Project Description Links – click on description to link to video and print tutorials Designer Design Theme
4/7/14 10+ Easter Crafts and Printables Tiffany Windsor Easter
Cost Plus World Market
4/4/14 Cost Plus World Market – Easter Infographic Tiffany Windsor Easter
3/28/14 Indygo Junction Selvedge Dahlia PDF download Tiffany Windsor Fabric
Vlog Studio Update Tiffany Windsor 300
3/26/14 Vlog: Studio Update Tiffany Windsor Vlog
3/7/14 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Tiffany Windsor St. Patrick’s Day
Cre8time Photo Contest 300
2/27/14 Cre8time Photo Contest Tiffany Windsor #cre8time
2/10/14 11 Last Minute Valentine Printables
Tiffany Windsor Valentines
Embroidered Denim Bracelet Tiffany Windsor 300
1/20/14 Embroidered Denim Bracelets – Indygo Junction Tiffany Windsor Embroidery
Banners of Hope Tiffany Windsor 300
1/6/14 Banners of Hope Tiffany Windsor Fabric Crafting
Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap Tiffany Windsor x300
12/20/13 Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap Tiffany Windsor Christmas
12-13-13 Cool2Cast Dollar Store Outside the Frame Tiffany Windsor
12/13/13 Dollar Store “Outside the Frame” Artwork Tiffany Windsor Gift
Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath 300
12/9/13 Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath Tiffany Windsor Christmas
12-6-13 Looped Scrapbook Paper Trees Tiffany Windsor
12/6/13 Looped Scrapbook Paper Trees Tiffany Windsor Christmas
3-Step Sugar Scrub Jars Tiffany Windsor
12/3/13 3-Step Sugar Scrub Tiffany Windsor Gift
Tissue Paper Decoupage Mannequin Tiffany Windsor
11/30/13 Tissue Paper Decoupage Mannequin Tiffany Windsor Decoupage
Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers Tiffany Windsor
11/19/13 Burlap and Pearl Flowers Tiffany Windsor Fall/Thanksgiving
Fall Twigs Vase Tiffany Windosr
11/15/13 Fall Twigs Vase Tiffany Windsor Fall
Boyfriend Rocker Tee Shirt Savannah Starr
11/8/13 Boyfriend Rocker T-Shirt Savannah Starr Graffiti
Decoupage Glove Turkey by Tiffany Windsor
11/1/13 Decoupage Glove Turkey Tiffany Windsor Thanksgiving
Dresser Makeover Dollar Store Stickers Tiffany Windsor
10/25/13 Dollar Store Sticker Dresser Tiffany Windsor Dollar Store
Aleene's Pumpkins Surprise
10/22/13 Behind the Scenes: Aleene’s Pumpkin Surprise Tiffany Windsor, Aleene Jackson Behind the Scenes
Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath Tiffany Windsor
10/18/13 Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath Tiffany Windsor Fall
Silver Fall Leaf Earrings by Savannah Starr
10/17/13 Silver Leaf Fall Earrings (re-post) Savannah Starr Fall
10-15-13 Wood Fall Pumpkins YT v2
10/15/13 Fall Wood Pumpkins (re-post) Candace Jedrowicz Fall
Water Bottle Pumpkins by Tiffany Windsor
10/11/13 How to Transform a Water Bottle into a Pumpkin Tiffany Windsor Fall
YouTube Feature Slide Heidi and Tiffany Giggles PM
10/7/13 Outtake: Heidi and Tiffany Get the Giggles Tiffany Windsor & Heidi Borchers Outtakes
Pattiewack Heart Art PM
10/3/13 Heart-to-Heart Convos with Creative Friends: Pattiewack – Pattie Wilkinson Tiffany Windsor  Interview
ThreadBanger DIY Party hero PM
10/1/13 Threadbanger DIY Party: Party Banners  Cool2Craft Design Team
How to Make a Fine Line Tape Nozzle
9/30/13 How to Make a Fine Line Tape Nozzle Tiffany Windsor  How-to
How to Pour Cool2Cast into Bezels PM 1280
9/26/13 Cool2Cast: How to Pour into Bezels Tiffany Windsor  How-to
How to Stencil with Cosmetic Sponges PM
9/23/13 How to Stencil with a Cosmetic Sponge Tiffany Windsor  How-to
Crafty Chica Heart Art PM
9/19/13 Heart-to-Heart Convos with Creative Friends: Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo Tiffany Windsor  Interview
Tips for Cutting with Scissors
9/16/13 Tips for Cutting with Scissors Tiffany Windsor  How-to
Zippered File Pouch Clutch Savannah Starr 300x150
8/26/13 Zippered File Pouch Clutch Savannah Starr
Spellbinders Paper Corsage Lisa Fulmer 300x150
8/19/13 Spellbinders Flower Corsage Lisa Fulmer
  8-12-13 2 up Trim Your Trash
8/12/13 Aleene’s Faux Patina Kitchen Foil Bird Tiffany Windsor Trim Your Trash
8/13/13 Cereal Box Printed Felt Heart Pendant Heidi Borchers Trim Your Trash
Ribbon & Prints Frame 1 up Cool2Craft TV
8/5/13 Ribbon & Prints Frame Heidi Borchers Ribbon
Button Cupcake Art 1 up Cool2Craft TV
7/29/13 Aleene’s Cute as a Button Cupcake Wall Art Heidi Borchers Buttons
7-22-13 1 up Felt Cuff Bracelet
7/22/13 Aleene’s Embossed Felt Cuff Braclets Heidi Borchers Felt
Mixed Media 3 up Cool2Craft TV
7/15/13 Aleene’s Mixed Media Mini Canvas Tiffany Windsor Mixed Media
7/16/13 Spellbinders Embossed Foil Art Panel Lisa Fulmer Mixed Media
7/17/13 The Look of Embossing with Glue on Canvas Heidi Borchers Mixed Media
Office Supplies 3 up Cool2Craft TV
7/8/13 Aleene’s Paper Clip Flowers Heidi Borchers Office Supplies
7/9/13 Faux Chocolate Polymer Clay Thumb Tacks Candace Jedrowicz Office Supplies
7/10/13 Bubble Wrap Clutch Savannah Starr Office Supplies
EcoCardboard 3 Up Cool2Craft TV
7/1/13 Aleene’s Coffee Cup Rose on Canvas Heidi Borchers EcoCardboard
7/2/13 Egg Carton Earrings Tiffany Windsor EcoCardboard
7/3/13 From Bagel Box to Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz EcoCardboard
Craft Store Aisle diy crafts 4 up Cool2Craft TV
6-24-13 Aleene’s Craft Foam Alphabet Frame Heidi Borchers diy crafts
6-25-13 Memory Box Candace Jedrowicz diy crafts
6-26-13 Hashtag Heels Savannah Starr diy crafts
6-27-13 Spellbinders Media Mixáge Pendant Lisa Fulmer diy crafts
Red, White, Blue 3 up Cool2Craft
6-17-13 Aleene’s 4th of July Luminaries Tiffany Windsor Red, White, Blue
6-18-13 Upcycled Milk Carton Wine Carrier Heidi Borchers Red, White, Blue
6-19-13 Patriotic Centerpiece Candace Jedrowicz Red, White, Blue
  6-10-13 Kids 3 up Get Creative
6-10-13 Aleene’s Kids’ Water Bottle Friendship Bracelets EcoHeidi Borchers Kids
6-11-13 KoolTak Sparkle & Shine Tags Tiffany Windsor CHA Bonus
6-12-13 Super Hero Mask Candace Jedrowicz Kids
Owls What a Hoot 4 up Cool2Craft TV
6-3-13 Aleene’s Burned Glue Look of Metal Owl Tiffany Windsor Owls
6-3-13 Kool Tak Layer Plus Tool – Techniques Beth Watson CHA Special Feature
6-4-13 Paper Plate Owl EcoHeidi Borchers Owls
6-5-13 Owl Cake Mail Candace Jedrowicz Owls
6-6-13 Prima Wood Cut Owl Earrings Tiffany Windsor Owls
Just for Dad 3 up Cool2Craft TV
5-27-13 Aleene’s Dad’s Soda Can Fish Frame EcoHeidi Borchers Dad
5-27-13 Prima Wood Cuts & Canvas Letters Techniques Lisa Fulmer/Jamie Dougherty CHA Special Feature
5-28-13 Ranger Perfect Pearls Reversible Mini Scrapbook Board Lisa Fulmer Dad
5-29-13 Dad’s Framed Tie Display Candace Jedrowicz Dad
