can think of so many things I could use it for…I would love, love, love to have it…

  10. Linda Sanford says:

    This is the kind of tool that is not only great for crafters, but for every living being on earth. From all I have seen and read the potential for this scanner is limited only by your own imagination. It sounds like the uses are limitless and I look forward to learning more. What a fantastic idea, a scanner you can carry woth you and use almost anywhere.

  11. Amy Rodriguez says:


  12. Mike Bieberle says:

    Can’t wait to get one of these to augment my family history/geneology hobby. I will have it with me any time I visit relatives. I bought a netbook so that I could carry a small computer with me and this looks like the perfect companion.

  13. The possibitites are endless especially for scrapbookers and paper crafters.

  14. I have so many old photos and been wondering how to store. Would love this!

  15. Sheryl Whisenhunt says:

    I saw a demonstration of the FlipPal at the Family History Expo in Pleasanton CA last month, what a fabulous piece of equipment for endless ideas. Genealogy, Crafts, etc. endless.

  16. Vickie Stabile says:

    This is so cool. I want it.

  17. I would like to scan pages and pics from the books that you are not allowed to check out at the library.

  18. deb mcintyre says:

    So exciting to see this new product! Hoping to be the lucky one who wins.

  19. Kristy Lentz says:

    WOW! I would scan old photos other family members have but won’t part with! I can scan my kids artwork, school work to have a record of their writing at that particular time….so MANY uses!

  20. I think the first use would be to scanned my old photos. Then my small artwork. Then uses I have not even thought of yet!

  21. carrol roth says:

    This is way too cool!
    As a graphic artist, the ability to scan art on the fly and incorporate it would be amazing!

  22. Alesia Fowler says:

    Maby just maby it could be my lucky day. Hummmmmmmmmmmm nope probably not. LOL

  23. jennifer higby says:

    I would scan more of my embroidered items so I can sell, sell, sell.

  24. Wow. I would love to use this scanner for all of my quilting projects!

  25. What a GREAT machine! I love how little it is and it would come in so handy for trips and become almost a carry-in-the-pocket for all over the house! I could scan anywhere!!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Tiffany!

  26. Oh please let me win this for my wife! Every time I get on her computer, a webpage is up about the Flip Pal. I know she wants it but refuses to spend the money on it. I thought I could surprise her!

  27. Wow, didn’t even know such a thing existed! I’m about to start a blog and an etsy business, this would be great to scan odds and ends to put in my blog, use for found object art, too many uses not enough space.!!!!!

  28. What a cool scanner, There are so many ways to use it. I will use it for my photos.

  29. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I’d do with that thing! Wow! All the possibilities!!!

  30. Helena Minnie says:

    Scan everthing an place it on my computer. From here everthing is possible.

  31. Helena Minnie says:

    Scanning all my old photos, edit it and save it to my computer. From my computer I can view all my photos as a slide show, very bigger than normal.

  32. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to win this wonderful scanner!

    I not only could get a lot of use out of it scanning my embroidery designs I create for my website but I have recently started card making and this would be an invaluable tool for me to use to scan my cards here at home and when going to scrap meets!

    Wonderful Product!

  33. Brooke Reller says:

    WOW! Winning the Flip Pal would be an answer to my prayers! It would solve so many of the overwhelming issues I am having now. I have been trying to scan my parents thousands of photos for years and this would make it easier. I have also taken on the roll of caregiver/overseer of finances and affairs for my parents as well as my 90 year old grandparents. This portable device would allow me to scan receipts, healthcare info, recipes that have been passed down through my family, and give me the ability to start sorting through the overwhelming amount of papers and things all four of them have accumulated through the last 70-90 years. And when I am not running my parents or grandparents to the doctor, organizing their home or lost among their endless collection of paperwork, the Flip Pal is portable enough for me to take with me to my kids activities so that I can continue working on these massive projects and to use on projects in my classroom. Not to mention I could finally scan all of those little things my kids are making in school. I’m praying that I will be chosen to win the Flip Pal! As you can see, it will rarely rest! :)

  34. Wow, this is fabulous! I would love to win and can envision using it to scan items to incorporate into jewelry pieces such as quilts, graphic designs, personal artwork or artwork of friends and family. THANKS for the opportunity, I have my fingers crossed! :)

  35. This looks great!I would use it to scan my daughters artwork to help here start a greeting card business to raise money for college tuition. I would also use it to scan the suitcase full of old family photos my uncle lent me.

