Burnt Brown Bag Butterfly Box by EcoHeidi Borchers

10-10-11 Heidi BBB Butterfly Box(1)

10-10-11 Heidi BBB Butterfly Box(1)

EcoHeidi Borchers is burning up the craft world with a Burnt Brown Bag Box.  You’ll love the look of this Vintage Momma Aleene’s technique using Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue!  Featured on EcoHeidi TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s super cool Burnt Brown Bag Butterfly Box YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (the only glue we recommended for this technique)
Brown bag
Cardboard- small piece to use as a squeegee
Wire – 18 gauge- approximately 8” long
Candle and matches
Rub n Buff- Gold

For box:

Paper mache box – 2-½” x 2-½”
Flat glass marbles- 4 – (for feet)
Rub n Buff- Bronze
Wire- 24 gauge gold
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters

Draw pattern onto the inside of the brown bag with pencil.
Squeegee glue to the inside of the brown bag.
Place piece of 18 gauge wire into the glue.
Press the two thicknesses together and line up the wire with the body of the butterfly.
Let glue dry. Cut out along pencil line.
Place glue onto the butterfly shape. You will be burning wet glue, do not let the glue dry.
Place the butterfly shape with the wet glue into the top of the candle flame. NOTE: use standard precautions when burning the glue including good air ventilation, and keep a bowl of water handy should the brown bag become ignited.
Keep the butterfly shape with the wet glue rotating in the candle flame. Continue to turn it over to check progress. The burning of the glue will cause the glue to turn black and “sooty”.
Continue until the entire butterfly is black. Let dry. (You may then repeat process for the reverse side of the butterfly.) After butterfly is completely dry, remove the soot with a paper towel.
Lightly apply the Rub n Buff with your finger.  You do not want to cover all the black area. If you add too much, you may reapply the glue and repeat the above steps.
Repeat the process with the box.  Twist the attached wire on the butterfly on a pencil. Make a small hole at the top center of the box, insert the end of the wire into glue, then into hole. If desired, make antenna from wire and glue in place on butterfly. Let glue dry.

Cool2Craft TV – The Creativity Episode

Cool2Craft TV - The Creativity Episode

Cool2Craft TV - The Creativity Episode

Tiffany Windsor and her creative girlfriends share how to make a few of their favorite creative projects. EcoHeidi transforms a plastic cup and fabric into a chicken noisemaker, Candace Jedrowicz demonstrates how to make a Creative Jam Jar featuring shrink plastic tokens and a polymer clay label and Tiffany creates a fabulously floral frame from tea lights and creates burned glue rings on on Cool2Cast to create the look of fused glass.

Watch The Cool2Craft TV Creativity Episode

December Creative Play Day 5: Burnt Brown Bag Book by Candace Jedrowicz

Burnt Brown Bag Book by Candace Jedrowicz

Burnt Brown Bag Book by Candace Jedrowicz
The Cool2Craft Creative Play theme for December is “Give Yourself a Gift.” You give to everyone else during the holidays and all year long. Time to give yourself a treat! Make something, go somewhere, do something that’s just for you and photograph it! Then share it with us – post it on the Cool2Craft Creative Play blog on the Hive. Anything goes! I’m going to run with this theme and craft every day in December. I’ll be posting tutorials and videos as well as making some kits available at the Marketplace. Join me on Cool2Craft for 31 days of blissful, healing, creative play and give yourself the gift of play, too! [Candace J.]

I have type 2 diabetes.  In the past six months I’ve worked hard to get healthy.  I walk early in the morning, I watch what I eat, etc.  I actually look forward to jumping out of bed and on the scale, then checking my sugar level.  I wanted to make myself a book to keep my weight and sugar levels in.  (I’d be happy to send the record pages to anyone who wants to make their own blood sugar record book – just email me .)

I LOVE Aleene’s Burnt Brown Bag technique (there are several video demos on Youtube done by the Creativity Sisters – check them out!), so here’s what I did:

Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - Supplies I gathered up a bunch of things I’d need:

A paper grocery bag

Aleene’s Tacky Glue ( I used Quick Dry)

Two pieces of 5”x5” cardboard and a ¼”x5” piece for the spine

A sponge brush


Metallic inks, Rub and Buff metallic colors


A heat tool

A candle  and lighter

A bone folder

Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 1 1.       Cut three layers of paper bag larger than the cardboard book cover will be with layers of glue between them.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 2 2.       Paint a layer of glue on the top layer of bag, place the cardboard in position and cut the corners for folding.  Fold the edges over and burnish with the bone folder.  Cut one piece of paper bag to fit on the inside of the cover and glue it in place.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 3 3.       Take care to burnish the spaces on the sides of the spine.  Let dry.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 4 4.       Spread one half of the inside with glue and, while the glue is wet, pass it over the candle flame.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 5 5.        It will sizzle and bubble and pop and turn black.  That’s what you want it to do.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 6 6.       When it’s cool, use a paper towel or wet wipe to remove the soot.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 7 7.       The surface already has a lovely sheen, but I like colors in layers, so I start by rubbing a copper colored ink pad over the whole thing.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 8 8.       The copper Rub and Buff is a slightly lighter color, so I skim it over the surface with my fingers.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 9 9.       I chose my favorite stamps and added some silver and gold accents.  I’m sure you have favorite stamps that would look awesome on this surface!
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 10 10.   If you use inks that require heat setting, do that now and when it’s cool give it a coat of matte sealer
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 11 11.   Whatever your pages will be, you’ll want to measure your cover and take a ½” off each edge for the paper measurement.  Make two holes about an inch and a half from the ends.
Burnt Brown Book by Candace Jedrowicz - 12 12.   Center the paper in the cove and mark where the holes will be on the spine.
Burnt Brown Bag Book by Candace Jedrowicz -Finished Open 13.   I attached my pages by threading a wire through the holes and wrapping it twice.  Then I tied a piece of yarn to the wire and added a charm on the end for a book mark.

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop: Week 4 – Imagine Inspire Frame

Imagine Inspire Frame by Tiffany Windsor

Imagien Inspire Frame by Tiffany Windsor

Let’s get grungy!  Each week when I open my goodie bag for the Sizzix Triple Play Blog hop I have no idea what idea will burst forward. This week’s project features the Sizzix ScoreBoards Pro Die – Frame & Frame Back with Stand #656835 by Eileen Hull which comes with lots of pieces to create with. I’m sure like the rest of my creative friends, this week is filled with cooking and celebration and creative time is limited, so I decided to grab the three largest die cuts from this die and make a quick and grungy project!  I love my mother Aleene’s vintage technique of burnt brown bag and decided to try it on the die cut mat board. For those of you who are familiar with this technique, you know that you apply a medium coat of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (in the gold bottle) to the surface and then use a candle to burn the glue. You usually get a very black and sooty, textured and leather-like effect. But when I grabbed a wet wipe instead of a paper towel to remove the soot, it revealed the white matboard underneath so I wiped away in some areas more than others to create a mottled effect. I’m calling it my shabby chic grungy technique!

If you would like to learn the traditional technique of Aleene’s Burnt Brown Bag - check out this video clip and then Imagine Inspired Frame Flower Close Up by Tiffany Windsorremember to get my effect, just use a wet wipe instead of a paper towel. Super cool!

The lavender focal flower is created from Heidi’s Plaster Trinkets Vintage Collection and I glued a silver IMAGINE charm at the bottom of the frame.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving Day filled with love, gratitude, inspiration and imagination!

Now get back to hopping to see all the other cool projects in today’s blog hop by clicking the Hop Forward button in the right column!

Imagine Inspire Frame by Tiffany Windsor