5-20-13 Shoes 4 up
5-20-13 Aleene’s Flower Petal Summer Shoes Tiffany Windsor Shoes
5-21-13 Suncatching Windchimes with Spellbinders Media Mixage Lisa Fulmer CHA Bonus
5-22-13 Kitschy High Heel Wall Art Candace Jedrowicz Shoes
5-23-13 Mixed Media Cool2Cast Bird Heidi Borchers Shoes Bonus
5-24-13 Mixed Media Shoes with Birds in Nest Heidi Borchers Shoes
5-25-13 Fuzzy Red Heels Savannah Starr Shoes
Framed 4 up Cool2Craft TV
5/13/13 Aleene’s This & That Happy Frame EcoHeidi Borchers Frames
5/13/13 WOW! Melt It CHA Special Feature
5/13/13 Spellbinders Dressed Up Gift Box Lisa Fulmer Frames
5/14/13 Polymer Clay Bezel Frame Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Frames
5/16/13 Nail Polish Graffiti Frame Savannah Starr Frames
Tree Art 5 up Cool2Craft TV
5/6/13 Aleene’s Velvet Leaf Shadowbox Tiffany Windsor Trees
5/6/13 Painted Stamped Tree Pillow – Ranger Ink – Claudine Hellmuth Lisa Fulmer Trees
5/6/13 Spellbinders 3D M-Bossabilities and Much More! Stacey Caron, Kim Hupke CHA Special Feature
5/7/13 Green Man Journal EcoHeidi Borchers Trees
5/8/13 Wrapped Wire Beaded Tree Candace Jedrowicz Trees
5/9/13 Tree Branch Earrings Savannah Starr Trees
Mother's Day 4 up Cool2Craft TV
4/29/13 Aleene’s Mother’s Day Coupon Flower Bouquet EcoHeidi Borchers Mother’s Day
4/29/13 Stamped Glass Vase – Ranger Ink – Claudine Hellmuth Lisa Fulmer CHA Bonus
4/29/13 Pearl Embellished Wood Bird – Zva Creative Tiffany Windsor CHA Bonus
5/1/13 Kitchen Fairy Candace Jedrowicz Mother’s Day
5/2/13 Mother’s Day Skewered Pancake Tacos Savannah Starr Mother’s Day
It Used to Be A Shirt 5 up Cool2Craft TV
4/22/13 Aleene’s T-Shirt Roses Lampshade Tiffany Windsor It Used to be a Shirt
4/22/13 Spellbinders Black & White Art Panel Lisa Fulmer It Used to be a Shirt
4/22/13 ZVA Creative Art Journal Zva Creative CHA Special Feature
4/23/13 T-Shirt Remix EcoHeidi Borchers It Used to be a Shirt
4/24/13 Lavender T-Shirt Sachet Candace Jedrowicz It Used to be a Shirt
4/25/13 Stampendous Frantage Art Canvas Tiffany Windsor CHA Bonus
4/26/13 DIY Fashion Haul: Basic Infinity Scarf Savannah Starr It Used to be a Shirt
Animal Art 3 up Cool2Craft TV
4/15/13 Aleene’s EcoChic Owl Purse EcoHeidi Borchers Animals
4/15/13 Stampendous Frantage Floral Greeting Card Fran Seiford CHA Special Feature
4/16/13 Mini Dog Book Candace Jedrowicz Animals
4/18/13 KellyCraft Laser Square Bunting Lisa Fulmer CHA Bonus
4/19/13 Animal Boho Accessories Savannah Starr Animals
Cool2Craft TV 4-8-13 Wall Art 5 up
4/8/13 Aleene’s Layered Fabric Hearts Wall Hanging Tiffany Windsor Wall Art
4/8/13 Ranger Vintage Inspired Beeswax Wall Hanging Lisa Fulmer Wall Art
4/8/13 Kelly Craft Laser Square – CHA Special Feature Lisa Fulmer CHA Bonus
4/9/13 Cereal Box Cool2Cast Wall Art EcoHeidi Borchers Wall Art
4/10/13 Gypsy Canvas Wall Art Candace Jedrowicz Wall Art
4/11/13 Giant Tissue Flowers Wall Art Savannah Starr Wall Art
Cool2Craft TV 4-1-13 Bowls 4 up
4/1/13 Aleene’s Lampshade Bowl EcoHeidi Borchers Bowls
4/1/13 Ranger Heat It Ink & UTEE Mixed Media Canvas – CHA Special Feature Lisa Fulmer CHA Bonus
4/2/13 Bejeweled Dollar Store Candy Dish Candace Jedrowicz Bowls
4/3/13 Tombow Dragonfly Doodles Tiffany Windsor Tombow
4/4/13 Ice Cream Bowl Applique Placemat Lisa Fulmer Bowls
4/5/13 Fabric Stiffened Crochet Doily Bowl Tiffany Windsor Bowls
3-25-13 Jars 4 up Cool2Craft TV
3/25/13 Aleene’s Mini Topiary in Apothecary Jar Tiffany Windsor Jars
3/25/13 Embossing with Glue on Jars EcoHeidi Borchers Jars
3/25/13 Personalized Mini Stacking Storage Jars Lisa Fulmer Jars
3/25/13 Cool2Cast Jar Toppers Candace Jedrowicz Jars
3/25/13 Tombow Dual Brush Blending Techniques – CHA Special Feature Marie Browning CHA Bonus
3-18-13 Birdhouses 3 up Cool2Craft TV
3/18/13 Aleene’s Look of Wood Planks Birdhouse Fairy House EcoHeidi Borchers Birds & Birdhouses
3/18/13 Polymer Clay Mini Birdhouse Bead Candace Jedrowicz Birds & Birdhouses
3/18/13 You’re Special Stepper Card – Ruby Rock-It Tiffany Windsor Birds & Birdhouses
3-11-13 Beads 5 up Cool2Craft TV
3/11/13 Aleene’s Scrapbook Paper Beads Tiffany Windsor Beautiful Beads
3/11/13 Window Screen Beads Necklace EcoHeidi Borchers Beautiful Beads
3/11/13 Wool Spiral Needle Felted Beads Lisa Fulmer Beautiful Beads
3/11/13 Glitter Heart Beads from a Mold Candace Jedrowicz Beautiful Beads
3/11/13 Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings Savannah Starr Beautiful Beads
3/11/13 Ruby Rock-It Stepper Card – CHA Special Feature Rachel Carlson CHA Bonus
  3-4-13 Live Laugh Love 5 up Cool2Craft TV
3/4/13 Aleene’s Button Heart Plaque EcoHeidi Borchers Live Love Laugh
3/4/13 Layered Photo Fun Candace Jedrowicz Live Love Laugh
3/4/13 Live Love Laugh Decoupage Birdie Tiffany Windsor Live Love Laugh
3/4/13 Spellbinders Pendant Greeting Card Lisa Fulmer Live Love Laugh
3/4/13 Brown Bag Red Lips Pendant Savannah Starr Live Love Laugh
2-25-13 Cool2Craft Easter 4 up
2/25/13 Aleene’s Embellished Eggs in Birdcage Tiffany Windsor Easter
2/25/13 Easter Egg Sock Chicks EcoHeidi Borchers Easter
2/25/13 Kids Fabric Egg Decorating Book Lisa Fulmer Easter
2/25/13 Seeds of Intention Clay Easter Egg Candace Jedrowicz Easter
February 2013
2-18-13 Cool2Craft Paper 5 up
2/18/13 Aleene’s Crunched Tissue Flowers EcoHeidi Borchers Paper
2/18/13 Handmade Molded Paper Art Candace Jedrowicz Paper
2/18/13 Woven Papers Art Tray Lisa Fulmer Paper
2/18/13 Paper Shreds Art Frame Savannah Starr Paper
2/18/13 Tissue Paper Flower Calyx and Leaf EcoHeidi Borchers Paper
2/18/13 Paper Decoupage Clay Pot Tiffany Windsor Paper
2-11-13 Cool2Craft TV Words 4 up
2/11/13 Aleene’s Happy Day Scrapbook Paper Flower Arrangement Tiffany Windsor Words
2/11/13 Soda Can FUN Wall Art EcoHeidi Borchers Words
2/11/13 Hawaii Memories Wood Panel Lisa Fulmer Words
2/11/13 Joy Jewelry Holder Candace Jedrowicz Words
2-4-13 Yarn 4 up Cool2Craft TV
2/4/13 Aleene’s Yarn Votive Holder EcoHeidi Borchers Yarn
2/4/13 Yarn Bomb Pom Poms Candace Jedrowicz Yarn
2/4/13 Yarn Bracelet & Wire Coil Earrings Tiffany Windsor Yarn
2/4/13 Needlefelted Yarn Flower Greeting Card Lisa Fulmer Yarn
January 2013
1-28-13 Anything Goes 4 up Cool2Craft TV
1/28/13 Aleene’s Kitchen Foil Earrings Tiffany Windsor Anything Goes
1/28/13 Cool2Cast Gift Cans EcoHeidi Borchers Anything Goes
1/28/13 Cake Mail Postcard Candace Jedrowicz Anything Goes
1/28/13 Year-Round Studded Ornaments Lisa Fulmer Anything Goes
1-21-13 Be My Valentine 5 up Cool2Craft TV
1/21/13 Aleene’s Valentine Gift Hearts EcoHeidi Borchers Valentines
1/21/13 Valentine Polymer Clay Heart Charms Candace Jedrowicz Valentines
