Fabric Covered Gift Box by Candace Jedrowicz

Fabric Covered Gift Box Hero 2

Candace Jedrowicz shows how to create a super cool fabric covered gift box that’s a gift all on its own!  This recycle project made with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is fun and fabulous!  Beads In A Bottle by Tulip provides the perfect finished look with its metal and pearl pops!  As seen on EcoHeidi TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and easy Fabric Covered Gift Box YouTube video tutorial!


A cardboard box (I used a 6″ x 6″ chocolate box)
Enough fabric to cover the top and bottom halves of the box including outside edges
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
1″ or 2″ foam brush to spread the glue
Matte gel medium
Glass blobs for feet
Glitter glue
10″ of 14 gauge wire
Large accent bead with a hole large enough to fit the wire through
Tulip Beads in a Bottle (I used pink pearl and copper metallic)

Mark a random squiggly pattern to cut and shorten the sides of the box top.Cut along pattern line. (You don’t need to do this if your box top sides are already short.) Cover inside and outside of both halves with gel medium. Let dry.
   After you have measured enough fabric to cover the box top, cut out the corners of the material so there will be no overlap when you cover the sides.Spread an even coat of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion over the material.
  Smooth the material on to the box top and down over the sides. Don’t try to fold it under, just make sure it’s secured to the card board.Cover the box bottom. You may fold the material over the edges to the inside of the box bottom.Allow both halves to dry.

Cover the inside bottom with decorative paper or whatever you like. Decorate inside the box top, but don’t cover the inside walls with additional paper, as it will affect the fit.


  Decorate the raw edge of the box top with glitter glue.  Allow to dry. Glue the glass glob feet on with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Let dry.
  To create the lid topper, coil one end of the wire into a spiral. Bend the base of the spiral 90 degrees.
  Add the accent bead on the wire.
  Trim the end of the wire leaving at least 3″.
  Make a hole in the center of the box top and push the tail end of the wire through from the outside.Coil the tail end into a spiral and flatten it to the inside top.  Secure with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.
  To apply Tulip Beads In A Bottle accents:Clean the tip before using.
Hold the tube right above the surface.
Gently squeeze a small amount onto the surface. Release the pressure and pull straight up.
  The drops are self rounding. Allow to dry
  I would love to see your recycle art boxes and Beads In A Bottle projects! Email me at