Steampunk Angel Door Hanger by Lisa Fulmer

Steampunk Angel Door Hanger by Lisa Fulmer

Here’s a super cool way to add decor to your door! I’ll show you how to decorate a wood door hanger to create a steampunk-ish angel design. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch my Steampunk Angel Door Hanger YouTube video tutorial!


Unfinished wood door hanger
White gesso
Silver metallic paint
Sand texture medium
Pink glitter paint
Paint brush and palette knife
Fabric and ribbon
Beads to match
Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue
Tulip Glitter Fabric Spray Paint – Glistening Gold
Tim Holtz metal charms – crown and wings
Mini washers and corner accents
Self-adhesive rhinestones
2-3 feet of thin gauge wire, coiled into circles
Wire snippers and round-nose beading pliers

1. Gently sand any rough edges and front of the doorhanger. Paint one coat of white gesso on the front and allow to dry.

2. Paint one coat of metallic silver and allow to dry.

3. Blend a little silver paint into some sand texture medium and spread all over the front with a palette knife to give the doorhanger surface a nice texture and allow to dry.

4. Brush a thin coat of pink glitter paint on top and allow to dry.

5. Trim a diamond shape from your fabric, spritz with the glitter fabric spray paint and allow to dry.

6. Glue the fabric diamond, metal charms, corner accents, mini washers, and rhinestones in position on the doorhanger – the hole for the doorknob is the angel’s “head.”

7. Take your coiled circles of wire, with the two ends of the wire together at the top, and pull the coil into a football shape. Twist each end of wire around the coils to secure. Spread the coils apart like petals of a flower to create the angels tutu skirt.

8. Snip one wire petal in half and thread a few beads on to each end. Use a pair of round-nose pliers to wrap the ends of each wire into little spirals to keep the beads in place.

9. Tie a small length of ribbon around the wire ends to hide them, then tie another longer length of ribbon around that into a bow. Glue the tutu to the doorhanger and wrap the ends of the longer ribbon like a belt around the angel’s “waist” and glue the ends to the back of the doorhanger.

10. If desired, trace the shape of the doorhanger on to a piece of cardstock and cut out inside the lines, then glue the cardstock to the back side of the doorhanger to finish it off.

11. Cut your favorite face into a circle (a rubber stamp, a picture of yourself or your child) to fit your doorknob and tape it on, then hang your angel on the door.

Steampunk Door Hanger - Lisa Fulmer P


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