How to Make Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap Paper

Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap Tiffany Windsor x300

Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap Tiffany Windsor

Create your own custom stamped holiday gift wrap for Christmas or any special occasion or holiday. Tiffany Windsor created a custom stamp with craft foam alphabet letters and foamboard to stamp a cheerful greeting on kraft paper. Click to watch Tiffany’s YouTube video tutorial.


Kraft paper (or brown paper bag or plain newsprint paper)
Craft foam alphabet letters
Craft knife
Aleene’s Fun Craft Foam Glue
Acrylic paint – white or color of your choice
Brayer or cosmetic sponge (to apply paint to letters)
Wax paper

1. Lay out your alphabet letters to determine size of foamboard needed. Cut piece of foam board 1/4″ larger than measurements.

2. Glue alphabet letters to foamboard keeping in mind that you will need to glue the letters face down so they will appear backwards when looking at the stamp. This way they will stamp right side up. Let glue dry.

3. Squeeze paint onto wax paper. Roll brayer into paint and roll onto letters. (Note: if you are using the self-adhesive alphabet letters, you will need to remove the paper backing from the letters at this step. The letters will be sticky until you apply the paint.)

4. To “season” your stamp, roll one thin coat of paint onto the alphabet letters and let dry for about 10 minutes. Then, roll another coat of paint onto letters.

5. Align and stamp onto paper. Reapply paint and continue to stamp until entire paper is covered with words. Let paint dry.

Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap Tiffany Windsor P


Professor Pincushion Tablerunner+Cool2Craft Burlap Flowers Giveaway

Professor Pincushion Giveaway Horiz

Professor Pincushion Giveaway Horiz

CONGRATULATIONS! Our two winners have been announced! See Rafflecopter widget below. Professor Pincushion and Cool2Craft have teamed up for a cool new QUICK giveaway! In celebration of our first YouTube collaboration videos, we’re giving away a burlap and lace tablerunner that has been custom designed and sewn by Professor Pincushion along with six of the beautiful burlap looped flowers that Tiffany Windsor created for her Thanksgiving tablescape. The tablerunner is sized at 60″ x 15″, and features a base of gold polka dot fringe edged burlap with a lace overlay and chocolate brown picot edge satin ribbon. The burlap loop flowers are various sizes and feature a pearl finish dimensional sticker. Let’s DOUBLE that!  We’re going to give away this same prize to TWO lucky winners!

This is a very quick giveaway offer because we want to be sure that we can ship this prize to reach you in time for Thanksgiving.

Watch Professor Pincushion’s video Tutorial – How to Sew A Holiday Tablerunner

Watch Tiffany Windsor’s video tutorial – How to Make Looped Burlap Flowers + Bonus Tablescaping Ideas


Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win…deadline to enter is 11/22/13. (Contest open to US residents only.) Commenting? We’d love to hear about how you are decorating for Thanksgiving!

Want more ways to enter? There are additional ways to earn entries so be sure to check out the options! Just click on the Rafflecopter link below (if widget doesn’t pop up automatically).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath

Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath Tiffany Windsor

Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Mini Wreath Tiffany Windsor

Capture the beautiful and rich colors of fall in a colors-of-fall leaves mini wreath. Cool2Cast leaves circle a foam board wreath that is quick and easy to create. A beautiful addition to your fall wall or tabletop decor.  Watch the YouTube video tutorial – How to Make a Cool2Cast Fall Leaf Mini Wreath.Cool2Cast Fall Leaves Wreath by Tiffany Windsor


Cool2Cast Leaves (watch this video tutorial on how to pour and color the leaves made with Cool2Cast, Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Wilton Pumpkin & Leaves silicone mold)
Foam board
Circle templates (one for outside dimension of wreath, and one for inside dimension) – The difference in size should leave about a 1-1/2″ – 2″ circle wreath. I just grabbed some circles in my studio – a water pitcher lid and a glass vase.
Craft knife
Ribbon (length will depend on size of wreath)
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Sheets
Non-stick Scissors
E6000 Glue

1. To create wreath shape, place largest circle template onto foam board and trace around with pencil.

2. Center smaller template and trace with pencil. Cut along both pattern lines with craft knife to create wreath shape.

3. Cut and apply a piece of Peel & Stick to end of ribbon. Remove backing paper and press end of ribbon on back of wreath. Be sure to place at an angle so that ribbon will lay flat while wrapping.

