Upcycled Jewelry – 35 Beautiful Ways to Reuse Everyday Objects

Upcycled Jewelry Bags, Belts and More - Linda Peterson

Upcycled Jewelry Bags, Belts and More - Linda Peterson
When I heard my friend Linda Peterson had a new book coming out I knew it would be awesome! Everything she dreams up in her creative studio is awesome and her new book Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts and More lives up to my grandest expectations. This book is packed with 35 beautiful ways to reuse everyday objects and with the turn of each page, I kept saying to myself “wow!” “awesome” “cool”. The chapters are divided into Simple and Chic, Big and Bold and Handbags and Accessories.

Linda definitely has me looking at discards completely differently. Did you know that you can transform a plastic CD spacer into sea glass earrings? How about a bicycle inner tube loop de loop ring? Or a soda-tab crochet purse? I want to try them all!

How can I possibly pick my favorites from this book! I’m in love with them all! But these plastic CD spacer faux sea glass earrings are the BEST!

Linda Peterson Upcycled Jewelry Book

(c) 2014 Cico Books

I’m really into crochet right now so this purse caught my eye. My first concern was who would ever drink all those sodas (they are SO bad for you) but when I learned you can actually buy soda tabs, I gave this project a thumbs up!

Linda Peterson Upcycled Jewelry Book

(c) 2014 Cico Books

I’m really into crochet right now so this purse caught my eye. (My first concern is who would ever drink all those sodas (they are SO bad for you) but when I learned you can actually buy soda tabs, I gave this project a thumbs up!

Disclosure: The publisher provided me with a preview copy of this book and the Amazon link is my affiliate link. The opinions and post are my own and Linda is a dear friend and an amazing designer :)

Visit Linda on her blog for more DIY inspiration and to enter her giveaway! Watch the book promo video on YouTube! And, visit our other creative crafty friends on the Upcycled Jewelry Blog Hop for more upcycled creative fun!



Interchangeable Beaded Bracelet featuring Clip On Earrings

Emitations Jewel Loom Beaded Bracelet 300

Emitations Jewel Loom Beaded Bracelet

I have been wanting to create a bracelet on the Jewel Loom for months, so when reached out to me to design a project for their Clip On Creativity campaign, I was really excited! My dear friend Julianna Hudgins designed and patented the Jewel Loom which brings me back 20+ years when we first met and immediately bonded over our love of beading. We even wrote a beading book together back in the day!

Check out my YouTube video to see all the steps in making this stylish bracelet and find out how you can enter to win a Jewel Loom Kit and two pair of clip-on earrings! Also, you will LOVE all the awesome design ideas on the Jewel Loom page on Facebook! Clip On Earrings I am delighted to have been invited to participate in the Clip On Creativity challenge and their aqua and blue clip-on earrings and petitie faux pearl button clip-on earrings immediately caught my eye. The Jewel Loom is very easy to use to create an interchangeable looped bracelet! So, these clip-ons double as the focal point for this beaded bracelet and can be easily removed to wear as earrings!
MATERIALS Clip On Earrings
Jewel Loom Kit by Julianna Hudgins
Beads (6/0 for bracelet base, seed and focal beads for loops)
Wildfire Thread
e6000 Glue
Ribbon clasp
Flat nose jewelry pliers
Wooden skewer (or toothpick)
 Jewel Loom The Jewel Loom kit includes the loom, tension rod, beading needle, needle threader and instruction booklet.
 Emitations-2 The first step is to insert the tension rod into the loom.
Emitations-3 Following the package instructions, set up loom with 7 strands of warp threads. This set-up will allow for 6 rows of beads which I decided on based on the width of the clip-on earrings.
Emitations-4 Following the package instructions, stitch rows of beads onto warp threads.
Emitations-6 Continue adding bead rows until you have reached the desired length. Keep in mind that you also need to include the length of the ribbon clasp in your measurement. Watch Julianna’s YouTube video to learn her technique to create the thread selvedges at each end of the bracelet. This selvedge will help to anchor the ribbon clasp.
Emitations-7 Clip on the earrings to the bracelet to determine placement.
Emitations-9 On this bracelet, I used 3 seed beads, one focal bead and 3 seed beads to create each loop. Watch Julianna’s YouTube video to learn how to create the loops.
Emitations-11 Once you have created loops for one side of the bracelet, repeat for other end.
Emitations-13 Once you have completed the loops, you can carefully cut the bracelet from the loom.
Emitations-14 Here’s what it looks like from the back.
Emitations-15 (Note that in her how-to video, Julianna recommends this gluing step before you cut the bracelet from the loom :)  I used a wooden skewer to apply glue over the selvedge threads and to secure the warp threads. I let it dry approximately 1 hour before cutting off the excess warp threads and attaching the ribbon clasp. Enjoy wearing your interchangeable beaded bracelet!