1/21/13 Valentine Applique Tea Towel Heather Valentine Valentines
1/21/13 Valentine Tag Book Lisa Fulmer Valentines
1/21/13 Valentine Chalkpaint Cubes and Candles Tiffany Windsor Valentines
1-14-13 Chalkboard 4 up Cool2Craft TV
1/14/13 Aleene’s Polka Dot Chalkboard Frame EcoHeidi Borchers Chalkboard
1/14/13 Chalkboard Message Board Candace Jedrowicz Chalkboard
1/14/13 Chalkboard High Heel Shoes Savannah Starr Chalkboard
1/14/13 Personalized Chalkboard Sign Tiffany Windsor Chalkboard
1-7-13 Brown Bag 4 up Cool2Craft TV
1/7/13 Aleene’s Brown Bag Shabby Chic Flowers EcoHeidi Borchers Brown Bag
1/7/13 Burnt Brown Bag Steampunk Barrette Candace Jedrowicz Brown Bag
1/7/13 Look of Metal Embossed Brown Bag Box Tiffany Windsor Brown Bag
1/7/13 Brown Bag Anchor Necklace Savannah Starr Brown Bag
December 2012
Cool2Craft TV Mixed Media 5 up
12/31/12 Aleene’s Decoupage Clipboard Art Tiffany Windsor Mixed Media
12/31/12 Mixed Media Pop Open Journal EcoHeidi Borchers Mixed Media
12/31/12 Mixed Media Polymer Clay Brooch Candace Jedrowicz Mixed Media
12/31/12 Mixed Media Textured Box Lisa Fulmer Mixed Media
12/31/12 Mixed Media Composition Journal Savannah Starr Mixed Media
Cool2Craft TV Best Of 4 up
12/24/12 Aleene’s Bottle Cap Birdie EcoHeidi Borchers Best of 2012
12/24/12 Glitter Shoe Earrings Savannah Starr Best of 2012
12/24/12 Tissue Box Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Best of 2012
12/24/12 Floral Art Sketch Canvas Tiffany Windsor Best of 2012
Cool2CraftTV  New Years 4 up
12/17/12 Aleene’s Silver Doilies Party Decor Tiffany Windsor New Year’s
12/17/12 New Year’s Dollar Store Crown EcoHeidi Borchers New Year’s
12/17/12 New Year’s Resolution Cards Lisa Fulmer New Year’s
12/17/12 Joy for the New Year Art Canvas Candace Jedrowicz New Year’s
Cool2Craft TV 12-10-12 Angels 6 up
12/10/12 Aleene’s Cinnamon Stick Angels Garland EcoHeidi Borchers Angels
12/10/12 Polymer Clay Dog Angel Candace Jedrowicz Angels
12/10/12 Steampunk Angel Door Hanger Lisa Fulmer Angels
12/10/12 Angel Wing Rings Savannah Starr Angels
12/10/12 Ribbon Angel Ann Butler Angels
12/10/12 Reverse Collage Angels Tiffany Windsor Angels
Cool2Craft TV 12-3-12 Christmas 6 up
12/3/12 Aleene’s Christmas Tree Felted Wall Art Tiffany Windsor Christmas Celebrations
12/3/12 Christmas Tree Mosaic Brick EcoHeidi Borchers Christmas Celebrations
12/3/12 Christmas Mini Tree Ornament Heather Valentine Christmas Celebrations
12/3/12 Christmas Believe Book Candace Jedrowicz Christmas Celebrations
12/3/12 Holiday Cupcake Toppers Savannah Starr Christmas Celebrations
12/3/12 Reversible Holiday Gift Bag Lisa Fulmer Christmas Celebrations
November 2012
11-26-12 Sparkle & Glitter Cool2Craft TV 5 up
11/26/12 Aleene’s Glitter Purse Earrings EcoHeidi Borchers Sparkle & Glitter
11/26/12 Glitter Pears in a Bowl Savannah Starr Sparkle & Glitter
11/26/12 Glitter Advent Boxes Tiffany Windsor Sparkle & Glitter
11/26/12 Glittered Pear Greeting Card Lisa Fulmer Sparkle & Glitter
11/26/12 Sparkle & Glitter Circle Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Sparkle & Glitter
Cool2Craft TV - Snow 11-19-12
11/19/12  Aleene’s Look of Embossing Snowflake Box Tiffany Windsor Snow
11/19/12 Double Snowflake Rings Savannah Starr Snow
11/19/12 Let it Snow Door Hanger Candace Jedrowicz Snow
11/19/12 Snow Frosted Autumn Leaves Tabletopper Lisa Fulmer Snow
11/19/12 Aleene’s No-Sew Snowflake Applique T-Shirt EcoHeidi Borchers Snow
Cool2Craft TV Mosaic 4 up
11/12/12 Aleene’s Bread Dough Mosaic Tile Frame EcoHeidi Borchers Mosaics
11/12/12 Chocolate Box Mosaic Candace Jedrowicz Mosaics
11/12/12 Fabric Mosaic Birdie Canvas Tiffany Windsor Mosaics
11/12/12 Binocular Mixed Media Purse Savannah Starr Mosaics
11/12/12 Aleene’s Eggshell Mosaic Pendant (re-run) EcoHeidi Borchers Mosaics
Cool2Craft TV Thanksgiving 4 up
11/5/12 Aleene’s Thanksgiving Scarecrow EcoHeidi Borchers Thanksgiving
11/5/12 Wire and Beaded Gratitude Banner Candace Jedrowicz Thanksgiving
11/5/12 Cool2Cast Leaves and Pumpkins Tiffany Windsor Thanksgiving
11/5/12 Glitter Leaf Necklace Savannah Starr Thanksgiving
11/5/12 Aleene’s No Sew Gratitude Banner Tiffany Windsor Thanksgiving
  October 2012
Cool2Craft Winter Wonderland 4 up
10/29/12 Aleene’s Button Snowflake Ornaments EcoHeidi Borchers Winter Wonderland
10/29/12 Hot Chocolate Wall Art Candace Jedrowicz Winter Wonderland
10/29/12 Vintage Inspired Winter Wall Art Tiffany Windsor Winter Wonderland
10/29/12 Snowflake Glitter Barrette Savannah Starr Winter Wonderland
Cool2Craft TV Restyled Jewelry 10-22-12
10/22/12 Cool2Cast Water Bottle Pendants EcoHeidi Borchers Restyled Jewelry
10/22/12 Transforming a Pin to a Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Restyled Jewelry
10/22/12 Restyled Jewelry Ornament Tiffany Windsor Restyled Jewelry
10/22/12 How to Upcycle a Chain Necklace into a Headpiece Savannah Starr Restyled Jewelry
10/22/12 Metal Charms Bracelet (re-run) Tiffany Windsor Restyled Jewelry
10/22/12 Brown Bag Bangles (re-run) EcoHeidi Borchers Restyled Jewelry
Cool2Craft - Happy Halloween 10-15-12
10/15/12 Make Your Own Repositionable Applique Spider EcoHeidi Borchers Halloween
10/15/12 Steampunk Bat Necklace Candace Jedrowicz Halloween
10/15/12 EEK! Tabletopper Tiffany Windsor Halloween
10/15/12 Glittered Snake Barrettes Savannah Starr Halloween
Cool2Craft Fall 10-8-12
10/8/12 Soda Can Sunflower EcoHeidi Borchers Fall
10/8/12 Fun Fall Pumpkins Candace Jedrowicz Fall
10/8/12 Rolled Fabric Floral Fall Wreath Tiffany Windsor Fall
10/8/12 Silver Leaf Earrings Savannah Starr Fall
10/8/12 Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers (re-run) Linda Peterson Fall
Cool2Craft TV - Vintage - 10-1-12
10/1/12 Aleene’s Lace Inset T-Shirt EcoHeidi Borchers Vintage
10/1/12 Bread Dough Timepiece Pendant & Earrings Tiffany Windsor Vintage
10/1/12 Burned Glue Fleur de Lis Pendant Savannah Starr Vintage
10/1/12 Vintage Inspired Photo Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Vintage
10/1/12 Vintage Inspired Floral Headband (re-run) Linda Peterson Vintage
10/1/12 Vintage Inspired Doilies on Clay Pot (re-run) EcoHeidi Borchers Vintage
September 2012
Cool2Craft TV - Rock Paper Scissors 9-3-12
9/3/12 Aleene’s Decoupaged Rocks Tiffany Windsor Rock, Paper, Scissors
9/3/12 Paper Towel Handmade Paper EcoHeidi Borchers Rock, Paper, Scissors
9/3/12 Polymer Clay Stacked Stone Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Rock, Paper, Scissors
9/3/12 Glittered Rocks Savannah Starr Rock, Paper, Scissors
9/3/12 Mixed Media Collage Journal Cover EcoHeidi Borchers Rock, Paper, Scissors
9/3/12 Stitched Paper Garland (re-run) Heather Valentine Rock, Paper, Scissors
