Plastic Water Bottle and Paper Bracelets by EcoHeidi Borchers

Plastic Water Bottle and Paper Bracelets by EcoHeidi Borchers - Hero

No one does recycled water bottle bracelets like EcoHeidi Borchers, but these beauties are over-the-moon fabulous!  EcoHeidi crafted these super chic bracelets from plastic water bottles, scrapbook paper and metallic foil tape and she’s sharing her easy-to-follow instructions with you. We know you’ll want to make dozens of them when you see how much fun they are to make!  As seen on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Water Bottle and Paper Bracelet YouTube video tutorial!

Plastic water bottles with smooth sides with sticker/labels removed (I used Smart Water, also larger sizes of Aquafina have smooth sides)
Sticker removal product (like UnDo or GooGone)
Paper- scrapbooking, collage, or any decorative paper
Copper foiling tape – ¼” wide-self adhesive – silver or any color
Masking tape – whatever width you want bracelet

Remove the labels or the stickiness with a sticker removal product.To measure and cut the plastic water bottles, place the masking tape evenly around the bottle.

Each ring of masking tape is a bracelet.

Cut the bracelets apart using a craft knife.
Trim the edges of the plastic to the edge of the tape with scissors.
For each paper bracelet you will need 2 rings of the plastic water bottle, cut to the same width.Cut one of the rings open.
Cut a strip of paper the same width and slightly longer than the plastic water bottle rings.
Sandwich the paper in between the two plastic water bottle rings. (Lightly glue ends of paper together if helpful.)
Measure and cut two pieces of the foil tape to go around the bracelet plus ¼”.  Remove a small length of paper backing at a time.Line up the foil tape centered on one outer edge of the plastic bracelet.
Press to secure the tape all the way around the plastic bracelet.Carefully push the other edge of the tape over the bracelet edge to the back or inside of the bracelet.
Push with your fingers to  smooth the tape on the inside of the bracelet the best you can.
Then use a pencil to press over the edges of the foil tape.
Repeat with the other side, centering the tape on the edge of the plastic bracelet.  Push the tape to the inside of the bracelet.
Here’s the finished bracelet.  Visually, it’s more important for the outer edge of the tape to be smooth, but the inside should be as smooth as possible for comfort.


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