The Look of Embossing with Glue on Glass Jars by EcoHeidi Borchers DIY Craft

3-25-13 Look of Embossing with Glue Jars Heidi Borchers 300x150

Look of Embossing with Glue Jars by Heidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers shares how to create the look of embossing with Aleene’s Tacky Glue to upcycle glass jars. A cool technique and pretty way to store all sorts of goodies! Featured on Cool2Craft.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Look of Embossing with Glue YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer – Matte
Glass jar with lid
Craft sticks
Transparent tape (to create nozzle for glue bottle)
Hair dryer (for speeding up glue drying process)
Rustoleum Flat White spray paint
Craft chalks (colors of your choice)
Stencil brush – small (cut bristles to 1/4″)
Paper towels

1. Clean jar inside and out.

2. Apply tape nozzle to glue bottle.

3. To keep round jars from rolling, lay two craft sticks on worktable. Spread apart to hold glass bottle in between.

4. Working one section at a time, hold nozzle about 1/4″ above surface of glass jar and draw random floral designs or squiggles and lines. NOTE: you can also draw patterns onto paper and secure inside jar to follow pattern lines with glue.

5. To keep glue from dripping as you work, use hair dryer to speed up drying process on glue to form skin on glue. Then, you are ready to rotate bottle slightly and continue drawing pattern. You will need to let sections dry completely before moving on. You can also add glue lines to the lid. If desired, glue Cool2Cast embellishment in place on lid.

6. Let dry until glue is completely clear.

7. When glue is completely clear, with lid on jar, in a well ventilated area, spray entire jar and lid with white spray paint. Let dry.

8. To apply chalk colors, scrub brush into chalk and then scrub into pattern sections on jar. Blow off excess chalk dust. Clean off brush between colors by scrubbing onto paper towel.

9. Repeat until entire design and background are colored with chalk.

10. Spray entire chalked surface with Matte sealer.

P Look of Embossing with Glue Jars by Heidi Borchers


Aleene’s Look of Wood Planks Birdhouse Fairy House by EcoHeidi Borchers DIY Craft

Look of Wood Fairy House Heidi Borchers 300x150

Look of Wood Plants Fairy House by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers shows how to transform brown bag strips into the look of wood planks to transform a wood birdhouse into a magical fairy house. This vintage Aleene’s DIY craft technique is a great way to change the look of wood surfaces. Featured on Cool2Craft.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Look of Wood Planks Birdhouse Fairy House YouTube video! 


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Wood bird house (select soft-wood birdhouse so that you can easily cut away front opening) The birdhouse used in this tutorial was purchased at Michaels.
Brown grocery bag
Craft knife
Squeegee (cardboard or expired gift card works well)
Nail (for adding texture to brown bag)
Acrylic paint – black, rust brown, white, moss
Paint brush (fine tip and 1/2″ flat shader)
Sheet moss
Silk or paper flowers
Fairies (we find these in tubes in the kids section at Michaels)

1. Cut door into front of birdhouse by first marking door lines with ruler and pencil.

2. Carefully using craft knife, cut along pattern lines. It may take several passes with the craft knife to cut completely through the wood.

3. Use pliers to pull away the cut piece. If needed, use craft knife to straighten any cut edges.

4. Glue two layers of brown bag together with Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Use squeegee to smooth the glue when applying. Smooth glued layers together with finger tips or brayer.

5. While the glue is still wet, to add texture to brown bag, lightly score paper with nail, running in a vertical pattern to replicate the effect of wood grain.

6. Cut brown bag into 1/2″ strips.

7. Cut strips to fit outside walls of birdhouse, glue in place. Cut pieces of brown bag for shingles and eaves, glue in place and let all pieces dry.

8. Create doors in same manner but wait to glue them in place until the entire outside of house is painted.

9. To paint shadows, slightly thin black paint with water. Apply paint using cut edges as guide. If desired, create additional cross “cuts” by painting black lines where desired.

10. With flat brush, add additional paint strokes where the cross cuts meet to give additional shadow effects. Let dry.

11. To create wood color, mix rust brown paint with water to create wash. With flat brush, following the faux wood grain, apply brown paint wash to all brown bag strips. Let dry.

12. For highlights, dry-brush white acrylic paint lightly over all planks. Let dry.

13. For mossy effect, dry-brush moss acrylic paint lightly over all black shadow areas. Let dry.

14. Glue sheet moss pieces and flowers around house and glue fairy in place.

This magical fairy house is designed to be used for indoor display use only. Have fun creating this cool diy craft and invite the fairies to play in your garden!

