It’s a #MichaelsHaul



As many of you know, my new creative friend Gavin is hooked on crocheting! He was first taught to crochet by his grandmother at the age of 7. Now this young teen is designing his own patterns and clothing that feature crochet components.

When Michael’s recently reached out to me to participate in their #MichaelsHaul campaign, I knew immediately that I wanted to share this adventure with Gavin. This kid has the most amazingly positive energy and has been pushing me for this past year to get going with my art center classes. He drops by the studio all the time just to chat, check out what I’m creating and always asking if I need any help so I wanted to reward him with a little shopping trip to Michaels.

We dreamed up a fun little sketch and visited our local Stevenson Ranch, CA store. Watch our #MichaelsHaul video by clicking here!

Our thanks to our local store staff and to Michaels for bringing a lot of sunshine and inspiration to a cool creative kid’s day!  I think he could have spent hours in the yarn aisle!


Gavin’s Crochet Bracelets

Gavin's Crochet Bracelets

Gavin's Crochet Bracelets

In this week’s DIY tutorial, Gavin shares how to make his puffy crochet bracelets.  Taught to crochet by his grandmother, this teen LOVES to crochet everything from dolls to wearables and can whip up one of these bracelets in about 10 minutes! He’s proud to wear his cuffs in his favorite color….red but also enjoys making these bracelets in all colors for guys and girls. He says that he really enjoyed crocheting with this variegated yarn because it was “so soft”.  Watch Gavin’s YouTube video tutorial!


Yarn Bombing by Candace Jedrowicz

Yarn Bomb Pom Poms Candace Jedrowicz 300x150

Yarn Bomb Pom Poms Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Jedrowicz is knot a knatural knitter! Try as she may, she cannot knit a straight line without dropping stitches. That being said, Candace fell in love with the idea of a knitting bomb when her friend, Mary England, shared photos of her very lovely knitting bombs. It’s like the graffiti of knitters and crocheters. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Candace’s super cool Yarn Bomb Pom Poms YouTube video tutorial!


Knitting needles
Needle with a large eye

1. Scope out a good place for a yarn bomb.  Measure, if you’d like, so you’ll be sure to have enough to cover what you want to bomb.  Get permission if you think you need to.  I bombed a wrought iron fence around a tree on a public street.  It was in front of a neighborhood coffee shop and I told the owner she could cut it down if she wanted to. (The yarn bomb…not the tree :)

2. Knit a scarf.  How wide and how long depends on what you’re covering.  I just knitted until I ran out of time and THEN decided where to put it.  Either way works.

3.  Make pom poms to cover the holes.  You might not have to do that, but if you do, here’s an easy way to do it.  Cut a piece of yarn 10″ long.  Lay it in front of you.  Wrap yarn (from your yarn ball) around 2 fingers, 30 or more times.  Keeping it together, take it off your fingers and lay it on the yarn string.  Tie it tightly and cut all the loops open.  Use the ends of the 10″ piece to tie it in place.

4. Pack your scarf, yarn, needle with the big eye and scissors and stake your claim.  Cut long pieces of yarn to thread onto the needle and sew the scarf together around your chosen bombing place.

5. Take photos!  My friend, Mary, sews a card with her email on each bombing.  She gets some nice comments!

Yarn Bomb Pom Poms Candace Jedrowicz P

Yarn Bracelet and Wire Coil Earrings by Tiffany Windsor

Yarn Bracelet & Wire Coil Earrings Tiffany Windsor 300x150

Yarn Bracelet & Wire Coil Earrings by Tiffany Windsor

Tiffany Windsor designed this artsy collection of yarn jewelry that you can create in under 30 minutes! Wrap a wooden bangle bracelet with your favorite fancy yarn and make matching wire coil earrings in a snap! Make it today, wear it tonight! Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch Tiffany’s super cool Yarn Bracelet and Wire Coil Earrings YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Tacky Dot Singles
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
Fancy yarn – be sure to select a bulky thick yarn for this technique
Wooden or plastic bangle bracelet
Craft wire – 22 gauge
Wooden skewer, chop sticks or knitting needle (to coil wire)
Wire cutters
Jewelry pliers
Fish hook earrings

1. To cover bracelet, cut long length of yarn and wrap into ball. This will make it easier to wrap around bracelet.

2. Stick one Tacky Dot on inside of bracelet. Stick end of yarn into Tacky Dot and begin wrapping yarn around and around bracelet. Keep the wrapping close so that you cannot see the bracelet underneath.

3. When you have covered the entire bracelet, cut yarn and glue in place on inside of bracelet with a dab of Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue.