Emitations Jewel Loom Beaded Bracelet P

Disclosure: Clip-On Earrings provided by and Jewel Loom provided by Julianna Hudgins. Design concept, other supplies and opinions are my own. I do receive compensation for Jewel Loom sales procured through post link via Amazon Associates.


Spellbinders Statement Ring & No-Sew Fabric Cuff

Spellbinders Ring & Cuff 300

Spellbinders Statement Ring and No-Sew Cuff

Designed by Lisa Fulmer featuring A Gilded Life from Spellbinders®

Create your own touch of Parisian style with this fleur-de-lis statement ring, made from a bronze-tone bezel filled with sparkly beads. The fleur-de-lis is my most favorite symbol and décor element – I Spellbinders Logo 2014even have one tattooed above my heart! Finish adorning your lovely hand with a no-sew fabric and canvas cuff, embellished with dimensional metal buttons. I inked up the die to lightly color and deboss the canvas with a delicate pattern in just one pass through the Grand Caliber machine. Watch my YouTube video tutorial to learn how to make this beautiful combo.

Designed by A Gilded Life Studios for Spellbinders, this beautiful new line of bezels, dies and more is bursting with royalty and bold romance.


Small Fleur bezel
Vintage Brocade die
Artisan Explorer or Grand Calibur diecutting machine
Heavy duty clippers
Small faceted beads
Heart bead
Flat-back crystals
Ice Resin
Beading pliers – round and flat nose
Heavy gauge wire
Raw canvas
Cotton fabric
Rotary trimmer
Dye ink pad
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Adhesive
Iron and pad
Straight pins
Grosgrain ribbon
Grommet and tool
Elastic cord
Needle and thread

Spellbinders Statement Ring designed by Lisa Fulmer

Spellbinders Statement Ring designed by Lisa Fulmer


1.  Clip off the loops at each end of the bezel.

2.  Fill the bezel with small faceted beads.

3.  Prepare the resin according to the manufacturer’s directions and fill the bezel with resin.

4.  Place a heart bead in the center on top of the faceted beads and set aside.

5.  Before the resin is completely set and dry, place some flatback gems on the resin while it’s still tacky to accent. Allow to dry completely.

6.  Wrap some wire around your finger to determine the proper length and trim.

7.  Feed each end of the wire through the holes from the back of the bezel and make small loops at each end. Angle the loops with the pliers to nest in close to the edge of the bezel.

8.  Use flat-nose pliers to pinch the ring wire in at the top (on the back of the ring) and then smooth out the circle as needed to fit comfortably on your finger.


Spellbinders Vintage Brocade No-Sew Fabric Cuff designed by Lisa Fulmer

Spellbinders Vintage Brocade No-Sew Fabric Cuff designed by Lisa Fulmer


1.  Lightly rub an almost-dry stamp pad over the die.

2.  Place the die on the magnet sheet attached to a base plate, then place a strip of canvas evenly on top.

3.  Add the blanket and the embossing plate on top and run it through the machine.

4.  Take out the printed canvas, trim around the design as needed and heat set the ink with an iron.

5.  Trim a piece of fabric about a half inch larger than the canvas all the way around. Lay the fabric wrong side up, then place the canvas on top right side up. Press in some seams to fold up over the edges of the canvas on the two long sides.

