Cool2Cast Mini Charmed Frame


7 26 14 Ann C2C Mini 640 Cool2Cast Mini Charmed Frame

I love to create and hang little reminders around the studio that feature positive statements. This Cool2Cast mini charmed frame took an interesting journey through my design process. I first thought that I wanted to place it on a big chunk of wood but as I started working with it, I really loved the charm (pun intended) of its mini size. Blog Hop Banner Cool2Cast Ann Butler Designs 2014  Cool2Cast Mini Charmed Frame

This week I’m participating in Ann Butler’s Blog Hop so my color inspiration came from the awesome colors of Ann’s ColorBox Crafter’s Ink and the tiny print charm of her rubber stamps. When you look very closely at the stamped image I used for the background, you will find dozens of tiny hearts – an icon that I use quite often in my crafting. To find out how I created this mini treasure, check out my YouTube video.Giveaway AnnButler Cool2Cast e1406075621815 Cool2Cast Mini Charmed Frame

I also invite you to check out Ann’s Blog Hop which features her Faux Quilting stamps and Cool2Cast. I’m so excited and honored to be participating in this Hop and truly inspired by everyone’s creations!

Please check out all the links below and remember that we all love to hear your comments, so take a few moments and check in with these amazing designers.

As an added bonus, when you leave a comment on this post or any of the participating designer blogs, you’ll be automatically entered to win a great Cool2Cast giveaway including a 1# jar of Cool2Cast, jewelry molds and pre-poured pieces! Giveaway comment deadline is August 8, 2014. Leave a comment at every blog for more chances to win!


C2C Mini Charmed Frame PM e1406075482737 Cool2Cast Mini Charmed Frame




Terri Sproul’s Jewel Effects Mica Powders on Cool2Cast

Terri Sproul's Jewel Effects Mica Powder

7 14 14 Jewel Effects Mica  Terri Sprouls Jewel Effects Mica Powders on Cool2Cast

As many of you know, I am very active in the Craft and Hobby Association and I enjoy keeping in touch with my fellow creative designers and I love being able to share their ideas and products with you. Did you know that my creative friend Terri Sproul has these awesome Jewel Effects Mica Powder sets?Jewel Mixers Package Terri Sprouls Jewel Effects Mica Powders on Cool2Cast

In this set, there are 11 colors and a container of bonding agent. With names like Tanzanite, Red, Citrine, Purple, Green, Garnet – you’ll find beautiful colors that will be just perfect for your creative projects. These mica powders are non-toxic and acid free so they’re great for card making, rubber stamping, scrapbooks, polymer clay and more!

One way to achieve beautiful, deep and vibrant pearlescent effects is when you mix Terri’s Jewel Effects with 3D Crystal Lacquer. I have been a HUGE fan of this lacquer for many years and I sell it on my site but I have never tried it with mica powder.

I invite you to view my YouTube video tutorial where I show you several mixing techniques. I LOVE how the pearlescent paint brushes onto this Cool2Cast heart with dragonfly stamp. To finish off my piece, I drilled a small hole into the heart and added a custom wire hanger. Now I can hang this piece of artwork wherever I want.

Jewel Effects P Terri Sprouls Jewel Effects Mica Powders on Cool2Cast

Disclosure: Jewel Effects Mica Powders provided to me by Terri Sproul. Design and opinions are my own.


Vlog: Store and Studio Update

Vlog: Store and Studio Update 5-24-14 Cool2Craft 300

5 24 14 Vlog Store 640 Vlog: Store and Studio Update

In this YouTube video tour, Tiffany Windsor shares the progress of setting up her retail store and shares a great line-up of upcoming craft projects. She’s been busy sorting through her supplies, craft hauls and new products and dreaming up new ideas to share with you! Find out what’s in the pipeline at the Cool2Craft design studio!