  36. I can think of at least a thousand ways to use it.

  37. This looks great! I would love to scan some of my late grandmothers old pictures to scrapbook or simply hang in my home. I also have a pile of pictures from high school i would love to transfer to digital, and this would be the perfect tool!

  38. Wow, this looks like a great tool for any crafter. The possibilities are endless.- photo pages, scrap booking, embroidery, mixed media arts. And portable. Impressive.

  39. Too Cool I want one!!

  40. Looks interesting…!!!!!

  41. OK-another cool tool I must have!!I have a scanner in my office but this is so portable!!

  42. Barbara Hundley says:

    Oh the fun to be had!! I would definitely use the little buddy to make my scrapbook of projects that I have done over the years. What a great way of keeping school items from your children as a keepsake for them. I am disabled and live on a tight budget; I don’t have any of the die cut machines or other cool toys This gem will take the top spot on my loooong wish list. Thank you for all your hard work!!


  43. My mind is buzzing with ideas of ways to use this awesome tool! What fun it would be to win!

  44. Amy Kuehn says:

    This is a great giveaway. It would be great for scanning projects that you find at craft shows or crops that you go to. Thanks for the giveaway. Good Luck everyone

  45. I would love to win this – I have a bunch of old handwritten letters from past generations that I’d like to scan and be able to use in the creation of special handmade cards for our family

    • I do too Kathy. When my Mom passed I was left with the responsibility of going through my parents pictures and old letters. My Mom asked that I make copies of everything and distribute them to my other family members. A monumental task to say the least. If I had this tool, it would make my life so much easier.

      • In response to my mom, Carol: Grandma did have a whole trunk full of old pictures that i loved going through. There are several that I would love to have, but I live two states away. This would make it easier to save it and send it over the internet!

  46. Look like a great new product to play with. Oh to be more organized.

  47. Best give away ever! I hope this is the right posting for the give away. I’m so confused with all of the different sites and postings. I think I finally found it this time.

  48. Oh what a wonderful crafter “toy” indeed! Ya gotta love technology hey?

    Hmmmm, how would I use this, oh let me count the ways! Just one of the many ways would be for my website … yup yup oh yes I would love this wonderful “toy” for that!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  49. Kim Meisenheimer says:

    This would be great to use for scanning textures! Whether using the scanned images as webpage backgrounds, card templates or scrapbook tags. I’d also like to have the flexibility to scan some older
    family photos and incorporate them into projects as they come up. That could be working on a family tree with an Aunt to making a tshirt for my youngest nephew.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Linda Cartwright says:

    This will be so nice to have! I have almost 2000 family photos from many generations! This will make it easy to get them all scanned!

  51. Thanks, Tiffany, for the great demo on Monday. There are so many possiblities and ways to use it. The Scanner would be great to have and share with my Watercolor and Craft Groups as we exchange ideas for current and future projects. We don’t often have access to a scanner where we meet. My goodness it would be so COOL to have.

  52. I’d use the Flip Pal mobile scanner to scan my great Aunt’s photo album. She has some very old family photos that she won’t let out of her sight. I could take it to her house and scan the photos for all the relatives. I’ve been looking for this product for a very long time!

  53. I do alot of mixed media and this would be great!!!!!

  54. This looks like an excellent tool for family historians like me. I have a stack of old pictures waiting to be scanned and this would make the job a snap! I am very impressed with the stitching capability. I’m planning a research trip soon and it would LOVE to take a Flip-Pal with me.

  55. Bambi Pro says:

    I want – I want – I want.

  56. I have a bound book of newspapers published in 1896 that is way too heavy and big (I think it’s 32″ x 20″) to put on a scanner. There are hundreds of pages and they’re extremely fragile because of their age. I have slowly been retyping the births, deaths, marriages, and other genealogical information and sharing the info with other Delaware County, New York researchers. The Flip Pal Mobile Scanner is probably the only way to scan the pages. What a dream come true for genealogists!

  57. Pointed in this direction from flip-pal and facebook. First of all, nice site and I shall spend fair amounts of time here..crafty person I am :o). I’m with a local historical society and newsletter editor and am dreaming of the ways this could be used to make my life easier. Obviously, tied in with that, I’m a avid genealogist. At one time, I scanned all my mother’s old photos for archival purposes and to share with family. It was an enormous job with the printer/scanner and crop and paste then rescan, etc.. This would have cut that time down to minimal. Besides photos, we always need to scan fragile documents with the least amount of pawing around with the paper. Imagine being able to scan old photos and newspaper articles at the library to work on at home. I do believe this would be an answer to my prayers! Going off to play on the rest of the site but keeping my fingers and toes crossed to win. All the best!

