New Design Studio and Retail Store Underway

Vlog Studio Update Tiffany Windsor 300

3 24 14 Vlog Studio Update  e1395857854622 New Design Studio and Retail Store Underway

A new Cool2Craft studio and retail store is underway! In this video tour, Tiffany Windsor takes you behind-the-scenes in the new space which will soon house the SoulCreative retail store and the Cool2Craft design studio! There’s a lot of cleaning, painting and set-up to do!


10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


3 7 14 St Patricks Day Roundup e1394239207951 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

Tiffany Windsor is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a fun collection of creative, crafty and tasty projects from her creative friends. Whether you’re looking for a crafty project, gift or St. Paddy’s Day themed edibles, you’ll enjoy this collection! Watch Tiffany’s St. Patrick’s Day YouTube video round-up!


love the day shamrock garla 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

This Shamrock Garland template and tutorial comes from From love the day. com.  Spruce up your mantle or your door – all you need is a glue stick, scissors, hole punch and ribbon.

hollybrookejones St Patrick 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

How about a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt – this free printable from  includes 6 pre-printed clues or print off the plain shamrocks to create your own special St. Paddy’s Treasure Hunt.

handmakemyday andrea e1394239868394 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

From our friend Andrea Currie at Handmake My Day. Com you can add a little crafty fun to your St. Paddy’s Day festivities by creating a photo opportunity that will transform everyone into a cute leprechaun. This is great for the guys or the girls or your favorite furry friends.


mayainthemoment happy go lu e1394239949151 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

Here’s a fun way to wear your green from mayainthemoment and These 4-leaf clovers are crafted from leather and make a big fashion statement for St. Patrick’s Day.

lovetheday shamrock pinwhee e1394240016585 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

Transform a party straw into a fun pinwheel. From, this printable comes in several colors and patterns. Glue the shamrock hearts on top of the pinwheels and glue the pinwheels onto a party straw. for fun party day decorations.

uncommondesigns St Patricks 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

Need a special thank you for St. Paddy’s Day? Here’s a little something to give as a thank you gift. Let your special friend know how lucky you are to have them in your life with this colorful mason jar gift and printable tag from St Patric e1394240241241 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day! has a super cool collection of St. Patrick’s day gifts, crafts and edibles. You’ll love her collection of apothecary jars, button shamrocks, Lucky Charm treats and much, much more!

orange kitty cupcake printable e1394240390570 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

These cupcake printables from will add a touch of green and a stroke of luck to your St. Paddy’s Day baking.


warm hot chocolate gold rocks e1394240545793 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

We all need a little gold at the end of the rainbow. shares some gold rocks perfect for a treasure hunt or tabletop display.

housing a forest crystals 10+ DIY Crafty Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!

And…’s a fun overnight craft for the kids from! Make your own shamrock shaped crystals from Borax and water. It’s super cool!



Dollar Store “Outside the Frame” Artwork

12-13-13 Cool2Cast Dollar Store Outside the Frame Tiffany Windsor

12 13 13 Cool2Cast 640DSYT Dollar Store Outside the Frame Artwork

Is it time to freshen up your home decor accents? How about some easy DIY gifts for the holidays? It’s easy to create coordinating framed artwork with dollar store frames. Thinking “outside the frame”, Tiffany Windsor filled these frames with burlap and fabrics and topped them with Cool2Cast architectural accents. Pretty cool to customize for any home decor style! Click to watch Tiffany’s YouTube video tutorial for step-by-steps, hints and tips on this project!


Dollar store frames
Fabric, burlap
Large dimensional embellishments of your choice or Cool2Cast pre-poured pieces (if you are purchasing uncolored pieces, you will need alcohol ink and Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer to color your piece)
e6000 Glue

1. Remove the back from frame. Cut burlap and fabric strip to fit inside frame. Replace back on frame.

2. Glue embellishment to front of glass. Let dry completely.

3. Hang or display on tabletop.

12 9 13 Cool2Cast Frame P16 Dollar Store Outside the Frame Artwork

12 9 13 Cool2Cast Frame P26 Dollar Store Outside the Frame Artwork



Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath 300

12 9 13 Cool2Cast Holly Lea Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast takes on a festive holiday look with leaves and holly berries. Created by Tiffany Windsor using the Wilton Pumpkins and Leaves silicone mold, this wreath features vivid greens and bright berries on a ribbon wrapped foam board base. A pretty addition to your holiday decor.  For more hints, tips and techniques on this project, click to watch Tiffany’s YouTube video tutorial! For more ideas, visit the Cool2Cast website.