4. To create earrings, leave about 3 ” length of of wire (which will be used to create jewelry loop at top of earrings). Begin wrapping wire around and around skewer until you have approximately 60 coils. Leave an additional 3″ length of wire. Cut and remove coil from skewer. Repeat to create 2nd earring coil.

5. Holding the two pieces of coiled wire side by side, gently pull to separate coils.

6. Loop cut ends of wire to create leaf shape. Twist two ends together to secure. Repeat for second earring.

7. Leave approximately 2″ length of yarn. Beginning at top of earring (where wires are twisted) begin wrapping yarn around and around and guide yarn into each coil. Note that as you wrap, the leaf shape will elongate into a long petal. When you reach the end, loop underneath bottom coil and bring yarn end back up to the top of earrings.

8. Glue length of yarn up center back of earrings. Tie ends of yarn together in knot at top of earrings. Add dab of glue to knot and cut off excess.  Repeat to make matching earring.

9. Using round nose pliers, create loop at top of earring with excess wire. Hold loop in pliers and wrap wire around and around below loop. Cut away excess wire. Repeat for second earring.

10. Attach fish hook earring to loop.

Yarn Bracelet & Wire Coil Earrings Tiffany Windsor P

Needlefelted Yarn Flower Greeting Card by Lisa Fulmer

Needlefelted Flower Greeting Card Lisa Fulmer 300x150

Needlefelted Flower Greeting Card by Lisa Fulmer

Yarn is tons of fun to needlefelt on to a piece of wool felt to make a cute foundation for a greeting card. You can coil it, zig zag it, make outlines, or doodle with it. The texture is warm and fuzzy—a perfect sentiment for a greeting card from the heart.

Watch my super cool Needle Felted Greeting Card YouTube video tutorial!


  • Wool felt and scraps in assorted colors
  • Rotary cutter with pinking blade
  • Cutting mat and ruler
  • Fabric shears
  • Yarn
  • Needlepunch and brush
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Beads, thread, and beading needle
  • Glitter glue
  • Aleene’s Tacky Double-Stick Sheets
  • Heavy cardstock
  • Bone folder
  1. Trim piece of felt with rotary cutter to 5″x7″ for the foundation.
  2. Cut out petals, leaf and stem with fabric shears from scraps.
  3. Hand-stitch a border around the edge of the foundation felt with embroidery floss; knot in back to secure.
  4. Position felt on brush and use punch to needle felt a 6-8″ length of yarn into a coiled circle for center of flower.
  5. Position stem, leaf and petals around yarn coil and needlefelt into place, gently pulling the foundation felt up off the brush as you go along.
  6. Apply small lines of glitter glue in the center of each petal; allow to dry.
  7. Stitch a few beads into the yarn center; knot in back to secure.
  8. Trim cardstock to 7.5″x11″, use bone folder to score and fold in half to 5.5″x7.5″.
  9. Trim Tacky Sheets to fit a 5″x7″ area, remove one liner to center and adhere on face of card; remove second liner.
  10. Carefully align the base of the felt foundation at base of Tacky Sheet adhesive and press into position on the card.

Needlefelted Flower Greeting Card Lisa Fulmer P

Aleene’s Yarn Votive Holder by EcoHeidi Borchers

Yarn Votive Heidi Borchers 300x150

Yarn Votive by Heidi Borchers

It’s super cool to craft with yarn! Designed by Heidi Borchers, this yarn votive and pen holder are quick to make thanks to Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Spray. Personalize a pretty votive or pen holder with your favorite plain or fancy yarns.

Watch Heidi’s super cool Yarn Votive Holder YouTube video tutorial!


Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Spray
Aleene’s Acrylic Spray Sealer – Matte (you must use this first if you are applying Fast Grab Tacky Spray to glass surfaces)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Yarn – colors of your choice
Fancy yarn – (if you want to add a fancy finish effect)
Embellishments – beads, wire
Jewelry findings – jump rings, eye pins, flat head pins
Jewelry pliers

1. If using glass votive, clean surface of all grease and/or dust.

2. In a well ventilated area, spray outside surfaces with Spray Sealer. Let dry.

3. In a well ventilated area, spray outside surfaces with Fast Grab Tacky Spray.

4. Immediately press end of plain yarn into adhesive and wrap around and around votive until entire outside surface is covered in yarn. Use Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue to secure end of yarn to votive. Let dry.

5. If using fancy yarn, glue in place over plain yarn with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.

6. Embellish with beads and wire as desired.

Yarn Votive by Heidi Borchers P


The Pink Crown at Long Last by Candace Jedrowicz

Candace Pink Crown

[Candace’s blog]  It’s finally finished!  The Pink Crown Makes its debut!  I’ve been working and pondering on the appropriate finishing touches for this whimsical homage to divine femininity and today it fell into place.  Three lovely and magical pink rose buttons now adorn the base of the crown.  They are Flower Garden buttons from Blumenthal Lansing and they are perfectly charming!

