Halloween Chocolate Box on Day 12 of 31 Days of Halloween

Candace 31 Days Chocolate Box

Halloween Chocolate Box Card

It’s no secret that I love chocolate.  I love looking at it as much as eating it!  So I have a series of polymer clay chocolate boxes in many themes.  This one might be my favorite!  It’s Halloween themed, of course!

Here a few tutorials on polymer clay chocolate boxes:

The Tempered Empress Chocolate Box

The Mike and Candy Show Chocolate Box

The Joy Chocolate Box

The Wedding Chocolate Box

Materials for the chocolates:

Polymer clay – dark brown, white and a touch of orange
Aluminum foil
Crochet needle for smoothing the clay
Clay stamps for the pumpkin faces

Each chocolate begins as a compacted foil lump – ball, square, rectangle – slightly smaller than your finished size will be.

Condition a ball of clay that is about half the size as the foil.

Flatten and form the clay around the foil.

Smooth the clay by rolling it gently on a smooth surface.

Take a small piece of clay flatten the bottom and pull out several points for the stem.

Add it to the top of the pumpkin.


Use your crochet needle create the sections on the pumpkin.

Lay the needle on the clay and roll it from top to bottom.

This is a close up of the angry eye stamp.
Here is a wide eye that can be turned to make the pumpkin look in any direction.
The triangle eyes are super easy to make.

The mouth stamp is a wiggly smile.

Bake the clay as directed.

The stamps must be baked before using.

I normally use paper to decorate the box, but I wanted to try one that is all chocolate.

Funky Felt Crow by Candace Jedrowicz

Funky Felt Crow by Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

9-24-2012 Funky Felt Crows by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace  Jedrowicz found a super cute felt chick tutorial on and went mad for it!  The tiny chicks with wire feet were dancing in Riverdance style, doing the Can Can and, yes, even doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance.  The Funky Felt Crows were aching to born so they could join in the fun!  Candace obliged and here they are!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Felt Crow YouTube video tutorial


Pattern from Myrtle and Eunice – The link is directly below the Can Can chicks
Felt – black and gold
Black thread
Sewing scissors
Polyester fiber stuffing
Beads – 2 black for the eyes
Narrow needle
Seed beads – optional
Wire for the feet – the size depends on the size bird you make.

1. Print out the pattern – enlarge if desired.

2. Cut the felt pattern pieces.

3. Begin sewing the two body pieces together just below where the face will be( as indicated on the pattern) and blanket stitch toward the tail (I demonstrate the blanket stitch in the video).

4. Just below the tail (where indicated on the pattern), add the gusset between the body pieces sewing down one side and and then the other and leave the tail open.

5. Stuff the body until the seams flatten out and the bird is plump.

6. Sew the tail closed.

7. Tack the wings and beak on with a few stitches.

8. Add the eye beads and stitch in place.

9. To add feet, cut as long a wire as you can and thread the wire though one seam and out the other side seam.

10. Bend the wire down and make oblong loops for the talons – one toward the back and 2 or 3 toward the front.

11. Trim off the excess wire.

12. Add bead embroidery if desired – using a beading needle, pick up 6 beads at a time. Anchor them by pulling needle and thread through the fabric and come up behind the last three beads. Thread the needle through those 3 beads and pick up 6 more.  It’s like a back stitch with beads.

Coffee Cup Tool Caddy Easy Upcycle by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Coffee Cup Organizer 300x150v3

Coffee Cup Tool Caddy by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz is all about crafty convenience.  Having tools, glues and brushes handy is a must!  It’s time to upcycle the overcrowded coffee cup tool caddy!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and easy Tool Caddy Upcycle YouTube video tutorial!


Paper and plastic coffee cups – any sizes
Cardboard coffee sleeves
Aleene’s Tacky Dots

Click here to see instructions to make the original Coffee Cup Caddy

If you’re like me you’ll want to wrap the paper coffee cups in pretty paper, but it’s not important to the construction. Put the sleeve on the cup.
If you are just starting to build your tool caddy, refer to the original project by the link above. That being said, it’s not rocket science. It’s the same basic idea, but you’ll be joining the cups without sleeves. Place the cup with sleeve on, where you want to attach it.Make a pencil mark on the sleeves at the point of contact on both sides.
Apply Tacky Dots to the inside of the pencil marks on the sleeves at the top and bottom.Leave the middle clear so the craft knife goes through smoothly.
Leaving the cup in the sleeve, push into place.Remove the cup and press firmly to secure it.
Using a craft knife, cut a slit in both the cup next to the sleeve and the sleeve.Wiggle the blade back and forth to open the slit slightly. This will help you get the brad through easily.
Push the brad through the cup and sleeve and open the prongs.
Repeat on the other side of the sleeve, going through both sleeve and the cup next to it.Repeat for each sleeve. Fill with your tools!If you try this or any of the projects from this show, please take photos and email them to so we can share them on our Creative Community Blog!Stay crafty, my friends!

