Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings by Linda Peterson

Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings by Linda Peterson

The possibilities are endless with the variety of Duct Tape® patterns and colors available. Linda Peterson shows you how to create fashion “rock star” earrings inspired by guitar picks. Add words or other icons, sprinkle with a little glitter and you’re ready to rock and roll! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Linda’s cool Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earring YouTube video tutorial!


Duct tape (zebra print and silver)
Plastic container such as from a peanut butter jar or cup
Non-stick scissors
Puffy Paint (I used neon pink)
Glitter glue – silver
Hole punch (1/16”)
Earring wire
Jump ring

Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings by Linda Peterson 1 Create a guitar pick template of desired size on a piece of paper (a triangle shape with rounded corners).Apply duct tape to outside of jar.  Cut out and apply to back side so that you now have a double sided design.
Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings by Linda Peterson 2  Cut guitar pick shape using template as guide.
Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings by Linda Peterson 3  Apply glitter glue and let dry.  Punch hole for earring wire.
Duct Tape Guitar Pick Earrings by Linda Peterson 4 Add any extra lettering or paint as desired and let dry. Attach earring wire and ROCK ON!

Mixed Media Sunflower Canvas by Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson Mixed Media Sunflower Canvas 300x150

Linda Peterson has been busy making fabulous mixed media art!  A couple of basic collage techniques is all you need to get started creating your own wall art.  Linda shows you how to layer using decoupage, paint and bubble wrap to create this rich and beautiful sunflower inspired art.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool  Mixed Media Sunflower Canvas YouTube video tutorial!

Canvas 12 x 6
Music sheet – (download)
Handwriting sheet (download)
Collage medium
Sponge brushes
Paint in colors of choice – we used a brick red, turquoise, burnt umber, sand, white and   black, sunflower yellow
Distress inks in greens and browns
Words or phrase of choice
Bottle caps – anything to create a circle texture – optional
Foam stamps –optional
Charcoal pencil

Click here to download Linda’s sunflower pattern, music advertisement and handwriting pdf’s

Enlarge or reduce your patterns to fit your canvas.  Download and print out a couple of sheets of music and handwriting.

Cut out strips of newsprint and decoupage onto canvas.  Allow to dry
Apply a light wash of white paint randomly over surface.
Apply desired paint color to bubble wrap or plastic wrap and stamp onto surface to begin the layered textural effect.  Repeat until you have a pleasing background.  Allow to dry.
Cut out sunflower and pot pattern from handwriting and music papers and decoupage to background.
Paint over sunflower with yellow – leaving some of the writing to show through.Paint pot using the same technique.
Outline with charcoal pencil to give added depth.
mixed-media-hero Linda Peterson Finish by applying any additional textural effects or phrases as desired.  Apply finish coat of decoupage medium over surface and allow to dry completely.

Mixed Media No-Sew Phone Pouch by Linda Peterson


Linda Peterson shares an easy no-sew project that can be done in minutes with the Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack selection of fabric glues.  Be the coolest Mom on the block when you make your kids their very own cellphone pouch.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Mixed Media Phone Pouch YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack – Note:  Use  “Okay to Wash It” glue unless otherwise stated.
T-shirt material or fabric of choice
Patterned fabric of choice
Miscellaneous buttons or embellishments

Arrange patterned fabric as desired for flower.  Begin with cutting approximately a 1 ½” circle for the base layer.  Create a circle from each fabric, gradually getting smaller.

Stack up circles and glue in center to secure. Set aside to dry.

Measure width of cellphone.  Double this measurement and add 1”. Measure the length and add 1”.Cut the above rectangle from t-shirt fabric.Cut a 1” wide strip of fabric 24” or the length desired for strap.
Working on the wrong side of fabric, apply a line of glue along the top portion of the rectangle.  Fold down ¼”.  Hold until it tacks.
Flip over to right side of fabric. Apply a line of glue down the side and half way across the bottom.
Fold fabric over and match the upper, side and bottom seam.  Allow to dry.
Clip off the bottom corners of the pouch making sure not to clip above glue line.
Turn inside out.Cut a little nick in the fabric ¼” from top.  Thread end of strap thru the whole and knot.  Secure with a daub of glue.Repeat other side.
Arrange fabrics on top of pouch and glue to secure.
Apply Jewel It glue to back of button and press to center of flower.  Repeat with a button in top corner of pouch if desired.

