Vlog: #FriDIY – Heidi Visits the Studio

Tiffany Windsor and Heidi Borchers

Tiffany Windsor and Heidi Borchers

It’s been exactly a year since I moved from living right next door to my sister into my new home and studio about three hours away so it’s always a treat when my sis visits! Watch our YouTube video visit!

She has also been making ceramic and mosaic pieces to sell in my store so on this visit she brought along some new artwork and I asked her if we could visit on air!

If you are planning on visiting the San Luis Obispo, CA area, you will want to check out her classes at She offers classes at her awesome studio and also teaches at local retreats.

Momma Aleene’s Upholstered Chair featuring Tulip Soft Paint

Momma's Tulip Soft Paint Chair 300

Momma's Tulip Soft Paint Chair 300

When Momma Aleene asked for her own special chair in the studio, I knew exactly what I wanted! My grand-niece Savannah Starr had painted this upholstered chair last year for her studio space but decided not to use it. I’ve seen it sitting in my sister’s garage for quite some time now so when she was recently cleaning the garage, it was an easy decision when she said “do you want THE chair?” It is a huge wing-back and I tried to fit it in my car without success so I thought I had to pass on it until Heidi offered to drive it down. It wouldn’t even fit in her SUV so she brought it in her pick-up truck. I tossed on some sweater pillows that Heidi made and now THIS is a chair fit for a queen!

I tried to find my before pictures of this chair, but without success, I can only tell you that from memory, it had a busy floral pattern.  It took two coats of Turquoise Tulip Soft Paint to transform this chair. What I love about the Tulip Soft Paint is that it dries soft and flexible. Everyone is amazed that it is painted! Now Momma has her own special place in the studio to catch all the action.

When I was looking through some vintage photos, I found this photo and love Momma’s pose. This was a promotional photo that was taken as she was just launching her empire :)

Vintage Aleene 1945


Vlog: #FriDIY – Introducing Luna

FriDiY Vlog - Introducing Luna 300

FriDiY Vlog - Introducing Luna 300

Tiffany Windsor shares her (almost) weekly #FriDIY update vlog. Wait! It’s Thursday! That’s why we call it “almost” weekly!  This week’s update includes an introduction to Luna kitty, a peek at what’s new in the studio and a behind-the-scenes look at a recent craft get-together. Thanks to DecoArt Chalky Paints, Mark Montano and Tulip Soft Paint for their inspiration! Click to watch on YouTube!


Outtake: Heidi & Tiffany Get the Giggles

YouTube Feature Slide Heidi and Tiffany Giggles PM

YouTube Feature Slide Heidi and Tiffany Giggles PM

My sister Heidi Borchers and I have been making television appearances for over 30 years but there is one thing that always stops us. The giggles. When we get the giggles….well…anyone who enjoys giggling with their sisters knows that once you start it’s difficult to stop.

Watch our YouTube video – Heidi and Tiffany Get the Giggles



ThreadBanger DIY Party! Cool2Craft Banners plus MUCH MORE!!

ThreadBanger DIY Party hero PM

ThreadBanger DIY Party hero PM

Tiffany, Heidi, Savannah and Terry recently met up with the COOLEST crafters at the ThreadBanger DIY Party. Hosted by Corinne and Rob from ThreadBanger at the Make Lab at YouTubeSpaceLA, this day was a great opportunity for us to try new techniques, make new creative friends and P-A-R-T-Y! We used spray paint to stencil on t-shirts, we learned how to make balloon party hats, we made fabulous folded invitations, decorated wine glasses, glittered chihuahuas (yes! you read that right!), made Halloween party hats, created party banners and learned how to drop a beat :)

And the best part is that we captured it all on tape so come on in and join the party – click to watch the ThreadBanger DIY Party Playlist!

Remember to leave a comment on each video and let them know that Cool2Craft sent you… and come back here to the Cool2Craft blog and leave a comment to let us know what party crafts you liked the best!

Here are links to everyone’s YouTube channels. Just click on their image to discover their awesome videos:)

  ThreadBanger Banner SoulPancake Banner Balloon Animals Banner
Threadbanger Logo Soulpancake logo Balloon Animals Logo
Pattie Wilkinson Banner Sam Proof Banner Crafty Chica Banner
ilovetocreate logo samproof logo Crafty Chica Logo
Debi Banner Heidi & Savannah Banner  Terry Banner
Debis Design Diary logo x1000 logo x1000



Cereal Box Printed Felt Heart Pendant by EcoHeidi Borchers

Printed Heart Felt Pendant Heidi Borchers 300x150

Printed Heart Felt Pendant Heidi Borchers

Printed felts are available in so many cool colors and print designs! EcoHeidi Borchers teams up printed felt with cereal box cardboard to create a pendant.

Watch Heidi’s Printed Felt Heart Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Cereal box cardboard (or food packaging cardboard)
Cardboard squeegee (for applying glue)
Acrylic paint (color to complement or match felt)
Paint brush
Printed felt
Hole punch (small for jewelry findings)
Pattern of your choice
Squeegee (to spread glue)
Wax paper
Bottle caps (to raise pendant off worksurface)
3D Crystal Lacquer
Jewelry findings – jumprings – necklace chain
Jewelry pliers

1. Transfer pattern of your choice to cardboard. Cut out along pattern line. Punch hole for jump ring.

2. Paint back of cardboard. Let dry.

3. Apply smooth coat of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue to front of cardboard with squeegee. Glue to wrong side of felt. Let dry for approximately one hour.

4. Cut out felt along cardboard pattern line.

5. Punch hole in felt where you punched hole in cardboard. Let glue dry completely.

6. Place wax paper on work surface. Place bottle caps on wax paper. Place felt shape on top of bottle caps. This will raise the piece from the tabletop for the next step.

