Kuttlefish Announces the Official Launch of Online Community



Have you heard about Kuttlefish? It’s an exciting, new community and marketplace where buyers meet sellers to exchange goods made with reused, recycled, and upcycled content. After soft-launching in 2014, Kuttlefish has announced the official launch of their marketplace.

Some interesting facts about Kuttlefish:

● The marketplace has goods made with reused, recycled, and upcycled content.

● Sellers only pay 1% commission in their first year, lowest the industry.

● People visit Kuttlefish to give and get inspiration related to upcycling/recycling.

The marketplace offers consumers an online shopping option that guarantees social good. Each product listed on Kuttlefish must contribute to waste reduction, most commonly with recycled, upcycled, or reused content. Of doing social good, CEO and Founder Ian Moise said, “Increasingly, consumers are seeking purchasing options that contribute to the social good. There is no single, more recognized symbol of doing good in the marketplace today than buying products with recycled, reused, or upcycled content.”

Kuttlefish’s introductory offer for sellers is unmatched online – 1% commission for the first year of operation and 3% thereafter. The Kuttlefish community has already grown to over 141,000 fans on Facebook, over 3,700 followers on Twitter, and over 1,300 followers on Instagram. For community members, the Kuttlefish platform also offers social networking capabilities such as mail, discussion forums, and idea sharing.


Indygo Junction Free PDF ePattern & Giveaway


Indygo Junction Selvedge Dahlia PDF Giveaway Tiffany Windsor

Did you know that Indygo Junction is now selling PDF downloads?  From aprons to purses and totes, embroidery, quilts, holiday, kids clothing, recycling and fashion accessories you will definitely find the perfect patterns to inspire your creativity! My friends at Indygo Junction said “Hey! Why don’t we give one PDF free to all your Cool2Craft fans!” and my reply was a big “YES!!!”Selvedge Dahlia Indygo Junction

With over 200 PDF downloads to choose from, it wasn’t easy for me to narrow it down but I decided on the Selvedge Dahlia. I love this project because you can utilize your smallest leftover fabric scraps. Even the fabric selvedges are cut and included as petal loops. You can create this flower in pretty subtle, monochromatic colors or create your own look by combining coordinating colors of your favorite scraps like I did. I also love this pattern because the flower is SO versatile. So let’s all join together and give a BIG CHEER of thanks to Indygo Junction for giving us this free download! Ready to get started? Click here for the Indygo Junction Selvedge Dahlia download!

IJ-giftcertgraphic.teal-25But WAIT! There’s more!

Update 4/11/14: CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER Sara Miller! Giveaway contest is now closed. (Can you tell I am REALLY EXCITED about these new PDF downloads!) We have a gift certificate to give away! Yep! Just leave a comment on this post and tell us about your favorite Indygo Junction PDF designs and you’ll be entered to win this $25 Indygo Junction Gift Certificate. A random winner will be selected from YouTube comments and blog comments. So, double your chances by leaving a comment in both places! Comment deadline April 10, 2014 11:59 pm. 

I also want to invite you to stop by the newly redesigned Indygo Junction website to check out all the PDF downloads and check out their guest designers as well as fun sewing & crafting images & labels!


Indygo Junction Selvedge Dahlia Tiffany Windsor P



Behind the Scenes: Aleene’s Pumpkin Surprise

Aleene's Pumpkins Surprise

Aleene's Pumpkins Surprise

Tiffany decided to give Momma Aleene a little Halloween surprise when she recently crafted her Water Bottle Pumpkins. These pumpkins are easy to create and are fun to use to decorate your yard, porch or garden. A quick window display featuring five pumpkins and a BOO! brought a smile to Momma’s face and we captured it on video! Watch the YouTube Behind The Scenes video – Aleene’s Pumpkin Surprise.

Water Bottle Pumpkins by Tiffany Windsor



How to Transform a Water Bottle into a Pumpkin

Water Bottle Pumpkins by Tiffany Windsor

Water Bottle Pumpkins by Tiffany Windsor

If you are looking for an easy and affordable Halloween decorating idea, I think you will like these water bottle pumpkins. Just decoupage with tissue paper or crepe paper streamers over gallon jug water bottles, add fun facial features to bring personality to your pumpkins then line them up in your garden or porch. Watch the How to Transform Water Bottles into Pumpkins YouTube video.