9/3/12 Stamped Newspaper Earrings (re-run) Tiffany Windsor Rock, Paper, Scissors
Cool2Craft TV - T-Shirts 9-10-12
9/10/12 Aleene’s No-Sew Tattered Layered Flowers Tiffany Windsor T-Shirts
9/10/12 Ruffled Hem T-Shirt Candace Jedrowicz T-Shirts
9/10/12 Braided T-Shirt Belt EcoHeidi Borchers T-Shirts
9/10/12 Graffiti LOVE T-Shirt Savannah Starr T-Shirts
9/10/12 T-Shirt Remix (re-run) Marisa Pawelko/Westcott T-Shirts
Cool2Craft TV Pampered & Pretty 9-17-12
9/17/12 Aleene’s Mixed Media Pamper Jars EcoHeidi Borchers Pampered & Pretty
9/17/12 See-Through Spa Mosaic Candace Jedrowicz Pampered & Pretty
9/17/12 Faux Etched Glass Jars Tiffany Windsor Pampered & Pretty
9/17/12 Glittered Butterfly Pick Earrings Savannah Starr Pampered & Pretty
9/17/12 Tips for Cutting with Scissors EcoHeidi Borchers Pampered & Pretty
9/17/12 Lavender Spa Sachets Heather Valentine Pampered & Pretty
9/17/12 Pamper Me Jar (re-run) EcoHeidi Borchers Pampered & Pretty
Cool2Craft TV Felt 9-24-12
9/24/12 iPad Floral Felt Cover EcoHeidi Borchers Felt
9/24/12 Stuffed Whimsical Felt Crow Candace Jedrowicz Felt
9/24/12 Aleene’s Felted Flower Headband Tiffany Windsor Felt
9/24/12 Red Lip Waterbottle Earrings Savannah Starr Felt
9/24/12 Felt Strawberries Heather Valentine Felt
August 2012
Cool2Craft TV - Buttons 8-6-12
8/6/12 Aleene’s Mosaic Button Bowl EcoHeidi Borchers Buttons
8/6/12 Chocolate Chip Cookie Polymer Clay Buttons Candace Jedrowicz Buttons
8/6/12 Bright Button Rings Savannah Starr Buttons
8/6/12 Bright Button Clothespins Tiffany Windsor Buttons
8/6/12 Button Tree in Embroidery Hoop Heather Valentine Buttons
Cool2Craft TV - CHA Craft Fusion
8/13/12 Introduction to Paula Radke ArtGlass Clay Art Clay World CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 Yarn Wrapped Baby Owl FloraCraft CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 How to Stamp on Metal Impress Art CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 Get-It-Straight Laser Square KellyCraft CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 Little Darlings Rubber Stamps Little Darlings CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 How to Use the Rhinestone Genie Rhinestone Genie CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 Irojiten Colored Pencils Tombow USA CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 Mica D’Lightful Stenciling USArtQuest CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 T-Shirt Remix Dress by Debra Quartermain Westcott CHA Summer ’12
8/13/12 Encrusted Jewel Technique Stampendous Fran•táge Essentials Stampendous CHA Summer ’12
8/20/12 Bandana Book Cover EcoHeidi Borchers Back to School
8/20/12 Pirate Zipper Pull Candace Jedrowicz Back to School
8/20/12 Personalized Glitter School Totes Tiffany Windsor Back to School
8/20/12 Glittered Pencil Earrings Savannah Starr Back to School
8/20/12 Quick Stitched Book Cover Heather Valentine Back to School
8/27/12 Zebra and Floral Decoupage Desk Set Tiffany Windsor Easy Does It
8/27/12 Craft Foam Bicycle Stamp EcoHeidi Borchers Easy Does It
8/27/12 Rope Bow Necklace (re-run) Savannah Starr Easy Does It
8/27/12 Coffee Cup Tool Caddy Upcycle Candace Jedrowicz Easy Does It
8/27/12 Easy Does It Stitched Belt Heather Valentine Easy Does It
8/27/12 Ribbon Wraps (re-run) Tiffany Windsor Easy Does It
July 2012
7/2/12 Birdhouse Fairy Cottage EcoHeidi Borchers Great Outdoors
7/2/12 We Are All Related Mixed Media Canvas Candace Jedrowicz Great Outdoors
7/2/12 Upcycled Whimsical Yard Art Tiffany Windsor Great Outdoors
7/2/12 Glittered Dinosaur Necklace Savannah Starr Great Outdoors
7/2/12 Outdoor Candle Chandelier Linda Peterson Great Outdoors
7/9/12 Black & White Mirror and Tile Art EcoHeidi Borchers Paint It Up
7/9/12 Salted Glue Painting Candace Jedrowicz Paint It Up
7/9/12 Ombre Layered Canvas Tiffany Windsor Paint It Up
7/9/12 Painted Anchor Tote Savannah Starr Paint It Up
7/9/12 Faux Enamel Jewelry Linda Peterson Paint It Up
7/16/12 Look of Metal Butterfly EcoHeidi Borchers Butterflies
7/16/12 Glittery Butterfly Pin Candace Jedrowicz Butterflies
7/16/12 Butterfly Garden Tablescapes Tiffany Windsor Butterflies
7/16/12 Burnt Brown Bag Butterfly Necklace Savannah Starr Butterflies
7/16/12 Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant Linda Peterson Butterflies
7/23/12 Fairy Garden in Mason Jar EcoHeidi Borchers Mason Jars
7/23/12 Bead Sprinkle Mason Jar Candace Jedrowicz Mason Jars
7/23/12 Tissue Collage Mason Jar Tiffany Windsor Mason Jars
7/23/12 Cheetah Print Pencil Holder Mason Jar Savannah Starr Mason Jars
7/23/12 How to Tie a Fabric Bow on Mason Jar Linda Peterson Mason Jars
 Cool2Craft TV - EcoCardboard 7-30-12
7/30/12 Bumblebee Noisemaker Wand EcoHeidi Borchers Eco Cardboard Tubes
7/30/12 Baby Shower Party Favors Candace Jedrowicz Eco Cardboard Tubes
7/30/12 Paper Towel Roll Floral Earrings Tiffany Windsor Eco Cardboard Tubes
7/30/12 Paper Towel Roll Cuff Bracelet Savannah Starr Eco Cardboard Tubes
June 2012
Cool2Craft TV - Father's Day - 6-4-12
6/4/12 Nuts & Bolts Race Car EcoHeidi Borchers All About Dad
6/4/12 BBQ Rib Rub Candace Jedrowicz All About Dad
6/4/12 My Dad Rocks Personalized No Sew Applique Onesie Tiffany Windsor All About Dad
6/4/12 Papa’s Cupcake Toppers Savannah Starr All About Dad
6/4/12 Memory Art Canvas Linda Peterson All About Dad
Cool2Craft TV - Beach - 6-11-12
6/11/12 Look of Embossing Fish Magnet EcoHeidi Borchers Beach
6/11/12 Fossilized Shark Tooth Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Beach
6/11/12 Stenciled Beach Tray Tiffany Windsor Beach
6/11/12 SavvyStyle Eyelash Sunglasses Savannah Starr Beach
6/11/12 Metal Embossed Keepsake Box Linda Peterson Beach
 Cool2Craft TV - Red, White & Blue - 6-18-12
6/18/12 Floss & Buttons Water Bottle Bracelets EcoHeidi Borchers Red, White & Blue
6/18/12 Bonnie’s Patriotic Party Hat Candace Jedrowicz Red, White & Blue
6/18/12 Glittered Star Patriotic Luminaries Tiffany Windsor Red, White & Blue
6/18/12 Glittered Crochet Patriotic Shoes Savannah Starr Red, White & Blue
6/18/12 Embellished Candle Votives Linda Peterson Red, White & Blue
6/18/12 Reverse Applique Stars Heather Valentine Red, White & Blue
6/25/12 Look of Copper Enamel Mosaic Journal EcoHeidi Borchers Around the World
6/25/12 Gypsy Fabric and Wire Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz Around the World
6/25/12 Tick Tock Stenciled Box Tiffany Windsor Around the World
6/25/12 Collaged Water Jug Bank Savannah Starr Around the World
6/25/12 Animal Print Safari Earrings Linda Peterson Around the World
6/25/12 Traveling Fool Fabric Postcard Heather Valentine Around the World
