Candy Filled Valentines Love Letters by Heather Valentine

2-6-12 Heather Love Letters

Heather Valentine from stitches up a candy filled Valentine Love Letter. A fun way to pass out special treats to friends on Valentine’s Day.  Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Heather’s super cute Candy Filled Valentine Love Letter YouTube video tutorial!

Click here to see Heather’s tutorial on


Polymer Clay Heart Charms by Candace Jedrowicz

2-6-12 Candace Polymer Clay Heart Bracelet

2-6-12 Candace Polymer Clay Heart Bracelet

Candace Jedrowicz shares how to use dressed up polymer clay leftovers to create a fabulously colorful charm bracelet.  Gather those little bits of polymer clay leftovers, your catch-all bead tray and get ready to make a jingly, rainbow splash!   Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s fun and easy Polymer Clay Heart Charm YouTube video tutorial!


Stretchy string .07mm – 18″
Chain of your choice – 20″
Small shapes with holes
26 Gauge wire
Aleene’s Super Gel Glue
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters

Weave your stretchy string through the chain until you have about 7″ of chain pushed together.Make sure it will slide over your hand and fits comfortably before tying the string ends.
Pull the knot gently to tighten. Put a dot of Aleene’s Super Gel Glue on the knot and allow to dry.
Using your jewelry tools, attach the ends of the chain together. I used these small polymer clay hearts from a previous project.  The clay had been burnished with craft foil on both sides. I dressed them up by applying a dimensional sealer on both sides. Check out my Creative Jam Jar video to see how the craft foil is applied to unbaked polymer clay. I used this method on the label.
Measure 8″ of 26 gauge wire and fold it in half.
Make a 1/4″ loop in the center of the folded wire.
Slide your charm into the loop. Slide a bead over the wire to close the loop.
Wrap an 1/8″ loop above the bead, but don’t close it.
Slip the charm’s top loop onto a chain link. Hold the loop with pliers to keep it’s shape and wrap the wire tails under the loop. Trim or tuck in the excess wire.
I like a full bracelet, so I added simple bead charms between the hearts.
We are giving this bracelet away! Simply leave a comment about the Valentine Show on, Cool2Craft Facebook fan page or to enter. A winner will be chosen randomly on February 13, 2012 and announced on the Eco Flower Show.

Be Mine Valentine Canvas by Samantha Star

Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - Hero

Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - Hero

A cool technique of reverse decoupage creates semi-transparent images on fabric for this keepsake Valentine canvas – featured in the Cool2Craft Newsletter by Watch Samantha’s video demo on how to create the the cool technique for the cotton photo transfer reverse decoupage.


5×7 canvas

Patterned paper of your choice

Flowers and rhinestone embellishments of your choice

Waterbase decoupage sealer

Alphabet stickers of your choice

Cotton cloth



Clear glitter

Black ink

Liquid paint in a spray bottle

Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 1 Cut a heart shape from your patterned paper and drag black ink along the edges of it.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 2 Glue it onto your canvas by applying a thin layer of waterbase sealer over the entire canvas. Allow to dry.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 3 Apply the waterbase sealer to just the heart, and pour clear glitter over top of it.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 4 Shake off excess glitter and allow to dry.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 5 Print a photo with dark colors on a laser printer using regular computer paper and trim around the edges.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 6 Apply decoupage sealer to the scrap of cotton fabric and to the front of the picture.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 7 Place the picture onto the fabric, image side down. Continue applying waterbase decoupage sealer to the piece in order to cause the fabric to become semi-transparent. Set aside to dry (you may have to hang the photos to dry depending on how soaked they are with sealer).
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 8 When the decoupage sealer is dry, you will be able to see the image through the fabric.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 9 Using your spray paint, apply splotches of color as desired.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - 10 Then trim your photos and apply them to the canvas with waterbase decoupage sealer, along with lettering of your choice.
Be Mine Canvas by Samantha Star - Hero Embellish with flowers and rhinestones of your choice.

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