Cool2Cast – available in the polymer clay section at Michaels or on-line
Water and measuring cups
Wilton Pumpkins and Leaves Silicone Mold (I used 12 leaves on wreath)
Half-round Cool2Cast shapes (for holly berries and spacers)
Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Ink – Meadow, Lettuce, Cranberry
Soft bristle brush (I use kids craft brushes to apply alcohol inks)
Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer
e6000 Glue
Craft knife
Wire (for hanger)

1. Create leaves and half-rounds from Cool2Cast. (Follow package directions to mix and pour or check out the video tutorials at Let dry completely.

2. Apply Meadow and Lettuce alcohol inks to leaves directly from bottle. This will give you a very intense color. Vary the colors for shading and highlights.

3. Mix drops of Lettuce with water and brush on to 6 of the half-round spacers. Apply Cranberry directly from bottle to 6 of the half-rounds to create holly berries. Let ink dry.

4. Apply Crystal Lacquer directly from bottle to flat surface of leaves. You want a nice thick coat. Apply to berries (when working on curved surfaces, just apply with fingertip.) Set aside to dry overnight.

5. Measure, mark and cut approximate 9″ circle from foamboard. Cut approximate 3″ circle from center. (You can vary the size of your wreath depending on the look you want to create. Just lay out your leaves in different patterns to decide on size of finished wreath.)

6. Apply a dab of glue to the end of ribbon and glue to back of foam board. Begin to wrap ribbon around and around the wreath shape pulling tightly as you wrap. Cut off excess ribbon and glue end to back of wreath.

7. Arrange leaves on front of wreath, spacing to create two overlapping layers. (6 leaves on each layer).  Glue first layer to ribbon wreath.

8. Glue half-round spacers between leaves. (These spacers will help to level the second row of leaves.)

9. Apply glue to top of spacers and ends of middle leaves. Press in place to create second layer.

10. Apply glue to back of berries and glue in place. Set aside to dry.

11. To create hanger, cut 3″ strip of ribbon. Twist wire into loop, crossing wires and twisting several times. Spread wire ends perpendicular to loop. Positioning so that loop appears above ribbon edge, glue wire to back of ribbon. Glue ribbon to center top back of wreath. Let dry.

12. Display indoors.

Cool2Cast Holly Leaves P Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Cool2Cast Holly Leaves P2 Cool2Cast Holly Leaves Wreath

Looped Scrapbook Paper Trees

12-6-13 Looped Scrapbook Paper Mini-Tree x 300

12 6 13 13 Scrapbook Trees Looped Scrapbook Paper Trees

Grab your left-over scrapbook paper card stock to create a bright and cheerful holiday tree. Designed by Tiffany Windsor from mismatched scrapbook paper strips, these trees shine with a glossy coat of red spray paint. Layer glass plates and glassware to feature this collection on your holiday tables. Click here to watch Tiffany’s YouTube video tutorial on this project!


Scrapbook paper – card stock weight
Paper cutter (or scissors)
Paper mache cones – sizes of your choice
Spray paint – gloss red (or color of your choice)
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Tacky Dots
Tree topper – ribbon, gold star or other embellishment

1. Cut paper into 1″ wide strips. The length of the strips will depend on the size of loops you want for your tree. I used 1″ x 6″ and 1″ x 4″ for my trees.

2. To help shape your strips into loops, run each strip between your thumb and forefinger to bend the paper.

3. Add 2 Tacky Dots to one end of the printed side of each loop. Add several dabs of Tacky Glue around the dots. Using both the glues will allow the Dots to hold instantly and the Tacky glue to hold permanently. I like to use this technique because of the thickness of the card stock — it tends to want to pull away. Let the wet glue dry completely.

4. Add 1 – 2 Tacky Dots on the top back of each loop and apply a line of Tacky Glue around the dots. Let set for about 10 minutes until the Tacky Glue starts to get real tacky.