Look of Wood Planks Fairy House Heidi Borchers CU


P Look of Wood Fairy House Heidi Borchers

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr – DIY Crafts

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings Savannah Starr 300x150

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr transforms plastic drinking straws into stylish dangle earrings with nail polish! You can make these lightweight and economical earrings by the dozen to match your wardrobe. Featured on Cool2Craft  DIY Crafts.

Watch Savannah’s Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings YouTube video tutorial!


Plastic drinking straws
Chenille stems (or knitting needle)
Nail polish – black plus colors of your choice
Eye pins (one for each dangle)
Beads – assorted small and medium beads
Round nose jewelry pliers
Hoop earring findings

1. Cut straws to desired lengths.

2. Slip onto chenille stem(s).

3. Paint straws with nail polish. Let dry completely.

4. If desired, add additional colors of nail polish to create colorful designs. Have fun splattering or brushing on additional colors.

5. To create dangle, slip small bead onto eye pin wire. Add medium size bead, straw and finish with another small and medium bead.

6. Bend wire to 90 degree angle to hold all beads in place. Cut wire to approximately 3/8″.

7. Use round nose pliers to create loop.

8. Hang onto hoop earrings.

Make this fun DIY craft for yourself or surprise your girlfriends with some super cool plastic dangle earrings!

Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr CU

P Plastic Straw Dangle Earrings by Savannah Starr


Window Screen Beads Necklace by EcoHeidi Borchers

Heidi Window Screen Beads 300x150

Window Screen Beads by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi Borchers discovered over 30 years ago the versatility of crafting beads with metal window screen. It’s fun and easy to create these by the dozen and string into bread strands. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Window Screen Beads YouTube video tutorial!


Metal window screen
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Scissors (I use dollar store scissors)
Knitting needle
Hair dryer (optional)
Straight pin – long enough to pin through side of bead and into box
Cardboard box
Acrylic paint (I used silver metallic)
Paint brush
Beads (various sizes including sizes to fit inside window screen beads)
Jewelry beading wire, closure, crimps, jewelry pliers

1. Cut pieces of metal screen into rectangles approximately 1-1/4″ x 2″. (Adjust size to suit your design needs.)

2. Lay screen on worktable. Place knitting needle along shorter edge and begin rolling to wrap the screen around needle. Wrap as tight as you can and keep the edges straight as you roll.

3. Pull bead off needle. Because the screen is metal, the rolled bead should hold together nicely.

4. Apply a line of Aleene’s Tacky Glue to all cut edges. This will help to seal any rough points. (Hint: you can use a hair dryer on low setting to help glue form a skin to avoid excess drips.)

5. To suspend the bead while the glue dries, poke pin through side of bead and press it into side of box. This will keep the glued areas from sticking to anything while the glue dries. If glue begins to drip, just use the toothpick to wipe away the drip. Repeat to create additional beads. Let glue dry until clear.

6. When glue is dry, check cut edges to be sure that all sharp wire points are completely covered in glue. If needed, add an additional coat of glue and let dry.

7. Slip dried bead onto end of knitting needle and brush over entire bead with acrylic paint. Some paint will stick into the window screen openings. Let dry completely.

8. To string window screen beads, you can slip smaller beads onto beading wire. Slip the window screen bead onto the wire and slide over the smaller beads until they are “caged” inside the wire bead. Add a large bead at each end of wire bead to hold everything in place. Continue beading until desired beading design is achieved. Finish with favorite jewelry closure.

P Window Screen Beads by EcoHeidi Borchers

Brown Bag Red Lips Pendant by Savannah Starr

Brown Bags Red Lips Pendant Savannah Starr 300x150

Brown Bag Red Lips Pendant by Savannah Starr

Savannah Starr has some creative fun with BIG red lips! Created with layers of brown grocery bag, this oversize pendant is lightweight and makes quite the trendy fashion statement! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Savannah’s Brown Bag Red Lips Pendant YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Brown grocery bags
Acrylic paint – red, white
Paint brush
Savannah Starr Red Lips Pendant Patterns
Cardboard or gift card squeegee
Brayer (roller)
Hole punch – small (for jump ring)
Large jump ring
Jewelry pliers
Necklace of your choice

1. Transfer patterns to brown grocery bag. Glue patterns to two more layers of brown grocery bag using squeegee to apply glue in a thin even layer.

2. Use brayer to roll over the layered brown bag to help glue hold evenly.

3. White glue is still wet, cut out all pattern pieces.

4. Hold pencil to center back of lip pieces. Use fingers to curl pieces lightly around pencil to give them dimension. Set aside to dry completely.

5. Use hole punch to create hole for jump ring.

6. Paint pieces as noted on pattern. Set aside to dry.

7. Apply glue as noted on pattern. Glue pieces together using photo as guide. Use clothespins to help hold pieces together while drying.