May 2012
 Cool2Craft TV - Garden - 4-30-12
5/7/12 Rose Fairy Doily Clay Pot EcoHeidi Borchers Garden
5/7/12 Cup & Saucer Garden Art Candace Jedrowicz Garden
5/7/12 Indoor Garden Terrarium Tiffany Windsor Garden
5/7/12 Layered Paper Flowers Garden Invite Savannah Starr Garden
5/7/12 Fabric & Wire Flower Linda Peterson Garden
5/7/12 Girlie Garnish Flower Hair Ponies Heather Valentine Garden
 Cool2Craft TV - Polka Dots - 5-14-12
5/14/12 Fabric Stiffened Polka Dot Vase EcoHeidi Borchers Polka Dots
5/14/12 Polka Dot Button Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz Polka Dots
5/14/12 Polka Dot Bird Magnets Tiffany Windsor Polka Dots
5/14/12 Polka Dot Princess Headpiece Savannah Starr Polka Dots
5/14/12 Polka Dot Feather Earrings Linda Peterson Polka Dots
5/14/12 Polka Dot Crown Candace Jedrowicz Polka Dots
 Cool2Craft TV - Music - 5-21-12
5/21/12 Love My Music Craft Foam Frame EcoHeidi Borchers Music
5/21/12 Make Your Own Chimes Candace Jedrowicz Music
5/21/12 CD Cupcake Holders Tiffany Windsor Music
5/21/12 Sing Loud Canvas Savannah Starr Music
5/21/12 Guitar Pick Earrings Linda Peterson Music
5/21/12 Softly Chiming Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Music
 Cool2Craft TV - Glitter - 5-28-12
5/28/12 Pizza Box Spacer Glitter Pendant EcoHeidi Borchers Glitter Your Garbage
5/28/12 Charming T-Shirt Necklace Candace Jedrowicz Glitter Your Garbage
5/28/12 Glitter Your Garbage Magnets Tiffany Windsor Glitter Your Garbage
5/28/12 Glitter Your Garbage Lightning Bolt Earrings Savannah Starr Glitter Your Garbage
5/28/12 Bottlecap Birdhouse Linda Peterson Glitter Your Garbage
April 2012
Cool2Craft TV - Easter - 4-12-12
4/2/12 Fabric Covered Eggs EcoHeidi Borchers Easter
4/2/12 Golden Bejeweled Egg Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Easter
4/2/12 Bunny Bag Tiffany Windsor Easter
4/2/12 Easter Brunch Egg Cup Savannah Starr Easter
4/2/12 Clay Pot Floral Easter Basket EcoHeidi Borchers Easter
Cool2Craft TV - Shoes - 4-9-12
4/9/12 High Heel Shoe Mosaic EcoHeidi Borchers Shoes
4/9/12 Shoes of the Muse Candace Jedrowicz Shoes
4/9/12 Tissue Collaged Sandals Tiffany Windsor Shoes
4/9/12 Glittered Shoes on Lacing EcoHeidi Borchers Shoes
4/9/12 Ruby Slippers Stamp Candace Jedrowicz Shoes
Cool2Craft TV - Jewelry Box - 4-16-12
4/16/12 Window Screen Bracelet EcoHeidi Borchers Jewelry Box
4/16/12 Mixed Media Crown Brooch Candace Jedrowicz Jewelry Box
4/16/12 Embossed Foil Bracelets Tiffany Windsor Jewelry Box
4/16/12 SavvySparkle Bling Rings Savannah Starr Jewelry Box
4/16/12 Vintage Inspired Flower Headband Linda Peterson Jewelry Box
 Cool2Craft TV - Creative Challenge - 4-23-12
4/23/12 Mixed Media Collaged Journal EcoHeidiBorchers Creative Challenge
4/23/12 Sparkle Bread Dough Necklace Candace Jedrowicz Creative Challenge
4/23/12 Thank You Note and Push Pins Tiffany Windsor Creative Challenge
4/23/12 Stay True Be-YOU-tiful Mirror Savannah Starr Creative Challenge
 Cool2Craft TV - Mother's Day - 4-30-12
4/30/12 Embossed Craft Foam Flower in Clay Pot EcoHeidi Borchers Mother’s Day
4/30/12 Hexagon Explosion Box Candace Jedrowicz Mother’s Day
4/30/12 Mini Floral Art Canvases Tiffany Windsor Mother’s Day
4/30/12 Picture Frame Collage Tray Savannah Starr Mother’s Day
4/30/12 Chicken Wire Mini Basket Linda Peterson Mother’s Day
4/30/12 Lavender Sachets Heather Valentine Mother’s Day
4/30/12 Mixed Media Craft Foam Flowers (video only) EcoHeidi Borchers Mother’s Day
March 2012
3/5/12 Bird Stamped Notebook Linda Peterson Birds
3/5/12 Bird’s Nest Collage in Wired Heart Linda Peterson Birds
3/5/12 Bird Inspired Vintage Pendant Linda Peterson Birds
3/5/12 Foiled Bird EcoHeidi Borchers Birds
3/5/12 Polymer Clay Bluebird Candace Jedrowicz Birds
Cool2Craft TV - Girly Girl - 3-12-12
3/12/12 Live Your Dream Bracelet Tiffany Windsor Girly Girl
3/12/12 Cool2Cast Makeup Case EcoHeidi Borchers Girly Girl
3/12/12 No-Sew Clutch Purse & Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz Girly Girl
3/12/12 Messy Bun Hair Bow Savannah Starr Girly Girl
3/12/12 How to Make Jump Rings Julianna Hudgins Girly Girl
3/12/12 Whimsical Lamp Makeover Heather Valentine Girly Girl
Cool2Craft TV - Easy as 1-2-3 - 3-19-12
3/19/12 Look of Fused Glass Pendant EcoHeidi Borchers Easy as 1-2-3
3/19/12 Key Fob Candace Jedrowicz Easy as 1-2-3
3/19/12 Ribbon Wraps Tiffany Windsor Easy as 1-2-3
3/19/12 Rope Bow Necklace Savannah Starr Easy as 1-2-3
3/19/12 Covered Wire Hangers Heather Valentine Easy as 1-2-3
3/19/12 Polymer Clay Robins Egg Bead Candace Jedrowicz Easy as 1-2-3
3/19/12 Soda Can Pin Candace Jedrowicz Easy as 1-2-3
3/26/12 Glue Tube Art Doll EcoHeidi Borchers Dolls
3/26/12 Antiquing Technique EcoRobot Candace Jedrowicz Dolls
3/26/12 Cool2Cast Art Doll Tiffany Windsor Dolls
3/26/12 Barbie Boot Earrings Savannah Starr Dolls
3/26/12 Animal Love Pillow Heather Valentine Dolls
3/26/12 Art Doll Throne EcoHeidi Borchers Dolls
February 2012
2/27/12 Apple Sticker on Jar EcoHeidi Borchers That’s Yummy
2/27/12 Chocolate Candy Ring Candace Jedrowicz That’s Yummy
2/27/12 Pasta Art Box Tiffany Windsor That’s Yummy
2/27/12 Coffee Bean Brush Holder Savannah Starr That’s Yummy
2/27/12 Red Cupcake Earrings Candace Jedrowicz That’s Yummy
2/27/12 How to Make a Wired Ring Base Candace Jedrowicz That’s Yummy
 Cool2Craft tV - Jewelry - 2-20-12
2/20/12 Bread Tags Charm Bracelet EcoHeidi Borchers Jewelry
2/20/12 Tissue Box Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Jewelry
2/20/12 Stamped Newspaper Earrings Tiffany Windsor Jewelry
2/20/12 Chunky Bracelet Savannah Starr Jewelry
2/20/12 Coffee Cup Rim Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz Jewelry
2/20/12 3-Strand Twisted Wire Medallion Julianna Hudgins Jewelry
2/20/12 Wire Medallion on Jig Julianna Hudgins Jewelry
Cool2Craft TV - EcoFlowers - 2-12-12
2/13/12 Soda Can Flower Box EcoHeidi Borchers EcoFlowers
2/13/12 EcoFlower Bouquet Candace Jedrowicz EcoFlowers
2/13/12 Coffee Cup Rose EcoHeidi Borchers EcoFlowers
2/13/12 Ribbon Spool Flowers EcoHeidi Borchers EcoFlowers
Cool2Craft TV - Valentines - 2-6-12
2/6/12 Red Cup Heart Garland EcoHeidi Borchers Valentines
2/6/12 Polymer Clay Heart Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz Valentines
2/6/12 Love Shadow Box Tiffany Windsor Valentines
2/6/12 Bread Dough Flowers Under Glass Savannah Starr Valentines
January 2012
1/30/12 Cool2Cast Black & White Mirror EcoHeidi Borchers Black & White
1/30/12 Scrapbook Paper Candle Cover Tiffany Windsor Black & White
1/30/12 Look of Enamel Earrings Savannah Starr Black & White
1/30/12 Formal Chocolate Box Candace Jedrowicz Black & White
