Silk Flower Art Canvas by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-HERO

EcoHeidi turns her silk flower left-overs into artwork make-overs! Featured on EcoHeidi LIVE TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Silk Flower Art Canvas YouTube video tutorial.



Background – You can use cardboard, pizza boxes, canvas etc. (Mine is a 8” x 10” canvas)

Texture Magic Dimensional Paint – White

Cardboard – heavy for squeegee – 2” x 4”

Pinking shears (to cut squeegee)

Plastic cup or other container – cut in half (for vase)

Silk flowers and leaves

Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener

Plastic bag with zip top

Paint – Black and various colors


EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-1 1. To add texture to the background, squeeze the dimensional paint onto the background.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-2 2. To make a squeegee for texturing from cardboard, cut one edge with the pinking shears.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-3 3. Pull the cardboard squeegee through the dimensional paint. See finished project photo for direction of the lines. Upper portion and lower portion lines go in different directions.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-4 4, Place the plastic cup or container into the wet dimensional paint, approximately 1” from the bottom edge.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-5 5. Carefully squeegee some dimensional paste over the plastic cup taking care not to move the cup in the wet background.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-6 6. Place silk flowers and leaves into the zip top plastic bag. Pour in enough fabric stiffener to cover. Close bag and mix contents until all of the pieces are saturated.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-7 7. Remove the silk flowers and leaves one by one from the plastic bag. Use the lip of the bag to remove excess fabric stiffener as you pull from bag. Carefully place flowers onto the wet background as shown. Let dry.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-8 8. The background and dried stiffened flowers are ready to paint when the fabric stiffener is dry and clear.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-9 9. Paint entire background black. Let dry.
EcoHeidi Silk Flower Art-HERO 10. Over-paint the black background with various colors letting the black background show through for added interest. Repeat with flowers and leaves.


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