4. Continue wrapping ribbon around wreath until entire foam board is covered. Cut off excess ribbon and use Peel & Stick to hold end of ribbon in place on back of wreath.

5. Cut an approximate 6″ length of ribbon for hanger. Use Peel & Stick to hold cut ends together and another piece to glue hanger to back of wreath.

6. Arrange leaves around circle. Use E6000 to glue Cool2Cast leaves onto front of ribbon wreath. Let dry completely before hanging.

Cool2Cast Wreath by Tiffany Windsor


Aleene’s Ribbon and Prints Frame by Heidi Borchers

Ribbon and Prints Frame Heidi Borchers 300x150

Ribbon and Prints Frame Heidi Borchers

Ribbons and scrapbook papers combine to create a beautiful combination of prints to cover a plain wood frame. Designed by Heidi Borchers, this eye-catching design is easy! Use Aleene’s Tacky Glue to adhere the strips in place and you have a quick project to match any decor!

Watch Heidi’s Ribbon and Prints Frame YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Wood frame
Acrylic paint or spray paint
Ribbon (colors and patterns of your choice)
Scrapbook paper cardstock (to complement ribbons)

1. Remove frame stand and glass from frame.

2. Paint entire frame front and back. Let dry.

3. Lay out and cut ribbon and paper strips.

4. Glue in place with Aleene’s Original Tacky  Glue. Let dry

P Ribbon and Prints Frame Heidi Borchers


From Bagel Box to Gift Box by Candace Jedrowicz

Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz

Admit it, you sometimes buy product because you want to use the box for a project!  Candace Jedrowicz loves great big bagel boxes and shares how to make one into a lovely gift box!  Grab your spray paint, felt and glitter and get ready to make some giftable magic!

Watch Candace’s From Bagel Box to Gift Box YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Aleene’s No Sew Fabric Glue
Bagel box
Spray paint – I used silver
Felt – I used white
Old credit or gift card to use to spread glue
Decorative plastic or fabric – my decorative plastic had been wrapped around a bouquet of flowers
Glitter glue – I used silver and gold
Wired ribbon – I used 2″ wide gold ribbon

1. Spray the box with paint, inside and out.  Allow to dry and spray on a second coat.  Allow to dry.

2. Trace the sides of the box to make pattern for the felt that will be glued to the inside of the box up to the fold.  Spread Tacky Glue on one inside side at a time and lay the felt into the glue. Press and smooth for firm attachment.  Repeat for all sides.  Optional: Cut decorative felt pieces that will be glued above the fold on the flaps.  Use No Sew Glue around the edges

3. Cut plastic or fabric hearts to cover the perforated parts on the outside of the flaps.  Glue in place.  Allow to dry.

4. Add decorative details with glitter glue.  Allow to dry.

5. Cut a 3′ piece of wired ribbon to tie the handles together and make a pretty bow.

P Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz


Aleene’s 4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries with Ribbon Medallion by Tiffany Windsor

4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries Tiffany Windsor 300x150

4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries Tiffany Windsor

Celebrate the 4th with star studded mason jar luminaries! Add a ribbon medallion for a festive touch. Tiffany Windsor’s mason jars feature tissue stars decoupaged with Aleene’s Decoupage and a fluffy layered ribbon medallion. Wire handles make these luminaries easy to hang or to decorate your party tabletop.