1/23/12 No-Sew Cellphone Pouch Linda Peterson Mixed Media
1/23/12 Mixed Media Embossed Frame Linda Peterson Mixed Media
1/23/12 Baby Wipe Vintage Flowers Linda Peterson Mixed Media
1/23/12 Sunflower Wall Art Collage Linda Peterson Mixed Media
1/16/12 Make Your Own Craft Foam Stamp EcoHeidi Borchers Prints & Patterns
1/16/12 Coffee Cup Clock Candace Jedrowicz Prints & Patterns
1/16/12 Soda Can Goddess Wall Art Tiffany Windsor Prints & Patterns
1/9/12 Burlap Fringe Flowers Tiffany Windsor Burlap
1/9/12 Burlap Owl Pillow EcoHeidi Borchers Burlap
1/9/12 Burlap Chic Necklace Candace Jedrowicz Burlap
1/2/12 Soda Can Fish Sculpture EcoHeidi Borchers EcoHome
1/2/12 Glue Art Canvas Candace Jedrowicz EcoHome
1/2/12 Water Bottle Room Divider EcoHeidi Borchers EcoHome
December 2011
12/26/11 Water Bottle Felt Bracelet EcoHeidi Borchers Best of 2011
12/26/11 Kitschy Pedestal Candace Jedrowicz Best of 2011
12/26/11 Wax Resist on Cool2Cast Tiffany Windsor Best of 2011
12/19/11 Scrapbook Paper Looped Wreath & Tree Tiffany Windsor Last Minute Holiday
12/19/11 Angel of Light Candle Cover EcoHeidi Borchers Last Minute Holiday
12/19/11 Dollar Store Holiday Centerpiece Candace Jedrowicz Last Minute Holiday
12/12/11 Snowflake Window Clings Linda Peterson Snowflakes
12/12/11 Polymer Clay Snowman Linda Peterson Snowflakes
12/12/11 Etched Glass Snowflake Votive Linda Peterson Snowflakes
12/5/11 Forged Foil Bird Ornament EcoHeidi Borchers Ornaments
12/5/11 Photo Ornaments Candace Jedrowicz Ornaments
12/5/11 Felt Floral Ornaments Tiffany Windsor Ornaments
November 2011
11/28/11 Texture Glue Heart Frame Tiffany Windsor Gifts from the Heart
11/28/11 Watercolor Heart Tags EcoHeidi Borchers Gifts from the Heart
11/28/11 Teddy Bear Gift Wrap Candace Jedrowicz Gifts from the Heart
11/21/11 Brown Bag Handle Bracelet EcoHeidi Borchers Green Bling
11/21/11 Water Bottle Buttons Bracelet EcoHeidi Borchers Green Bling
11/21/11 Blue Bling Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Green Bling
11/21/11 Drink Bottle Bottom Necklace EcoHeidi Borchers Green Bling
11/14/11 Paper Doily Angel EcoHeidi Borchers Holiday Happenings
11/14/11 Festive Holiday Barrette Candace Jedrowicz Holiday Happenings
11/14/11 Reverse Painted Christmas Ball Plate Tiffany Windsor Holiday Happenings
11/7/11 Bread Dough Rose on Rock EcoHeidi Borchers Joy of Giving
11/7/11 Joyful Pottery Magnet Candace Jedrowicz Joy of Giving
11/7/11 No Sew Lavender Sachets Tiffany Windsor Joy of Giving
 October 2011
10/31/11 Upcycled Fabric Flowers Linda Peterson Fashionista
10/31/11 Funky Wired Beads Julianna Hudgins Fashionista
10/31/11 Tulip Marker Scarf Linda Peterson Fashionista
10/24/11 Gratitude No Sew Pennant Tiffany Windsor Thanks-giving
10/24/11 Paper Plate Thank You Flower EcoHeidi Borchers Thanks-giving
10/24/11 Thanksgiving Tea Invitation Candace Jedrowicz Thanks-giving
10/17/11 Color-ful Flower Tiffany Windsor Color-full
10/17/11 Mosaic Stepping Stone EcoHeidi Borchers Color-full
10/17/11 Crazy Colorful Heart Pendant Candace Jedrowicz Color-full
10/10/11 Burnt Brown Bag Butterfly Box EcoHeidi Borchers Outside the Box
10/10/11 Fabric Covered Box Candace Jedrowicz Outside the Box
10/10/11 Pizza Box Canvas EcoHeidi Borchers Outside the Box
10/10/11 Bottle Cap Art EcoHeidi Borchers Outside the Box
10/3/11 Happy Halloween Necklace EcoHeidi Borchers Halloween
10/3/11 Whimsical Articulated Skeleton Candace Jedrowicz Halloween
10/3/11 Pumpkin Napkin Tiffany Windsor Halloween
September 2011
9/26/11 Vintage Floral Earrings & Tag Tiffany Windsor Jewelry
9/26/11 Water Bottle Earrings Reverse Fabric EcoHeidi Borchers Jewelry
9/26/11 Hammered Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Jewelry
9/19/11 Pumpkin Cupcake Topper Linda Peterson Pumpkins
9/19/11 Pumpkin Napkin Rings Linda Peterson Pumpkins
9/19/11 Pumpkin Photo Holder Linda Peterson Pumpkins
9/12/11 Eggshell Mosaic Pendant EcoHeidi Borchers Girlfriend
9/12/11 Polymer Clay Tiled Chocolate Box Candace Jedrowicz Girlfriend
9/12/11 Dragonfly Trinket Box Tiffany Windsor Girlfriend
9/5/11 Yarn Vase EcoHeidi Borchers Redecorate
9/5/11 Kitschy Clock Candace Jedrowicz Redecorate
9/5/11 Reverse Painted Floral in Frame Tiffany Windsor Redecorate
August 2011
8/29/11 Embossed Cereal Box Frame EcoHeidi Borchers Something from Nothing
8/29/11 Reverse Painted Water Bottle Necklace EcoHeidi Borchers Something from Nothing
8/29/11 Soda Can Lightcatcher Candace Jedrowicz Something from Nothing
8/29/11 Bottle Cap Fairy Doll EcoHeidi Borchers Something from Nothing
8/22/11 Ladybug Dot Cup Tiffany Windsor Picnic
8/22/11 Wired Picnic Utensils Candace Jedrowicz Picnic
8/22/11 Bottle Cap Ladybug EcoHeidi Borchers Picnic
8/15/11 Pencil Box Look of Copper Enamel Heidi Borchers Back to School
8/15/11 Book Cover from PJ’s Candace Jedrowicz Back to School
8/15/11 Graffiti T-shirt Tiffany Windsor Back to School
8/8/11 Fall Keepsake Shadow Box Linda Peterson Fall Ideas
8/8/11 Fall Acorn Pendant Linda Peterson Fall Ideas
8/8/11 Sunflower Mixed Media Art Canvas Linda Peterson Fall Ideas
8/1/11 Mixed Message Love Screen EcoHeidi Borchers Mixed Media
8/1/11 Hope Springs Eternal Kinetic Construction Candace Jedrowicz Mixed Media
8/1/11 Thanks a Bunch Tin Tiffany Windsor Mixed Media
July 2011
7/26/11 Glam It Up Dog Paw Tiffany Windsor Pets
7/26/11 Mosaic Dog Frame Featuring Cool2Cast Heidi Borchers Pets
7/26/11 Personalized Pet Mosaic Plaque Candace Jedroiwcz Pets
7/19/11 Coffee Cup Tool Caddy Candace Jedrowicz EcoHeidi TV
7/19/11 Mini Frames from Cool2Cast Heidi Borchers EcoHeidi TV
7/19/11 QTip Dolls Heidi Borchers EcoHeidi TV
7/19/11 Water Bottle Cap Bugs Heidi Borchers EcoHeidi TV
7/12/11 Fabric Eco Journal Heidi Borchers Fabric
7/12/11 Fabric Mail Art Candace Jedrowicz Fabric
7/12/11 Jewelry Pouch Featuring Tulip Beads in a Bottle Tiffany Windsor Fabric
7/5/11 COOL Tee Tiffany Windsor Sparkle & Glitter
7/5/11 Glitter and Glue Floral Necklace Heidi Borchers Sparkle & Glitter
7/5/11 Soda Can Sparkle Fairy Candace Jedrowicz Sparkle & Glitter
June 2011
6/28/11 Watermelon Applique Placemats Linda Peterson Outdoor Living
6/28/11 Watermelon Painted Goblet Linda Peterson Outdoor Living
6/28/11 Watermelon Applique Napkins Linda Peterson Outdoor Living
6/28/11 Garden Glove Napkin and Utensil Holder Linda Peterson Outdoor Living
6/21/11 Pamper Me Jar Heidi Borchers Pamper Yourself
6/21/11 Pamper Me Bath Salts Tiffany Windsor Pamper Yourself
6/21/11 Pamper Yourself Tea and Lavender Shortbread Cookies Candace Jedrowicz Pamper Yourself
6/14/11  Nine Shells Plaque Tiffany Windsor Beach
6/14/11 Water Bottle Beach Necklace Heidi Borchers Beach