Dollar Store “Outside the Frame” Artwork

12-13-13 Cool2Cast Dollar Store Outside the Frame Tiffany Windsor

12 13 13 Cool2Cast 640DSYT Dollar Store Outside the Frame Artwork

Is it time to freshen up your home decor accents? How about some easy DIY gifts for the holidays? It’s easy to create coordinating framed artwork with dollar store frames. Thinking “outside the frame”, Tiffany Windsor filled these frames with burlap and fabrics and topped them with Cool2Cast architectural accents. Pretty cool to customize for any home decor style! Click to watch Tiffany’s YouTube video tutorial for step-by-steps, hints and tips on this project!


Dollar store frames
Fabric, burlap
Large dimensional embellishments of your choice or Cool2Cast pre-poured pieces (if you are purchasing uncolored pieces, you will need alcohol ink and Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer to color your piece)
e6000 Glue

1. Remove the back from frame. Cut burlap and fabric strip to fit inside frame. Replace back on frame.

2. Glue embellishment to front of glass. Let dry completely.

3. Hang or display on tabletop.

12 9 13 Cool2Cast Frame P16 Dollar Store Outside the Frame Artwork

12 9 13 Cool2Cast Frame P26 Dollar Store Outside the Frame Artwork



Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath 300

12 9 13 Cool2Cast Holly Lea Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast takes on a festive holiday look with leaves and holly berries. Created by Tiffany Windsor using the Wilton Pumpkins and Leaves silicone mold, this wreath features vivid greens and bright berries on a ribbon wrapped foam board base. A pretty addition to your holiday decor.  For more hints, tips and techniques on this project, click to watch Tiffany’s YouTube video tutorial! For more ideas, visit the Cool2Cast website.


Cool2Cast – available in the polymer clay section at Michaels or on-line
Water and measuring cups
Wilton Pumpkins and Leaves Silicone Mold (I used 12 leaves on wreath)
Half-round Cool2Cast shapes (for holly berries and spacers)
Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Ink – Meadow, Lettuce, Cranberry
Soft bristle brush (I use kids craft brushes to apply alcohol inks)
Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer
e6000 Glue
Craft knife
Wire (for hanger)

1. Create leaves and half-rounds from Cool2Cast. (Follow package directions to mix and pour or check out the video tutorials at Let dry completely.

2. Apply Meadow and Lettuce alcohol inks to leaves directly from bottle. This will give you a very intense color. Vary the colors for shading and highlights.

3. Mix drops of Lettuce with water and brush on to 6 of the half-round spacers. Apply Cranberry directly from bottle to 6 of the half-rounds to create holly berries. Let ink dry.

4. Apply Crystal Lacquer directly from bottle to flat surface of leaves. You want a nice thick coat. Apply to berries (when working on curved surfaces, just apply with fingertip.) Set aside to dry overnight.

5. Measure, mark and cut approximate 9″ circle from foamboard. Cut approximate 3″ circle from center. (You can vary the size of your wreath depending on the look you want to create. Just lay out your leaves in different patterns to decide on size of finished wreath.)

6. Apply a dab of glue to the end of ribbon and glue to back of foam board. Begin to wrap ribbon around and around the wreath shape pulling tightly as you wrap. Cut off excess ribbon and glue end to back of wreath.

7. Arrange leaves on front of wreath, spacing to create two overlapping layers. (6 leaves on each layer).  Glue first layer to ribbon wreath.

8. Glue half-round spacers between leaves. (These spacers will help to level the second row of leaves.)

9. Apply glue to top of spacers and ends of middle leaves. Press in place to create second layer.

10. Apply glue to back of berries and glue in place. Set aside to dry.

11. To create hanger, cut 3″ strip of ribbon. Twist wire into loop, crossing wires and twisting several times. Spread wire ends perpendicular to loop. Positioning so that loop appears above ribbon edge, glue wire to back of ribbon. Glue ribbon to center top back of wreath. Let dry.

