Blue Bling Earrings by Candace Jedrowicz

11-22-11 Candace Blue Bling Earrings

Candace Jedrowicz is like a bird when it comes to shiny, colorful objects.  A blue water bottle caught her eye and the creative recycle bling wheels were set in motion.  Candace shows how to create gorgeous blue and copper earrings from a water bottle, rubber stamps, a heat tool and copper wire.  Featured on EcoHeidi TV.

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Blue water bottle
Craft knife
Rubber stamp
Copper pigment ink
Needle tool
Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
1/8″ Hole punch
20 Gauge wire

  Keep both circles and squares with the curved side down during the whole process. Cut two 1″ circles and two 1″ squares from the bottle.Punch 1 hole at the top of the circles and 3 holes at the bottom.
  Cut each square into 3 odd shapes for the dangles.
  Punch a hole in the top of each dangle.
  Ink the stamp with the pigment ink and press both circles on to the stamp. Lay the dangles together to stamp.
  Holding each piece with a needle tool, heat with the heat tool held about 5″ from the table. Keep the heat on until the piece curls up a bit.
  Use the needle tool to gently press the piece while heating with the heat gun, until it is only slightly curved. If the ink rubs off, it needs more heat. Keep the heat at a 5″ distance until the ink looks super shiny.
  Use 6 jump rings to attach the dangles to the circles.
  Use 2 pliers to hold each jump ring. Bend the ends of the ring to the side, slide a dangle and one hole of the circle onto the ring and close tightly.
  Cut a 2 1/2″ wire for each ear wire. Using the round nose pliers make a ring on one end.
  Bend the wire perpendicular to the ring.
  Slide the circle onto the ring and close. Slide a tiny bit of coiled wire on the wire and make a sharp bend above the coil so it won’t slide off.
  Bend the remainder of the wire over the handle of a pair of pliers. Gently sand the sharp edges of the wire ends.

Reverse Painted Water Bottle Necklace by EcoHeidi Borchers

8-29-11 Heidi Waterbottle Necklace

8-29-11 Heidi Waterbottle Necklace

EcoHeidi Borchers is at it again!  This time she’s created a lovely necklace from water bottles and paint!  That’s why we love our magical EcoArtist Heidi!  She can make something wonderful from practically nothing!  Featured on EcoHeidi TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s super awesome Reverse Painted Water Bottle Necklace YouTube video tutorial!

Plastic water  bottle
Craft knife
Acrylic paints – white, red,black
Small brush
Paper punch – 1/8”
Aleene’s Matte Spray Sealer Finish

Miscellaneous to make into necklace: Braid or chain, beads, jump rings, eye pins, metal clamp for the end of braid, lobster claw closure, needle nose pliers, wire cutters

Using a craft knife, cut the top 2” from the plastic water bottle .
To make the pieces for the necklace, cut up the sides of the plastic water bottle.
Cut each piece approximately 1” wide x 2-½” long. Using a paper punch, punch a hole at one end.
The outside of the plastic water bottle will be the right side of the necklace piece when done. All of the painting will be in reverse on the inside or back of piece. With a toothpick apply the first color, white, to several places on the piece. With a clean toothpick, draw through the wet paint to create a design. Continue until the design with the white paint is complete. Let paint dry completely.
Apply the second color of paint, red, over the dried white. Pull a clean toothpick through to create the design. Let paint dry completely.
Turning over the piece to see what the white and red paint look like from the right side.
With a brush, brush the black paint over the entire back of the piece. Be careful that the paint  doesn’t seep to the right side. Let the paint dry completely.
Spray the sealer on the back side when completely painted and paint is dry. Let the sealer dry.
Now that you have completed your first piece, repeat the above steps to create approximately 14 pieces.
The finished necklace is made from a 22” piece of braid. Attach a jump ring to each plastic piece, then attach to the braid .To create hanging beads, place desired amount of beads onto an eye pin. Trim excess eye pin with wire cutters and twist into a loop with the needle nose pliers. Attach to the braid .Add closures to the end of the braid to complete the necklace

Cool2Craft TV – The Beach Episode [Video]

Cool2Craft - The Beach Episode

Cool2Craft - The Beach Episode

In this episode, Tiffany Windsor and her special guests create beach themed crafts. EcoHeidi Borchers upcycles a water bottle into a seashell necklace, Candace Jedrowicz creates the look of embossed glass earrings with shrink plastic and Tiffany creates a seashell plaque with Cool2Cast.


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Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers

Waterbottle Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers- Hero

Waterbottle Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers- Hero

Created by EcoHeidi Borchers for EcoHeidi LIVE TV

EcoHeidi is working her creative eco magic by transforming plastic water bottle bottoms and bottle lids into wearable art! Featured on EcoHeidi LIVE TV.

Watch EcoHeidi’s Water Bottle Flower Jewelry YouTube video tutorial

Materials needed:

Plastic water bottle bottoms


Craft knife

Metal knitting needle (to help hold plastic while heating)

Paint (Krylon makes a spray paint for plastic or you can use acrylic paints by using a cosmetic sponge to apply acrylic paints to plastic – apply several coats)

Hole punch 1/8”

Jump rings


Embroidery floss – each flower needs approx 6” to 8” to tie on button centers (Here’s a special designer hint from me to you: Apply a small amount of Aleene’s Tacky Glue to the ends of your embroidery floss. Let set several minutes and then thread through buttons. The glue helps to hold the ends of the floss together.)

Heat gun

Tile or heat resistant surface

Drill with 1/16” drill bit

Needle nose pliers

Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 2 1. Cut the petals into the sides of the bottom of the plastic water bottle. Photo shows bottoms before cutting on the bottom row and petals already cut on the top row in photo. Punch sides of two petals (opposite sides) with the hole punch for fastening jump rings later.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 2a 2. Place pre-cut and pre-punched flowers onto heat resistant surface. Hold the middle of the flower with knitting needle and heat carefully with heat gun.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 3a The edges of the petals will curl up as you heat, so remove heat when you reach desired shape of petals.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 1 3. Paint all flowers. Let paint dry. (Note that it is not necessary to paint both sides of the flowers because the color will show through the clear bottle. The painted side will tend to be more of a matte finish and the other side will be glossy.)drill two holes into the centers of flowers (to thread on buttons).
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 3 4. To create leaves, cut from sides of plastic water bottles. Paint in same manner as flowers. Drill hole on each end.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 5 5. To make the bottle cap daisies, cut the cap using a craft knife. You will need to evenly space the cuts to create the petals.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 7 6. Using a heat gun and holding with the metal knitting needle, carefully heat the pre-cut cap. You will have to help shape each flower.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 4 Let the cap/flower cool slightly, then help to shape with fingers. If it cools too fast, reheat and repeat until all petals are laying flat.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 8 7. Using scissors, carefully cut and round off each petal.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 9 8. Drill holes into edges of opposite petals. Drill two holes in the middle.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 10 9. Using 8” piece of embroidery floss, thread button onto each flower for flower centers. Tie floss in knot to hold button in place.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 11 10. Using needle nose pliers, attach flowers together using large jump rings.
Water Bottle Flower Jewelry by EcoHeidi Borchers - 13 11. Assemble leaves and flowers with jump rings to desired length.

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