Tissue Box Earrings by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Tissue Box Earrings 300x150

Tissue Box Earrings by Candace Jedrowicz
Of all the projects Candace Jedrowicz crafted this year, the Tissue Box Pendant made the biggest impact! Candace has been collecting tons of boxes with lovely prints and finishes and making all kinds of fun things.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s super cool Tissue Box Earring YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Tissue box
Scissors and/or shape punch – I used a 1 1/8″ circle punch
Small hole punch – I used a 1/8″
Weight or clamp (to hold pieces together while glue dries)
Dimensional sealer
20 gauge wire
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
High grit sandpaper or fingernail buffer

1. Cut or punch 2 shapes for each earrings and one piece to go between the 2.

2. Glue each set of the 3 layers together, place a weight or clamp on each assemblage and allow to dry.

3. Punch a small hole in each for hanging.

4. Cut a 3″ piece of wire for each earring.

5. Beginning 1″ from one end, fold over the round nose pliers and crimp with the chain nose pliers to form a loop.

6. Slide the loop through the hole in the cardboard and slip a bead over both wire ends.

7. Grasp the loop with the round nose pliers and wrap the short wire tail around the long tail.

8. Bend the long tail around the handle of the pliers (or anything that you have handy) to form the ear wire and cut off the excess.

8. File the ends of the the ear wires until smooth.

Wicked Wire Wrapping for a Pendant

Candace 31 Days Wicked Wire Wrapping #2

Wicked Wire Wrapping by Candace Jedrowicz

Making jewelry findings can be lots of fun and way easier than you think!  In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a bail for a pendant.  It can be used on anything that has a front to back hole that you want to string on a chain.

See how the pendant was made

Watch Candace’s Wire Wrapping video tutorial


20 Gauge wire – 6″
Accent bead
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Wire Cutters

1. Measuring 1 1/2″ from one end of the wire, bend the wire around something large enough for your pendant piece.  I used a jump ring sizer, but you could use anything.  Crimp the wrapped wire just below where they meet.

2. You just made the loop to go through the hole on your pendant piece.  Slide the pendant piece on the loop.

3. Grasp the loop on the outside of the pendant piece using the round nose pliers.   Bend the short wire tail to the side and wrap it around the long wire tail.

4. Slide on and accent bead.  In the video, I didn’t wrap the short tail before adding the bead.  I chose a bead with a hole large enough to fit over both wire tails and wrapped the short tail above the bead.  Either way is fine.

5. Starting just above the bead, wrap the long tail around a pencil (or anything you have handy) twice.  At the end of the second wrap, cross the wire over to the other side of the first wrap and wrap the tail around between the double loop and the bead.

It won’t look manufactured, but I happen to like the wabi-sabi style.  Imperfect is charming to me!

From Pin to Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Pin to Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Every once in a while you come across something that you’ve stashed away because you don’t use it, but you can’t let go of it. Candace Jedrowicz saved a cute little bouquet of violets pin that was her mother’s and decided to make it into a pendant. The question is – how do you do that without causing damage to the pin? Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s From Pin to Pendant video tutorial!


Small spacer beads

1. Open the pin back and slide on enough spacer beads to almost fill the pin wire.  Close the pin back.

2. Fold chain in half and slide under the pin wire so a small loop of chain shows.  Pass the rest of the chain through the loop and, as you tighten the chain, guide it to the middle of the pin wire between the spacer beads.  This is so the chain stays in place.

3. Attach a charm to the pin wire between the two strands of chain.  This will keep the pin from falling forward.

Halloween Doughnut Beads by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace 31 Days Halloween

Hubby and I have a deal for the month of October – We don’t go out to eat unless it has something to do with Halloween.  It’s a good plan, we’ve both lost weight already!  The first Halloween food trip was to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts!  Oh how I love Halloween doughnuts!  Anyway, here’s a quick project made with polymer clay and Halloween love!


Polymer clay – orange and a mix of white, gold, brown, yellow and orange to make the “dough” (I use this for cookie dough, too.
Glossy sealer
Micro beads in green, purple and copper
Needle tool or tooth pick
Crochet needle or other smoothing tool

Start by conditioning the clay.

Roll it in your hands until it’s easy to shape.

Flatten slightly.


Use your smoothing tool to to make holes and roll it around in there to make the hole a size you like.
Roll balls of the orange clay and flatten as much as you can and keep it as round as possible.

Use the crochet needle to push through the “icing” to reestablish the hole.

Use your needle tool or tooth pick to make holes through both sides.

Bake clay according to the directions.

When the beads are cool, brush glossy sealer on the icing and sprinkle micro beads on the wet sealer.

Ack! It’s the Tea Party of Doom! Run away!

Candace 31 Days Tea Party of Doom Charm


It’s actually a Tea Party of Doom Charm.  There’s a teapot bead, a skull bead and a lovely red crystalblood drop.  Come closer and watch me risk life and limb to bring you uh…a charm.  It’s really just a charm.


Tea Pot bead
Skull bead
Red crystal tear drop bead
Wire 20 gauge and 24 gauge
Jewelry tools

Cut a piece of 24 gauge wire  3″ long.Make a sharp bend toward the middle and slide the crystal on the wire.

Leaving a tiny fraction of space, put another sharp bend.  This flat space will allow the crystal to move freely.

Slide the skull bead over both tails of the wire.Make a loop above the bead.
Wrap the tails around the space just under the loop
Cut a 3″ piece of 20 gauge wire.Fold one end over the round nose pliers and crimp on the other side forming an open loop.

Slide the skull and tear drop section onto the open loop.

Slide the teapot bead over both wire tails.  You should have only one tail coming out the top.
Make another loop above the teapot.Slide a closure finding onto the loop before closing the loop as before.

And then run screaming!  Run away! Run away!  It’s the tea party of doom!  Oh, right.  It’s just a charm.  I knew that.

Vintage Inspired Glass Photo Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Vintage Inspired Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

10-1-2012 Vintage Inspired Photo Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz is using some of her favorite photos of her family to make vintage inspired pendants including a hand wrapped wire bail!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and easy Glass Photo Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Decoupage – glossy
Aleene’s Super Gel Instant Adhesive
Glass blob
Wire – no smaller than 20 gauge
Printed and downsized photo – print on regular printer paper
paint brush
Round nose pliers

1. Place the glass blob over the photo and trace around it.
2. Cut the photo out.
3. Brush Aleene’s Decoupage Glossy on the back of the glass blob.
4. Position the photo and press into the glue.
5. Immediately brush Decoupage on the back of the photo.  Allow to dry.
6. Cut 6″ of wire, wrap the center around a pencil, small glue stick, or what ever you have around that would make a large enough loop to put a chain through.  Wrap twice.
7. Wrap one tail of the wire into a spiral, this will glue onto the back of the glass.
8. Bend the other tail in a meander (see video tutorial) ending in a small spiral.  This will glue to the front of the glass, so be sure that your wire won’t cover up anything important.
9. Use a small amount of Super Gel on the wire on any parts of the wire that will lay against the glass.  Hold in place for a minute, or until the bail stays in place.

Stacked Stone Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Polymer Clay 300x150

9-3-2012 Stacked Stone Pendant by Candace Jedrowicz

Stacked stones are a phenomenon found all over the world!  They may represent protection or gratitude and some stacks are miraculous art stacked seemingly impossibly!  Candace Jedrowicz’s version is a stack of petite polymer clay stones, wired together in a pendant.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and fabulous Stacked Stone Pendant YouTube video tutorial!

Polymer clay in stone colors
A charm
20 gauge wire
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters

Condition a pea sized piece of polymer clay.Flatten slightly.Make a hole with a needle tool or toothpick.Repeat for 4 or 5 beads making each a little smaller than the one before.
Make sure the hole is large enough for 2 wires to go through.Bake according to package directions.
Cut a piece of 20 gauge wire 5″ long.Fold in half around the round nose pliers.
Crimp the wire while it’s still on the pliers.
Slide a charm on to the wire.
Slide your stone beads over both ends of the wire.
When all the beads are on, fold one wire tail down.
Hold the loop under the stone beads and wrap the bent wire around the straight wire.Trim excess from the wrapped wire.
To make the bail, wrap the straight wire once around the handle of a needle tool (or paint brush).
Wrap the wire around again, crossing over the first.Wrap the tail around under the crossed loops.Trim off excess.
Pinch the loops together.  The crossed side is the back of the bail.

Cardboard Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr

Cardboard Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr

Cardboard Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr transforms a paper towel roll into a cheetahlicious cuff bracelet. With collage paper and gold leaf, you can transform trash into fashion treasures! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Savannah’s adorable Cardboard Cuff Bracelet YouTube Video!

Paper towel roll(s)
Ruler and pencil
Squeegee (credit card or cardboard to apply glue)
Glue bottle (or other bottle similar in size to your wrist)
Wax paper
Rubber bands
Paint brushes – one for applying glues and one super soft for applying gold leaf
Aleene’s Collage Pauge
Collage paper (I used my favorite cheetah print)
Gold leaf and gold leaf adhesive
Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer – Gloss

 Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 1 Cut down side of paper towel tube.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 2 Measure cuff 2″ wide by measurement of wrist. Cut back approximately 1/2″ from end to shorten to create cuff style bracelet. You will need two layers to create each bracelet so cut duplicate piece.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 3 Squeegee thin layer of glue to one piece. Be sure to apply glue all the way to the edges.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 4 Glue two layers of cardboard tube together.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 5 Wrap wax paper around bottle. Wrap glued cardboard around bottle. Use rubber bands to hold in place while drying. Let set overnight to dry completely. Remember, the larger the wrist, the larger the bottle so select a bottle that is similar in size or slightly smaller than your wrist.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 6 Tear collage paper into small pieces. Working small sections at a time, apply collage glue to outside of bracelet.  Apply glue to back of collage paper.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 7 Press collage paper onto bracelet and overcoat by brushing with glue. Repeat to collage entire outside and inside of bracelet. Be sure to wrap your collage paper around edges of bracelet when gluing for a nice finished edge. Let dry completely.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 8 Apply gold leaf adhesive in a thin coat over desired area of cheetah pattern. Let glue dry until completely clear (it will still be sticky). If desired, you can speed up the drying process with a hair dryer set to low.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 9 Carefully place gold leaf sheet over glued areas. Brush gently with soft brush until gold leaf is adhered to all glued areas.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 10 Use same soft brush to gently rub away the gold leaf from areas where there is no glue. The gold leaf should easily rub away from these areas and stick to the glued areas. Save all excess pieces of gold leaf to use on another project. Use brush to smooth all edges of gold leaf.
Collaged Cuff Bracelet by Savannah Starr 11 Spray entire bracelet with gloss sealer. Let dry. Repeat for a super shiny glossy finish.

Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson

Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson

Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson
Linda Peterson loves decorating her artwork with butterflies.  For Linda they have a hidden inner meaning of “taking flight”… “exploration” …”letting go” ….  “taking on wings” and just flying by the seat of your pants. Grab your wire and your pliers, because Linda Peterson is creating a beautiful bent wire “wings to fly” butterfly pendant.  Featured on Cool2Craft

Watch Linda’s super cool Butterfly Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


20 gauge annealed steel wire (from hardware store) or colored wire of choice
26 gauge copper wire – tarnished
1 jump ring
Swarovski bi-cone crystals in size of choice (we used 2mm and 4mm)
Ball chain and closure
Wire cutters

 Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson 1 Working off the spool, create a coil with pliers.
Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson 2 Make a bend approximately ½” from coil.  Begin bending wire by massaging it with thumb.
Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson 3 Complete the bend by bringing the end of the wire towards the point of the coil.
Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson 4 Snip off wire spool approximately 2” from the point of the coil. Create a coil at the end of the wire, bringing it up towards the previous coil.
Wings to Fly Butterfly Pendant by Linda Peterson 5 Wrap a piece of 26 gauge wire around the area where the two wires meet. Pull to secure. Snip off excess wire.
The 26 gauge wire can also be looped decoratively inside the wings.  You may even choose to add some crystal beads for embellishment. For the body, add crystals to a length of 26 gauge wire. Loop both ends to secure. Secure to body with 26 gauge wire.Add a jump ring at the top and attach to ball chain.Ready to WEAR!


Animal Print Safari Earrings by Linda Peterson

6-25-12 Linda Safari Earrings

6-25-12 Linda Safari Earrings

Animal prints are always on trend and fashion forward.  Take a virtual safari with Linda Peterson as she shows you how to make these lightweight fun earrings with Cloud Clay® air dry clay and markers.  Featured Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Animal Print Earring YouTube video tutorial!


Cloud Clay® Terra Cotta or white
Alcohol markers – terra Cotta, dark brown
Aleene’s Collage Pauge – glossy
Head pins
Two 2mm round spacer beads – antique finish
2 bead caps – antique finish
2 rondel or snowflake spacer beads
Small length of chain – antique finish
2 earring wires – antique finish
Paint brush
Round nose pliers

Roll a small amount of clay in your palm to create a ball.
  Shape into a cube if desired.
   Draw small random shape circles onto bead to replicate a giraffe print.
  Poke a hole in bead with toothpick. Set aside to air dry.
  Thread a 2mm spacer, bead cap, safari bead, snowflake spacer and 2mm spacer onto a head pin.  Finish with loop using round nose pliers.Apply a coat of Aleene’s Collage Pauge Glossy and let dry.  Repeat if more shine desired.Attach to chain.Attach chain to earring wire.