Recycled Greeting Card Heart Basket by EcoHeidi Borchers

Heart Gift Card Baskets by EcoHeidi Borchers

Heart Gift Card Baskets by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi recycles greeting cards into heartfelt giftables. A quick and easy way to reuse cards to create pretty-as-a-picture decor. Featured on Inspired at Home TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Recycled Greeting Card Heart Basket YouTube video tutorial

Materials1 greeting cardEmpty ballpoint pen

Aleene’s Tacky Glue

12” length of ribbon for hanger

Embellishments: ribbon, lace

Dried flowers

1.Transfer heart pattern to greeting card and cut 1 from front and 1 from back. Transfer side panel pattern to remainder of card front and cut 2.
2.Using empty ballpont pen and referring to pattern, score along fold lines on wrong side of each side panel piece. Fold up each tab on each side panel along fold lines. Spread glue on tabs on each side panel. Lay back heart wrong side up on work surface. With fold line aligned with botton edge of heart and referring to diagram, attach 1 side panel to each edge of heart. With edges aligned as before, place front heart wrong side down on top of tabs on side panels. Let dry.
3.To attach ribbon hanger, glue 1 end of ribbon inside basket at top of each side panel.
4. Embellish baskets with ribbon and lace and fill with flowers as desired.
Adjust pattern to desired size
Heart Gift Card Basket Pattern by EcoHeidi Borchers