6.  Glue the seams in place and let dry. Glue some thin grosgrain ribbon on top to accent the edges.

7.  Trim and miter the corners of the ends of the cuff and glue them down. Pin to hold in place while they dry.

8.  To make a closure, punch a hole at one end and insert a grommet. Loop a piece of elastic cord through the grommet with a knot in the back.

9.  Sew on some decorative buttons, placing one button at the other end of the cuff to loop the cord around.


10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


3-7-14 St Patricks Day Roundup Tiffany Windsor

Tiffany Windsor is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a fun collection of creative, crafty and tasty projects from her creative friends. Whether you’re looking for a crafty project, gift or St. Paddy’s Day themed edibles, you’ll enjoy this collection! Watch Tiffany’s St. Patrick’s Day YouTube video round-up!



This Shamrock Garland template and tutorial comes from From love the day. com.  Spruce up your mantle or your door – all you need is a glue stick, scissors, hole punch and ribbon.


How about a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt – this free printable from  includes 6 pre-printed clues or print off the plain shamrocks to create your own special St. Paddy’s Treasure Hunt.


From our friend Andrea Currie at Handmake My Day. Com you can add a little crafty fun to your St. Paddy’s Day festivities by creating a photo opportunity that will transform everyone into a cute leprechaun. This is great for the guys or the girls or your favorite furry friends.



Here’s a fun way to wear your green from mayainthemoment and These 4-leaf clovers are crafted from leather and make a big fashion statement for St. Patrick’s Day.


Transform a party straw into a fun pinwheel. From, this printable comes in several colors and patterns. Glue the shamrock hearts on top of the pinwheels and glue the pinwheels onto a party straw. for fun party day decorations.


Need a special thank you for St. Paddy’s Day? Here’s a little something to give as a thank you gift. Let your special friend know how lucky you are to have them in your life with this colorful mason jar gift and printable tag from has a super cool collection of St. Patrick’s day gifts, crafts and edibles. You’ll love her collection of apothecary jars, button shamrocks, Lucky Charm treats and much, much more!

orange kitty cupcake printable

These cupcake printables from will add a touch of green and a stroke of luck to your St. Paddy’s Day baking.


warm hot chocolate gold rocks

We all need a little gold at the end of the rainbow. shares some gold rocks perfect for a treasure hunt or tabletop display.

housing a forest crystals

And…’s a fun overnight craft for the kids from! Make your own shamrock shaped crystals from Borax and water. It’s super cool!



Silver Leaf Fall Earrings and Ring by Savannah Starr

Silver Fall Leaf Earrings by Savannah Starr

Silver Fall Leaf Earrings by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr is falling for fall! Fall leaves covered with Cool2Cast are a beautiful fashion statement for your fall wardrobe. Paint the Cool2Cast the color of your choice and finish with silver (or gold) leafing and you have a fabulous ring and earrings. Watch Savannah’s super cool Silver Leaf Earring YouTube video tutorial.


Fall silk leaves
Wax paper
Plastic zip top bag and water
Measuring cup(s)
Small palette knife
Gift card or cardboard squeegee
Craft knife
Acrylic paint and brush
Jewelry findings – ring, fish hook earrings
Jewelry wire
Silver leaf and adhesive
Soft brush (to burnish silver leaf)
Adhesive brush


1. Remove plastic from back of leaf.

2. Lay leaf on wax paper, right side up.

3. Mix small batch of Cool2Cast according to package directions.

4. Let set for about 5 minutes until the mixture starts to thicken slightly.

5. Snip one small corner from bottom of bag.

6. Pour Cool2Cast over leaf until entire leaf is covered. (If you are creating more than one leaf, be sure to pour Cool2Cast over all leaves at this time because you cannot save a mixed batch.)

7. Use palette knife to lift leaf to move it to a clean spot on wax paper.

8. Slightly shake wax paper to help Cool2Cast to flatten on leaf.

9. Let set for about 5 minutes.

10. Use card to mark veins in Cool2Cast.

11. Let dry completely. (Note: To create earrings, cut wire approximately 3″ longer that size of leaf from top to bottom. Shape one end of wire into eye hook. Bend other end at bottom of leaf, bend up excess and twist to create a pretty wire leaf stem. After you have poured your Cool2Cast over the silk leaf, place the wire into the Cool2Cast and leave undisturbed until dry.)