7. Apply coat of 3D liberally over felt by first drawing a line of lacquer directly from the bottle tip along the outside edge of felt, then fill in to completely coat the felt. As 3D soaks into the felt, continue to apply and fill in until you have a nice even coat.

8. Using tweezers, drop rhinestones into wet 3D. Let piece dry undisturbed overnight.

9. Add jumpring and attach to necklace chain.

P Printed Heart Felt Pendant Heidi Borchers


Aleene’s Ribbon and Prints Frame by Heidi Borchers

Ribbon and Prints Frame Heidi Borchers 300x150

Ribbon and Prints Frame Heidi Borchers

Ribbons and scrapbook papers combine to create a beautiful combination of prints to cover a plain wood frame. Designed by Heidi Borchers, this eye-catching design is easy! Use Aleene’s Tacky Glue to adhere the strips in place and you have a quick project to match any decor!

Watch Heidi’s Ribbon and Prints Frame YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Wood frame
Acrylic paint or spray paint
Ribbon (colors and patterns of your choice)
Scrapbook paper cardstock (to complement ribbons)

1. Remove frame stand and glass from frame.

2. Paint entire frame front and back. Let dry.

3. Lay out and cut ribbon and paper strips.

4. Glue in place with Aleene’s Original Tacky  Glue. Let dry

P Ribbon and Prints Frame Heidi Borchers


Aleene’s Cute as a Button Cupcake Wall Art by Heidi Borchers

Aleenes Cute as a Button Cupcake MichaelsWall Art Heidi Borchers 300x150

Aleenes Cute as a Button Cupcake Wall Art Heidi Borchers

Heidi Borchers started with a plain cupcake wood cut out and jazzed it up to be cute as a button! It’s easy to glue layers of buttons and beads in place with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue!

Watch Heidi’s Cute as a Button Cupcake Wall Art YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Wood cut out (cupcake shape)
Acrylic paint (white to match frosting, red for cherries and brown to match cupcake bottom)
Paint brush
Buttons (Blumenthal Lansing) – shades of white, red and brown
Beads and trinkets

1. Lightly draw pencil line to indicate pattern line of frosting between cherries and cupcake bottom.

2. Paint top with white, cherries with red and bottom with brown. Let dry.

3. Glue first layer of buttons on wood shape using Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.

4. Glue additional layers of buttons, beads and trinkets until you have achieved the desired design. Let glue dry.

P Cute as a Button Cupcake Wall Art Heidi Borchers


Create the Look of Embossing with Glue on Canvas by Heidi Borchers

Look of Embossing with Glue on Canvas Heidi Borchers 300x150


Look of Embossing with Glue on Canvas Heidi Borchers

Using a fan-favorite vintage Momma Aleene technique, Heidi Borchers uses Aleene’s Tacky glue to create the look of embossing on a mixed media art canvas. Whether whimsical art faces, pretty florals or abstract designs, this technique is very versatile!

Click to watch Heidi’s Look of Embossing with Glue on Canvas YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Decoupage – matte
Paint brush
Stretched art canvas
Book pages (romance novels work well)
Acrylic paint – black, plus colors of your choice to suit your design
Pattern of your choice
Scotch tape
Handpainted or fancy printed tissue papers

1. Cut or tear book pages into approximate 2″ x 3″ strips.

2. Brush Aleene’s Decoupage onto canvas, working small section at a time.

3. Brush back of torn page with Decoupage, lay onto canvas and brush over top with Decoupage. Repeat to cover entire frame (front and sides). Note: you can keep all your pages going in same direction or overlap askew. Let dry completely.

4. Draw your pattern onto canvas.

5. Apply tape to Tacky glue bottle to create small tape nozzle.

6. Keeping tip of nozzle able 1/4″ above canvas, draw a thin line of glue over pattern lines. If your lines flow together where you don’t want, let glue set up for a few minutes to slightly thicken and use the blunt end of a toothpick to pick up some of the glue to help to clean up any areas of unwanted glue. Let dry until completely clear.

7. Before you start painting the background, check to see if there are any words that you want to show through on the canvas. If you don’t see any words that you want to peek through the painted areas, you can always decoupage them onto the background before painting.

8. Paint entire canvas black (leaving desired words exposed). Let dry.

9. Brush over the design areas of the canvas with desired colors to suit your pattern. On this canvas, Heidi used a layered dry brush technique to keep adding and adding layers of colors. Let dry.

10. Tear pieces of tissue paper into strips. Glue along outside edges with Decoupage leaving some pieces hanging over and extending beyond the canvas.

11. If desired, glue embellishments in place to accent pattern design.

P Look of Embossing with Glue on Canvas Heidi Borchers




Aleene’s Paper Clip Flowers by EcoHeidi Borchers

Paper Clip Flowers Heidi Borchers 300x150

Paper Clip Flowers Heidi Borchers

A quick trip the office supply store gave EcoHeidi Borchers the inspiration for this project. By gluing paper clips together into flower patterns you can create hanging ornaments and flower stems.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Paper Clip Flowers YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Paper clips
Cardboard (cereal box)
Non-stick surface
Flat back marbles
Optional – ribbon or clear fishing line for hanging or magnets

1. Cut cardboard into circle approximately the size of a quarter.

2. Place circle onto non-stick surface. Squeeze out puddle of Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Dip end of paper clip into glue and glue end of clip onto circle. Repeat to glue paper clips all around circle.

3. Glue second layer of clips offset from first layer.

4. Glue marble in center. Let dry completely.

5. If hanging, attach ribbon for hanger. If creating a flower stem, glue skewer to back of flower. If creating a magnet, glue to back of flower. Let glue dry completely.

P Paper Clip Flowers Heidi Borchers