My Inner Musician

The Mike and Candy Show Detail 1

[Candace’s blog]  I love chocolate!  Chocolate represents the good life to me.  It’s rich and sweet and it fills my senses with it’s magical chocolatey goodness.  So it’s not a surprise that I tend to use chocolate in art as a metaphor for life.

I have a series of Inner Being boxes where the outside of the box represents outer appearance or perspective.  The skeletons inside represent inner truth (not death).  The skeletons are joyful little guys holding things and doing things that have to do with my personal truth.

The polymer clay chocolates are usually decorated with gems and/or, as in this case, things I’ve made, bits of broken jewelry and meaningful pieces of ephemera from my life.  It has lots of symbolism about our musical family.

I made this box for my brother, Mike.  We share a love for music and like to play in his little studio.  We choose songs to learn and perform.  Mike is playing his guitar and I’m singing at the top of my lungs.

It’s called the Mike & Candy Show because that’s what we call our recordings for YouTube.

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A Special Chocolate Box For My Brother

The Mike and Candy Show

[Candace’s blog]  My latest chocolate box art piece represents my brother’s and my inner musical natures.  It’s full of family symbolism and love!

We come from a musical family.  Mom was professionally trained and our brother, Steve worked as a musician. My brother Mike has always played guitar and we have always sung.  But we hadn’t sung together in 3 + decades until a few years back when we moved close to Mike and his lovely family, as well as my parents.  Suddenly there was music again!

I used polymer clay skeletons to represent us because that’s an important part of the chocolate box pieces for me – the inside of the box is the hidden treasure laid bare.  It’s the inside story.

The bejeweled chocolates are polymer clay and there are some small details that represent our family.  My mom’s pewter bird pins are all about our shared love of nature – Mike is especially fond of birds just like Mom.  I set in some small clay beads I made, pearl beads from our grandma’s broken jewelry collection and one of a pair of earrings that Dad brought back from Okinawa for Mom.  The three smiling faced chocolates represent Mom, Dad and Steve.

The Mike and Candy Show is the name I list our music under on YouTube.  Click here to hear one of my favorites!