Dyed Fabric Napkins with Watermelon Appliqué Designed by Linda Peterson

Hand-painted Watermelon Napkin by Linda Peterson

Learn to create your own watermelon fabric with this easy spray on dye technique.  A little muslin, a little imagination and some fabric dye are all you need.  As seen on Livin’ the Creative Life with Linda Peterson.

Watch Linda’s awesome Dyed Fabric Watermelon Applique Napkin YouTube video tutorial!

16 x 16” piece of muslin
Fabric spray paint – neon green
Fabric paint – dark green, black
Fabric watermelon appliqué or appliqué of choice
Applique glue
Flat paintbrush
Water bucket
Paper towels

Wash and dry muslin if necessary.
Spritz neon green fabric paint unevenly over entire surface of fabric.  Daub off any excess puddles with paper towel.
Paint green stripes 1” thick (or desired width) onto fabric leaving approximately 2” in between each.  Paint thin lines on each side of thick line.
Paint thin black lines just outside of the thin green line and outline the perimeter with a scalloped line.
Paint teardrops for seeds over entire surface.  Make sure that the seeds go different directions to add interest.
Glue on fabric applique.

Cut ½” slits around edges to create fringe.