Mixed Media Frame by Linda Peterson


Linda Peterson shares how to create an amazing embossed frame!   Have fun and get messy using  this technique to create exciting dimension to a variety of your mixed media projects.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda;s super cute Mixed Media Frame YouTube video tutorial!


Wooden frame or other suitable surface
Decorative paper (I used old letter handwriting)
Acrylic paint in colors of choice plus burnt umber
Modeling paste
Color Wash – butterscotch or color of choice
Stencil of choice
Old credit card
Paper towels
Bucket of water
Decoupage Medium
Sanding block

Decoupage paper to front of frame and allow to dry.
Sand edges smooth with sanding block.
Apply base colors of paint randomly over paper allowing some paper to show through.
Spritz color wash onto palette.  Apply with wet brush to surface and alter color.
Place stencil where desired and scrape modeling medium over stencil. Remove stencil and allow to dry completely. Paint a layer of decoupage medium over front and allow to dry.
Antique with brown paint.
Remove excess with a moistened paper towel and allowing some paint to remain in the cracks and crevasses.

Distressed Tag with Vintage Flowers from Baby Wipes by Linda Peterson


Linda Peterson says “Wait!” Before you throw out those colorful baby wipes think again!  Repurpose them into beautiful vintage looking flowers for your mixed media and paper craft projects.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV

Watch Linda’s super fun Vintage Flowers from Baby Wipes YouTube video tutorial!


Baby wipes
Color wash
Needle and thread in matching colors
Tag from office supply store
Decoupage medium
Stamp – foam or create one of your own
Various embellishments such as buttons and additional scraps of fabric
Aleene’s Tacky Glue

My baby wipes were colored with the ink that was on my work surface after I cleaned up.  You can also spray your baby wipes with color wash to achieve the desired color and effect.  Allow them to dry.

Apply a thin coat of decoupage medium to your stamp.
Stamp images onto tag. Let dry.
Spritz colors onto tag.
Remove excess color with baby wipe.Allow tag to dry.
Tear wipes into two small circles slightly larger than a quarter.  Tear one circle approximately the size of a half dollar.
Bunch the small circle in the center.
Secure with a needle and thread stitch.
Stitch the second small circle to the first.
Stitch the big circle to the bottom and tie with a knot to secure.You can also create small “bud” by repeating the last two steps.Glue all embellishments to card.

Snowflake Window Clings by Linda Peterson

12-12-2011 Snowflake Clings by Linda Peterson

12-12-2011 Snowflake Clings by Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson shares a great project to get the kids involved on a gloomy winter day and dress up your windows too!! Everyone will have fun making these adorable window clings.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Snowflake Window Cling YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Tulip® Puffy Paint – white or color of choice
Page protector
Clip art of snowflakes in a variety of sizes
Pigment powder in color of choice or acrylic paint in color of choice

Place the page protector over snowflake clip art template.Outline the snowflake with puffy paint and allow to dry.
  Apply tacky glue to inside of snowflake.
  Add pigment powders and create swirls with toothpick or needle tool.
  Allow to dry.Carefully peel off of page protector and trim if needed.
Wet with a baby wipe and apply to window.

Upcycled Fabric Flowers by Linda Peterson

Rose by Linda Peterson

Rose by Linds Peterson

Flowers are always fashion trendy. Upcycle an old t-shirt into a very versatile embellishment for your handbag, flip flops, scrapbook or use as a hair accessory.  It’s quick and easy with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Upcycled Fabric Flower YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape
T-shirt to cut up
3” length of beaded trim (optional)
Tulip® Fabric Paint – Pink and Green pearl
Fabric brush
Pin back or barrette (optional)

Cut out a circle from a piece of the t-shirt material.  The bigger the circle the bigger the flower
  Draw a spiral inside the circle and cut out. (Please note that the dark pattern line in this photo is for reference only, your pattern line should be drawn barely visible.)
  Apply tape to edge of fabric.
  Peel off backing and begin rolling the fabric around itself.  It is okay if the fabric gathers and bunches in different areas. If necessary, trim off the “cone” on the back of the flower. Cut another circle of fabric to fit over the back of your flower. Apply Peel and Stick Tape and press the fabric in place over the back of your flower. Turn flower over and arrange the petals.
  Create a rectangle from t-shirt fabric.  Fold each side down creating a point in the center.
  Apply a piece of tape along bottom and fold the edges towards the center again.  Trim off bottom to be flush.  Paint leaf green.
  Paint flower pink. Apply leaf and trim to back of flower with Fabric Fusion tape. Glue pin back or barrette onto back of flower.

