Linking Up with The Chainmaille Lady

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Lauren the Chainmaille Lady is a fabulous artist, author and Beadalon Design Team member.  Her work is dazzling in its complexity and design.  Be honest now – haven’t you always wondered what it was all about?

IMG 2505 e1343263937976 Linking Up with The Chainmaille Lady

This is Lauren’s first bracelet – it’s a Japanese 12-in-2 design

I asked Lauren how she got started in chainmaille.  Here’s what she said:

It all happened one day while I was watching a Jewelry Making TV show.  I saw a gal making what I thought was the most beautiful bracelet I had ever seen! (The weave is known as the Japanese 12-in-2).  You see I came from a needlepoint background.  I would cross stitch, do some Swedish weaving, and Danish Hardanger and the bracelet reminded me of the lacy effect that you get in needlepoint.  Well, I just had to learn how to make that bracelet so I went to the gals website ordered both of her DVD’s and I have been hooked ever since.

For the first year my husband and I sold my jewelry at the local Farmer’s Market. People would tell me that I needed to sell at larger venues.  So we decided to make a huge investment and buy a booth at the Pasadena Bead & Design Show.  Soon we were selling exclusively at the Bead Show.  In 2008 I opened my Etsy shop 

DSC03112 300x258 Linking Up with The Chainmaille Lady

The Dragonscale Bracelet

In 2010 I was invited as one of 8 artists to demonstrate and sell my stuff at CHA (the Craft & Hobby Association).  It was at this show that I met the wonderful people of Beadalon®.  My partnership with Beadalon® has been fantastic!!  They have published two of my booklets on chainmaille and also produced my two latest creations the Snub Nose pliers and The ChainMaille Lady™ Travel Kit.I have been approached by Kalbaugh Publishing to write a book on chainmaille.  The book is due to be released October 2013.

Small Celtic Star Earrigs 300x254 Linking Up with The Chainmaille Lady

These are small Celtic Star Earrings

Lauren talked a little about chain maille:

Chainmaille, also referred to as maille first appeared around 300 B.C. and is a type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh.  Maille continues to be used in the 21st century as a component of stab-resistant body armor, cut-resistant gloves for butchers and woodworkers, shark-resistant wetsuits for defense against shark bites, and a number of other applications including jewelry.

Purple Haze 285x300 Linking Up with The Chainmaille Lady

The Purple Haze Necklace

I asked Lauren to tell us what inspires her:

Just about everything inspires me.  When I need to really get inspired I look through jewelry magazines and I look on line and usually something will come to me. Shapes and patterns inspire me.  I like to look at geometric shapes and angles and design jewelry around those. One other thing, I must chainmaille every day!  I’ve written two booklets, “Basics of Chain Maille” and “Advanced Chain Maille”.  I have my own line of “Snub Nose Pliers” as well as “The Chainmaille Lady™ Travel Kit”.

Purple People Eater 210x300 Linking Up with The Chainmaille Lady

The Purple People Eater Necklace

Who is The Chainmaille Lady?

My alter ego is The ChainMaille Lady™.  I am honored to be a member of the Beadalon® Design Team. I’ve made several appearances on Jewelry Television’s show “Jewel School”. My designs have been published several magazines including “Step By Step Wire Jewelry”.  I have been a guest on the popular jewelry TV show “Beads, Baubles & Jewels”.

You can Find Lauren here:

Thank you so much, Lauren!  I just loved having a peek into your amazing world!

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  1. Awesome! Love all the pieces – they are fantastic!

  2. Thank you so much Candace!! I am truly honored!!

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