    • nice review too, by the way!

    • Brooke Reller says:

      Hi, Colleen,

      I have been working on my scanning my family photos for several years. I have the same intentions as you had, giving digital copies to the rest of my large family. There are approximately 7000-8000 of them (and more that I haven’t even gotten to yet), most of which I have organized and are ready to scan. I have scanned a few hundred of them but the LONG scanning process is what is hindering my progress. You are absolutely right that the Flip Pal would minimize the time required for this process. With the amount of photos you had to scan, what type of back up did you use? I am so scared that something could happen to all of these photos I scan as well as all of my personal digital photos. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  58. I have added this to my Christmas list…But I don’t think I can wait that long!

  59. Frieda Gilmer says:

    Oh I can imagine doing a lot of things with this!! We have so many old family pictures that I could scan, cards, letters that my dad wrote to my mother some 80+ years ago. Oh, what couldn’t you do with it.

  60. Amy Wheelwright says:

    Wow – this is so cool!! I would love to have this. I would use it to scan old family photo’s when visiting family.

  61. Tiff – loved the demo on this! Especially like the stitching together. We have lots of old, oversized family documents like wedding certificates, birth records – the fancy kind. They are too large for the desktop scanner and very fragile. This would be perfect for scanning those. And I would love to scan all my grandmother’s oil paintings to have a record of those as well. I can see so many uses for this item, I might just need to buy one if I don’t win.

  62. I have been charged with the duty of family historian. I would use this tool to go to each family member’s house and scan their photos. I would like to compile all family photos into a book for each of the family member. Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  63. Scott Reed says:

    Wowza! Amazing! Genealogy is my thing. I would absolutely use at the library, cemetery (I wonder if i’d be able to scan a headstone? Hmmmmmmmm…….), family reunion’s, heck……’s the limit! Can ‘t wait to get one in my hands!

  64. I would start vlogging from the fashion events that I go to. I would love to start utilizing the medium of YouTube, but my DSLR doesn’t take videos.

  65. I would love to have that wonderful gadget in my bag ready to scan pictures and business cards. I seem to be the family historian, but getting photos from my siblings is really tough! Since I’ve lost 90% of my memorabilia over time because of floods and fires, it would be great to be able to pull out the Flip-pal and capture some of what was lost when I come across it!

  66. My beautiful friend, Elena, demonstrated the FlipPal at Brave Girls Camp and we fell in love with it! We scanned everything we could find and it was awesome! I want a FlipPal to make permanent artwork of my grandchildren’s drawings for my daughters, their moms. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?!

    Cool2Craft is amazing. Love you girls!

  67. Bea Morris says:

    That would be a very useful article to have.
    Quite an innovation.

  68. I would love to win because I could scan pictures on the spot – without having to borrow them all the time! That would be so cool and easy.
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  69. Guess I am going to have to go back and watch that one, have never seen or heard of this great little toy!!! Where have I been?? Oh please, do pick me, would love to have a new toy!!!

  70. That is so cool, would love to get my hands on this one! Awesome giveaway!!

  71. Barb Paufve says:

    This scanner sounds GREAT!!! I am a genealogist and would love to be able to scan family photos and heirlooms while away from home! Now I have to ask if I can borrow photos and/or items and then promise to return them somehow at some later date. What if I never visit this person again? It would be so much easier to just scan it right there. Also, being able to scan photos already in a frame would be helpful too. Many old books and maps are too large and too fragile to even think of trying to flip upside down and put on a traditional scanner. Many libraries won’t even let you take them out of the room. Flip-Pal would let me scan right there without damaging the original!
    I love to inventory things in my home: jewelry, coins, my kid’s artwork, books, family heirlooms, family recipes, CDs, DVDs, etc. My husband’s family has a tradition of giving each child a new Christmas ornament each year. Then by the time they are grown up they will have their own ornaments for a tree. Flip-Pal would allow me to scan each 3-D ornament so each child would have a photo record of their ornaments!
    I am also a rubber stamper and crafter. I could scan all of my rubber stamps and supplies. It would make shopping so much easier and help me avoid buying something I already have. Scanning lace, seashells, coins or Fall leaves, etc. would make lovely background paper for cards as well!
    This is just off the top of my head! I’m sure I will be able to think up many more uses. I would love this new technology that’s so practical!!

  72. ooo, that a nifty little thing! Lovely!

  73. I would love to win the Flip Pal! I watched the demo you did on Cool to Craft and loved it. I am an artist and everytime I do a drawing or a painting that is bigger than my scanner, I wish I could somehow fit it into the scanner. I make handmade cards from my art that is sold at the local Viaually Impaired Persons Support Center to help raise money for blind and partially sighted persons. They can’t see the art but the funds help them to learn assistive technology to access the web and use a computer with talking software. I can see how this scanner could help the partially sighted also. They would be able to scan a document and then input it into a computer so the computer could hear it read to them or blow it up to a font that is big enough for them to read. I would love to be able to experiment with all the possibilities. Thanks for having the contest. Hope I win.

  74. this would be a great tool to have. I would use it to document all my projects and scan the numerous articles I like from magazines *usually from the library:)

  75. Sara Thompson says:

    This looks like the best new toy. I know I would wear it out on relatives photo albums! I also would probably scan and organize my magazine clippings that I have never filed,lol. What a terrific item, the portability makes so many more things possible. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  76. Genelle Voss says:

    This is an amazing tool..I would use it to catalog family history for some elderly folks I know and for my own family as well. also to upload and send family photos to so many of my family not living close.

  77. WOW! What an awesome tool. I can think of many reasons to have this.
    My mom just asked me if I can scan photos of her parents, they are from 1920! I was too scared to take them for fear of loosing them or damaging them! This tool, I could scan them (and more) right at her home!
    I take photos for a volunteer group for our Veterans. Like I said..many uses. AWESOME!

  78. Janet Licari says:

    I would love a chance to win such a prize. I would scan pictures that relatives don’t want to lend for fear of not getting them back. Nature items like flowers and leaves would be fun. Would try pictures on phone. I am sure there are many items I have not thought of that I could scan. Loved the Flip Pal Tiffany showed and the glue embossing Heidi demonstrated. The jewelry, parade and barn show were great too. On to PJ Party Wed.

  79. DIANNE POTENTI says:


  80. I love to check out the magazines looking for ideas on what the stars are wearing. With this Flip Pal I can scan the pictures for future reference. I get great scarf ideas as well as jewelry designs from them. It keeps my designs current.

  81. What an awesome tool

  82. I saw this at CHA this summer but never really got what it did till I saw Tiffany’s demo- good job! I could use this for so many things- both business and home. Thanks for designing such a cool product Flip-Pal!

  83. Flip Pal looks like a really great tool…would be great to win it, esp. since I am out of work!

  84. Debbie Luttrell says:

    I volunteer at a local nursing home. I would use the Flip Pal to scan the photos in the residents’ albums, then copy the pics to CDs, so that they could give their family members a unique and cherished holiday gift.

  85. Martha Jenkins says:

    That would be a fantastic gift for my designer daughter.

  86. Francoise Larouche says:

    I would really love to have the flip pal …I have a lot of ideas for its use; pendants, t-shirt , pillows, my Christmas gifts.

  87. I would absolutely love to win ths new product for both business and family purposes! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  88. Laura Kluge says:

    This is so cool. It’s so much more useful than a large scanner.

  89. Debbie Luttrell says:

    I do volunteer work at a nursing home. I will use the Flip Pal to scan photos of residents’ pictures from their photo albums, to put on CDs so they can give them to their family members as a Christmas gift.

  90. I would use this in so many ways if I won! I could scan my scrapbook layouts, my old family pictures, pictures my relatives own that they aren’t willing to let out of the house long enough for me to get a copy, pictures in frames that have become stuck to the glass, etc,etc, etc…

    If I don’t win the giveaway, this will definitely be at the top of my wishlist for Christmas :)

  91. Gerri Curless says:

    Just saw the demo on this – amazing! I would take this with me to my mom’s home in Philadelphia and scan a lot of old family photos to take back home with me. My mom doesn’t have a computer and doesn’t have access to make duplicate photos. This would be wonderful to show to my daughter and grandchildren – pictures of their family.

  92. Lisa Rogers says:

    Many Many uses for this little gizmo…. I think besides being very creative with it it would be a great idea to scan in those reports at the drs office… I can never remember what was said.. bad news is usually not something that sticks in this creative brain, lol

  93. Scarlettdjd says:

    I would soooooo love this!!!! I have many pictures that are pre-digital, that I would love to have on-line, and would love to be able to scan pictures that have been sent by others (and, also, owned by others!!!) What a cool tool!!!!!!!

