Funky Felt Crow by Candace Jedrowicz

Funky Felt Crow by Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

9-24-2012 Funky Felt Crows by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace  Jedrowicz found a super cute felt chick tutorial on and went mad for it!  The tiny chicks with wire feet were dancing in Riverdance style, doing the Can Can and, yes, even doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance.  The Funky Felt Crows were aching to born so they could join in the fun!  Candace obliged and here they are!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Felt Crow YouTube video tutorial


Pattern from Myrtle and Eunice – The link is directly below the Can Can chicks
Felt – black and gold
Black thread
Sewing scissors
Polyester fiber stuffing
Beads – 2 black for the eyes
Narrow needle
Seed beads – optional
Wire for the feet – the size depends on the size bird you make.

1. Print out the pattern – enlarge if desired.

2. Cut the felt pattern pieces.

3. Begin sewing the two body pieces together just below where the face will be( as indicated on the pattern) and blanket stitch toward the tail (I demonstrate the blanket stitch in the video).

4. Just below the tail (where indicated on the pattern), add the gusset between the body pieces sewing down one side and and then the other and leave the tail open.

5. Stuff the body until the seams flatten out and the bird is plump.

6. Sew the tail closed.

7. Tack the wings and beak on with a few stitches.

8. Add the eye beads and stitch in place.

9. To add feet, cut as long a wire as you can and thread the wire though one seam and out the other side seam.

10. Bend the wire down and make oblong loops for the talons – one toward the back and 2 or 3 toward the front.

11. Trim off the excess wire.

12. Add bead embroidery if desired – using a beading needle, pick up 6 beads at a time. Anchor them by pulling needle and thread through the fabric and come up behind the last three beads. Thread the needle through those 3 beads and pick up 6 more.  It’s like a back stitch with beads.

Birds Nest Collage by Linda Peterson

Birds Nest Collage by Linda Peterson

Birds Nest Collage by Linda Peterson

In this project, Linda uses flea market finds to create a hanging collage.  Have a search around your house to see what items you can give a little makeover to – or have fun treasure hunting at your local flea market.  Featured on Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Bird’s Nest Collage YouTube video tutorial!

Linda’s note:  I used a chicken wire heart basket that I had left over from a previous project.  You could also use a small bird cage, or you could collage the elements into a shadow box.  Be creative and think outside the box!


Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Basket or small birdcage or shadow box
Small bird
Paper flowers
Cheese cloth
4 x 6 piece of cardboard
Small picture or poem
Distress ink – vintage paper
Page from old book
24” organza ribbon or other ribbon of choice
Spanish Moss
Miscellaneous embellishments of choice

Tear the top paper from the cardboard to reveal the pattern below.
Distress the edges of the poem/picture.   Glue the book page and the photo on top of the cardboard.
Glue on some cheese cloth to bottom edge.  Arrange flowers, Spanish moss,  bird and any additional elements as desired.  Glue in place.
Insert collage into frame, basket or birdcage and finish arranging.I snipped the wires on the back of the chicken wire basket to form an opening.  Twist wires together with pliers to close the hole after inserting the collage.
Tie ribbon to the top of the heart basket to hang if desired.