Felt Book Cover by Heather Valentine

8-20-12 Heather Felt Book Cover

8-20-12 Heather Felt Book Cover

The new school year is fast approaching and Heather Valentine of The Sewing Loft has an idea for a fast and fun Felt Book Cover!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Heather’s super cute Felt Book Cover YouTube video tutorial!

Visit Heather’s blog - The Sewing Loft – for the complete written tutorial

Charming T-Shirt Necklace by Candace Jedrowicz

T-Shirt Necklace by Candace Jedrowicz

T-Shirt Necklace by Candace Jedrowicz

A comfy t-shirt is a joy forever. Even after snags and stains and holes, a cherished t-shirt can be made into many things! Candace Jedrowicz shares a twist on the popular t-shirt necklace. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous T-Shirt Necklace YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Super Fabric Glue
Findings – I used large double rings and a silver tassel charm

Cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Cut five 1″ wide strips of t-shirt, cutting straight across.This will give you 5 loops of material.
Stretch each loop until it curls up.
Add as many rings and charms as you like to each loop.
Slide the rings closer to one side than the other.  In my case, the t-shirt had side seams. Glue all the seams on one side.
Repeat on the other side then glue both stacks together.
Cut one more strip of t-shirt, cut the loop open. Wrap the new strip around the seams to cover them. If your shirt has no seams, just double the loops and wrap the strip around it.  Glue the beginning and end of this strip.
Pull all the strands to line up the charms.
This is how the necklace is meant to be worn, but play with it and see what you like best.

Whimsical Lamp Makeover by Heather Valentine

3-12-12 Heather Whimsical Lamp Makeover v1

3-12-12 Heather Whimsical Lamp Makeover v1

Heather Valentine has a lamp that has seen better days.  It’s time to give it a very girly and whimsical  makeover with fabulous fabric scraps.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV

Watch Heather’s super cute Whimsical Lamp Makeover YouTube video tutorial!

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Mixed Media No-Sew Phone Pouch by Linda Peterson


Linda Peterson shares an easy no-sew project that can be done in minutes with the Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack selection of fabric glues.  Be the coolest Mom on the block when you make your kids their very own cellphone pouch.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Mixed Media Phone Pouch YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack – Note:  Use  “Okay to Wash It” glue unless otherwise stated.
T-shirt material or fabric of choice
Patterned fabric of choice
Miscellaneous buttons or embellishments

Arrange patterned fabric as desired for flower.  Begin with cutting approximately a 1 ½” circle for the base layer.  Create a circle from each fabric, gradually getting smaller.

Stack up circles and glue in center to secure. Set aside to dry.

Measure width of cellphone.  Double this measurement and add 1”. Measure the length and add 1”.Cut the above rectangle from t-shirt fabric.Cut a 1” wide strip of fabric 24” or the length desired for strap.
Working on the wrong side of fabric, apply a line of glue along the top portion of the rectangle.  Fold down ¼”.  Hold until it tacks.
Flip over to right side of fabric. Apply a line of glue down the side and half way across the bottom.
Fold fabric over and match the upper, side and bottom seam.  Allow to dry.
Clip off the bottom corners of the pouch making sure not to clip above glue line.
Turn inside out.Cut a little nick in the fabric ¼” from top.  Thread end of strap thru the whole and knot.  Secure with a daub of glue.Repeat other side.
Arrange fabrics on top of pouch and glue to secure.
Apply Jewel It glue to back of button and press to center of flower.  Repeat with a button in top corner of pouch if desired.

Design a Scarf with Tulip Fabric Markers by Linda Peterson

Scarf by Linda Peterson

Scarf by Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson shows how to add variety to your wardrobe with these fashion silk scarves.  Create a variety of patterns with Tulip Fabric Markers.  Your friends will be amazed!!  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Tulip Fabric Marker Designed Scarf YouTube video tutorial!


Tulip® Fabric Markers in choice colors
Purchased silk scarf
Craft foam
Tape craft foam to work surface and secure scarf to craft foam with T-pins

Draw desired pattern onto scarf.  Keep it simple if you are just beginning, try creating easy designs such as polka dots, circles, squares or stripes.  Animal prints in various colors are also fun to try.
  Fill in design with desired color.
  WEAR!  You can tie this onto your wrist, use as a hair bow or maybe even an accessory to your handbag!
  Wash in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap after 24 hours; line dry. Do not dry clean.

Linda Peterson-Feel Good Pamper Me Pillows

Sew Sweet - Mini Eye Pillows by Linda Peterson

In this video, Linda Peterson demonstrates how to create soothing eye pillows. Perfect for yourself or a feel good pampering gift for a friend.

Watch Linda’s Pamper Me Pillow YouTube video tutorial

Heidi Borchers – Look of Tie Dye Bracelet with Rit Dye

Rit Dye Bracelets

In this video, Heidi Borchers shares a cool technique for creating the look of tie dye with Rit Dye on a fabric wrapped water bottle bracelet. There are many bracelet styles that you can create with this technique.