Water bottles (I like the one gallon jugs)
Crepe paper streamers – orange
Aleene’s Decoupage Medium
Foam brush
Black craft foam
Kraft paper (for stem) or wood sticks
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Sheets

1. Remove labels from water bottles.

2. Measure streamer from top of bottle to the middle bottom of bottle. Cut enough streamers to cover entire bottle. This will make the gluing process go much quicker!

3. Apply decoupage medium with brush in a line slightly wider than the streamer from top to bottom.

4. Carefully lay cut streamer over glue line adjusting to be sure it is straight (or close to straight) from top to bottom.

5. Apply more decoupage medium over streamer keeping brush very moist with medium so that it glides over the streamer paper. Do not over-stroke the brush or the streamer paper will tear.

6. Repeat to cover entire bottle. When working around bottle handle cut smaller pieces of streamer so that you can easily glue around handle. Set aside to let dry completely. You can speed up the process with a hair dryer or fan.

7. Cut facial features from craft foam.

8. Cut pieces of Peel & Stick sheets and apply to back of cut foam shapes.

9. Remove paper backing and press foam shapes on front of pumpkin.

10. Fold, crinkle and roll kraft paper into a thick stem. Insert into top of bottle.

Water Bottle Pumpkin Tiffany WindsorP


Cereal Box Printed Felt Heart Pendant by EcoHeidi Borchers

Printed Heart Felt Pendant Heidi Borchers 300x150

Printed Heart Felt Pendant Heidi Borchers

Printed felts are available in so many cool colors and print designs! EcoHeidi Borchers teams up printed felt with cereal box cardboard to create a pendant.

Watch Heidi’s Printed Felt Heart Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Cereal box cardboard (or food packaging cardboard)
Cardboard squeegee (for applying glue)
Acrylic paint (color to complement or match felt)
Paint brush
Printed felt
Hole punch (small for jewelry findings)
Pattern of your choice
Squeegee (to spread glue)
Wax paper
Bottle caps (to raise pendant off worksurface)
3D Crystal Lacquer
Jewelry findings – jumprings – necklace chain
Jewelry pliers

1. Transfer pattern of your choice to cardboard. Cut out along pattern line. Punch hole for jump ring.

2. Paint back of cardboard. Let dry.

3. Apply smooth coat of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue to front of cardboard with squeegee. Glue to wrong side of felt. Let dry for approximately one hour.

4. Cut out felt along cardboard pattern line.

5. Punch hole in felt where you punched hole in cardboard. Let glue dry completely.

6. Place wax paper on work surface. Place bottle caps on wax paper. Place felt shape on top of bottle caps. This will raise the piece from the tabletop for the next step.

7. Apply coat of 3D liberally over felt by first drawing a line of lacquer directly from the bottle tip along the outside edge of felt, then fill in to completely coat the felt. As 3D soaks into the felt, continue to apply and fill in until you have a nice even coat.

8. Using tweezers, drop rhinestones into wet 3D. Let piece dry undisturbed overnight.

9. Add jumpring and attach to necklace chain.

P Printed Heart Felt Pendant Heidi Borchers


Aleene’s Embossed Felt Water Bottle Cuff Bracelets by EcoHeidi Borchers

Aleene's Embossed Felt Water Bottle Cuff Bracelets Heidi Borchers 300x150

Aleene's Embossed Felt Water Bottle Cuff Bracelets Heidi Borchers Michaels

EcoHeidi Borchers was inspired by a fashion magazine layout to create these embossed felt bracelets. The cuff bracelet base is created from water bottles and the faux leather is embossed felt. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape makes this project quick and easy to assemble.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Embossed Felt Water Bottle Cuff Bracelets YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel &  Stick Tape
Water bottle (smooth sided)
Embossed felt

1. Cut top and bottom from water bottle.

2. Apply two lines of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape side by side around water bottle. Cut water bottle along release paper to give you an approximate measurement of 1-1/2″ width for the cuff bracelet.

3. To adjust size, cut bracelet open.

4. Peel back the release paper on both strips about 1″ to reveal the adhesive. Overlap cut edges to create desired bracelet size. Press firmly.

5. Cut strip of felt slightly larger than the width of your bracelet.

6. Match the straight edge of the felt to the straight edge of the water bottle and begin to glue in place. Continue to release paper and glue entire strip of felt to water bottle. Cut away excess from overlapping ends and along sides.

7. Cut strip of felt to fit exactly inside bracelet. Apply Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape to smooth side of felt.

8. Peel back the release paper on both strips about 1″ to reveal the adhesive. Align carefully on inside of bracelet and glue in place. Cut away any excess felt.