12. Lift dried leaf from wax paper. Following pattern from back side of leaf (the silk flower leaf), use craft knife to carefully scrape away excess Cool2Cast to create crisp pattern line of leaf.

13. Paint Cool2Cast leaf with acrylic paint. Let dry.

14. Brush adhesive onto front of leaf leaving small areas with no adhesive. Let adhesive dry until clear (it will still be very sticky.)

15. Lay silver leaf into adhesive and use soft brush to burnish away any excess leaf. (Save excess silver leaf by placing back into original package.)

16. Glue ring finding onto back of finished leaf or add jump ring and fish hook earring hooks to create earrings.


Cool2Cast: How to Pour into Bezels

How to Pour Cool2Cast into Bezels PM 1280

How to Pour Cool2Cast into Bezels PM 1280

I’m excited to share the newest video in my Cool2Cast series! In this video I show you how to pour Cool2Cast into bezels. There are lots of cool bezels available in the jewelry department of your favorite craft stores or how about these cool hat pin bezels from Spellbinders! What’s so cool about Cool2Cast is that you only need to mix as much or as little as you need and you can color with alcohol inks, watercolors, specialty paints, nail polish, acrylic paints and your favorite color mediums! Stamp, embed, emboss and lots more! Cool2Cast is available in almost all Michaels stores (polymer clay department) or on-line.

Watch Tiffany’s Cool2Cast: How to Pour into Bezels YouTube video.

Filmed on location at MakeLab YouTubeSpace LA.



Spellbinders Media Mixáge Pendant by Lisa Fulmer

Media Mixage Pendant Lisa Fulmer 300x150

Media Mixage Pendant Lisa Fulmer

I’ve developed a new penchant for pendants…I am head over heels in love with Spellbinders’ bezels and foils in the Media Mixáge line. I really like contrasting the distressed gold and bronze tone of the metal bezels with more delicate pink papers, beads and foil.  The painted glass focal beads in the dangle look great with the sparkle and shine of the glittery glaze inside the bezels.

Watch my Media Mixage Pendant YouTube video tutorial!



Spellbinders Media Mixáge Oval Bezels
Spellbinders Media Mixáge Oval Dies
Spellbinders Media Mixáge Interlock Texture Plate
Spellbinders Media Mixáge Foil
Spellbinders Media Mixáge Ephemera Paper
Spellbinders Artisan Explorer machine
Assorted large focal beads
Assorted small spacer beads
Assorted metal charms
Two 15″ lengths of thin silk ribbon
Jump rings, eye pins, head pins, clasps
Jewelry pliers and snippers
Clear metal/contact glue
Clear glaze or resin
Clear craft glue
Wood skewer
Sanding block
Clear glitter

1.  To make a long rolled paper bead, cut a 2″x 6″ tall, skinny triangle from a patterned sheet of ephemera paper. Starting at the flat end, roll the paper snugly around a skewer, adding a little clear craft glue as you go. Rub a little glue around the outside the the bead to seal, slide off skewer and let dry. Make two paper beads – one for each side of the pendant.

2.  Use metal/contact glue to adhere a flat round clasp finding to the back of the large oval on the long side, so the oval can hang horizontally, let dry.

3.  Die-cut an image from the ephemera paper with the smallest oval die, glue the paper inside the oval bezel and let dry, then apply a thick layer of glaze or resin on top and float a couple tiny beads at either end of the oval bezel. Let dry until clear and hard.

4.  Die-cut a piece of colored foil with the largest oval die, then emboss it on the texture plate. Lightly sand the embossed pattern on colored side so some of the silver underneath shows through to accentuate the pattern. Glue it inside the largest oval bezel, let dry.

5.  Glue some larger charms and beads on the foil inside the oval bezel, let dry, then apply a thick layer of glaze or resin on top of the embossed foil, filling in around the charms and beads. Sprinkle glitter lightly on top and let dry until clear and hard.

6.  Thread one end of one ribbon through one side of the large oval and glue the ribbon tail (about 1.5″) to itself, let dry, then string a paper bead with 2 small accent beads down close to the bezel loop, over the glued area. Trim the ribbon end to a sharp angle to thread it through the smaller accent beads. Repeat on the other side.