  94. Michelle H says:

    I would use it to finally scan in all those old pictures I have in this huge rubber maid tub, and finally get organized with them!

  95. Mary Stephenson says:

    This is really awesome. I could use it in so many ways !!!

  96. I would carry it every where …but especially at the library …too many old books there that have designs to use and at 75 cents to the copy …this little gizmo would be very cost efficent…and who knows when you might need it….many times I miss out on archiving due to lack of camera cell phone zerox machine and coin…Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  97. Oh, waiting at the doctors, scan in the recipes or decorating ideas

  98. Vickie Stabile says:

    This would be really cool for geneolgy to copy pictures of relatives.

  99. I’m gonna use this to go around, looking for interesting flower petals, and leaves, and scan them! They would make great patterns and backgrounds I bet!

  100. OH! I’ve seen this and it’s on my Christmas list. I can’t wait to go to my Mother’s house and scan in the photos she has of family who are long gone. I hope I win! :)

  101. vanessa Johanning says:

    I just think this is so cool and amazing!! … the possibilities are endless! …….

  102. heather pasek says:

    This sounds like an awesome tool for scrapbooking and recipes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  103. What a great giveaway! I would use the Flip Pal to scan old family photos for our family history research.

  104. WOW!How great a giveaway is this! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  105. Debbie Ward says:

    ooooooooo just saw a post where someone said recipes!!! wow, to be able to clean out the drawers in the kitchen and the stacks of recipe pages torn from magazines and food labels would be a great idea and free up some major space!!! thanks for the idea!! now to win this awesome prize!!

  106. Dee Urwiller says:

    Wonderful Tool…I would love to have this. Can’t wait to see what it can do.

  107. Gee—I was sure I had already commented here but do not see my name!! so I shall double-do it to be sure I’m in the great contest for this wonderful gift!!!

  108. Terri Wojtowicz says:

    I would go crazy copying everything from pictures to recipes. The poor thing would probably be worn out before the warrantee expired before it was even a few months old at the rate I’d be using it. I have been looking at this for months now. But with my husband and my health issues we don’t have the financial excess in order to afford any extras at this time . Our medicine alone somes to more than our home morgage so we only buy groceries once every two to three months so the scanner would be only a dream wish for me unless I was blessed enough to win it. Although I have never won anything ever before I can still believe it’s possible, that’s called faith.

  109. Monica Lacy says:

    This would be amazing to record inspirational ideas to spur my creativity! It would be wonderful to scan old photos and small documents to share with other family members who are interested in our common family history. I would love to win this!

  110. Deneen Thompson says:

    Awesome product!!! I would scan my papercraft projects, sketches for scrapbooking and cardmaking. It would be much easier while traveling than carrying around books. It would all be on an SD card Which can be stuck anywhere. This can be used for just about anything. Thanks for the chance. I would love to win.

  111. is this where we are now entered for the contest? any limits? I thought I had input a blurb the other day after you told us about it on the show.would love to win!!

  112. What a neat idea this is. It would be very handy to scan in old photos to reprint rather than scrap the originals.

  113. What a great idea! I would use this at family gatherings for picture sharing. We’re always saying make me a copy, and it seldom gets done. This would allow instant sharing of school photos, heirloom family photos, without fear of losing or damage. Too cool!

  114. Bronwyn Mercer says:

    I’d also use it to scan homemade cards and share them with friends online.

  115. Bronwyn Mercer says:

    This would be amazing to win!
    I’d use it on drawings to upload them to my computer and keep backups. That way, I can start a drawing from an earlier stage if I mess it up later in the process.

  116. this would be cool to have thanks for the chance to win

  117. Bambi Pro says:

    I just met my birthfather and my family is growing by leaps and bounds. I think I would use it to keep track of everybody new and old. Not to mention all of the scrapbooking I do. Sounds fun. I have never seen one in person. Great giveaway. Thank You.

  118. Karen Fraga says:

    Sometimes it’s just fun to enter! I would use it to scan photos. The Flip Pal mobile scanner sounds interesting.

  119. Rita Lankford says:

    This would be a great tool to work with my granddaughters in their home school projects. It is just amazing.

  120. Pick me – Pretty please. I watch the show most Mondays

  121. This would be a cool tool to won. Got my fingers crossed. Can’t wait to watch C2C on Monday. Kudos to you Tiff for doing such a great job!!!

  122. Chris Poindexter says:

    this is awesome. good luck everyone.