6/14/11 Shrink Plastic Beach Glass Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Beach
6/7/11 Macaroni and Pasta Art Box Heidi Borchers Fun with Food
6/7/11 Aleene’s Bread Dough Alphabet Letters Heidi Borchers Fun with Food
6/7/11 Tootsie Roll Cheeseburger Sculpture Candace Jedrowicz Fun with Food
6/7/11 Hand-Dyed Ribbon Flower Tiffany Windsor Paint it Up
6/7/11 Handpainted Tissue Art Box Heidi Borchers Paint it Up
6/7/11 Earthenware Heart Pendant  Candace Jedrowicz Paint it Up
May 2011
5/31/11 Pocket Pals  Tiffany Windsor Kids
5/31/11 Handmade Fabric Book  Candace Jedrowicz Kids
5/31/11 EcoCool Froggie Bank  Heidi Borchers Kids
5/24/11 Garden Tea Light Lantern  Linda Peterson Garden Inspirations
5/24/11 Chalk paint garden Pots  Tiffany Windsor Garden Inspirations
5/24/11 Vintage Rose Garden Ring  Linda Peterson Garden Inspirations
5/24/11 Friendship Garden Basket  Linda Peterson  Garden Inspirations
5/17/11 Dream Mosaic on a Rock  Heidi Borchers  Dream
5/17/11 Handmade Dream Journal  Candace Jedrowicz  Dream
5/17/11 Dragonfly Dreams Cool2Cast Dreams Journal Heidi Borchers  Dream
5/10/11 Water Bottle Nest with Polymer Clay Peepers Candace Jedrowicz
5/10/11 Bread Dough Rose and Vintage Button Necklace Heidi Borchers
5/10/11 Butterfly and Bloom Art Box Tiffany Windsor
5/9/11 Inspired at Home – The Dream Episode  Dream
5/3/11 Glue Bottle Muse Heidi Borchers  Eco
5/3/11 Plastic Bottle Bird House Heidi Borchers  Eco
5/3/11 Water Bottle Necklace and Square Pendant Heidi Borchers  Eco
April 2011
4/26/11 Tea Light Floral Frame Tiffany Windsor
4/26/11 Plastic Cup Chicken Noisemaker Heidi Borchers
4/25/11 EcoHeidi TV Creative Recycling Heidi Borchers  Recycle Art
4/19/11 Water Bottle and Paper Bracelets Heidi Borchers
4/19/11 Swirly Girl Wire Wrapped Pendant Candace Jedrowicz
4/18/11 Cool2Craft Creativity Episode  Creativity
4/12/11 Wedding Keepsake Pens Linda Peterson  Wedding
4/12/11 Magnolia Floral Centerpiece Linda Peterson  Wedding
4/12/11 Button Candle Favors Linda Peterson  Wedding
4/12/11 Cup Cake Die Wedding Dress Eileen Hull  Wedding
4/12/11 Wedding Keepsake Tag Linda Peterson  Wedding
4/12/11  Vintage Inspired Drop Dangle Earrings Linda Peterson  Wedding
4/11/11 The Jewelry Episode Cool2Craft TV  Jewelry
4/5/11 Natural Easter Egg Dyes Tiffany Windsor  Easter
4/5/11  A Tisket, a Tasket, a Cute Little Easter Baskit Eileen Hull  Easter
4/5/11 Polymer Clay Chocolate Easter Egg Box Candace Jedrowicz  Easter
4/5/11 Plastic Spoon Easter Egg Card Heidi Borchers  Easter
March 2011
3/29/11 Grandma’s Wild West Adventure Candace Jedrowicz
3/29/11 Farm Pig from Cloud Clay Linda Peterson
3/28/11 Inspired at Home Easter EGG-isode Tiffany Windsor Easter
3/28/11 Tattooed Easter Egg Terri O Easter
3/22/11 Plastic Water Bottle Cap Snake Heidi Borchers Eco
3/22/11 Buy Local First: A Souvenir Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz Eco
3/22/11 Cereal Box Mosaic Coasters Heidi Borchers Eco
3/22/11 Eco Tic Tac Toe Heidi Borchers Eco
3/15/11 Eggshell Mosaic Bracelet Tiffany Windsor
3/15/11 Look of Forged Metal Box Heidi Borchers
3/15/11 Daisy de la Flora Clutch Bag Kathy Cano-Murillo
3/15/11 Vintage Button Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz
3/14/11 EcoHeidi TV Heidi Borchers Recycle Art
3/13/11 Mosaic Wedding Frame Heidi Borchers
3/8/11 Paper Flower and Button Frame Tiffany Windsor
3/8/11 Origami Boxes Candace Jedrowicz
3/8/11 Copper Paper Oval Necklace Julianna Hudgins
3/7/11 Cool2Craft Vintage Inspired Episode Tiffany Windsor Vintage
3/5/11 Hope I’m Not Bugging You Card Coleen Schaan
3/5/11 Spring in Bloom Headband Julianna Hudgins
3/2/11 Inspirations by Julianna – Havin’ Fun Julianna Hudgins
3/1/11  A Breath of Spring Box Eileen Hull Flowers
3/1/11 Steampunk Floral Brooch Samantha Star Flowers
3/1/11 Button Flowers EcoHeidi Borchers Flowers
3/1/11 Bloomin’ Pen Set Linda Peterson Flowers
3/1/11 Vintage Keepsake Jar Linda Peterson
February 2011
2/20/11 Recycled Greeting Card Heart Basket EcoHeidi Borchers Love
2/20/11 Super Simple Heart Mosaic EcoHeidi Borchers Love
2/20/11 Textured Heart Art Tiffany Windsor Love
2/2011 These are Not My Favorite Pajamas, Mom Candace Jedrowicz Love
2/14/11 Inspired at Home  – Love Episode
2/14/11 Joy Chocolate Box Candace Jedrowicz Valentines
2/14/11 XOX Hugs and Kisses Box Rebecca Parsons Valentines
2/8/11 Be Mine Valentine Canvas Samantha Star Valentines
2/7/11 Heavenly Lavender Scented Tea Forte Angel EcoHeidi Borchers Eco Art
2/7/11 Silly Soda Can Magnets EcoHeidi Borchers Eco Art
2/7/11 Silk Flower Art Canvas EcoHeidi Borchers Eco Art
2/7/11 Water Bottle Jewelry EcoHeidi Borchers Eco Art
2/7/11 Tin Can Gifters EcoHeidi Borchers Eco Art
2/6/11 Mark Montano at CHA Winter 2011 Mark Mantano CHA
2/6/11 Suede at CHA Winter 2011 Suede Says CHA
2/6/11 Amy Barickman at CHA Winter 2011 Amy Barickman CHA
2/6/11 Suzzane McNeill at CHA Winter 2011 Suzanne McNeill CHA
2/6/11 Mike Assile for Beacon Adhesives at CHA Winter 2011 Beacon Adhesives CHA
2/6/11 Ken Oliver at CHA Winter 2011 Ken Oliver CHA
2/6/11 Lisa Fulmer for C&T Publishing C&T Publishing CHA
2/5/11 Elizabeth Allen from Penny Black at Cha Winer 2011 Penny Black CHA
2/5/11 Marisa Pawelko for Westcott at CHA Winter 2011 Westcott CHA
2/5/11 Tracy Weinzapfel-Helmar at CHA Winter 2011 Tracy Weinzepful-Helmer CHA
2/5/11 Heartfelt Creations at CHA Winter2011 Heartfelt Creations CHA
2/5/11 Spellbinders at CHA Winter 2011 Spellbinders CHA
2/5/11 SRM Stickers at CHA Winter 2011 SRM Stickers CHA
2/511 Petaloo at CHA  Winter 2011 Petaloo CHA
January 2011
1/27/11 Daily Inspirational Jounal Ken Oliver
1/25/11 Feel Good Pamper me Pillow YouTube video tutorial Linda Peterson
1/25/11 Warm and Fuzzy Glass Etching Linda Peterson
1/17/11 I Appreciate U Wall Hanging Elizabeth Diamond Gratitude
1/17/11 Grateful Mosaic Wall Plaque
EcoHeidi Borchers
1/17/11 Winter Gratitude Tea Candace Liccione Gratitude
1/17/11 Grateful Tile Wall Plaque EcoHeidi Borchers Gratitude
1/17/11 Gratitude Spiral Polymer Clay Cane Candace Jedrowicz Gratitude
1/10/11 Challenge Heidi Soda Can Art EcoHeidi Borchers Quick & Easy
1/3/11 Quick and Easy Gift Wrap Pin EcoHeidi Borchers Quick & Easy
1/3/11 5 Minute Polymer Clay and Bead Earrings Candace Jedrowicz Quick & Easy
1/3/11 Quick and Easy Glitter Votive Ann Butler Quick & Easy
1/3/11 Guest Towel Cup Cakes Eileen Hull Quick & Easy
December 2010
12/31/10 2011: A Year in Preview Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/30/10 Burnt Brown Can Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/29/10 Shimmering Polymer Clay Tiled Frame Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/28/10 Polymer Clay Stained Glass Pendant Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/2710 Friendly Plastic Vintage Grunge Brooch Linda Peterson  Jewelry
