Natural Easter Egg Dyes by Tiffany Windsor

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs by Tiffany Windsor - Hero

Create beautiful Easter eggs with the help of Mother Nature. Designed by Tiffany Windsor, this collection is dyed with onion skins, blueberries, turmeric, beets, red cabbage and more. Featured on Inspired at Home TV and Cool2Craft FaveCrafts newsletter.

Watch Tiffany’s Natural Easter Egg Dyes YouTube video tutorial here!


Eggs (white eggshells preferred)


Pans (for boiling eggs and for simmering dyes)

Vegetables, herbs, berries (I used beets, blueberries, onion skins, turmeric, red cabbage, alkanet)

Kitchen string, rubber bands, stickers and other materials for embellishing eggs

Easter grass, Easter basket or small clay pots for display

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Natural Turmeric Dyed Easter Egg by Tiffany WindsorNatural Beet Dyed Easter Egg by Tiffany WindsorBoil eggs for 15 minutes. Let cool to room temperature or place in refrigerator overnight.

Prepare dye according to instructions by simmering your veggies, herbs or berries. Let cool and pour into dipping bowls. Remember that you will want the bowl deep enough to immerse entire egg.

Decorate eggs with string or stickers or rubber bands.


Place decorated eggs into dye baths for several hours or until desired color is achieved.  Remove from dye bath and let set on paper towel. Do not rub excess dye as you may remove more color than desired. (Although a cool looking technique is todab with paper towel or plastic wrap to create interesting textured design.)

Turmeric Easter Egg by Tiffany Windsor

Carefully remove decorations to reveal design. Let eggs dry completely and display in basket filled with Easter grass or tiny clay pots.

To create this layered color effect, pour a small amount of dye into the bottom of  a bowl. Place egg into dye bath. Rotate egg 1/4 turn every hour to create color layers.

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs by Tiffany Windsor


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