5. Place your cone on your worksurface. Starting with the bottom row of loops, press each loop in place on the cone. The looped end should just touch the surface of the table. Give each loop a good press onto the cone.

6. Add your next row of loops about 1″ above the prior row until you reach the top of the cone. The smallest loops are then glued to the very top of the cone. Let dry completely.

7. Set up a spray area outside to spray your tree(s). It will take several coats to cover the paper loops and be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. Be sure to let the paint dry between each coat.

8. Add a bow, star or other decorative embellishment to the top of your trees.

12 6 13 13 Scrapbook Px640 Looped Scrapbook Paper Trees

12 6 13 Looped Mini P Looped Scrapbook Paper Trees


17 Tips for How to Decoupage a Mannequin

Tissue Paper Decoupage Mannequin Tiffany Windsor

11 30 13 Decoupage M YT 17 Tips for How to Decoupage a Mannequin

You can transform all different types of shapes and surfaces with tissue paper and decoupage medium. What started out as a plain grey velour sewing mannequin, was easily decorated with printed tissue paper to create a vintage-styled home accent. In this YouTube video, Tiffany Windsor takes you step-by-step on this project and shares 17 tips for making decoupage easier!


Mannequin (or any other hard surface of your choice – this mannequin started out as a plain grey velour fabric)
Print tissue paper
White tissue paper
Duct Tape
Aleene’s Decoupage – Matte finish
Sponge brush

1. Apply duct tape over any openings in mannequin.

2. Tear white tissue and brown printed tissue into large pieces (approximately 4″ x 4″.)

3. Working one area at a time, brush decoupage medium onto surface of mannequin slightly larger than torn pieces. Lay white tissue into glue and immediately brush over tissue with glue. Be sure to keep your brush very moist with decoupage medium! Apply several layers of white tissue paper. Let dry. (If desired, use fan to speed up the drying process.)

4. Repeat gluing process with brown printed tissue. Let dry.

11 30 13 Decoupage Mannequi 17 Tips for How to Decoupage a Mannequin

Decoupage Mannequin for FB  1024x435 17 Tips for How to Decoupage a Mannequin



How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers

Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers Tiffany Windsor

11 19 13 Burlap+Pearl Flowe How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers

Inspired by a burlap and lace tablerunner created by Professor Pincushion, Tiffany Windsor created a Fall tablescape featuring looped burlap and pearl flowers. A vintage favorite from the Momma Aleene’s archives, these flowers are a perfect way to transform a floral topiary to match this rustic theme.

Click to watch Tiffany’s How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers YouTube video.

To learn how to make the companion table runner, click this Professor Pincushion YouTube video link or check out their on-line tutorial – How to Make a Holiday Tablerunner.

Materials for Burlap and Pearl Flowers

Burlap by the yard
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Pearl stickers (or pearl finish buttons)
Optional – 18 gauge stem wire or wooden skewers (for flower stems)

NOTE: if there is any step that you do not understand, be sure to watch Tiffany’s video tutorial as it may be helpful to see a visual of all these steps :o)11 19 13 Gluing Burlap e1384312665403 How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers

1. Most burlap yardage is stitched along the sides to keep it from unraveling. If your burlap in stitched, cut away stitch line with scissors.

2. Cut burlap into 20″ width.

3. Measure and mark at 4″ intervals (for large flowers), 3″ intervals (for medium flowers) and 2-1/2″ intervals (for smaller flower).

4. Find one thread at mark line and pull out completely. (Set aside to use for twine accents.)

5. Apply glue along each side where you have removed the thread. Spread glue wide enough to cover two rows of burlap threads. This will help to keep burlap from unraveling during next step. Let glue dry completely.

6. In this next step, you will need to pull out all the threads between your glue lines. Just pull out each thread one-by-one (and set those threads aside for another project).11 19 13 Cutting Burlap How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers

7. Once you have removed the threads, you can now cut the burlap apart between the glue lines. You should now have several pieces that will be used to create individual flowers. Please note that if you want smaller, less bulky flowers, you can cut your 20″ pieces into 10″ pieces.

8. Apply glue along one long edge of burlap strip. Fold over to glue the two straight edges together. You should now have a looped edge and an edge with two layers.

