Julie Western’s Dollhouse Quilt Shop Revisited


Last December Candace the Muse introduced our readers to an amazing woman who happens to be a wonderful artist.  Julie Western dives into each new artistic adventure that comes her, taking a bit of the previous adventure with her.

Julie’s artistic dance with fibers and quilts moved gracefully into an extension of a life long love of paper dolls that translated into miniature rooms!  Here’s an update on Julie Western’s Dollhouse shop makeover.

Julie told me:“The quilt shop has transformed from its holiday decor to include more quilts and a lacemaker’s work area.  The Ohio Star variation floor quilt and toile wall quilt with the children and dogs were custom made by Bettie Pharr, Piecefulthings on etsy.  Bettie created a 16″ x 20″ framed wall quilt out of the toile fabric and after seeing it in her etsy store, I contacted her to see if she would take on a small commission for similar quilts for the storefront.”
“Working in miniature is a very challenging scale to quilt.  Bettie did amazing work translating the original design into two small format quilts with beautiful details.
The burgundy basket quilt was made by Pamela Boatright, Pamelaquilts on etsy, the pieces in the basket handle are only 1/4″ half triangles and The lacemaker’s bolster pillow and stand, chair, mini pillow with handmade lace and the glass globe table are by Ingeborg Krebs, Ingesminis on etsy.  Historically, lacemaker’s would fill a special glass globe with water and use candlelight to illuminate their intricate work. meticulously pieced.”
“The fabric dolls, dog and cat are all by Holly Stinnett, Hollylovesart on etsy.  Holly has been creating the Tea with Jane Regency dolls for some time, all in glorious period attire with lovely embellishments.  Her latest art doll Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is fabulous.  She is creating one for me, along with the additional dolls for the cafe.
I am so grateful to all the artists that have crafted their wonderful wares, their work had made the quilt shop and cafe storefront such a delight!”
Julie Western Doll House Back to the miniature cafe:“Bettie Pharr just e-mailed me a photo of the quilt she created for the bakery cafe floor.  Bettie is amazing at taking a few descriptive phrases from my “wish list” and designing the perfect additions for the rooms.  I love how she chose the curvy fabric for the sashes and borders, and the actual quilting is done in directional lines within the quilt blocks, in such tiny detail.”
  I tried to quilt in miniature for a day and a half, before I thought I would lose my mind trying.  That’s when I started scouring etsy for small scale quilt artists.  Bettie creates framed quilts and larger quilts, but she usually doesn’t work in this miniature of a scale, but she accepted the first commissions and followed up with this special project for me. She surpasses my every hope with her talents, design instincts and vision.

Thank you Julie, for all the fabulous ideas and contacts! 


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