Sparkle and Shine Tags featuring KoolTak by Tiffany Windsor

Sparkle & Shine Tags Tiffany Windsor 300x150

Sparkle & Shine Tags Tiffany Windsor

Adding touches of sparkle and shine to your creative projects is easy with KoolTak Foil and Kool Tak Sparkles. In this video, Tiffany Windsor shows how to use double stick tape to add foil and glitter to mixed media tags.

KoolTak Foil and Sparkles available at!

KoolTak Foil and Sparkles available at!

Watch Tiffany’s KoolTak Sparkle and Shine Tags YouTube video tutorial!

P Sparkle & Shine Tags Tiffany Windsor



Cool New Products for Kool Tak—Special CHA segment

Kool Tak Love Tag Beth Watson 300x150

Kool Tak Love Tag Beth Watson 300x150

I had a great time visiting with designer Beth Watson in the Kool Tak booth at Winter CHA. She showed off techniques for using three great products that I think are must-haves for cardmaking, scrapbooking and mixed media!

KoolTak Foil and Sparkles available at!

KoolTak Foil and Sparkles available at!

•  Layer Plus Tool — a handy L-shaped clear acrylic ruler that makes it easy to perfectly align elements in your project

•  Shiny Transfer Foil Sheets — these are easy to rub on to any dry adhesive for a lovely foiled finish and they come in lots of different colors

•  Sparkles — a cool combo pack of glitter, micro beads and seed beads in a variety of color palettes

Watch Beth Watson’s Kool Tak demo video!

Kool Tak Materials:

Layer Plus Tool
Ultra Clear Adhesive Sheet – 8” x 10
Premium Extreme 1/8”
Premium Extreme ½”
Premium Extreme 1”
Sparkles in Silver or Gold
Shiny Transfer Foil Sheets in Holiday or Spring Blossom
Clear Foam Adhesive Pads

Other supplies:  Manilla Shipping Tag 3 ¼” x 6 ¼”; Crate Paper Fourteen Collection in Sparks & Darling; Clearsnap Fluid Chalk Ink in Chestnut Roan; Crepe Paper Streamer in Pink; ¼” Ribbon in White; Tulle Ribbon in Red; Embroidery Floss in White and Needle; Scissors; Piercing Tool; Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die – Mini Paper Rosettes (2 Sizes); Sizzix Bigz Die 1” Circles; Big Shot Machine; Bone Folder.

1. Crumple tag, straighten and ink all over with Chestnut Roan.

2. Line up 1” wide Premium Extreme with bottom edge of tag, trim and peel liner paper.  Fold over cut edge of crepe paper and pleat.  Trim and fold over edge to finish.

3. Cut a 4” x 4” square out of the Ultra Clear Adhesive Sheet, cover with Darling Paper. Trace heart and cut out with scissors or put through your die-cutting machine using a heart-shaped die.  Peel back the liner and attach to tag. Trim excess overhang on the one side.

4. Measure and cut a 3 ¾” length of ½” wide Premium Extreme. Cut a notched tail at one end of the strip of tape. This will be the overhang. Attach the strip flush to the left edge of the tag using Layer Plus Tool for straight placement, leaving a ½” overhang.

Kool Tak Foil5. Immediately apply Shiny Transfer Foil, grey side down/color up, with your finger or a bone folder, to the back of the notched overhang, where the adhesive is exposed. Then, remove the paper liner from the tape on the front of the tag and cover the whole strip with the same Shiny Transfer Foil you just used.

6. Die cut Rosette from Sparks Paper, fold and attach ends with 1/8” wide strip of Premium Extreme to create tube.  Cut 2” long strip of 1” wide Premium Extreme and place sticky side up on work surface. Gather top of rosette in fingers, while pushing in at top and out at bottom. Once flat, attach to Premium Extreme, flip over and burnish with bone folder for a complete bond.

Kool Tak Glitter7. Die cut 1” Circle from Ultra Clear Adhesive Sheet, and attach it to the center of the front of the rosette. Peel off the liner, pick up the rosette and push the adhesive circle into a little plate filled with Sparkles glitter or micro-beads or threading beads, or a combination of any of these. Press firmly for a good bond. Shake off excess.

8. Tie bow with ¼” ribbon and attach to center of circle with a Clear Foam Adhesive Pad.

9. Peel liner from the back of the rosette and attach to tag using Layer Plus Tool for exact placement.

10. Line up Layer Plus Tool along top edge of foil strip and pierce 8 holes with piercing tool.  Repeat along bottom edge. Thread white floss on needle and stitch XOXO using pierced holes.  Secure each end to back of tag with 1/8” strip of Premium Extreme – do not peel liner.

11. Tie a 12” length of tulle ribbon through hole at top of tag.


Exciting new products from Spellbinders – Special CHA segment

Spellbinders Shell M-Bossabilities 300x150

Spellbinders Shell M-Bossabilities

The Spellbinders booth at CHA is always hopping with people and demos. I had the chance to chat with the company President, Stacey Caron and her Education Director, Kim Hupke. They shared some beautiful techniques with 3D M-Bossabilities,  their new line of richly detailed embossing folders, as well as tips for working with all the products in their new Mixed Mixage collection. I especially love all the new metal blanks and bezels  – you can make terrific jewelry and embellishments!

Watch Lisa Fulmer’s Spellbinders Special CHA video segment featuring Stacey Caron and Kim Hupke. This video is filled with beautiful techniques!


Earl the Squirrel Zombie

Candace 31 Days Polymer Clay Zombie

Oh no! The zombies got to Earl the Squirrel while he was in his day job clothes! Earl would be mortified if he realized…you know, he always thought he’d be a cool looking zombie with his mullet and ACDC t-shirt. But, no. No cool zombie image for the Squirrel.