12. Display indoors.

Cool2Cast Holly Leaves P Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast Holly Leaves P2 Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath

Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath Tiffany Windsor

10 18 13 Cool2Castv3 Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath

Capture the beautiful and rich colors of fall in a colors-of-fall leaves mini wreath. Cool2Cast leaves circle a foam board wreath that is quick and easy to create. A beautiful addition to your fall wall or tabletop decor.  Watch the YouTube video tutorial – How to Make a Cool2Cast Fall Leaf Mini Wreath.10 18 13 Wreath on Wall wit Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath


Cool2Cast Leaves (watch this video tutorial on how to pour and color the leaves made with Cool2Cast, Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Wilton Pumpkin & Leaves silicone mold)
Foam board
Circle templates (one for outside dimension of wreath, and one for inside dimension) – The difference in size should leave about a 1-1/2″ – 2″ circle wreath. I just grabbed some circles in my studio – a water pitcher lid and a glass vase.
Craft knife
Ribbon (length will depend on size of wreath)
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Sheets
Non-stick Scissors
E6000 Glue

1. To create wreath shape, place largest circle template onto foam board and trace around with pencil.

2. Center smaller template and trace with pencil. Cut along both pattern lines with craft knife to create wreath shape.

3. Cut and apply a piece of Peel & Stick to end of ribbon. Remove backing paper and press end of ribbon on back of wreath. Be sure to place at an angle so that ribbon will lay flat while wrapping.

4. Continue wrapping ribbon around wreath until entire foam board is covered. Cut off excess ribbon and use Peel & Stick to hold end of ribbon in place on back of wreath.

5. Cut an approximate 6″ length of ribbon for hanger. Use Peel & Stick to hold cut ends together and another piece to glue hanger to back of wreath.

6. Arrange leaves around circle. Use E6000 to glue Cool2Cast leaves onto front of ribbon wreath. Let dry completely before hanging.

Cool2Cast Wreath P e1381798692726 Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath


Silver Leaf Fall Earrings and Ring by Savannah Starr

Silver Fall Leaf Earrings by Savannah Starr

10 16 13 Savannah Silver Le Silver Leaf Fall Earrings and Ring by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr is falling for fall! Fall leaves covered with Cool2Cast are a beautiful fashion statement for your fall wardrobe. Paint the Cool2Cast the color of your choice and finish with silver (or gold) leafing and you have a fabulous ring and earrings. Watch Savannah’s super cool Silver Leaf Earring YouTube video tutorial.


Fall silk leaves
Wax paper
Plastic zip top bag and water
Measuring cup(s)
Small palette knife
Gift card or cardboard squeegee
Craft knife
Acrylic paint and brush
Jewelry findings – ring, fish hook earrings
Jewelry wire
Silver leaf and adhesive
Soft brush (to burnish silver leaf)
Adhesive brush


1. Remove plastic from back of leaf.

2. Lay leaf on wax paper, right side up.

3. Mix small batch of Cool2Cast according to package directions.

4. Let set for about 5 minutes until the mixture starts to thicken slightly.

5. Snip one small corner from bottom of bag.

6. Pour Cool2Cast over leaf until entire leaf is covered. (If you are creating more than one leaf, be sure to pour Cool2Cast over all leaves at this time because you cannot save a mixed batch.)

7. Use palette knife to lift leaf to move it to a clean spot on wax paper.

8. Slightly shake wax paper to help Cool2Cast to flatten on leaf.

9. Let set for about 5 minutes.

10. Use card to mark veins in Cool2Cast.

11. Let dry completely. (Note: To create earrings, cut wire approximately 3″ longer that size of leaf from top to bottom. Shape one end of wire into eye hook. Bend other end at bottom of leaf, bend up excess and twist to create a pretty wire leaf stem. After you have poured your Cool2Cast over the silk leaf, place the wire into the Cool2Cast and leave undisturbed until dry.)

12. Lift dried leaf from wax paper. Following pattern from back side of leaf (the silk flower leaf), use craft knife to carefully scrape away excess Cool2Cast to create crisp pattern line of leaf.