  123. Wow, there are just so many things that I’d use this for…

  124. Wicked cool – I WANT! :-)

  125. i so need one of these!! fingers, toes and nose crossed… don’t ask XOXOX

  126. Terry Pompeo says:

    Very interesting—first time I’ve seen this-what a fun new toy to play with-probably use it to scan old pictures and maybe something out of magazines–just have to think about all the posibilities….T

  127. Wouldn’t that be a lovely way to record my handcrafted cards that I give away!
    Good luck to all entering this draw!

  128. Debbie Flowers says:

    This is an awesome give away, what a cool new toy! I would use it to scan old photographs so then I wouldn’t have to worry getting a copy

  129. Merrie Jo Schroeder says:

    How cool! I can think of a million ways to use this piece of technology. Thanks!

  130. Tambra Kimmel says:

    What an amazing prize! There are so many projects that this would come in handy for!

  131. This is a great give away I would love using it because I would not have to worry about taking my laptop to the scanner I could do alot more scanning

  132. I would love to be able to scan photos that are not digital, scan concert tickets and programs that I want to save but can keep up with and even (not as exciting) scan receipts to help organize bills!

  133. Wow! This would be perfect for my patterns, photos, designs…I have endless ideas! Thank you so much!

  134. I’d use this for crafts and for easily uploading images I find while collaging!

  135. Donna Parish says:

    My interests are sewing, tatting, quilting and crafting. The many times I have wanted something like this to get an accurate copy of an item or a pattern would make the Flip Scanner a valuable tool for me.

  136. This is a great give away. Everything would be at a very strong risk of being scanned! LOL From pictures of my family that are not digitized, to anything that can be scanned! The possibilities are an unknown number! ! ! ! Woo Woo Creativity at its best ! ! ! ! ! Thank you for all of the crafts to-be! Lee

  137. That is the coolest little gizmo. It would be great when teaching classes to scan students work before they leave! I love it!
    Also great for when you are visit relatives, you scan some of their old photos without having to take them with you!

  138. Susan Holloway says:

    OMG. this would be my constant companion where ever I go. I love the idea I can scan someone’s or something immediately and not have to worry about borrowing it remembering to scan and then making sure said item gets returned. Not to mention all the crafting possiblities. Thanks for the heads up. Sure hope I win. can’t wait to see your demo.

  139. Shannon White says:

    I would love this! i do a lot of photo touch up and restoration and this would make life so much easier!!!

  140. This is a fantastic item to take to relatives homes so as to capture articles and graphics of ancestry collections that they won’t let out of their sight.

    • It is too bulky to take my laptop and 3n1 copy machine to the different relatives home to collect the items that I want in my family tree.

  141. I think this would be great for scanning ACEO art cards; sounds like a really great portable device!

  142. Wow what a nice giveaway! I don’t know a lot about it so will have to check out the site but would love to win one and use it to scan our grandson’s pictures of his first year in kindergarden for him to see later in his life, and lots of cards that i make or i could think of lots of things to scan. Thank you for a chance to win one!
    Rosie G

  143. Angel Plank says:

    I would take this around to the homes of some family members, and scan all the old family photos. There are lots of members I had never met, and now most of them have passed.

    This is an amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance to win.

    XXX, Angel

  144. I would love to scan all my wonderful ephemera!!!!! WHAT A GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!!

    THANKS for such a wonderful site and giveaways!

  145. Flip would be used to scan genealogy pics scrapbook ing and can come up with tons of crafting ideas
    I wish -I could WIN this!!!!

  146. RACHEL BIRD says:

    This would be so cool to win. I have a lot of old pictures that need scanned and mine stopped working.

  147. Debbie Ward says:

    wow, probably one of the first things I would scan would be old photos of my grandparents…seems most of them there is only 1 copy… Imagine being able to create photo books for my kids of their great grandparents, grand parents and so on!!! I could even copy photos of my first little girl that has past away. My other kiddos never knew her as she was my only child at the time.. but again to create family albums for them… priceless!!!

  148. Cindy Coleman says:

    This is so cool. It would be great when you are traveling. What a smart tool to have.

  149. Debbie Ward says:

    I will check out the site and read up on what this baby can do!!! sounds very interesting!!

  150. Joan Taylor says:

    Wow! This looks great. I could scan and catalogue my crafts and FINALLY get better organized.

  151. Great pj party tonight and the new flip pad looks like alot of fun to have.
    I’m dong our family tree and could just scan other relatives things instead of carrying my printer scanner w/ me.!
    Love you gals and the great work your doing!