8.Spray finished pendant with gloss spray to seal and give a slight sheen. Let dry completely.

9. Use jewelry pliers to open jump ring. Insert into hole, attach to necklace and close jump ring with pliers.

P Brown Bag Red Lips Pendant Savannah Starr


Burnt Brown Bag Steampunk Barrette by Candace Jedrowicz

Burnt Brown Bag Steampunk Barrette Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Burnt Brown Bag Steampunk Barrette by Candace Jedrowicz

Aleene’s Burnt Brown Bag technique is one of Candace Jedrowicz’s favorite things to create with!  Candace uses this super cool technique to make retro shapes and gears for a Steampunk barrette that you will want to try!  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s super cool Steampunk Barrette YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Hot glue
Paint brush
Brown paper bag
Barrette back
Needle nose pliers
1-3/4″ round punch
1-1/8″ round punch
1/8″ hole punch
1/4″ hole punch
Paper towel or moist wipe
Metallic paste – I used Rub N-Buff gold
Small washers, nuts and embellishments

1.  Cut the paper bag into four 8″ x 8″ squares and glue together.  Allow to dry.

2. Punch 1 circle using the 1-3/4″ punch and 1 using the 1-1/8″ punch.

3. Punch a 1/8″ hole in the center of the smaller circle and a 1/4″ hole in the center of the larger circle.

4. Use the 1/8″ punch to cut semi circles around the edge of the smaller circle.  Keep the punch half off the paper edge to create a gear look.

5. Repeat using the 1/4″ punch make make the larger gear.  I had a large circle gear cut that didn’t work out so I punched a smaller circle from it and the remaining piece looked very cool, so I added it to the assemblage.

6. Cut the rest of the paper into different shapes and play with them to get the look you want.

7 . Glue all the pieces together and apply a generous even coat of glue to the whole front of the assemblage.

8. While the glue is still wet, hold the wet glue side over your lit candle, burning the glue until it’s dry.  Expect sizzling and bubbles.  The glue is dry when it’s no longer shiny.  Work on a hard, non flammable surface and keep your water handy.  If the piece catches fire and you can’t blow it out, set it down and spray with water.

9. Repeat on the back of the assemblage.  Allow to cool.

10. Use a paper towel or moist wipe to gently remove the soot.

11. Gently bend the piece to match the curve of the barrette back and glue in place using both the hot glue and Tacky glue.  Hold in place until the hot glue cools.

12. Glue your embellishments and accents where you want them.

13. With a small amount of Rub-N-Buff on your finger and lightly rub over the surface until you get the look you want.

Burnt Brown Bag Steampunk Barrette Candace Jedrowicz P

Aleene’s Bottle Cap Birdie by EcoHeidi Borchers

12-24-12 Heidi Bottle Cap Birdie 300x150

Bottle Cap Birdie by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi transforms plastic bottle caps into a whimsical birdie. Mix and match fabrics, wire and a feather top notch make this birdie eco cute! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s super cool Bottle Cap Birdie YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Plastic water bottle or soda caps – the deeper caps are the best choice for this project – smaller size for head – larger size for body
Drill and small drill bit
Cardboard – cereal box or thin cardboard
Circle template
Fabric scraps
Batting – 1/4″ thickness
Craft wire – 18 gauge (or strong enough to hold birdie upright)
Craft foam
Flat back beads – black (for eyes) or wiggle eyes or buttons

1. Drill two small holes in side of larger cap – spaced approximately 1/2″ apart. (These will be used for wire legs.)

2. Use your circle template to determine the inside measurement of the bottle caps. Cut circles from cardboard to fit inside caps.

3. Cut and glue fabric to one side of each cardboard circle.

4. Cut and glue batting to outside top of caps.

5. For head, measure and cut two circles approximately 2-1/2 times larger than the smaller bottle cap. Apply glue to outside and inside of cap. Place cap batting side down centered on wrong side of fabric. Wrap fabric up and around sides of cap and press into glue on inside of cap.  Adjust to remove as many excess wrinkles or folds on top of cap.

6. Glue fabric covered cardboard inside cap to cover gathered fabric.

7. Repeat to cover body cap with fabric. Note: Be sure to mark where the drill holes are so that you can find them again after you attach the fabric in place.

8. Cut two pieces of wire to approximately 7″ each. Turn one end of each wire into a spiral. This will help to stabilize the wire inside the cap. Cut the opposite end to a sharp point and press one wire through each hole. Glue spiral end inside cap. Cut sharp point to a blunt end.

9. Using pliers, form a triangle shape at the blunt end of the wire and then bend at 45 degree angle to form birdie foot.(Once you fully assemble your birdie, you may need to readjust the feet angle.

