Cool2Craft Creative Play Contributor Martha Jenkins

Martha Jenkins wreath 5

Martha Jenkins wreath 5

Martha Jenkins is a frequent Creative Play contributor.  In fact she received some homemade swag from the Muse’s studio last month and is beginning a new round of play!  This time Martha dug up some Buried Treasure – that”s the August 2011 theme.  It involves a pirate’s booty of what?!

Martha says:
Candace, Thanks so much for the incentive. I decided to take your hint & hunt for buried treasure. Therefore, I braved the depths of the uncharted basement where I keep my craft supplies. My explorations led me to the dark, hidden cavern under the staircase where I found fantastic forgotten booty. I uncovered a trash bag filled with dried milkweed pods. I gathered them a few years ago to make Christmas ornaments with the grandlets. Can’t figure out why I picked so many! Perhaps because they’re
so readily available. When I thought about them the mind went from ornaments to a wreath.
I decided to use cardboard as a base because it’s fairly easy to find a cardboard box to cut up. I used a 15″ pizza pan & an 8-1/2″ pan lid to
make 2 cardboard rings.
Since I was using corrugated cardboard I made 2 layers & was careful to turn the pieces so the “grain” runs at 90 degree angles for strength.
I taped them together in several places.

Then I hot glue the pods on in 3 rows beginning with the outer edge.

I was tempted to leave it the natural color (which would be great for a fall wreath) but wanted to experiment so I spray painted the entire
wreath green (white or gold would have been good too.). To bring out the edges of the pods, I sponged on gold leaf paint before adding a large
flower & bow.  I’m quite chuffed that it turned out so well & am now thinking that the pods look an awful lot like poinsettia petals. I might just be onto my next project. I still have to find a way to use up the rest of those milkweed pods.”

Sweet! Thank you so much for sharing your treasure with us!

Martha’s submission invoked the Queens of Green Factor, giving her DOUBLE COOLCASH!

Way to play, Captain Jenx!  Arrr!

Candace the Muse

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