12/27/10 Water Bottle Fish Necklace EcoHeidi Borchers  Jewelry
12/27/10 Easy and Elegant Cupcakes Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/26/10 Meander Barrette Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/25/10 Edible Bracelets Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/24/10 Basic Cake Decorating Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/23/10 Winter Ice Barrette Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/22/10 Peripheral Beads Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/21/10 The Tempered Empress Chocolate Box Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/20/10 Look of Copper Enamel Earrings Tiffany Windsor Jewelry
12/20/10 Recycled Snow Globe With Snowman Samantha Star Winter
12/20/10 Spirit Balls EcoHeidi Borchers Winter
12/20/10 Chocolate Chip Cookie Barrette Video Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/19/10 Iridescent Polymer Clay Tiles  Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/18/10  Sun Stone Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/17/10 Just Desserts Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz
12/16/10  Blending with Copic Markers Samantha Star
12/16/10 Aleene’s Vintage Eggshell Mosaic EcoHeidi Borchers
12/16/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 7 – Treat bag Toppers Tiffany Windsor
12/16/10 Deva Collage Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/15/10 Angel Kisses Prescription Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/14/10 Polymer Clay Snowman Linda Peterson Christmas
12/14/10 Coffee Mate Santa EcoHeidi Borchers Christmas
12/14/10 Coffee Filter Flowers Samantha Star
12/14/10 Heart of Joy Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/13/10 Electric Coffee Pot Drawing Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/12/10 Java Beads Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/11/10 Holiday Coffee Cup Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/10/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 6 – Color Me happy Tiffany Windsor
12/10/10 Twinchie Photo Cube Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/9/10 Recycled Vintage-esque Ornament Andrea Currie Christmas
12/9/10 Brown Bag Angel and Star Garland Eco Heidi Borchers  Christmas
12/9/10 Photo Tea Cup Ornament Video Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/9/10 Embossed Tea Card Tiffany Windsor
12/9/10 Snow Globe Ornament Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/7/10 Last Minute Holiday Cookies Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/6/10 Rigid Wrap Heart on Canvas EcoHeidi Borchers
12/6/10 Frankincense and Myrrh Gift Box Tiffany Windsor
12/6/10 Potato Stamping Video Candace Jedrowicz
12/6/10 3D Ornament  Samantha Star
12/6/10 Potato Stamping Tutorial Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/5/10 Burnt Brown Bag Book Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/4/10 Holiday Tree Earrings Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/3/10 Holiday Cookie House Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/2/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 5 – Tea Time Gift Card Tiffany Windsor
12/2/10 A New Look for Old Pillows Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/1/10 Polymer Clay Christmas Candy Candace Jedrowicz  31 Days of Creativity
12/2/10 Embossed Resin Jewelry Shapes Tiffany Windsor
12/2/10 Faux Mosaic EcoHeidi Borchers
12/2/10 Fleece Flowers Ann Butler
12/2/10 Cork Tree Ornament Andrea Currie
November 2010
11/30/10 Polymer Clay Doughnut Beads Candace Jedrowicz
11/29/10 Jingle Block Ornaments Lisa Fulmer
11/29/10 Shabby Chic Grunge Burned Glue Frame Tiffany Windsor
11/29/10 Look of Embossing Glass Ornaments EcoHeidi Borchers
11/29/10 Friendly Plastic Wine Glass Charms Linda Peterson
11/25/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 4 -Imagine Inspire Frame Tiffany Windsor
11/22/10 Sugar Scrub Gift Jars Tiffany Windsor
11/22/10 Polymer Clay Rattlesnake Beads Linda Peterson
11/22/10 Tassel  Angel EcoHeidi Borchers
11/21/10 Origami Snowflakes Candace Jedrowicz
11/21/10 Dollar Store Tinsel Bowl Andrea Currie
11/18/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 3 – Scrub a Dub Sugar Scrub Tiffany Windsor
11/15/10 Treasure Trinket Box Tiffany Windsor
11/15/10  Cool2Cast Eco Rings EcoHeidi Borchers
11/15/10 Friendly Plastic Layered Pendant Linda Peterson
11/15/10 Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card Candace Jedrowicz
11/11/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 2 – Intetion Box Tiffany Windsor
11/9/10 Polymer Clay Peppermint Candy Beads Candace Jedrowicz
11/9/10 Starbucks Coffee Cup Rose EcoHeidi Borchers
11/9/10 Wooden Snowman Pin Ann Butler
11/4/10 Sizzix Blog Hop Week 1 – Magic Cottage Tiffany Windsor
11/1/10 Old World Copper Earrings Linda Peterson
11/1/10 Look of Embossing with Hot Glue EcoHeidi Borchers
October 2010
10/29/10 Stamped Fall Journal Tiffany Windsor
10/29/10 Smashed Soda Can Cat EcoHeidi Borchers
10/29/10 Paper Quilting Lisa Fulmer
10/25/10 Friendly Plastic Dichroic Linda Peterson
10/25/10 Paper Towel Flowers Ann Butler
10/25/10 Cool2Jewel Resin Shapes Bracelet Tiffany Windsor
10/25/10 Look of Tie Dye with Rit Dye EcoHeidi Borchers
10/18/10 Embossed Brown Bag Birds Tiffany Windsor
10/18/10 Stiffened Crochet Doily Bowl Video EcoHeidi Borchers
10/15/10 Ecobellishment Journal Tiffany Windsor
10/11/10 Embossing on Aleene’s Look of Metal Burnt Brown Technique Tiffany Windsor
10/11/10 Peachy Keen Stamp Embellishments Kathy Jacopovich
10/11/10 Window Screen Bracelets EcoHeidi Borchers
10/11/10 Airbrushing with Copic Markers on Mini Floral Canvas Samantha Star
10/11/10 Polymer Clay Candy Corn Bracelet Candace Jedrowicz
10/5/10 Stenciling with Texture Paste Tiffany Windsor
10/5/10 Glitter and Crackle Charm Samantha Star
September 2010
9/27/10 Serendipity Paper Ann Butler
9/27/10 Sizzix Texture Boutique Santa Bingo Card Tiffany Windsor
9/27/10 Aleene’s Burnt Brown Bag Technique EcoHeidi Borchers
9/24/10 Needle Felted Millefiore Beads Lisa Fulmer
9/22/10 EcoTic Tac Toe EcoHeidi Borchers
9/21/10 Courage Affirmation Plaque Elizabeth Diamond
9/21/10 Crown Cupcake Sleeves Candace Jedrowicz
9/21/10 Mini Bound Book Samantha Star
9/21/10 Cool2Cast Plaster Trinkets EcoHeidi Borchers
9/12/10 Stiffened Crochet Doily Dessert Bowl EcoHeidi Borchers
9/5/10 Tea Light Napkin Rings Tiffany Windsor