Funky Dice Pendants by Julianna Hudgins

Wire Bead

Julianna Hudgins loves working with Artistic Wire and the Deluxe Coiling Gizmo! One of her most favorite things to create is a double colored coil. Feeding two to three different colors of wire onto the coiling gizmo can be tricky but with a little patience you can achieve this dimensional look. In addition to the dice you could also wire wrap a domino! Now that’s super funky!  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Julianna’s awesome Funky Dice Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Artistic Wire 22GA Rose, Lemon & Tangerine 1 spool each
Artistic Wire 20GA Non Tarnish Silver 1 spool
Beadalon Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Beadalon Silver Chain #340B-010
Beadalon Silver Lobster Clasp #315B-005
Beadalon Round Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters & Flat Nylon Jaw Pliers
Swarovski Size 20 Peridot crystals or color of choice 21 pieces
Lime Green Dice 1 each
E6000, tooth pics & paper plate

Click here to see additional photo steps for Julianna’s Funky Dice

Apply glue with toothpick to add the crystals to each side of dice in numerical order 1 through 6 as shown in photo. Let dry in between sides for at least one minute at a time depending on environment that you are working in. Set finished dice to side.
  Using the Rose and Lemon colored wire make a coil using the Deluxe Coiling Gizmo with the second to largest rod 4 inches long. Remove coil from rod and only cut wires from bottom of coil.
  Insert Tangerine wire into bottom of coil and let coil slide down wire.
  Wrap end of Tangerine wire around second to largest rod handle and make a coil about ½ inch long.
  Slide original rose and lemon colored coil up to meet rod and wrap around handle.
  Guide the coil up and over the rod by pushing the handle of rod forward and by guiding coil with thumb and pointer finger.
  Continue to wrap coil on rod until coil is complete. Finish end by making a matching ½” long tangerine coil at end.
  Remove wire bead from rod and cut off from spool. Cut wires from top.
  Holding wire bead by small tangerine coils gently stretch wire bead apart being careful not to distort shape.
  Cut a piece of non tarnish silver wire approx 8″ long. Using round nose pliers make a loop at one of wire.
  Insert straight end of wire through tangerine coil.
  Insert wire through dice.
  Insert wire through top tangerine coil. Using round nose pliers make random loops with excess wire.
Add pendant to chain with lobster clasp.

Design a Scarf with Tulip Fabric Markers by Linda Peterson

Scarf by Linda Peterson

Scarf by Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson shows how to add variety to your wardrobe with these fashion silk scarves.  Create a variety of patterns with Tulip Fabric Markers.  Your friends will be amazed!!  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cool Tulip Fabric Marker Designed Scarf YouTube video tutorial!


Tulip® Fabric Markers in choice colors
Purchased silk scarf
Craft foam
Tape craft foam to work surface and secure scarf to craft foam with T-pins

Draw desired pattern onto scarf.  Keep it simple if you are just beginning, try creating easy designs such as polka dots, circles, squares or stripes.  Animal prints in various colors are also fun to try.
  Fill in design with desired color.
  WEAR!  You can tie this onto your wrist, use as a hair bow or maybe even an accessory to your handbag!
  Wash in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap after 24 hours; line dry. Do not dry clean.

Halloween Box by Wilmarie Villanueva

Wilmarie Villanueva Halloween Box 2

Wilmarie Villanueva has found the key to a muse’s heart.  Candace was so tickled to see Wilmarie’s Halloween box with polymer clay tiles and adorable hand drawn skeleton that her heart sang!

With the box open, you can see that Wilmarie used polymer clay tiles stacked at different angles for feet.  How sweet!I love her design sense!  Her placement and direction of the tiles is both balanced and whimsical, and you know how much I LOVE WHIMSY!!!

Wilmarie’s little calaca (skeleton) is so cute!  He should have his own blog!  I want to be his friend on Facebook!

Thank you so much, Wilmarie, for making my day!

By the way, while Wilmarie was watching Linda Peterson’s Livin’ the Creative Life Pumpkin episode, she made this!She just couldn’t wait to try Linda’s polymer clay pumpkin photo holder project, so she got right to it! 

I love getting photos and stories from viewers!  Email me anytime with what your doing, or have done, so I can share it right here!

Candace the Muse

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