7.  Attach large focal beads and smaller spacer beads as desired above and below the small oval bezel to create a decorative dangle, then attach the dangle to the bottom of the large oval bezel.

8.  Tie the opposite ends of each ribbon to one half of a clasp with a tight double knot and secure each knot with a drop of clear craft glue.

P Media Mixage Pendant Lisa Fulmer



Prima Wood Embellishments Earrings by Tiffany Windsor

Prima Wood Embellishment Owl Earrings Tiffany Windsor 300x150

Prima Wood Embellishment Owl Earrings Tiffany Windsor

Prima’s Wood Embellishments are very cute for scrapbook layouts and other paper crafting projects! If jewelry is your passion, then you will love transforming these laser cut cuties into earrings. Tiffany Windsor applied a quick coat of chalk ink to give these owls a light brush of color. The laser cuttings give these pieces lots of detail. Available in a boxed set of 45 pieces, these earrings are economical, lightweight, quick and a hoot to create!

Watch Tiffany’s Prima Wood Embellishments Earrings YouTube video tutorial!


Prima Wood Embellishments (birds and owls)Birds and owls wood cuts
Prima Chalk Ink – Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Brown
Jewelry findings – jump rings, fish hook earrings
Jewelry pliers
Optional: matte or gloss spray sealer, heavy duty small punch, Tombow brush marker

1. Apply color to owls by running chalk ink applicator over surface on both sides. Let ink dry.

2. If desired, spray matte sealer over ink. Let dry.

3. Insert jump ring through pre-cut eye. Add second smaller jump ring and then add fish hook earring.

If desired, you can join several wood cuts together with jump rings to create longer dangled earrings. You will need to punch holes in the wood cuts for the jump rings.

P Prima Wood Embellishments Birds Flowers Earrings

P Tiffany Prima Wood Owl Earrings


Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn by Lorine Mason – in the spotlight

Lorine Mason T-Shirt Yarn Book

Making Jewelry with T-shirt Yarn by Lorine Mason

Our super cool friend, Lorine Mason, has announced her newest book! Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn: How to Create Fabulous Fabric Accessories will help to answer the question “What in the world should I do with all these old T-shirts?” The answer is simple: cut them up, pull the strips into rope-like loops, and braid them into colorful necklaces, earrings, headbands, rings, bracelets, belts, and more!

Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn will have you wrapping and knotting your way to fun fabric jewelry creations. In this book, Lorine reveals the five basic shapes to use in making endless combinations of embellishments. She also shows how to get terrific effects by tie-dying plain shirts to create wonderful color combinations.

Inexpensive supplies, basic techniques, wonderful color and fun projects. Whether you are an avid crafter or newbie; creating fun jewelry and accessory items from T Shirt strips makes for a creative afternoon.

Order your copy of Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn: How to Create Fabulous Fabric Accessories today!Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn - book back

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr – DIY Crafts

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings Savannah Starr 300x150

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr transforms plastic drinking straws into stylish dangle earrings with nail polish! You can make these lightweight and economical earrings by the dozen to match your wardrobe. Featured on Cool2Craft  DIY Crafts.

Watch Savannah’s Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings YouTube video tutorial!


Plastic drinking straws
Chenille stems (or knitting needle)
Nail polish – black plus colors of your choice
Eye pins (one for each dangle)
Beads – assorted small and medium beads
Round nose jewelry pliers
Hoop earring findings

1. Cut straws to desired lengths.

2. Slip onto chenille stem(s).

3. Paint straws with nail polish. Let dry completely.

4. If desired, add additional colors of nail polish to create colorful designs. Have fun splattering or brushing on additional colors.

5. To create dangle, slip small bead onto eye pin wire. Add medium size bead, straw and finish with another small and medium bead.

6. Bend wire to 90 degree angle to hold all beads in place. Cut wire to approximately 3/8″.

7. Use round nose pliers to create loop.

8. Hang onto hoop earrings.

Make this fun DIY craft for yourself or surprise your girlfriends with some super cool plastic dangle earrings!

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr CU

P Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr