Sparkles the Polymer Clay Snowman by Linda Peterson

12-12-2011 snowman by Linda Peterson

12-12-2011 snowman by Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson shares how to create an adorable snowman from polymer clay. It’s easy and fun and great for all ages. The perfect project to chase away the winter blues and bring a smile to your face.  Featured on Livin’ the Creative Life TV.

Watch Linda’s super cute Sparkles the Polymer Clay Snowman YouTube video tutorial!


Polymer clay:  White, black and orange along with any accent colors desired
Plaid ribbon
Toothpick or needle tool
Knitting needle
Ceramic tile (optional)
Baby wipes

These are the basic shapes needed to make a snowman.
  Roll a ¾” ball on one side to create a tapered log.
   Repeat this three more times.
  Create a large tapered log from a 2” ball. To create the body, press the thick end down on the work surface while pulling the thinner end upwards to elongate the neckline.To create the legs, push the thick end up towards the thinner end creating a foot.
  Press arms and legs to body.
  Create a 1” ball for head.  Roll a tiny piece of orange clay into a triangle for the nose.
  Pre-bake small black balls. Press in for eyes.
  Draw in smile and eyebrows with needle tool.
  Press head to body.
  Before baking I sprinkled him with clear glitter.Bake according to manufacturer’s directions for approximately 1 hour. Allow to cool.Tie the ribbon around his neck.Add chalk “blush” to his cheeks and the bottom of his feet.