9. Cut a strip of felt to exact width of bracelet. Tie in loose knot adjusting so that the embossed side is up on both tails. Cut ends to point.

10. Cut a 1″ strip of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape and apply to bracelet (apply over seam area). Glue knot in place.

P Aleene's Embossed Felt Water Bottle Cuff Bracelets Heidi Borchers


Patriotic Milk Carton Wine Carrier by EcoHeidi Borchers

Aleene's Patriotic Wine Carrier 300x150

Aleene's Patriotic Wine Carrier

Celebrate the red, white and blue with a special gift! EcoHeidi Borchers upcycles a milk carton into a wire handled carrier. Decorated with decoupaged book pages and dangling stars, this carrier is perfect for wine or herbed vinegar.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Patriotic Wine Carrier YouTube video tutorial!



Milk carton
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Decoupage – Matte
Brushes (one for Decoupage, one for paint)
Book pages
Acrylic paint – red, blue, white
Matboard – to use as inserts to strengthen the milk carton
Craft knife (to cut matboard)
Wood stars
Twine – thin gauge
Heavy gauge covered wire (for handle)
Wire cutters

1. Carefully tear open the top of the milk carton and remove plastic pour spout.

2. Rinse and dry inside of carton.

3. Cut down each corner from top to first fold in carton. Bend two opposite sides in to the inside of carton.

4. To strengthen carton, you will need to measure and cut matboard to create inserts for two sides. Measure one side of carton from top to bottom, side to side and cut piece of matboard to measurement. Cut one end of matboard to point. Repeat to create second cut piece of matboard.

5. Insert matboard inside carton and mark carton along pointed edge. Cut along marked edges to create points on carton.

6. Apply glue to matboard pieces and glue inside carton. Use clothespins to hold in place while glue dries.

7. Tear several book pages into approximately 2″ x 3″ pieces.

8. To decoupage the outside, working small sections at a time, brush outside surface of carton with Aleene’s Decoupage. Brush a coat of Decoupage onto the back of book page piece and glue onto carton. Brush over book page with Decoupage. Repeat to cover entire outside and inside of carton. Let dry.

9. If desired, apply white paint in dry brush technique over the decoupaged book pages.

10. To create the stripes, mix red acrylic paint with water to create a wash. Brush color onto book pages. Let dry.

11. Find grain in book page paper and tear into approximate 1/2″ strips.

12. Decoupage stripes onto outside of carton.

13. Apply blue wash of color to stars and book pages. Let dry. Use stars as patterns to cut book pages to size. Glue in place with Decoupage. Let dry.

14. Glue a length of twine to back of stars. Set aside to dry.

15. Punch hole slightly below each point in carton.

16. To create handle, insert end of wire in first hole and bend up. Repeat by inserting other end in other hole, adjust for desired length, cut off excess and bend up.

17. Hang stars from handle. Tie with another piece of twine to hold in place.

P Aleene's Patriotic Wine Carrier


Aleene’s Kids’ Water Bottle Friendship Bracelets

Kids Water Bottle Friendship Bracelets EcoHeidi Borchers 300x150

Kids Water Bottle Friendship Bracelets EcoHeidi Borchers

Girls of all ages will love these bright and fun water bottle bracelets by EcoHeidi Borchers. Wrapped in fabric strips, water bottle bracelets can be made to mix and match and are fun to share with your friends!

Watch EcoHeidi’s Water Bottle Friendship Bracelets YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Water bottles (smooth sided water bottles are the best for this project)
Craft knife
Blue masking tape (1/2″ wide or 1″ wide cut down to 1/2″)
Small hole punch (for embroidery floss)
Fabric – torn into approximately 1/2″ wide strips
Embroidery floss and needle

1. Wrap masking tape around water bottle to measure off cutting area for one bracelet. Use craft knife to carefully cut through water bottle. If needed, use scissors to straighten cutting lines. Remove masking tape (as use again for additional bracelets.)

2. If you plan on stitching on buttons or embellishment, use hole punch to punch two small holes side-by-side in bracelet.

3. Apply line of Aleene’s Tacky Glue to end of first fabric strip. Glue end to inside of bracelet near the two holes you punched. This will make it easier to find those two holes again.

4. Begin wrapping fabric around and around bracelet overlapping each section and pulling tight. When you reach the end, cut off excess fabric and glue end to the inside of bracelet.