  152. I think it would be great to have a Flip. I have seen it demonstrated and it is so versatile. To be able to scan anything, anywhere, anytime. I hope I win.

  153. Oh my WORD!!!! This is an amazing tool! I would love love LOVE to win it! I would get busy right away scanning loads of my fabric stash so I could think of ways to use it during down times or travel times,scan my beads, tons of pics, both vintage relative pics, and pics from the last 25 years, then scan all my art dolls, saved art projects, art journals, scrapbooks, mini albums, ephemera I have collected for eons, my gazzillion ornaments, my complete Boyds Bear villages so I could organize and catalog what I have, and all the fun and quirky items I have collected over the years. Next I would drive the 4 hours over to my mom’s house and scan all her gazzillion Coke things she has so she would have a super record. Then I would think of something else to scan. :) Thanks for the fun chance!

  154. i have over 15 years worth of paintings i have done i have over 6,000 pictures in my pc i would scan my art thats in the closet i have many i would like to put in my book .a gadget like this would be awsome to win . im crossing my fingers

  155. Beverlee Mossman says:

    i am so excited to see this sounds awesome oh I would use this for taking individual pictures of so many ornaments that I have made and all the other things I have created over the years.
    Plus all the new things I am making

    Thank You so much for the chance to win this. Thank you so much for giving us all the chance to win this.

    Thank You Tiff so much sweetie

    Hugs Love and Prayers BevinFL

  156. This is such a great idea…..never really thought about a portable scanner before, but I actually need a new scanner. So, why not? I’m so often away from my main computer that it would be fabulous to have this little beauty to scan my cards, to scan photos my family won’t part with, to scraplift at crops and card parties. You’ve got a super giveaway. Thanks!!

  157. How awesome! Wish I had thought of it :-) I see it for many uses. I would be able to scan old pictures of family when we visit and travel. Many older folks don’t trust to take them to a place for that. We could do them right there and hand them back. Also for making bank deposits after a craft fair, I can scan the checks and have that for my record and get the deposit in the bank before ever coming home!

    Would so love to win this! Thanks for the Opportunity!

  158. I think it would be great to scan in fabric swatches for garment and craft sewing, and especially for quilting.
    I could also use it to scan in sketches from my sketchbook to use in jewelry design or paintings.
    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity COOL2CRAFT!

  159. Missy Campbell says:

    Very interesting! What a great way to scan pictures out of family members scrapbooks without having to remove the image. Especially good if it’s a heritage album!
    Great Concept.

  160. Isn’t it amazing how technology keeps making lives more fun and interesting!? I would love to have a portable scanner like that! It would make crafting and creating so much easier. I could scan old family documents that years ago were placed in sealed frames and therefore impossible to remove from the frame without damaging the item. Or, when doing research at the library in books that can’t be checked out, so creating family tree albums would come together much easier!

  161. Kathy A. Moore says:

    This looks so awesome, how exciting that you can use this mobile scanner anywhere. I could see this used in many ways for crafting. I would use it for pictures, grandchildren’s art work, and favorite fabics to use in scrapbooking and altered art.

  162. Thanks for a chance to win! Great prize!

  163. That is so awesome! I’d love to play with this cool gadget. How fun to scan in fabrics, pictures, etc.
    Thanks for the chance!

  164. Kelly Sas says:

    I would LOVE to take this along traveling to scan tickets, parts of maps, and other items before they get damaged in suitcase trying to bring them home for scrap booking our trips! It also would be wonderful to use to scan old photos that are not digital for scraping. Oh to win this would be so over the top and a luxury for me!

  165. melanie silver says:

    i saw this tool at cha in chicago. id love to have one. it would make my life in crafting so much easier. i make jewelry and it would be great to do patterns and designs. i love cool to craft i learn so much.
    melanie silver

  166. This is truly a unique item- would love to have it to share so many things! YEAH!!

  167. What a cool item and a great giveaway! I am starting to teach mixed media, quilting and other classes again so this would be perfect to have in class to scan mock ups, ideas and items students make, then send it to them as a class followup. And I could also use it to scan my work in stages for a slide-show tutorial or just to share on the blog or upload the finished product into an etsy shop. Lots of possibilities. Pick me! Pick me!


  169. Maria Soto says:

    oh, i would love this so much, my kids could use it for school, I would be able to use it to scan all the new items I’ve been working on.

  170. Debbie Ward says:

    wow, this is a GREAT!! prize!!! Hope to see you all tonight at the pajama party!!! Love the Cool 2 Craft shows!!!