13. Paint Cool2Cast leaf with acrylic paint. Let dry.

14. Brush adhesive onto front of leaf leaving small areas with no adhesive. Let adhesive dry until clear (it will still be very sticky.)

15. Lay silver leaf into adhesive and use soft brush to burnish away any excess leaf. (Save excess silver leaf by placing back into original package.)

16. Glue ring finding onto back of finished leaf or add jump ring and fish hook earring hooks to create earrings.


Cool2Cast: How to Pour into Bezels

How to Pour Cool2Cast into Bezels PM 1280

How to Pour Cool2Cast into Bezels PM 1280 e1379695614505 Cool2Cast: How to Pour into Bezels

I’m excited to share the newest video in my Cool2Cast series! In this video I show you how to pour Cool2Cast into bezels. There are lots of cool bezels available in the jewelry department of your favorite craft stores or how about these cool hat pin bezels from Spellbinders! What’s so cool about Cool2Cast is that you only need to mix as much or as little as you need and you can color with alcohol inks, watercolors, specialty paints, nail polish, acrylic paints and your favorite color mediums! Stamp, embed, emboss and lots more! Cool2Cast is available in almost all Michaels stores (polymer clay department) or on-line.

Watch Tiffany’s Cool2Cast: How to Pour into Bezels YouTube video.

Filmed on location at MakeLab YouTubeSpace LA.



Celebrating the Nationwide Launch of Cool2Cast at Michaels!

In the spotlight Michaels Grand Opening 6-2-13 Cool2Cast 300x150

Michaels Grand Opening 6 2  Celebrating the Nationwide Launch of Cool2Cast at Michaels!

I’m SOOOOOOOO excited to announce the nationwide launch of Cool2Cast at all Michaels stores! I’m celebrating the kick-off at the Grand Opening Event at Michaels One West Side, 11260 Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles 90064 (Santa Monica). The ribbon cutting ceremony kicks off the day’s events at 9:45 am. The crafting tent will be open from 10 am – 2 pm so be sure to stop by my Cool2Cast demo table and find out how VERSATILE this casting medium is! Michaels is offering gift cards to the 1st 100 people in line, there are hourly prize raffles and a prize wheel where you can win Cool2Cast and a lot more! Can’t wait to see all my creative friends!!

Jar 300x300 White Celebrating the Nationwide Launch of Cool2Cast at Michaels!

Look for Cool2Cast in the polymer clay department at your local Michaels!! Visit our NEW Cool2Cast website for ideas, info and subscribe for all the news!


Cool2Cast Dipped Bird by EcoHeidi Borchers

Cool2Cast Dipped Bird EcoHeidi Borchers 300x150

5 20 13 Heidi Cool2Cast Dipped Bird C2C Hero Cool2Cast Dipped Bird by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers shows how to dip a decorative bird into Cool2Cast to create a hard surface great for painting, decoupage, alcohol ink or your favorite colorant.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Cool2Cast Dipped Birds YouTube video tutorial!


Cool2Cast (available at or at Michaels (in the polymer clay department)
Water & measuring cup
Zip top plastic bag
Decorative bird (with wire or clip)
Styrofoam (to insert bird into while Cool2Cast is drying)

1. Mix a small batch of Cool2Cast in zip bag according to package instructions.

2. Open bag and holding bird by wire, dip into wet Cool2Cast. (Note: if you wait about 5 minutes after mixing Cool2Cast, it will begin to thicken slightly which will give you a thicker coating when dipping.)

3. Carefully pull bird out of bag and place wire into Styrofoam until dry (should be dry to touch within 1 hour). (If you have additional Cool2Cast left in the bag, immediately pour it into molds so that you can use every drop before it dries.)

4. When bird is completely dry, you can decorate with decoupage, paint, alcohol inks or colorants of your choice.

Want to purchase a pre-dipped bird – click here!

Watch EcoHeidi’s video tutorial to learn more about how to create with your birds!


P Heidi Cool2Cast Mixed Med Cool2Cast Dipped Bird by EcoHeidi Borchers