The crown started as an electrical wire frame – a head band and lots of curly cues sewn together with 24 gauge wire.  I added beads from my grandmother’s broken jewelry collection, hand made cookie and doughnut beads as well as small ceramic beads with tiny teacups stamped on them.  The large skull bead is ceramic, one of many I made as favors for my 50th birthday.  I was so thrilled, my daughter threw me Dia de los Muertos themed party.  We had so much fun celebrating our human-ness.

The head band is wrapped in an eye lash yarn scarf I knitted.  The beads that cascade down the side are simple Valentine necklaces – I’m a sucker for hearts!   The pink tulle was wrapped around some lovely flowers a good friend gave to me.  Every detail is both important and irreverent, special and silly.  I have nearly 60 hours invested in her and she is well worth the effort.

Baby Owl by Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft

Baby Owl by Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft

Baby Owl by Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft

This baby owl is super cute and super easy to create! Crafted by Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft, the base is a Styrofoam® ball and this cutie gets the look of feathers with eyelash yarn. Featured on Cool2Craft TV/CHA Summer 2012.

Watch Dondi’s super cool FloraCraft Yarn Owl YouTube video tutorial!


FloraCraft® Foam: Ball: 4″
Lion Brand® Yarn; Fun Fur® – Chocolate
Felt: Yellow, Tan, Brown and Orange
Buttons: ½” Black
Sequin Pins – Silver (optional)
Low-Temp Glue Gun
Design It:® Foam Cutter or Serrated Knife
Plastic Bristled Hair Brush


  1. Use the Foam Cutter or serrated knife to cut 1/3 of the ball off one side.  This will be the front of the owl.  Lay the ball cut side down and cut a small section off one side of the ball.  This creates a flat spot on the bottom so the owl will sit upright.
  2. Glue one end of the yarn to the bottom of the ball. Hold the ball with the front facing you.    Begin wrapping the yarn around the ball.  Turn the ball clockwise as you wrap, keeping the yarn running in the same direction around the ball.  As you wrap be sure not to overlap all the yarn at the center of the ball as this will create a lump at the center.  Instead, overlap the wraps of yarn randomly across the front of the ball.  Continue wrapping to completely cover.
  3. Cut two 1” circles from the tan felt and glue in place on the front of the owl for eyes.  Cut two ¾” yellow felt circles and glue to the centers of the tan circles.  Glue two ½” black buttons to the yellow felt circles.  Optional, insert a silver sequin pin into the bottom hole of the button to add some sparkle to the eyes.
  4. Cut a small, yellow felt triangle and glue just under the eyes for the beak.
  5. Cut two brown felt triangles that measure about 1.5” on each side.  Fold the triangles in half and glue along one edge to create two cones.  Glue the glued edge of the cones to each side of the head as shown for the ears.
  6. Use the hair brush to lightly “fluff” the Fun Fur strands free.  Brush in the same direction as the wraps of yarn to avoid pulling any strands loose.


FloraCraft on Cool2Craft TV – Baby Owl Monday August 13, 2012

Baby Owl by Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft

Baby Owl by Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft

Dondi Richardson from FloraCraft shows how to create an adorable Baby Owl. Featured at CHA Summer 2012. Monday August 13, 2012 at noon Eastern/9 am Pacific. Watch craft demos and join in the live craft chat at showtime at

Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor

Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor

Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor

Tiffany Windsor transforms plain mason jars into “pretty in pink” party jars. Drop in a votive candle or electronic candle and these party jars will add a pretty glow to your party celebration. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.



Aleene’s Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage
Mason jar
Tissue paper (non-bleeding preferred)
Small cup (for decoupage medium)
Optional: 1″ paper punch
Ribbons, yarns, trims
Votive candle, tea light or electronic candle


Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 1 Layer tissue paper and cut into strips or punch with circle hole punch.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 2 Pour Aleene’s Collage Pauge into small plastic cup. Dip fingers into Collage Pauge.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 3 Rub onto side of jar from top to bottom.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 4 Place first strip of tissue over glue.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 5 Dip fingers into more glue and gently rub over the top of the tissue to seal it to the glass. Keep lots of glue on the tissue so that it does not tear. Bring end to bottom of jar, cutting off excess tissue if necessary.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 6 Continue to add strips of tissue in same manner slightly overlapping each strip.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 7 The effect of overlapping the strips creates pretty color combinations.
Tissue Collaged Mason Jars by Tiffany Windsor 8 Let glue dry completely. Tie ribbons and yarns around throat of jar. Insert votive or electronic candle and enjoy!