How to Make a Thanksgiving Decoupage Glove Turkey

Decoupage Glove Turkey by Tiffany Windsor

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Inspired by the cute kid’s turkeys crafted from mittens, Tiffany Windsor transforms work gloves into Thanksgiving decor. Decorative seasonal tissue paper and decoupage medium provide the color and pattern for this simple decoupage design. Team up with mini straw bales, pumpkins and paper flowers for fun fall decor. Click here to watch Tiffany’s How to Make a Decoupage Glove Turkey YouTube video.


Work gloves (or mittens)
Decorative and solid tissue paper to decorate turkey
White tissue paper (or fiber fill) to stuff glove
Aleene’s Matte Decoupage medium
Small plastic cup or paper plate (for Decoupage medium)
Wiggle eye(s)
Craft foam – orange for beak, red for wattle
Wood skewer
Wire (to secure glove to wood skewer)
Wet wipes
Aleene’s Tacky Glue

1. Tear white tissue paper into wide strips. Fold and crumple and push into fingers of gloves.

2. For a plump turkey, crumple larger pieces of tissue paper to fill the palm section of the glove. Stuff to the wrist line.

3. Stick pointed end of skewer into glove, piercing the tissue paper to help hold in place.

4. Use wire to wrap tightly around wrist area of glove, securing wire in place. Wrap ends of wire and tuck cut ends into wrapped wires.

5. Tear decorative tissue into small (approximately 1″ x 2″) pieces.

6. Use finger(s) to apply Decoupage medium to index finger of glove. Place torn tissue over Decoupage medium and apply more Decoupage over tissue. Repeat until all four fingers are covered in tissue.

7. Repeat to cover thumb and palm with solid color tissue. Do not overwork the tissue or it will start to tear as you apply the Decoupage medium.

8. Let dry completely.

9. Use scissors to cut away excess glove below wire.

10. Cut beak and wattle from craft foam. Glue in place. Glue wiggle eye(s) in place.

Decoupage Glove Turkey by Tiffany Windsor P


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