  171. It would be perfect for crafting, genealogy and scanning the huge piles of photos that were taken prior to my digital camera!

  172. Mary Beth Figgins says:

    I would use it to talk to the homes of family members and be able to copy their pictures, letters, etc. without the items ever having to leave their possession. It would be a lot easier than a camera.

  173. I would love this! My family lives several states away, how cool would it be to have this in my pocket when visiting. I could scan school papers, pictures, odds and ends wherever I went. Great giveaway, thanks for a chance to win!

  174. Sherri T. says:

    This is a great item to have. I would scan all the beautiful cards and artwork I see as well as all of the patterns I collect. I would not have to have all those bulky photo albums for pictures, patterns etc.. Save all to my computer easily.

  175. donna grim,m says:

    this has got to be the coolest……….i put this on my christmas wish list this year.
    winning the flip would be like christmas in oct.(JULY)LOL

  176. jenlynnie says:

    i would love this scanner. i am trying to preserve my parents’ photos & have been slowly gathering their stash & bringing them to my place (in a different state) & then returning them. if i had the flip mobile, i would just scan their photos & not have to lug around boxes & boxes of photos across the country. plus i would use it to scan things for other projects. possibitities are endless!!! thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  177. I would us it for anything and everything I could.

  178. I would love to give the flip-pal as a Christmas gift to my husband.

  179. Betsy Burnett says:

    I saw this at CHA and would love to win it… just to be able to easily scan things at the library…how cool would that be?? Not to mention all the crafting applications!

  180. Joanne Deschenes says:

    I often see papers or patterns that I would like to keep, for future reference. This would allow me to be able to make a copy, and not have to stock up and waste a lot of paper…. I’ll be more ecological…

  181. What an awesome giveaway. I would use it to scan layouts. I like that it has a stitching software, so you could do 12 X 12 layout and stitch it together. Thanks.

  182. oh my that is the coolest thing. I would love to win this. I would use it for oh so many things starting with scanning old family photos for each of my kids.

  183. deb mcintyre says:

    This is a terrific giveaway! How handy. Trying to add some digital elements into the mix and this would be just perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

  184. oh I would love to win that. so awesome

  185. Cool! I would use it to scan all my photos from before I had a digital camera and also my sons artwork :) The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  186. Wow! I would LOVE to win the Flip Pal! I would use it to scan pictures, art made by my niece and nephew, and anything else since it is so portable and versatile! Thank you for the chance to win!

  187. That is amazing would love to have a portable scanner it would make my life so much easier :)

  188. Wanda Contreras says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! I will scan more than 49 years of pictures and then scan all the important things we keep from our kids childhood.

    best regards,

    Wanda Contreras

  189. Alesia Fowler says:

    Wohoooooooooo this would be perfect for scanning all the bulky items that my grandchildren bring home and then I can just put them in their album. It is hard raising grandchildren being disabled but Peteie oh Pete this would be perfect!

  190. This would be awesome to own. Nothing would be safe from my scanning it. From old family recipes and photos to the medals my son received when he was in the Air Force. I all so make atc’s and mail art that would be fun to scan. I love to share my crafts on my blog and this would make it simpler to do that. Cool2Craft ROCKS!

  191. This is an amazing giveaway!!!! Very exciting! I could see so many uses for this – right now I’m picturing scanning photos and art images into it and then putting them into my computer so I can print them out on TAP. What a great way to make a quilt out of old family photos for my mom!

  192. Colleen A says:

    I have posted but I would use it on cards, crafts, for uploading and downloading to my computer and for random pics of the grandson that others take and I wish for copies of thanks for the opp!

  193. Colleen A says:

    I wish I wish -I could WIN this!!!!

  194. I would love to have the flip pal …I could scan pictures to do my sewing on pillows or sweatshirts ….Flip pal would be so cool to have ..

  195. for me the Flip would be used to scan the cards I make fronts so I could get them online, I also would use it for the pictures taht I have that are not digital to make some digital scrapbooking pages since I am new to digital scrapbooking THanks for offering this cool gadget.

  196. Jayne Locker says: would be nice to win this new toy to scan inspiring pictures to make quilts,childrens clothing and items for the elderly to use that would help lift their spirts because of “JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECIAL” The items scanned with this fantastic scanner could scan picures taken that capture special moments in their life and or things that make them feel happy. I could go on….
    What a great invention ♥

  197. I teach at assisted living facilities and it would be so helpful to have. Also I teach children and what fun that would be to scan in their art work. thanks for the chance.


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