Watch Tiffany’s 4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries with Ribbon Medallion YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Decoupage – Matte
Mason jar (wide mouth)
Cardboard circles – white, red or blue (for center of medallion) (I used circles from ribbon spools spray painted white)
Ribbons – various patterns and colors
Tissue paper (various colors of blue, light blue, aqua, turquoise)
White copy paper
Star punch
Prima Resist Canvas Alphabet Sticker (I colored mine with blue marking pen)
Glitter alphabet letters (black)
Marking pen (black)
Electrical wire (approximately 40″ for each luminary)Mason Jar Luminary Tiffany Windsor Medallion cu
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers

1. Cut ribbons to 4″ lengths. Cut “v” from tips to create notched ends.

2. Cut two streamers for bottom of medallion.

3. Glue ribbons in place on cardboard, overlapping and alternating ribbon patterns until entire circle is covered.

4. Glue ends of streamers to the back of circle.

5. Use clothespins to hold the layers together while drying.

6. With black marking pen, create dots and dashes around outside circle of second cardboard piece.

Mason Jar Luminary Tiffany Windsor Tissue Stars7. Stick lettering in place. Let aside until ribbon medallion glue is set and then glue on front of medallion and set aside until dry.

8. Punch layers of tissue paper. Note: it is easier to get the star punch to punch cleanly through the tissue paper if you sandwich pieces of copy paper to the outside of multiple layers of tissue. Pull the tissue stars apart and sort by color.

9. Working small sections at a time, brush Aleene’s Decoupage on outside of mason jar. Use wet brush to pick up first tissue star and place it in the wet Decoupage medium. Brush gently over top of tissue to hold in place. Repeat until desired star patterns are glued to outside of mason jar.  Let dry.

10. For wide mouth mason jar cut two pieces of wire – 17″ (neck) and 22″ (handle). Measure in approximately 2″ from each end of handle wire and turn up with pliers to create u-shape. Loosely wrap neck wire around jar and hold in place while catching the u-shaped ends under the wire. Pull neck wire snug around jar and twist ends several times to hold in place.

11. Gently squeeze u-shape with pliers until it is snug around neck wire. Begin wrapping 2″ end around and around handle wire. Press end snug against handle or cut to fit. Repeat for second side of handle.

12. Use round nose pliers to swirl ends of twisted neck wire.4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries Tiffany Windsor Swirl

13. Apply glue to front of swirls and glue ribbon medallion in place on front of luminary. Use clothespins to hold in place while glue dries.

P 4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries Tiffany Windsor


Aleene’s Velvet Leaf Shadowbox by Tiffany Windsor

Aleene's Velvet Leaf Shadowbox Tiffany Windsor 300x150

Aleene's Velvet Leaf Shadow Box Tiffany Windsor

A velvet leaf was the inspiration for this pretty shadow box designed by Tiffany Windsor. A mini-gold frame with a sweet sentiment and ephemera fill each of the boxes in this mini shadow box art. Glued in place with Aleene’s Tacky Dots, this wall art can be quickly assembled.

Watch Tiffany’s Velvet Leaf Shadow Box YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Tacky Dot Roll
Wood shadow box
Velvet leaf
Paper flower
Mini gold frame
Scrapbook paper
Velvet ribbon

1. Cut papers to fit and place inside each box.

2. Layer with ephemera, paper flowers, feathers, etc.

3. Fill mini frame with leaf, paper and sentiment.

4. Move pieces around until you have desired layout.

5. Take a digital photo of shadow box so that you will remember the exact layout.

6. Remove all pieces from the shadow box.

7. Using your photo as guide, use Aleene’s Tacky Dots to glue all pieces in place.

P Aleene's Velvet Leaf Shadowbox Tiffany Windsor


Embellished Ribbon Headband by Savannah Starr

Ribbon Headband Savannah Starr 300x150

Embellished Ribbon Headband

Savannah Starr loves to accessorize! This no-sew embellished ribbon headband is quick and easy to make! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Savannah’s Embellished Ribbon Headband YouTube video tutorial!


Ribbon – #9 width (or width of your choice)
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel & Stick Tape
Elastic (narrower than ribbon)
Embellishments – brooches, clip-on earrings

1. Measure head from forehead to back of head hairline. Cut ribbon to measurement.

2. Cut piece of elastic approximately 3″ in length.

3. Apply strip of Peel & Stick Tape to each end of ribbon. Remove paper backing from tape and fold over end of ribbon to create clean edge.