I shared this project on Craft-O-Maniac’s Monday Blog Party

Cardboard Tube Napkin Rings by Ann Butler

Cardboard Tube Napkin Rings by Ann Butler

Cardboard Tube Napkin Rings by Ann Butler

Ann Butler is blinging up a paper towel roll to help her set a lovely table.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Ann’s awesome Cardboard Tube Napkin Ring YouTube video tutorial!


Cardstock: A Ladies Diary Collection #4500505  (
Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue (
Micro beads (
Paper towel roll
Scissors (
Ruler, pen, paint brush

Paper Towel Roll Floral Napkin Rings by Ann Butler 1 Measure and cut paper towel roll into 1 ¼” pieces.
 Paper Towel Roll Floral Napkin Rings by Ann Butler 3 Cut cardstock into 12” x 1 ¼” strips (one strip for each napkin ring).  Cut these strips in half.
 Paper Towel Roll Floral Napkin Rings by Ann Butler 2 Glue one strip to the outside of ring and one to the inside of the ring. Stripe side showing.
Paper Towel Roll Floral Napkin Rings by Ann Butler 6 Cut three flowers for each napkin ring, layer and glue center of flowers on top of each other.  .
Paper Towel Roll Floral Napkin Rings by Ann Butler 7 Curl up the edges of the flowers, using paint brush place glue onto flower layers and inside and outside of napkin ring to stiffen; let dry.

Salted Glue Painting by Candace Jedrowicz

Salted Glue Painting by Candace Jedrowicz

Salted Glue Painting by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz has been doing some crafty mad-scientisty stuff in the studio of perpetual mojo!  This time she has found a tutorial from Tammy at that shows how to add watercolors to salted glue!  What?  Check out this fun and easy craft and expand your colorverse!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and easy Salted Glue Painting YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene;s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Dimensional frame with mat- any size
Table salt
Watercolors – Tammy recommends liquid watercolors
Paint brush
Masking tape
Black acrylic paint
Cosmetic sponge

Choose a dimensional frame for this project, that includes a mat, or use an old mat.Remove the mat from the frame.
I like whimsical shapes, but you can do the masking any way you please.Cut your shapes from masking tape and place on the mat.  It helps if the shpaes are large enough to secure the mat to your surface.Paint over the whole make with the cosmetic sponge, making sure to dab the sponge before each paint application.  A wet mat will warp.Remove the tape gently while it’s still wet.
Fill in the white spots with glue – a few at a time.
Cover the glue wet glue completely.Shake off excess salt.
Dip the paint brush in color and very lightly touch the salt..The color will grab and spread.Allow to dry.Tap off any loose glue.Spray a couple coats of matte sealer.

I you try this project, I hope you’ll share it.  Email me with high resolution photos and your story so I can post it on our Creative Community Blog.

Gypsy Bracelets by Candace Jedrowicz

Gypsy Bracelets by Candace jedrowicz

Gypsy Bracelets by Candace jedrowicz

Romany Gypsy style is rich in color, pattern and design and has always fascinated Candace Jedrowicz.  Candace has been collecting delicious looking fat quarters for years, saving them for that really special project that would allow them to shine.  This is one of those projects!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Gypsy Bracelet YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
Paper coffee cups
Craft knife
Several fabulous fabrics
20 gauge wire
Round nosed pliers
Wire cutters

Use a craft knife to remove the rims from 5 or 6 coffee cups. Cut 1″ wide strips of fabric for each – at least 18″ long.  It’s okay to piece the strips.
With a little glue on one end of a fabric strip, begin wrapping the fabric at a slight angle so there’s a little bit of overlap with each wrap. An 18″ strip should go around once.
Cut several 6″ lengths of wire. I used 7 pieces for each bracelet. Roll a small spiral on both ends of a wire. Hold one spiral on the bracelet and wrap the wire around.
You want to end up with the spiral on the other end in line with the first. As you get close to the end you can adjust the size of the spiral to make it work.
It should look similar to this. You can make the rows as close or far apart as you like.
This bracelet was wrapped 3 times with fabric. There are lots of ways you can vary the bracelets with the fabric and the wire wrapping.  Below are some examples. I’d love to see your interpretation! Email me at and I’ll share your project in our creative community blog!