10. For beak, cut two pieces of craft foam into small triangles. Glue in place on front of head cap.

11. For eyes, glue two beads in place above beak.

12. For wings, cut two leaf shapes. Fringe edges with scissors. Glue in place on body.

13. Glue head to front top of body.

14. Glue small feather fluff on head. Let glue dry completely.

15. Re-adjust feet as needed so that birdie can stand solidly.

Bottlecap Birdie by EcoHeidi Borchers - Pinterest



Aleene’s EcoCool Glittered Purse Earrings by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoCool Glittered Purse Earrings by EcoHeidi Borchers 300x150

EcoCool Glittered Purse Earrings by EcoHeidi Borchers

It’s cool to glitter your garbage! What started out as packaging discards ended up as eco-cool earrings! EcoHeidi Borchers dug into her recycle bin to transform plastic packaging into sparkle and glitter earrings. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Heidi’s super cool Glittered Purse Earring YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky GlueEcoCool Glittered Purse Earrings by EcoHeidi Borchers - Packaging before
Earring cards or plastic packaging (I used the plastic piece from a bottle of Tulip Liquid Dye) or you can cut a thin cardboard shape with scissors
Glue brush
Glitter – colors of your choice (I used pink, black, silver)
Hole punch (small for jump ring)
Jewelry findings – jump rings, fishhook earring
Jewelry pliers

1. Round corners of cards with scissors to create shape of purse.

2. Punch hole at top of each earring for jump rings.

3. Brush Aleene’s Tacky Glue onto handle area. Sprinkle with black glitter.

4. Carefully brush glue onto purse flap area. Sprinkle with silver glitter.

5. Carefully brush glue onto purse front area. Sprinkle with pink glitter. Let dry completely.

6. Pick up rhinestone with tweezers. Apply small dot of Aleene’s Tacky Glue to back of rhinestone and press in place. Repeat to glue all rhinestones in place.

7. Finish off with jump rings and fishhook earrings.


Aleene’s Button Snowflake Ornaments by EcoHeidi Borchers

Button Snowflake Ornaments by EcoHeidi Borchers 300x150

Button Snowflake Ornaments by EcoHeidi Borchers

EcoHeidi transforms cereal boxes and white buttons into elegant snowflake ornaments. Make a collection for your holiday tree or hang in your window! Featured on Cool2Craft TV and

Watch Heidi’s super cool Button Snowflake Ornament YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Cereal box
Craft sticks
Pencil (for tracing pattern)
Acrylic paint (white) and paint brush
Paper plate
Glitter – iridescent
Wax paper
White buttons – (plain and decorative – our buttons are from Blumenthal Lansing)
Toothpick (for applying glue to back of rhinestones)
Craft wire
Round nose pliers
Rhinestones by the yard

1. Cut cereal box so that it lays flat.

2. Lay three craft sticks on plain side of cereal box overlapping to create snowflake pattern. Use pencil to trace around craft sticks.

3. Use scissors to cut out design.

4. Paint front of snowflake with acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint back of snowflake. Let dry.

5. Brush glue to front of snowflake. Hold over paper plate and sprinkle with glue. Shake off excess and let glue dry.

6. Stack buttons into desired patterns.

7. Glue fancy button in center of snowflake. Glue stacked buttons onto snowflake. Glue rhinestones on top of buttons. Let dry.

8. Cut approximately 6″ length of wire. Use pliers to swirl ends. Fold in half and glue to back side of snowflake. Repeat to complete design.

9. Cut length of rhinestones by the yard and glue to back of snowflake. Let glue dry.



Blinged Out Witch’s Hat by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace 31 Days Witch's Hat

What does every witch need to shine at a Witch’s Tea?  A fabulous hat! I started with a cool hat I found on line after last year’s Witch’s Tea, for a huge discount!  That was my very first Witches tea and I wore a hooded cloak, which I love, but…there was a best hat contest!  Who knew!  So, as I said, I started with one that was already cool and had a ball blinging it up!


A  pointed hat
Hot glue
Knick knacks, doo dads and glitter glue

Here’s my cool hat.I love all the black gauze and and bent over point!
You may recognize many of the bling I’m adding as Halloween projects from earlier in the October.This is the first bling – a small bat pendant with a skull bead dangle.  I sewed it on to make it easy to switch out for next year’s tea.
I cut 6 3″ to 4″ strips of tulle 36″ wide and tied them in a bow.
I hot glued the bow on the back and added this bauble.It’s Smeared Ink’s It’s About Time Pocket Watchstamp glued on the back of a glass blob.I added glitter glue to the tulle.
I glued feathers all the way around and sewed on a pendant piece and added wires that I curled up and attached dangles to.