5. Thread embroidery floss onto needle. Use needle to find punched holes.

6. Thread two buttons onto floss. Working from the outside of the bracelet, press needle through first hole and back up through second hole, bringing thread back through buttons. Tie ends of thread into double knot to secure buttons to bracelet. If desired, tie floss into bow. Apply small dab of glue to center of bow to hold in place.

7. For another embellishment idea, cut shapes from water bottles (heart or star). Paint back of shape. Let dry. Punch two holes and attach to bracelet with embroidery floss.

P Kids Water Bottle Friendship Bracelets EcoHeidi Borchers


Paper Plate Owl by EcoHeidi Borchers

Paper Plate Owl EcoHeidi Borchers 300x150

Paper Plate Owl EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers created this super cute owl from paper plates!  She found the perfect fluted-edge plates at Target and cut the owl feathers. Her easy faux-patina painting technique transforms this project into the look of weathered metal.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Paper Plate Owl YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Tacky Glue
White paper plates (2-1/2 plates per owl)
Paper Plate Owl Patterns
18 gauge florist wire
Wire cutters
Florist tape – brown
Wax paper
Spray paint – copper metallic
Blue masking tape
Acrylic paint – medium teal, light teal, green, white
Sea sponge

1. Cut owl patterns from center of paper plates.

2. For legs, wrap wire with florist tape.

3. Apply Aleene’s Tacky glue to one side of owl body, place both wire legs in place and glue second owl body in place, sandwiching the wire legs in between. Use clothespins to hold the layers together. Set aside to dry.

4. Cut fluted edges of plates into feathers.

5. Squeeze puddle of glue onto wax paper. Dip end of feather(s) into glue and place onto owl body, starting at the bottom and working up by layering the rows of feathers.

6. When you reach the top, just glue the feathers hanging over the top edge. You can cut them off when the glue is dry. Glue feathers onto wing pieces. Glue wings onto body.

Paper Plate Owl Feet EcoHeidi Borchers7. In a well ventilated area, spray entire owl and both legs with spray paint.

8. Use masking tape to hold the smaller owl body pieces onto spraying surface so that they don’t blow away when you spray. Let dry.

9. Use sea sponge to apply acrylic paint over sprayed pieces layering each color for a faux patina effect. Be sure to leave some copper showing through.

10. Use brush to apply acrylic paint in any areas that the sponge does not reach and to apply to eyes.  Let dry.

11. Glue owl eyes and beak in place. Let dry.

12. Bend bottom leg wire to create triangles (for feet) so that the owl can stand.

P Paper Plate Owl EcoHeidi Borchers


Aleene’s Soda Can Fish Frame for Dad by EcoHeidi Borchers

Dad's Sode Can Fish Frame EcoHeidi Borchers 300x150

Dad's Sode Can Fish Frame EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers decorates a frame with a soda can underwater scene. Perfect for Dad to frame a favorite fishing or beach picture.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Aleene’s Soda Can Fish Frame video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Wood frame
Soda cans
Craft knife
Scissors (I like to use dollar store scissors to cut my soda cans)
Dads Soda Can Fish Frame Patterns
Stylus embossing tool
Alcohol inks
Rubbing alcohol (in small spray bottle)
Small brush (to apply alcohol inks)
Acrylic paint (select colors to represent two-toned sand and water)
Paint brush
Paper towels

Craft foam (for embossing)

1.Draw line across bottom 1/3 of frame to represent where sand and water meet. Paint frame. Set aside to dry. (If desired, stamp small fish shapes onto frame.)

2. Very carefully cut top and bottom from soda can with craft knife. Cut down side seam with scissors to create flat piece of soda can. When cutting, be sure to cut smoothly so that no jagged edges are created. It is the jagged edges or corners that can be sharp.

3. Cut all patterns from paper.

4. Place fish pattern onto silver side of soda can. Trace along outside pattern line with stylus.

5. Cut along pattern line with scissors, Cutting smoothly and rounding corners so that no jagged edges are created.

6. Place fish silver side down on craft foam. Use stylus to add additional pattern lines for scales and fins.

7. Turn fish silver side up and re-trace all pattern lines with stylus. This will give added dimension and help to flatten the fish design.

8. Repeat to emboss designs onto all soda can pieces.

9. To color each piece, place silver side up on paper towel. Drip alcohol inks onto design.

10. Use brush to blend colors. If desired, lightly spray with alcohol to give added effect. Repeat to color all soda can pieces. Let dry.

11. Use Aleene’s Tacky Glue to glue soda can pieces onto frame. Let dry.

P Dad's Soda Can Fish Frame EcoHeidi Borchers