11 19 13 Rolling stem How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers9. You are now ready to start rolling the burlap strip. Apply glue along the straight edge. If you are creating a flower on a stem, you will want to lay the wire (or skewer) perpendicular into the glue at the end of the burlap strip. If you are not using a stem, just begin rolling the strip, pressing to keep the roll tight and keep the cut edges even. When you are finished rolling, you will have the shape of a flower bud. To create a fully-blooming flower, press the flower face down on work surface to spread out the loops.

We’d be delighted if you shared these pics on Pinterest!

Burlap+Pearl Flowers with titles e1384312549301 How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers

11 19 13 Looped Burlap Topiary Tablescape e1384357700651 How to Make Looped Burlap and Pearl Flowers


How to Make a Fall Twigs Vase

Fall Twigs Vase Tiffany Windosr

11 15 13 Fall Twigs Vase YT How to Make a Fall Twigs Vase

Tiffany Windsor shares her tips for making a fall twigs vase quick and easy. After testing several gluing techniques, she found the easiest way to assemble this rustic home decor accent and shares those tips with you in her video tutorial.  Click to watch Tiffany’s How to Make a Fall Twigs Vase YouTube video tutorial.


Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Small glass jar or vase
White copy paper
Pencil or pen
Wood twigs (or cinnamon sticks) – twigs should be as straight as possible
Wire cutter (or gardening cutters)
Ribbon or twine

Follow along with these step-by-steps by watching Tiffany’s how-to video!

1. Lay vase on paper. Use pencil to mark lines on paper indicating top and bottom of vase. These lines will be used to measure and cut twigs.

2. Apply three lines of glue around vase. Set aside for 10 to 15 minutes to allow glue to start to dry.

3. Using measurement on paper, cut twigs to length with cutters. Cut enough twigs to fit around entire vase.

4. Once glue has set as recommended in step 2 above, set vase on work surface. Press each twig into glue using the work surface to hold the twig at the bottom and to keep all the twigs aligned. Because you have let the glue set and you are using with work surface to help hold the bottom of the twigs, they should not shift. Cover entire vase with twigs.

5. Wrap with ribbon or twine and tie into knot. Set aside to dry.

11 15 13 Fall Twigs Vase P How to Make a Fall Twigs Vase


Dresser Makeover: Dollar Store Stickers

Dresser Makeover Dollar Store Stickers Tiffany Windsor

10 25 13 Dollar Store Stick Dresser Makeover: Dollar Store Stickers

This yard sale dresser takes on a whole new personality with the help of dollar store stickers. Inspired by a black and white stenciled dresser design, Tiffany found these silver floral stickers at her local dollar store and decided that this was the makeover that this dresser needed. Watch Tiffany’s Dresser Makeover: Dollar Store Stickers YouTube video.


Painted dresser

Stickers (I purchased mine from my local dollar store)


Cleaner for surface of dresser

Optional: Craft knife (nice to have on hand for specific cutting tasks)

1. Clean the dresser to remove any residue.

2. Starting with the larger stickers, determine placement and stick to surface of dresser.

3. Use scissors to cut stencil apart when you reach the edge of the drawer. You can then cut the stencil to fit to the face of the dresser and continue the design on lower drawers.

4. Press edges of stickers firmly to surface, particularly along any curved edges.

5. If needed/desired, apply sealer. (Test first to see that your sealer is compatible with your stickers.)

10 25 13 Dollar STore Stickers P Dresser Makeover: Dollar Store Stickers



Behind the Scenes: Aleene’s Pumpkin Surprise

Aleene's Pumpkins Surprise

10 22 13 Aleenes Pumpkins BTS YT e1382415035353 Behind the Scenes: Aleenes Pumpkin Surprise

Tiffany decided to give Momma Aleene a little Halloween surprise when she recently crafted her Water Bottle Pumpkins. These pumpkins are easy to create and are fun to use to decorate your yard, porch or garden. A quick window display featuring five pumpkins and a BOO! brought a smile to Momma’s face and we captured it on video! Watch the YouTube Behind The Scenes video – Aleene’s Pumpkin Surprise.

10 11 13 Water Bottle Pumpk Behind the Scenes: Aleenes Pumpkin Surprise