My buddy Cindy turned me on to a book by Maureen Carlson called Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls. The instructions and tutorials are awesome! So, I was doing a polymer clay class for my friends, Laura and her way cool son, Tommy. I think we were making canes. Anyway, at the end of the class, Tommy made a tiny Freddy Krueger from the leftover clay. We decided they should come back and do a zombie making class! We used the same methods that Maureen Carlson shows in her book and it was way too much fun! We were joined by fellow zombie enthusiast and dear friend, Beth. I had made a birthday zombie for her which I’ll feature in another blog. Standing in the back ground here is the Elvis impersonator zombie.


Polymer Clay – black, white, green and as many other colors as you like for clothes and such
Two 18″ pieces of floral wire for each zombie
A small amount of aluminum foil
A knitting needle or other tool for smoothing the clay
A craft knife
A red gel pen for blood
A means for baking the zombie – a toaster oven reserved for crafts or a conventional oven that you only use for crafts occasionally.
Begin by folding one 18″ piece of floral wire in half and in half again. Twist an opening in the middle of the wire for the head, a little further down twist an opening for the body and fold a small amount of wire on the ends for feet. If you can make it stand on its own, you’re off to a good start. If you can’t, don’t worry the clay feet will still work.

Crumple bits of foil and wrap around the head, body and legs.

Fold the other piece of floral wire the same way you did the first piece and wrap it around the neck a couple of times.

Condition your polymer clay by squishing, folding and rolling it with your hands until it’s very pliable. If you haven’t worked with polymer clay before follow these rules for the best results:Hold the piece you’re working on as though it was a baby bird – any pressure you put on it will change the shape,
Smooth the clay with a very soft touch as though you were petting a fuzzy Caterpillar
Mix bits of black and green clay into a ping pong ball sized piece of white clay until you have the skin color you want. You can always reserve your zombie skin color for later, but it’s not easy to match the color if you run out.
Take a marble size piece of skin color rolled into a ball and flatten it to about an 1/8 ” thick. Wrap it around the head of your zombie starting under the chin and around to the back. Don’t worry about how the back looks, unless your zombie doesn’t have hair.
Follow the same steps to cover the neck and chest area of the body, assuming of course that you’re going to have an open collared shirt.
Smooth the neck where you join the two pieces by very gently rolling a knitting needle over the joint until it’s no longer visible.
Earl’s wearing his day job suit, so I started covering the frame with a basic shirt shape and pant legs.

Again, it starts with marble size pieces. Roll each one into a ball then flatten into the shapes you need. Smooth the joints.

Use the same method as before to make the sleeves.

Take a large marble size of the color that will cover the back, flatten and gently press into place. Take a bit of the shirt and pants colors to make a collar and waste band. Flatten two marble size pieces of pants color into elongated tear drop shapes. Attach them to the front of the jacket, narrow end up and smooth the joints.

Now add bits of the shirt color in the the ends of the sleeves. Stick two balls of your shoe color onto the bottom of the pant legs.

The hands and face are the most delicate so I save them for last. Here’s where I add some gore. I pushed some flesh color on the belly and add a bit of shirt color to look like a torn shirt.

Use your craft knife to open the mouth

Roll a small bit of white clay that’s wider in the middle than the ends. Press into place with the back side of the craft tool and define the teeth as well.

Use the knitting needle to open eye holes. Press in then wiggle a bit to widen. Roll tiny bits of white for the eyes. Place them gently into the eye sockets. The idea is to add eyelids without squashing the eye.

This is how Maureen Carlson lays out the facial features. I just love it! It makes it so easy to understand the face. Make these pieces smaller than you think you’ll need them. You can always add more clay, but it’s hard to take it away without distorting your work. The only thing missing are the upper and lower eyelids.

The eyelids are very small and should not cover too much of the eye. Again, very gently put them into place and smooth with the knitting needle. If they begin to cover too much of the eyes, very carefully remove clay with the craft tool. Add the forehead piece and smooth.

Now put the nose, lips and cheek pieces on and smooth. Take your time with this, it really gives the zombie character.

Now is the time to consider the facial expression. Is he snarling, or do you want his jaw slack? Are there cuts on his face? Maybe he’s missing an eye, or even missing one side of his face? Zombie it up!

Now make holes in the ends of the arms to attach hands.

The hands start as mitten shapes, then use your craft knife to separate the fingers. The Elvis impersonator zombie is missing some fingers. That’s okay, too. Body parts fall off. It’s a fact of zombiehood.

Add hair and then ears. I made the hair colored clay by adding a small amount of white to brown clay. Then I conditioned it, rolling, folding and twisting, until there were tiny stripes of white. It didn’t start out to be a mullet, Earl just wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, I have hair issues. Who knows, the next one could have a comb-over.

Bake according to the directions of the clay you’re using. If you bake him in a toaster oven, lay him down for baking so his head doesn’t burn. Ideally, he should bake standing up, but, if you do that, put a Pyrex cup (or other heat safe props) in front and back of him. After the zombie cools, you can use a red gel pen to add blood.


It’s not uncommon for slight changes to occur in baking that make it hard for your zombie to stand on his own. Do not despair. Glue him into a deep frame with a ghoulish background, like so…

This is just half of a folded paper box. I printed a background, tore the edges to fit and marked up the paper with an ink pad.

Have fun!

Eileen Hull on Cool2Craft LIVE TV

Eileen Hull Foiled Star Frame

Eileen Hull Foiled Star Frame
Eileen Hull
will be sharing her That’s Too Cool! Flag Day Frame project on Monday June 14, 2010 Cool2Craft LIVE TV! Watch LIVE from your computer at noon Eastern! Join in the LIVE chatroom! Ask your questions LIVE! Did we mention it’s LIVE!

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