Gypsy Bracelets by Candace Jedrowicz - Pin

Animal Print Safari Earrings by Linda Peterson

6-25-12 Linda Safari Earrings

6-25-12 Linda Safari Earrings

Animal prints are always on trend and fashion forward.  Take a virtual safari with Linda Peterson as she shows you how to make these lightweight fun earrings with Cloud Clay® air dry clay and markers.  Featured Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Animal Print Earring YouTube video tutorial!


Cloud Clay® Terra Cotta or white
Alcohol markers – terra Cotta, dark brown
Aleene’s Collage Pauge – glossy
Head pins
Two 2mm round spacer beads – antique finish
2 bead caps – antique finish
2 rondel or snowflake spacer beads
Small length of chain – antique finish
2 earring wires – antique finish
Paint brush
Round nose pliers

Roll a small amount of clay in your palm to create a ball.
  Shape into a cube if desired.
   Draw small random shape circles onto bead to replicate a giraffe print.
  Poke a hole in bead with toothpick. Set aside to air dry.
  Thread a 2mm spacer, bead cap, safari bead, snowflake spacer and 2mm spacer onto a head pin.  Finish with loop using round nose pliers.Apply a coat of Aleene’s Collage Pauge Glossy and let dry.  Repeat if more shine desired.Attach to chain.Attach chain to earring wire.

Fossilized Shark Tooth Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Fossilazed Shark Tooth Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Fossilazed Shark Tooth Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

With a little polymer clay you can make anything into a pendant!  Candace Jedrowicz likes to put that theory to the test…a lot!  Candace bought a bag of fossilized shark teeth a hundred years ago and has finally settled on her latest make-anything-into-a-pendant adventure.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Shark Tooth Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Polymer clay – any color
Shark tooth – or anything at all
Wood skewer
Crochet needle for smoothing and mark making
Acrylic paint for antiquing

Select an interesting shape to use for the base of your pendant. I liked this tooth because it had 2 tiny teeth off to one side. Very cool.
Flatten a small piece of clay just big enough to fold over the top of your base.
Make sure that the clay covers/reveals exactly what you want. The less time you take working on this part, the better. As you work the clay gets softer and thinner and it will not hold.
Roll out a 3″ piece of clay. Fold it in half and smooth the fold to the back of your pendant.
Lay a skewer across the top of the pendant and fold the ends of the roll toward the front.
Here I’m wrapping the ends around the skewer for effect. You could choose to make curlicues on the pendant with the ends.
Choose a focal bead. Press it in slightly. Make another smaller roll to trap the bead and curl the ends into a design.
Finish adding details like swirls and dots.Texturize the clay with the end of the crochet needle. The more texture the better for the antiquing.Bake the clay according to package directions.Cover small areas with paint and rub off the excess.  Repeat until you like the look.


Girlie Garnish Ponies by Heather Valentine

Girlie Garnish by Heather Valentine

Girlie Garnish by Heather Valentine

Heather Valentine stitches up some adorable floral girlie style ponytail holders.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Heather’s super cute Girlie Garnish Ponies YouTube video tutorial!

Visit Heather’s Blog to read her tutorial – TheSewingLoftBlog


Cup and Saucer Flower by Candace Jedrowicz

Cup and Saucer Flowers

Candace Jedrowicz is planting coffee cup flowers in her sister-in-law’s yard!  These flowers will never fade and you never have to cut them back!  That’s perfect for a pair of non-gardening coffee lovers!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s awesome Cup and Saucer Flower YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Platinum Bond 7800 Glue
Ceramic cup and saucer
Electrical wire – 3′ per flower
Large and small glass blobs
3/4″ PVC pipe – 3′ per flower
3/4″ coupler – 1 per flower
Spray paint to cover the pipe and coupler

Prepare your pipe and coupler by painting it, and your cup and saucer by drilling one hole in the cup and two holes in the saucer.
The hole in the cup is for drainage.One hole in the saucer is for drainage and the other is for your wire.Make sure your wire hole will be outside of the cup.
Begin wrapping the wire around a something round – I used a glue bottle.Wrap around 3/4 of the bottle.
Make a sharp bend in the wire and repeat 5 or 6 times.These will be petals.
Check to make sure the wire will fit properly, allowing room for the cup and keeping the petals within the outer edge of the saucer.
Pull the shape together and bend the wire tails down so you can put them through the hole in the saucer.
Bend the wire tails out of the way and glue the cup in place.
Glue your large glass blobs inside of the wire petals.Allow the glue to dry.
Glue the small glass blobs around the rim of the cup.Turn the cup and saucer over to keep the blobs in place while they dry.
Glue the larger end of the coupler to the bottom of the saucer in the center and allow to dry.Glue the pipe/stem into the coupler.