Fossilized Shark Tooth Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Fossilazed Shark Tooth Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

With a little polymer clay you can make anything into a pendant!  Candace Jedrowicz likes to put that theory to the test…a lot!  Candace bought a bag of fossilized shark teeth a hundred years ago and has finally settled on her latest make-anything-into-a-pendant adventure.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Shark Tooth Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Polymer clay – any color
Shark tooth – or anything at all
Wood skewer
Crochet needle for smoothing and mark making
Acrylic paint for antiquing

Select an interesting shape to use for the base of your pendant. I liked this tooth because it had 2 tiny teeth off to one side. Very cool.
Flatten a small piece of clay just big enough to fold over the top of your base.
Make sure that the clay covers/reveals exactly what you want. The less time you take working on this part, the better. As you work the clay gets softer and thinner and it will not hold.
Roll out a 3″ piece of clay. Fold it in half and smooth the fold to the back of your pendant.
Lay a skewer across the top of the pendant and fold the ends of the roll toward the front.
Here I’m wrapping the ends around the skewer for effect. You could choose to make curlicues on the pendant with the ends.
Choose a focal bead. Press it in slightly. Make another smaller roll to trap the bead and curl the ends into a design.
Finish adding details like swirls and dots.Texturize the clay with the end of the crochet needle. The more texture the better for the antiquing.Bake the clay according to package directions.Cover small areas with paint and rub off the excess.  Repeat until you like the look.


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