4. Apply another piece of tape at each end of ribbon. Remove paper backing from one side and press end of elastic into adhesive. Apply strip of tape over elastic so that you have a solid coverage of adhesive at end, from side to side.

5. Fold over first side (edge) of ribbon and press into adhesive. Fold over second side of ribbon and press into adhesive. Be sure that you are covering all exposed adhesive with ribbon. (Watch my video tutorial above to see this step.)

6. Repeat to secure other end of elastic. Press all glued edges firmly into ribbon.

7. Pin brooch or clip earring to front of ribbon and carefully slip onto head.

P Embellished Ribbon Headband Savannah Starr


Personalized Con-Tact Paper Chalkboard Sign by Tiffany Windsor

1-14-13 Tiffany Chalkboard Sign 300x150

Personalized Chalkboard Sign by Tiffany Windsor

It’s easy to upcycle scrap wood to create personalized chalkboard signs! With self-adhesive Con-Tact Chalkboard Paper, this project is quick and easy! Chalk markers make this sign easy to personalize, wipe off and change! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Tiffany’s informative Personalized Chalkboard Sign YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue
Wood – cut to size (or foam board)
Acrylic paint – black
Paint brush
Con-Tact Self Adhesive Chalkboard Contact Paper
Chalk markers

1. Paint wood on all sides with black acrylic paint (to match the Con-Tact paper). Let dry completely.

2. Place painted wood sign front side down on back side of Con-Tact paper. Use pencil to trace around wood.

3. Cut along pattern line. Remove release paper and press Con-Tact paper onto front of sign. Rub surface with fingertips to remove any air bubbles and to secure edges.

4. The ribbon is glued in one piece onto outside of sign. Apply line of glue along bottom and sides of sign (center the line of glue). Use finger to carefully smooth out glue.

5. Find center of ribbon and press into center bottom of sign. Guide ribbon into glue and press into place on bottom and sides of wood. Set aside to dry.

6. Tie ends of ribbon into bow.

7. Use chalk markers to write words, poetry or images.

Con-Tact Chalkboard Sign by Tiffany Windsor P

Shabby Chic Brown Bag Flowers by EcoHeidi Borchers

1-7-13 Heidi Brown Bag Shabby Chic 300x150

Brown Bag Shabby Chic Flowers by Heidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers transforms brown grocery bags into shabby chic wall art! These layered florals make a pretty addition to your fabulously feminine decor! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Heidi’s super cool Shabby Chic Brown Bag Flower YouTube video tutorial!



Aleene’s Tacky Dot Roll
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Spray
Brown grocery bags
Scrapbook paper
Acrylic paint – white, light pink, light blue
Paint brush
Optional: Die cut machine and floral die
Rub ‘n Buff – gold
Wood frame with heart cut out
Scrapbook paper (to fit front of frame)
Lace scraps
Optional: decorative edge scissors
Stylus (or ball point pen with no ink)
Ribbon (for hanger)

1. Mix paint with a small amount of water to create a white wash. Brush lightly onto brown bag. Let dry.

2. Dry brush light pink and light blue paint over random areas of white wash.

3. Hand-cut or die-cut flower layers.

4. Apply Rub ‘n Buff along flower petal edges.

5. Use Aleene’s Tacky Dots to glue together 4 layers of flower petals.

6. To add texture or a shabby chic effect, press and rumple the petals to create ridges and dimension.

7. Apply Tacky Dot to back of pearl and glue to center of layered flower.

8. Cut scrapbook paper to cover front of frame. Spray Aleene’s Fast Grab on back of paper and glue to front of frame.

9. Apply Tacky Dot to back of each flower and press onto cardboard center of frame. When positioning the flowers, align them close together to give lots of fullness to the bouquet.

10. If desired, cut small pieces of lace scraps and glue between and around flowers.

11. Cut leaves from painted brown bag. Cut edges with decorative scissors to add design interest. Rumple leaves to add dimension.

12. Using stylus, press a score line down center of leaves and lightly fold to give shape to leaves. Glue in place around flowers.

13. Glue ribbon strips to back of frame. Tie in large bow to create hanger.

Shabby Chic Brown Bag Heidi Borchers P